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Mufumbwe violence worst-ever — ECZ chief

General News Mufumbwe violence worst-ever — ECZ chief

Electrol Commission of Zambia (ECZ) director Dan Kalale yesterday told the Lusaka High Court that violence which characterised the Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election was the worst in Zambia.

Mr Kalale, 43, of Lusaka, said there was violence on a grand scale in Mufumbwe because of the atmosphere in which the election was held and in Zambia, that was the worst violence witnessed.

This is in a case in which MMD losing candidate Mulondwe Muzungu has petitioned the election of United Party for National Development (UPND)’s Elliot Kamondo as Mufumbwe Member of Parliament.

“We had violence in the parliamentary by-election of Mukaika Constituency in Eastern Province in 1990 leading to its nullification as well as Mapatizya in Southern Province in 2005 but that could not be compared to the one experienced in Mufumbwe, everyone saw it,” Mr Kalale said.

Testifying in cross-examination by the petitioner’s lawyer Eric Silwamba, Mr Kalale said ECZ lamented in a communiqué issued on May 10 this year that violence promoted apathy and low voter turnout.

The ECZ declared that it would take necessary steps to find solutions to violence and criminal activities perpetrated during the by-elections in Milanzi and Mufumbwe.

And in examination-in-chief by the respondent’s lawyer Bonaventure Mutale, Mr Kalale told the court that Judge Philip Musonda had subpoenaed him to submit data of parliamentary by-elections from 2000 to 2010 but he only managed to do so from 2002 to date, excluding Mufumbwe.

In the same court, a witness said Chief Chizela intimidated more than 20 headmen in his chiefdom and asked them to vote for the MMD candidate after he gave them new suits and shirts.

Luckson Ndonyo said the traditional leader was seen going round his chiefdom telling people to vote for Mr Muzungu and discouraging them from voting for Mr Kamondo, claiming he was not Zambian.

Another witness, Joseph Sembele said Chief Chizela chased him from the palace after being accused of voting for the UPND.
[ Times of Zambia ]


  1. Iwe chi Bull Ubushilu. Why condone wrong things?? The Mufumbwe Election was marred by violence and should be nullified period!!!!

  2. When will Dan Kalale tell us the real winner of all the presidential elections? As far as I know, him and the guys at the ECZ are the ones that know the “real President”. The educated, have really let us down. If Kaunda behaved like you guys bena Dan and team, MMD couldnt have been in power, and Zambia would have been on fire by now. We are hearding that way!!

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