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Crocodile attack three people on Lake Kariba

General News Crocodile attack three people on Lake Kariba

Three people have had their hands and legs amputated at Mamba Hospital after being attacked by crocodiles in separate incidents on Lake Kabriba.

A 11 year old girl, Astridah Siachuka’s leg was amputated after a crocodile attacked her while she was fishing with her mother Nancy Siachuka on Lake Kariba near Chief Sinazongwe’s area in Malozilozi.

The father to the girl Dickson Siachuka told ZANIS today that his wife Nancy’s hands were also severely injured in the process of trying to rescue her daughter from the crocodile.

Mr. Siachuka said the hospital managed to operate the two victims resulting into the amputation of the young girls leg.

A check by ZANIS at the hospital found another woman, Sofia Mbeba, whose leg was amputated after being caught by a crocodile while fishing on Lake Kariba within the same area in Malozilozi.

Last week, a 24 year old woman was also severely mauled by a crocodile on Lake Kariba resulting in the amputation of her both hands.

Juliet Siangombe of Ndolo Village in Senior Chief Mweemba area said from her hospital bed at Maamba Hospital that the incident occurred when she went to fetch water for household chores with her sister in law.

Mrs Siangombe said the crocodile caught her both hands while dipping a container to draw water from the lake.

The Victim said she started wrestling with the crocodile and after the reptile realized that she still had power, it dipped her into water but continued fighting it.

“While fighting with it I could feel it breaking my right hand and later it broke my left hand,” Mrs Siangombe said.

Hardly a month passes without a person being killed or injured by a crocodile on Lake Kariba in Sinazongwe district.



  1. Why can’t these people avoid going to the lake until something is done about the crocodiles? coz from the look of things this is the only solution for now.

  2. Can ZAWA do something about the crocs, they are maiming pipo like landmines. Why cant nets be erected in selectd areas where pipo go fetch water and do other staff. There is much human – animal conflict on Lake Kariba. We get power for our industrial and domestic use but are getting killed. What the hell the project created.

  3. Do you hail from the same area as your big nose president or are you just plain stupid Zodie.Always look for a solution rather than putting up with a dangerous situation.

  4. Its a very sad sitiuation when people people are eighter killed or badly injured by these bad creatures,The relevent authority must try to educate the villagers living near the river front about the serious dangers.Rivers are not meant for swimming or fishing on banks and fetching water froom it.There are no rivers in Africa which is free from this crafty dangerous reptiles.So please can the authorities concerned carry out a suitable solution to deter this loss of human lives that we hear every otherday.zawa should put up danger signs every area when humans are likely to be using the river.My mind really boggles when i hear the victim of the croc attack was swimming in the river.How stupid can one be when he knows that the rivers are full of crocs. realy Silly

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