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Removal of street vendors a challenge- LCC

General News Removal of street vendors a challenge- LCC

Lusaka street vendors

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) says the removal of street vendors from streets in the city of Lusaka has continued to remain a challenge.

Council Public Relations Manager Chanda Makanta said there has not been any corporation from the vendors who have continued to return and trade from the streets.

Ms Makanta explained to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that members of the public were also encouraging the venders to trade on the streets by buying from them.

She said if the general public was not encouraging them, street vendors would not see the reason of trading from the streets but would instead utilize markets that the council has built for them.

Ms Makanta also wondered why despite the local authority sensitizing members of the public not to buy from street vendors, most of them continue to do so.

She said this has made people think that the LCC has failed to remove the vendors from the streets when the fact was the opposite.

Ms Makanta further said the council was committed to removing street vendors and to make the city look clean and beautiful.

She said this was why the council has built markets for traders to operate from instead of doing business on streets.

Ms Makanta added that traders needed to understand that the building of markets by the council was done for them.

The Lusaka City Council has in the past been struggling to remove street vendors as most of them have continued to go back to trade on streets.


Lusaka street vendors



  2. If only us the people that buy from these vendors can stop then it will be a right direction for now…but please go ahead and remove them..And these LCC police of yours they have a foolish tendence of sharing things they confiscate..I have seen them do this in Kamwala just at that park near the police container

  3. Important information is being released on Levy’s death and rumors at levymwanawasafoundation.com!

  4. On the roads yesterday the Mini Bus/Taxis blocked the Mindola- Nkana West Road yesterday to protest its beyond bad state. TVZ were there and filmed the incidence but surprising enough no mention was made either on TVZ or ZNBC Radio. If you have been to Kitwe you will know how bad this road has become. It takes a vehicle no less than 15minutes to reach the training school from the Kalulushi Junction. The same is the case of Chibuluma Road up to the Central Hospital Round about. Now this GRZ dont want people to see their failures, so they censor what is not “appropriet.” to them. But you cannot sweep under the carpet. I wonder what development these MMD talk about, may grabbing other peoples’ wives is development?

  5. lcc nearly each household is being turned into a mini supermarket how do you hope to protect pipo in markets bcos we are now able to get grocery from these housetembas. if you dont protect maketeers then it will not be attractive to do business from markets everyone will come out

  6. Times have changed and will continue changaing .Lcc must invent another tactic other than chasing those people from the streets .They have chased them away for the past 20 yrs or so but always failing. I live in jhb , south africa . the metropolitan here is doing fine in terms of this issue. Use vendors to chase away un registered vendors .Take the registered vendors to designatd schools to educate them on the good and t he dis advantages of street vending.Graduate them and give them certificte and loans to move to the next level in business…………….Ask me more i am here to help ….

  7. the same way you remove the street vendors..why can’t you remove the prostitutes who are killing people..vendors are selling life saving stuff…food and evrythn..remove the whores from the streets1st…

    • i quite agree with you my brother,if they chase away the street vendors off the streets that means that the prostitutes must also go.

  8. Were do u expect me 2 buy my tomatoes.Why dont u give them better solutions not jus chasin.Its hard livin mu zambia,all u fools talk about is inflation levels well we like 2 buy from the streets 2 were prices are at market value.

  9. leave the street vendors alone because they are getting income from the things they are selling.if we chase them off the streets where would they get money to feed their families,considering the high rate of unemployment in the country.

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