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MMD,PF cadres clash at Chibombamilimo’s funeral

Headlines MMD,PF cadres clash at Chibombamilimo's funeral

MMD cadres

The ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) and opposition Patriotic Front PF) cadres this morning clashed at the funeral service of late Mpulungu Member of Parliament Lameck Chibombamilimo at Seveth Day Adventist Church at Roma congregation.

This was after MMD cadres tried to stop their PF counterparts from attending the funeral service of the late MP.

MMD cadres ordered the PF cadres to takeoff their party t/shirts sparking the clashes after the opposition cadres refused to take off their party attire.

The opposition cadres were forced to run for their lives after being outnumbered by the MMD cadres who were equipped with whips and catapults which they used on their rivals.

This was happening in the presence of the police officers deployed at the church service and only managed to calm the situation after some time.

When approached for a comment on the violence MMD Lusaka province chairman,William Banda expressed ignorance about the incident despite being seen filming the whole incident.

Meanwhile scores of people from different walks of life attended the funeral service of the late Mpulungu Member of Parliament to bid farewell.

Among those that attended the service are UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, All People’s Congress (APC) leader Ken Ngondo, former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa, deputy speaker of the national assembly Mutale Nalumango, Ministers, Member of parliaments and members of both the opposition and ruling party.

And a family representative during the service called on politicians not to politicize the death of Mr. Chibombamilimo.

Mr Chibombamilimo who died in India on Monday will be put to rest at Leopards Hill Memorial park.
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  1. With all due respect, I pity these senseless cadres. They are always fighting so fearlessly but trust they dont even know why they fight except the fact that they are from different political parties. Its because of this corrupt way of thinking that they dont even respect gatherings such as funeral services. MHSRIP

  2. this kind of lawlessness is uncalled for and we shall not usher you into office come 2011…you 2 parties are thugs ..MMD and PF alike..

  3. at cadre:i think that question u have asked has no answer because its not a correct question…as zambian we believe that funeral does not have the owner anyone who knew the deceased has the right to participate on the burial…so that was not the funeral of MMD but of all people who knew the late chibombamilimo.

  4. Its pity to take funerals as political fighting grounds, at a funeral there should be no MMD,PF all we are Zambians POLITICS ASIDE PLEASE

  5. # 7 Muntu, good observation – only that the intention was obvious from the T-shirts worn by PF. It is very hard to disguise the intention of PF in this issue and sorry to say, it was provocative. By the way I am no party cadre to any of these parties MMD or PF but one thing I know is that where there is a tinderbox, don’t go with a lit cigarette especially in Zed tainted politics.

  6. When One is elect MP ,he becomes a representative of every one or rather all the people.Just like in a family ,even if you differ with your Brother or Sister ,when one of you dies ,every one is affected.So this funeral is not for MMD but Zambia as a country.So fighting here is just for Stupid people who do’nt reason.

  7. at cadre 11.yes the PF cadres they also made a mistake to go with their identity.but we can’t blame one political party both of them what they did was shame bcoz a funeral is not a place of fighting.


  9. This is very sickening these cadres and their bosses should have respect for the dead i don’t know were Zambia is going to?

  10. On “The ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) and opposition Patriotic Front PF) cadres this morning clashed at the funeral service of late Mpulungu Member of Parliament Lameck Chibombamilimo at Seve[n]th Day Adventist Church at Roma congregation,” it is very sad that political MMD and PF parties hooligans decided to go and fight through evil spirits at the SDA Church which HH and I belong to.

    I hope MMD and PF leadership will address this misfortunate carefully so that next time their cadres will not being influenced by the devil/satan to do evil things at any SDA church holy ground(s).

    On another note, PF must now rejoice because the NCC has removed the Degree Clause from the Draft Constitution that will be made a final one.

    Have a blessed day all.

  11. LAMECK Chibombamilimo was a politician and he died a politician.
    And there’s no way politics will be removed from his death. The death of a politician is a political event. All that Lameck did in his political life will be brought up and remembered by our people.

    All that was done to him as a politician by anyone will be brought up and remembered by our people. Those who did good things, those who shared good moments political or otherwise will talk about them. In this regard Jonas Shakafuswa shares something very profound, very interesting with Lameck – they were fired the same day at a rally by Rupiah Banda. Both of them were deputy ministers.

  12. And both Jonas and Lameck were also expelled from the party at Rupiah’s instigation. Up to the time of his death, Lameck was keeping his parliamentary seat on a High Court injunction he had obtained to stop Rupiah and his friends from expelling him from the ruling MMD until the legitimacy or lack of it was determined by the court. And this is also the case for Jonas.

    To date, there was never any effort by Rupiah and his friends to withdraw the expulsion of Lameck and Jonas from the MMD. Up to the time of his death, Rupiah and his friends still wanted Lameck and Jonas to remain expelled from their party.

  13. They didn’t want them; they were undesirable elements in their eyes who were not fit to be part of the so-called MMD family that Michael Mabenga is talking about. Today, now that Lameck is no more, Mabenga is saying “his death is untimely and tragic. Naturally when such a death occurs, it is a loss to the party because MMD is like a family. We have been robbed of a valuable member”.

    How can the death of Lameck be said to have robbed the MMD of a valuable member when they had expelled him and were not in any way prepared to withdraw this expulsion even after many months of it being challenged in court? How can someone they have expelled be said to be a valuable member? This is a lie.

  14. This is hypocrisy. They are simply trapped by their own words and actions against Lameck. It is said that “you will have to live with the consequences of everything you say” (Proverbs 18:20).

    Lying and hypocrisy are ugly blots on a person’s character, but unwise people do it all the time. And probably this is why it is said that “a thief is better than a habitual liar, but both are headed for ruin”. A liar has no honour and lives in constant disgrace.

    The man they cursed is today said to be a valuable member of MMD! How? And since when did Lameck become their valuable member? Anyway, “when a wicked man curses his enemy, he is cursing himself” (Sirach 21:27).

  15. And “foolish people are always contradicting themselves” ( Sirach 27:11). Truly, liars and hypocrites deserve to be cursed, because they have been the ruin of many people.
    Today in death, Lameck is being praised by those who had expelled him from their party.

    Those who didn’t want his company and friendship are today claiming to be his friends. Anyway, anyone can claim to be your friend, but some people are friends in name only. Some people will be your friends as long as things are going well, but they will turn against you when trouble comes.
    And in eulogies of the departed, the works of the living sometimes bear little relation to reality.

  16. The man they condemned to isolation, loneliness and the depression and death that accompanies it is today being eulogised as a valuable member of their family, of their party. But when he was alive, nothing of this nature could be said about Lameck by them.

    In fact, no regard was ever had for his commitment and loyalty to their party. They simply left him to die without putting in much effort to save his life as they do to those they hold dear in their ranks, in the family, in their party. On his death, all sorts of good things are being said about Lameck by them.

  17. Anyway, all men must die, but death can vary in its significance. The ancient Chinese writer Szuma Chien once said, “Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather.” To die while telling the truth is weightier than to die with lies and hypocrisy. And to die working for dishonesty, telling lies, crooking people is lighter than a feather.

    Soon Lameck’s friends, or rather false friends, in the MMD will soon have to meet his people in Mpulungu campaigning in a parliamentary by-election to replace him. What are they going to tell Lameck’s people? Are they going to continue the lie, the hypocrisy that he was a valuable member of their party when they had expelled him?

  18. Politically, Lameck’s death may appear to be a good riddance of a bad member, one they had expelled but refused to go. This truth they will not be able to say. And knowing them, they will continue the lie Mabenga has started and claim that they were very good friends with Lameck and they should vote for their candidate.

    There’s no doubt Lameck, like Jonas, was a victim of intolerance to criticism, to divergent views. Lameck, like Jonas, were very close to Levy Mwanawasa and had to go in the purge. Today, no one who was reasonably close to Levy and who remained loyal to him even in death is still occupying a reasonable position in Rupiah’s government and in the MMD.

  19. They have all been flushed out. The intolerant and the corrupt today reign in the MMD and in Rupiah’s government. Their cruelty, their intolerance can in one way or another be said to have killed Lameck. And this they will have to account for when they meet Lameck’s people in Mpulungu within the next 90 days.

    We hope they will learn something from this: that it is always better to treat others in a fair, just and humane way because although we know where we are coming from, we cannot know with certainty where we are going. The bells of Rupiah’s cruelty and insensitivity will one day toll on him and all his friends.

  20. Lameck is gone, but the injustice, the cruelty, the inhumaneness with which they dealt with him still remains to haunt them. And in the Mpulungu by-elections, they will meet Lameck alive wherever they go. And moreover, Rupiah had pledged to follow Lameck “wherever he goes” and defeat him. We don’t know how Rupiah will follow Lameck wherever he is now.

    But we are sure that they will meet somewhere somehow – and one of those places they will meet is Mpulungu parliamentary constituency. We hope Rupiah will still speak the same language about Lameck when they meet in Mpulungu!




  22. @2, why did GK-your Veep go to PF rally in Chifubu? Zambians, wake up from your happy-go-lucky naivity. Let the politics roll and lets judge them by the performance & indulgencies. Any man who can stand up against a government needs to be praised. Sata is an urgly but beautiful person inside.look at the churches,they are gone into hiding. We only have one spokesperson pa zed. Even the NGO have shriveled. He is a national figure. Like Al Gore was to American politics. For the cadres, its okay to stand up & speak against injustices. Nations have developed based on the beliefs & desires of its population. Zambia will never be led into ditcatorship & thanks to people like these who do what they can to drive a point home to the state while other are busy surfing the net.PEACE.

  23. [email protected] Your blog makes good reading & indepth revelations reflecting an affected zambian out there who cannot change the happentance & rottenness our society & political arena has become. I share with you on every sentment. Am also made to think twice as to why a poor person should die for his country when some of us out here are living lavishly. Thats why, all over the world-change has only come through its poor & suffering peoples. In as much as RB tried & promised to deal with the deceased MP-that is basically what the MMD camp is excited about. This guy gave an emotional interview upon expulsion from this wreched party. He said & i quote “RB has bot into their predatory,oblivious to the fact that there are but survivors who will do the same thing to him upon leaving office”…

  24. Just wait and see, Mpulungu by-elections will be Mufumbwe. And why the f.u.c.k is it always these two parties? I guess they think alike

  25. Ponyax 19-28; VERY GOOD REFLECTIONS. You seem to be a very good reflective writer. Thumbs up. Today is Friday go and have a cold beer now.

  26. Just one question, are these cadres working? because they are always attending every jim and jack gath ering. I wonder how they survive to make ends meet. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between a mad man and a poor man looking at the level of destitution which has engulfed modern day Zambia.

  27. Ba Ponyax, you have a short and selective memory. Try to remember that PF had also expelled their Member of Parliament for Chifubu who was one of the rebels. When he died, the Pf claimed him and called him a valuable member of the Party though he was said to be a lost one. It is always good to be neutral.

  28. Ponax Just copied and pasted one of Fred Mmembe’s editorial for this week. He did not come up anything.
    If you see the picture of the injured cadre on the post website now postzambia.com I am not going anywere near the MMD or PF. i love my face. I am not even voting. EVER

  29. Ponyax, great reading even though its The Post’s editorial of yesterday’s paper, thanks anyway. #37, even in death, that PF MP was still referred to as a ‘rebel’ by the party leaders. The campaign was based on getting the seat back with a trust-worthy candidate. No one ever referred to the late as ” a valuable member”, buufi ubo ulebepa mambala iwe!!

  30. The battle has started and it will end when the new MP is ushered in. We shall meet our departed at the sea of glass and laugh it over.

  31. #37 Nkole wa mapembwe
    You have exposed the hypocrisy of PF and M’membe.M’membe never wrote anything bad that PF leader had heaped on the late Chifumu MP but since its RB and MMD,he has to make Sata a saint.

  32. #43 sharp shooter, what the hell are you talking about? Mmembe s writing about the hypocrisy of the MMD Mabenga’s and turn-coats like Shikapwasha who heap praise only when it suites them. No one from PF ever praised the Chifubu MP….infact a fight almost started at the graveyard when Guy Scott gave a speech referring to the Late as a rebel, wasted opportunity or something to that effect. Hurtful bet true…..hope MMD will have such courage and refer to their expelled member by calling a spade a spade.

  33. Good Evening

    Big beef between MMD & PF is expected but why choose a burial ground for a battlefield like some Bloggers have already exclaimed? After reading the detailed analysis from #19 – 28 I can only blog off with a famous quote by W. Somerset Maugham:

    “If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too.”

    In this sense, Happy Weekend to all peace loving & decent Zambians both at home & abroad.

  34. # 45.
    You are very correct PF continued calling the late Chifubu MP as a rebel.Even during Sata s rally he complained how the late turned out to be a disappointment!!!

  35. Job Advert: We are looking for a trainer for PF cadres, your challenge will be to improve the skills of our cadres, sharpen their verbal skills and physical handling capabilities. Target: to be able to match-up with capabilities of MMD cadres. Salary: Shake-shake

  36. William Banda the clown, and forever a clown,you days are numbered,where is Kamalondo,Kadobi,Scorpion and Nakawala.Clown,shame on you.

  37. So the MMD cadres went with whips and amalegeni to this funeral ? Am sure they went there with an intention of fighting coz only a soldier who is going to battle can carry a weapon.This means in one way or another fighting was going to take place.

  38. Look at! More warning shots

    ”LUNGU and Mambwe chiefs in Northern Province have directed Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata to immediately stop commenting on the death of Mpulungu MMD member of Parliament (MP) Lameck Chibombamilimo because it is barbaric and untraditional.”

    I wonder what pipo see in Sata. Kaponya fye. Chimbwi no plan.

  39. Cadres should spend more time improving their life styles such as pushing for careers, starting small scale businesses. In the life if you have a will you will get the share of bread & butter. You only need to start small and work yourself up the ladder, whether it’s a career goal or business.

    Even in the bible GOD says; “”My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”” (Hosea 4:6).They keep being promised silver plates by all these Political Bandits and yet Year-in and Year-out they just find themselves being used to throw stones and attack people innocent persons.

  40. Time is now ripe for the people of Lusaka to rise and do something about the terrorist William Banda because those in authority pretend not to see how dangerous this man is. He has limitless powers and at a touch of a button he easily mobilises his fellow thugs for violent attacks. Even the police are scared of him. For how long will this man be allowed to terrorise the people of Lusaka? Mind you, he started his trade way back in Kaunda’s days and has carried on with impunity.

  41. Contineud…

    This is the same thing that happened in the Kaunda days. Marketers used to be forced to close their shop stands to go and wait for KK, the whole day at the airport. This meant loosing a days earning while all the government officials where paid well, including KK himself.

    I was at Libala Boys in Lusaka and I always used to abscond if asked to go and line up in the streets of Lusaka, waiting for the so called His Excellence, KK. This business has to stop of brainwashing the venerable people in our society.

  42. These cadres should be banned! A clause in this rubbish “chifuma -fat- banda” constitution should include banning of such senseless and unidirectional people!

  43. I sink zis is ze work of one indisciplined sata! ifu it was zoz dayzi wenu we weya pipO, we wouldu havu finishedi zemu. Unip mulilo i meani mumudi mulilo uwa ikatako apya!
    One Zambia! One Nation!

    on a serious note MHSRIP let us not politicise everything


  45. The “big” guns call each names, expell each from one party or another and the common kaponyas take this for face value, punch each other and head to jail while behind the scenes the “big” boys still share shots of whiskey or whatever they drink in the privacy of their tall wall fences. These guys don’t go to the cementry hating each other like that. It’s just for show. They are it together. It’s all about themselves and their families. Wake up and smell the coffee!

  46. william banda is going to destroy our peace we have been enjoying if he is not checked. He will bring hanach in the country and him will run away back to his country Malawi. Watch him out.

  47. ponyax and Post, MMD and RB have shown you that compassion transcends disagreements in the political arena. Disagreeing politically including expulsions or suspensions, should not lead to hatred and enmity. Despite the political differences government and RB tried to save the late MP’s life by sending him abroad to seek specialised treatment. This probably explains the huge hug that we saw on ZNBC TV when Mrs Chibombamilimo received the first lady at the funeral house. I don’t think there a politician in the opposition today (or a journalist in the Post) who can beat RB’s compassion for fellow humans. And I am serious not politicking.

  48. DEMOCRACY??? Thats why KK was running a one party state, the old chap knew that different parties would breed arnachy. People now think that a party that’s in govt owns the entire nation and they condone cadres’ violence against anyone with an opposing view – this cadre mentality should be destroyed from our beautiful nation. Shame that this nastiness is being taken to funerals.

  49. Zambia is sliding into lawlesness.. The 2011 may see Zambia degenerating in civil war. My observation is that those involved in violence are doing so to please their masters. Nothing will be good as long as these cadres take control of key places in society as police officers failing to control them.

    # 65 … Yes boy u are right. Our motto has been thrown into the mud… Where is zed HEADING..

  50. We are yet to see more than what happened in Mufumbwe, I know these MMD guys the way they behave when they smell losing an election or a seat grabed from them. This will also be a test for us pf members to show case our popularity the way our upnd friends did in Solwezi and Mufumbwe ( grabing seats from MMD). As pf we have to grab this seat because all the seats we have been winning belonged to us such as the Kasama and Chifubu, hence we have not tested our popularity by grabing one from MMD.
    We lost the Chitambo and Milanzi seats which we contested to test our popularity.
    I asure you there will be violence as evidenced from what has happened so far.

  51. number 68 shut up mother fuker !diot! what do you know about politics when its PF who started the violence by trying to provoke MMD caders.They did well to fuk dem up coz dats what they deserve PF thugs..

  52. #56 please please leave chifumu banda out of your politics. He is one of the civilised and honest people this country has. He has always meant well for this country. When kambalabe kaunda killed Tabeth Mwanza who represented the Mwanza familiy pro bono ( for free ) to secure a conviction for kambalage when his father was president? Grow up. He eats from his sweat and your home!!

  53. PF + POST NEWSPAPER + KAPONYAS = SATA & MMEMBE.So HH PLEASE PLEASE run away wafwaa napanga see today’s Post Newspaper just join your brother Charles Milupi period.

    So the motto is ( ONE KAPONYA ( BEMBAS) = SATA & MMEMBE)

  54. in line 70 meant to say …..#56 please please leave chifumu banda out of your politics. He is one of the civilised and honest people this country has. He has always meant well for this country. When kambalabe kaunda killed Tabeth Mwanza who represented the Mwanza familiy pro bono ( for free ) to secure a conviction for kambalage when his father was president? Grow up. He eats from his sweat and NOT your home!!

  55. #69 and #71 – You are there calling others as kaponyaz. You too have the cadre mentallity, very shallow opinion as you are there calling for the blood of others especially #69, what pleasure do you derive in saying such? Get a life and think positive and be constructive in your sayings if you are a true Zambian.

  56. zambian in diaspora 69#

    There is No Smoke Without Fire. It appears like you have ****ED YOUR MOTHER BEFORE. How dare you call someone to that extent? Go and embarrass yourself somewhere else. You have been watching a lot of American Movies lately…. Can kindly exit from these blog and take your emotions elsewhere. Let us all have constructive debates.

  57. Actually the Post editorial suggested that Chobombamilimo was a politician and therefore his funeral cannot be separated from politics. Reading between the lines, mmembe is suggesting that the funeral should be politicised and even the clashes between the cadres at the funeral are in order, because that is political behaviour. That is the new Post for you, do not confuse it with the original Post or the one of just two years ago. The Post of just 4 years ago thought that Sata was R.U.B.BISH, C.ORRUP.T and VIOLENT, whereas the Post of today, the Post of mmembe, portrays Sata is the messiah.

  58. Ponyax… you made good and exellent reflective comments.
    Every wise and sensible reader will appreciate you geniusnous and facts of life mad plain.Some called you short memory…its gud to ve a short absolute memory than to own a rugged long-term memory to drive you to hell. Thats how the devil and his demons memories are. no wonder they met at Moses’ grave trying to fight for his soul holding to a sin Moses had commited. But Jesus corrected them saying Moses repented and he is now mine.
    You can make a ggod LT editor or start doing their opinion columns.
    The problem is only the blogg name..please consider changing it. it sounds so mistaken.
    Otherwise you are god and i will publish your comments in my column for our local journal.
    Thank you!

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