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UPND Southern Province members to vote for RB if PACT floats Sata

Headlines UPND Southern Province members to vote for RB if PACT floats...

The United Party for National Development (UPND) provincial leadership in Southern Province has vowed to support President Rupiah Banda during next year’s elections if the UPND- PF pact decided to float Patriotic Front President Michael Sata in next years elections.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka yesterday some UPND provincial leaders who refused to be named said they were not happy with what was going on in the pact.

They advised UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema not to deceive himself by thinking that UPND members would vote for Mr. Sata if Mr. Hichilema was not picked as pact president.

And Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has disclosed that UPND members are resigning from the party in massive numbers due to the fire that has engulfed their party.

Mr Munkombwe said the people of Southern province have now realized that the PF/UPND pact was a burning house and that members were scampering to other parties for fear of being burnt.

He said the MMD in the province was encouraging their former members to rejoin the party they once belonged to before the formation of UPND.

“No one can stay in a burning house. The UPND-PF pact is burning and some Members from the UPND are resigning in massive numbers rejoining the ruling Party. This can be evidenced from the large number of people who attended the Vice President George Kunda’s rallies in the province over the weekend” Mr Munkombwe said.

The provincial minister said all those UPND members who were still pondering to leave their party should just resign and join the working MMD government and support President Banda during the forthcoming general elections.

He said before the end of the year, the Pact would crumble and called on the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to leave the pact and work with MMD government for the benefit of the Zambian people.

Due to the reported wrangles that have besieged the pact, UPND has since formed a committee which is going to look into the issues regarding the pact impasse with their partner Patriotic Front (PF)

The party’s National Management Committee recently held an urgent meeting where some party members allegedly asked the party leadership to abandon the pact.



  1. Well, that is a no brainer. It is obvious. We have been consistently number two ahead of the PF in southern Province for the last 10 years and yes with no Tonga Bull at the top of the opposition ticket, this province will definitely rip for the taking by our great MMD party. We are ready to collect the spoils. Welcome to the winners column. You have lost for long enough ..it is time to feel that winning feeling again, join the national party with a national agenda and with the ability to deliver national victory

  2. Why not just get swallowed by MMD now while there’s still time to negotiate for jobs for yourselves. PF doesn’t need tribalists to win the next General elections.

  3. The MMD is all inclusive. It would be good to join or vote for an all inclusive party.

  4. # 3 You are misguided. PF need UPND to amass just 42 % of the votes. They failed to do it in 2001, they failed to do it in 2006 they failed to do it in 2008 and what makes you think they will not fail again in 20111. Past results are a good indicator of future performance, particularly if you still have the same players in the system. As the saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different results. PF with Sata and UPND with HH are full blown certified LOSERS. It is baked in their DNA. If these parties want to test victory, let them be democratic and change leadership ..otherwise it is going to be a real walk over come 2011 and we are not sweating at all. MMD deserves better and credible opposition and not these tribalists and Kaponyas

  5. thats the wisest thing UPND can do than waste time with a poisonous snake. infact just force HH to join MMD bcos on your own you cant win an election. you need govt jobs and support for how long are you going to back a losing horse. we will welcome you with open hands in MMD. the pact is a dead carcas not rotten and stinking

  6. what a wise reasoning not to side with dictactor sata i support your move UPND.Sata is a thug,conduit,hypocrit,snake,chameleon,barbaric,sadist just like his ugly face,lier,twit,opportunist and above all a stinking kaponya you cant entrust national treasures and security with and he will never step into plot one,never never with his bbqd smoked heart from kaponda!!!!

  7. Southern Province has steadfastly exhibited phobia of thugs. This is exactly what will save Zambia from the evil “Post and Thugs” pact.

  8. Note to MMD cadres: stop dreaming! You will never achieve your dream of dismantling a growing and formidable party. You can use your Times and Daily Mail vuvuzelas to shout as much as you want but UPND will still remain a formidable force in the next elections. We will tear through the heart of MMD in Western, Central, Lusaka rural and North Western provinces and capture all our territories back. Our voters in these areas joined you temporary because of Mwanawasa and will come back home where they belong. To PF cadres; tough on you! If you thought you would just use us as a horse to ride on think twice! We might be quiet and diplomatic but we are not fools. We have our own game plan. We will tear through Lusaka urban, C/B rural and urban and knock you out. Keep on thinking you own those ..

  9. HH is now in total news blackout even his once vuvuzela the post has stopped covering him while sata continues to hit headlines. HH will only be given headlines for negative comments. now china a contry sata hates so much is the second biggest economy in the world and USA is very worried. viva china our all time weather friend ba sata cant even go ku taiwan nomba baliba bwelalamo force promises. south africa is no go area for sata remember the 27000us dollars he abandoned pa jburg airport

  10. Southern province indeed has steadfastly exhibotedted phobia for thugs.Remeber it was the first province to reject the evil third term bid at the MMd provincila assembly at ZCA in Monze when other provices had already started the endorsement.The likes of Sejani & Desai told chiluba in his face.In 1990, we all remeber the incidences in choma that catapulted the likes of levy, chiluba and madyenkuku to prominece.I can assure, Souhtern province ill rise again in 2011 and thump out the serpent and its tandem of minions.its Time the pipo of SP and UPND joined progressive forces in MMD and end this political gangsterism and racketeering by the hoodlums!

  11. #5 MMD Chief Bootlicker: Please spare us this tribal crap. We all know that RB is the worst tribalist president Zambia has had. Sata is a well known expert on tribal politics. Don’t get me started on that because I will finish you off and expose your hypocrisy. You are the same people who called Mazoka a tribalist and even called Mtonga(Mu Tonga) and Sichinga(Hichinga) tonga names simply because they were UPND. You can fool the kids who were born yesterday and those with short memories but you can not foool all the people all the time. You are better off staying clear of tribal tagging otherwise I will

  12. As a political analysts i wouldn’t advice HH to join MMD.. i know pipo may not agree but believe me tribal cousins can have a better understanding.. if HH has to leave PF let him merge with the sleeping giant His Excellence Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda and they will scoop next year’s elections.

  13. Catch-22!
    Every wise and patriotic Zambian is getting distant from treasonous acts of ever risking our unitary state with a mad agent of imperialism that Sata is.

  14. Prisoner’s dilemma.

    In My Father’s House are Many Mansions (John 14:1)

    “Let not your hearts be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also!”

  15. If you read too much you can envision the future; you become prophetic. I had predicted what is unfolding in the pact a long time ago. Sata is now regreting that he was born with a too wide mouth.The venorm it spits is too deadly to have sensitive people near. Hoooray ! Viva MMD!

  16. Wat a big Joke to smear filfh on the Mighty pipo of Southern Province.SP is just a tricky zone for politics.These ar pipo who move in unity of strategic purpose not just for the sake of yaping yaping.No amount of propaganda,evil sentiments will move the SP.Those who have time to waste can go on yaping yaping at yr own peril but politics shall never take away the wealth,pride,unity of SP.GOD FORBID ALL THOSE HOOLIGANS,OPPORTUNISTS.

  17. The down fall of SATA is when he supported his vice president over the article in the post. The POST has also contributed to the down fall of the pact. Its a SAD moment for mother Zambia. The plunder continues!

  18. i agree with Dr Bill and Zed Patriot, Firstly its very wrong to agitate for tribal politics and regionalism as MMD is doing now. I dont think HH needs the MMD to finish him. The southern province UPND chaps are just hungry and needs jobs thats why they are pandering like puppies. anyone among da pact wld stand as presidential candidate. MMD will still have it tough next year with or without pact. But without pact they will rig easily. May God save us from William vigilant tekere Banda. Who brought back that rascal to disturb our peace? One day he will pay

  19. Crucible of leadership

    RB is not only a true a unitary leader but a proven patriot who has proven a transformational Leader: He is a true leader that has kept evoking our patriotic spirit, unity and hard work again.

    RB is a Democratic Leader: He invites all citizens to come up with decisions and relies on an agreement between everyone of what is best for the country than a tribe and imperial voices of the likes of Gay Scott and Lubinda Michael Sata panders to against Zambians.

  20. Honestly I dont understand why our friends from southern province think like that. I support the PACT but I have never cherished the Idea that only my tribes mate should lead it. Am from Luapula by the way. To say the truth it is embarrassing to have people publicly saying such things. Please people cant you for once shake off this tribal tag you’ve had for so long. Dont you feel ashamed. I personally supported Mazoka even though he was not from my tribe and really would not have problems with HH if he is ripe enough to face the challenge. It gives me the feeling that our friends got into the pact to ride on PF popularity and rule through HH, which is equally selfish. Southern province honestly you can do better than this!!

  21. sata arrived at jburg airport and didnt declare usd27000 on him until he was stripped naked and searched the money was found on him and confiscated. he promised to go back and reclaim the money but up to now southafrica sata cant go. I hear the money came from taiwan a province of the second largest economy in the world china

  22. UPND must be a full of nutters,I thought they were formed to liberate Zambians from MMD which is corrupt and still harbors people like Chiluba and Katele. So for as long as a Tonga does not head the pact they are more than ready to go to bed with corrupt and misguided MMD. Shame on you job seeking Tonga’s.

  23. RB’s Democratic Leadership is Participative Leadership which Zambia deserves.

    Although as a democratic leader will make the final decision, he invites other members of the team to contribute to the decision-making process with mandate than appointing everyone from a personal driver to your shadow cabinet as Sata has been for 10 straight years in PF. RB’s institutional approach does not only increase national value, purpose and satisfaction by involving citizens in what’s going on, but it also helps to develop people’s skills. Today Zambians feel in control of their own destiny.

  24. #22 Lady Gaga, for your information, even though China is the second biggest economy in the world its per capita income is still much lower than that of 16 African countries like Gabon, Libya, Botswana, Algeria, Tunisia, Namibia etc!!! As a combined total Africa has a higher per capita income than China and India Combined. Africa has less than a billion people and China has twice the population of Africa and India has 300 million more people than Africa.

  25. This is all MMD propaganda. Honestly, how can they publish this storty saying some UPND provincial leaders who refused to be named? Who are they? Why not come out in the open like Obby and Chizyuka saying you are already MMD? Its either they dont really exist (propaganda), or if they do then we certainly dont need them. I guess the former

  26. On “Mr [UPND Katuba Constituency youth chairman Mwinza] Chola urged Mr [UPND elected-president Hakainde] Hichilema to ignore members of the PF who are making derogatory remarks against UPND but concentrate on strengthening grassroots structures of the party” reported in the Zambia Daily Mail under the title “Katuba UPND challenges Scott” and Mr two-degrees holding-claimant unelected PF leader MC Sata’s ““I can’t comment on what Ililonga said because he is too junior,”” reported in the same news item, I urge more UPND Team members to put the so-called PF top leadership under pressure while 2011 presidential candidate HH concentrates on strengthening the UPND grassroots across the country especially in Luapula and Northern provinces.

    Be blest…

  27. # 22 Lady Gaga, China claiming Taiwan is the same way the British claim Northern Ireland, it has always been a separate country. Chairman Mao and his commies took over main land China in 1949 and Chiang Kaishek the then ruler left for the island of Formosa (Taiwan) by then a very poor place.A few decades down the line it is more advanced than China and now the chinese claim it. Go and study history not ukubwatabwata fye!!

  28. #26 mulenga thanks for your data but the fact remains china is next to usa in size of economy. HH is in total news blackout from both govt owned media and private media and the post to be specific who have now appointed themselves vuvuzela for sata

  29. They have no principles if they can vote for Rb because Sata has been picked. After the mess RB has done and continues to do to this Country can any one in all honest want to vote or even side with mmd. Lets be rational, stop this tribal thing especially old people. Most young ones, tribe is not a big issue. And besides its just logical that the older one rules first and leaves it to the younger who has more time

  30. Are these UPND loonies telling the poor people of Southern province are enjoying life under Ruphiah Banda???

  31. On the fake two-degrees holding-claimant unelected PF leader MC Sata’s ““I can’t comment on what Ililonga said because he is too junior,”” reported in the Zambia Daily Mail news item mentioned, the “too junior” words by Sata has a connotation that their are juniors in UPND to Sata and I hope Sata does not hold HH as junior to him.

    On “Due to the reported wrangles that have besieged the pact, UPND has since formed a committee which is going to look into the issues regarding the pact impasse with their partner Patriotic Front (PF)… National Management Committee recently held an urgent meeting where some party members allegedly asked the party leadership to abandon the pact,” this move by UPND is welcome as we quickly restrategise.


  32. SP UPND stop blackmailing your way into state house. My Lozi wife once told me that it was good Mazoka did not win the 2001 election. I asked her why and she told me that Tongas are so bad that they were going to fire other tribes from GRZ and employ only Tongas in all Parstatals. Now I believe her. You want to be president so why vote for MMD? Makes no sense at all.

  33. I’m now conviced SATA will never become president for this country MARK MY WORDS,he has lost it completly because of what the post is doing to HH.You see SATA is a very dull BURGER instead of trying to be good to HH so that he get his support he is just busy supporting GUY Scott.In Bemba they say ukupoka chinsenda ku nkoko kunakilila

  34. #34 Lady Gaga, ulishulu nga lady gaga wine. I work for Debenhams Plc in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in England!!!

  35. Old Daniel is taking all sorts of things coz of his apetite for politics of benefits. Which provincial leaders(UPND) is he talking about? As much as we know there are problems in the pact there is nothing impossible to be solved. When you bring 2 different substances it takes time for them to fuse into one. those who will believe what the likes of GK and others are talking about the pact IT IS JUST MERE PROPAGANDA and kicks of a dying horse. What is there left in MMD when as a RULING PARTY they are busy promoting violence DAY IN DAY OUT. One wonders if the men and women in MMD are there for service to the nation or to themselves. Enough is Enough let us be on 1st Level RED ALERT or else this country will not move anywhere but stuck in 0 position.

  36. Well what can one say? The children of today are getting more confused. Ever wondered why Kaunda and his group came up with the One party state? This multipartism is bringing more divisions because of greed.

  37. Looks like TONGAs a nutters! Can someone educate me as to who announced this or made these interviews? Or is it LT jockers once again? Keep dreaming with medieval way of living.

  38. Way to go my southern brothers and sisters.As Bootlicker has mentioned above,”it is time to feel that winning feeling again”.Dont hang on to a sinking wreck of a boat.Leave the kaponyas to leak their election wounds alone next year.

  39. Southern Province is not Zambia and that UPND voice is not UPND. I believe empty tins make a lot of noise just to attract attention. The Pact will not be shaken by what the old guard said. The Pact membership and support is not by UPND and PF members only. MMD and other political parties are in support of the idea to Pact for the sole reason of driving away pain inflicted by the govt. If all was well, people would not be complaining about what is prevailing in our country. Soon the so called stoog, staunch MMD die hards will join the calling by doing the right thing. People are suffering while the leadership is busy pretending all is well. There is nothing to talk about now other than increased poverty levels.

  40. the shallow dugout canoe has sunk finally even their vuvuzela the post will not help. upnd come on board to keep your souls. If HH wants to hang on to dear life with sata let him sink alone. you have wasted more than one year with the functionless pact.

  41. Who says SP will vote for RB??? For your own information we the Tongas vote on merit not on tribal grounds. If Sata had any merit in him we would surely vote for him. Now considering that there is no merit in neither Sata nor RB we cannot vote for any of them but we are not short of people to vote for, we shall vote for HH. Atleast even if he does not go to state house our consciouses will be free for having done the right thing.


    VIVA PACT!!!

  43. If Sata trully is a patriot he will not stand for elections AGAIN! We are tired of MMD but the opposition is so crap.Isn’t there a young vibrant person in PF/UPND tha can lead.Let HH and Sata take advisory roles.I think their sell by dates have passed.Leave the baton on to the young ones.Let us lead Zambia for a change.Lets move Zambia forward.Abash MMD Abash HH Abash Sata.Viva Zambian Youth!

  44. If HH (a tonga must lead UPND) is chosen to be the presidential candidate on pact ticket, Sata’s supporters for sure will not vote for him. Those who are saying that HH should join MMD are you telling us that if he does that he will be the presidential candidate on MMD tickect in 2011? The way I see it is if HH’s supporters don’t vote for Sata on pact ticket, HH loses, he joins MMD he loses, he goes it alone under UPND he loses cos the only province where he will get 100% votes is SP. Maestro, why is HH the billionaire not paying his workers at Mint Master?

  45. Tongas on the blog,just be brave and confirm that you are NOT for a Bemba/Northener President. Is Southern Province a special province? We have Nine provinces and all would want a President from their region. I m no Bemba or Tonga but from my observation, if Sata agrees to be deputy to HH Bembas will still vote for the Pact but not the other way round.
    The 2011 elections is about changing the government for the sake of our future not personnal issues. We may not have the best alternative but we cant keep MMD.

  46. Fear is Slowly Showing in the MMD Camp.
    SP Wake Up Recieve them ,”Decieve them Into Joining MMD Yet You Know What You Want” !
    After All Its Zambian Money They Will Offer, Get It and Vote For A different Candidate, That Way You will be Honored.
    Its Strange That You the People Of SP Listen to a Traitor GK Whose lips Even Greese cannot wet due to Lies-Lies-Lies-Lies !.This man is seeking for Medical care Extension. He is Dead God Knows !

  47. Bembas on the blog, just accept that you dont want to be led by a Tonga, or any other tribe.Your seperoirity complex will sink the already cracked titanic( the boat) and drown the serpent. Viva MMD, Viva UPND, viva decency to politics and not kaponyas

  48. yayayayayaya i think those UPND provincial in SP..they don’t want development ib the country…look MMD has ruled the country for 19-20 years without any fruits and do u want to support them mulimashilu…support the pact that u made urselves hope before forming it u agreed.what we want is another government not MMD we ar tired of them.

  49. at those who ar using plurality in their comments.the philosophy of pluralism has past don’t judge the tribe but judge the individuals…hw can u say tongas or bembas…menthion that person judge him or her individually.

  50. 54..I think your point is very clear and understoodable…What is happening in the pact now is who will be the president and which tribe will led the pact all this are missunderstanding but will i prefer HH to be the pact president…..Bembas can’t accept to be ruled by the tongas or any tribe in zambia because there look so seperiolity complex that there hv……where there are bembas fighting must be there….these type of politics must come to an end …..viva HH and viva UPND

  51. Bembas are the biggest liability we have in Zambia. What makes you think that you are the big brother? Every Zambain has the right to lead this nation its not a preserve of the Bembas. Why do you look down on others. Give us a credible leader who should be different from Sata, Chiluba, Kabwe, Chungu etc in terms of traits then we shall vote for them. But as things are, we in SP have been let down by what you have offered and so yocan call us tribal for all we care but truth is truth. You are the big headed tribalists. VIVA HH all the way.

  52. I said it over and over again before that a bemba will only rule zambia after 200 years. They almost got it on UPND’s back but because of their arrogance which is now overflowing over “mistaken popularity”, they will not get it. They should have waited untill sata is in state house before showing their true colors as we all know them. It is a hard one for HH.

  53. southern province is always the saviour of Zambia. thats the tonga bull we know not this chicken called HH

  54. There they go people who suffer from inferirioty complexy. They are obsessed with the bemba tribe. They dream the bemba tribe. They cant eat without thinking about the bemba tribe. Really you desgrace yourselves by positioning yourselves so inferior to the Bembas. Look at the comments above, tongas will vote for RB if Sata is adopted president of the Pact. What a dull way of thinking by some people, what an inferior way of allining themselves politically. What a childish way of thinking.
    It is really sad to have such empty gongs in Zambia whose appetite is only to be president as a tribe.


  55. No. 61 Mboo are you hurt by our objectivity, sorry boss, not Sata, try next door. You are also engulfed by your misplaced superiority complex, you will not have it this time atleast not riding on a Tonga’s back.\:d/

  56. #55 The first 10 years of MMD rule Sata was part of it and spend his time unsuccessfully scheming how to take over from Chiluba, and the last 9 years (especially since RB assumed the reigns of power) Sata has spent it doing what he knows best, trying to block development programmes and make it hard for others to succeed. Again failing miserably, a total 19 years of failure. His Mother of all Failures will come in 2011.

  57. Some people hate Sata not because he is bemba but because they think he is not suitable to be president. Going by his past deeds it is understandable why they feel so. It’s unfortunate that some people on this blog equate not voting for Sata to not voting for a bemba. For once can we look at the pros and cons of the so called leading contenders, RB & Sata and analyse who is the best. There is no need to compare their parties because Sata is more MMD than RB so the only way we can compare them is to look at them as individuals. As much as I don’t agree with the sentiments raised by the misled UPND turncoats, I understand where they are coming from.

  58. Important information is being released on Levy’s death and rumors at levymwanawasafoundation.com!

  59. The people of Southern province are renowned for doing what is best for the country when it matters most.
    Which sane and responsible southerner (or any citizen for that matter) would want Zambia to be ruled by a thug? Those thugs are used as party mobilisers by intelligent and anointed leaders, they are not allowed anywhere near the corridors of power. They are found useful in every party but once in a while those thugs and their cadres become big headed and misread their organisational skills for presidential skills. Not too long ago, Uganda slipped at huge cost, but gave us a good example.

  60. It is not a secret that no sane tonga can accept to be under the leadership of a bemba.Come on lets call a spade a spade go to monze and try to speak your kaponya language.Heads will turn coz they will know that yet another thief has come.The pact was doomed from the time HH decided to work with sata.We are better off with lupiya than this chief disrespecting fellow.Hope this true f won`t hurt.

  61. #62 Mimi and 64 Zed Patriot…..with you on the blog, I need not say anything except to say your blogs make sense.

  62. Any sane person would wait for the Mpulungu by-election to gauge the mood of the nation. We can scream, yell, shout, whatever on this site but Mpulungu will show the way things are going.

    Some bloggers, had disappeared from this site after the Chifubu and Luena by-elections, but I am glad that they have now reappeared. I will not leave my conclusions to speculation because I have no doubt in my mind that they were busy licking the very painful wounds of defeat.

    The same bloggers were also conveniently quite when RB conceaded that Brazilian President, Lula Da Silva had tremendously improved his country despite not having a degree, clearly in contrast with the weird demands, which at the time, the NCC was shamelessly advocating

  63. So if they float Sata Tongas wont vote him but they want us to vote for their tribesmate, what nonsense is that? If push comes to shove and UPND mufumbwe thugs want to play tribalistic, no vundu we all vote for RB at least he’s not a bantu botatwe he’s our tribal cousin and when the time comes for him to go he knows where to pass the buton, period.
    Now is that what we need for our country, i dont think so. Personally i got no problem campaigning for HH if hes floated as pact presidential candidate because hes a Zambian and all this tribal hating from southern province is regrettable. Go ahead for RB if you want, another five years of having barbeque at Nkwanzi with our cousin, happy days!

  64. why shud u be quarreling over some story that isn’t true..if anythn..if HH doen’s lead the pact,then Saki,Milupi,Miyanda,Chipimo and Ngondo will form a pact with UPND..Sata and RB are all gone..intellectuals will get it right this time around!!

  65. #71 msana wanzili: There is no need for you to turn this into a Ngoni/Senga(MMD) versus Bemba(PF) issue. The people of Southern province are not a peace of meat you can throw around and share as you please. They are intelligent and can analyse issues. All what some UPND members in the province are saying is that they do not want to be forced to vote for Sata(repeat Sata, not Bemba!) because they think RB is better than Sata. This is the issue you have to deal with instead of calling the southerners tribalists and all sorts of names. They are not interested in tribes because RB is not tonga and they do not hate bembas because they voted for Chiluba in doves at one time. Let’s not try to mask frustrations in tribal sentiments. Let’s use logic to win arguments.

  66. Who cares let the Tongas Vote for MMD since they hate Bembas. But I think they are too dull to analyse the issues coz ,while they say they dont have any thing to do with the Bembas, they forget that Chiluba is the one behind MMD. And it is likely that after RB, Mwansa Criticles will take over from him.
    Hee let the Tongas rot in their folly coz come 2016, a Bemba will take over from RB.

    Now the game is sweet, we will see who shall laugh the loundest in 2011. Bembas and Ngonis are regrouping , just waite for RB to win the 2011 election. There will be nothing for Tongas and we shall see how their folly will reward them.
    Any way they can go to MMD so that come 2011 Criticles Mwansa takes over from RB.


  67. No. 74, why are you insulting people of SP? Did anyone say we want HH becoz he Tonga, nay my brother. We vote on merit. There is no merit in Sata and if Sata means Bemba then hard luck. We support HH on meritorious grounds, those who want it on tribal cousinship can go ahead but as Southerners we are not moved by such things. After all tribal cousins only matter at funerals so they can cook. Sorry to those who are hurt by our objectivity. We are not pieces on a chess board.

  68. On “The United Party for National Development (UPND) provincial leadership in Southern Province has vowed to support President Rupiah Banda during next year’s elections if the UPND- PF pact decided to float Patriotic Front President Michael Sata in next years elections” this is not new since I was for the idea of voting for President RB Banda when he was looking sober if the PACT is to choose Mr PF/Sata MC as its 2011 presidential candidate but now the brother RBB has proved to be a serious tribalist — just look at his Cabinet and other MMD Administration appointments. Thus, I have decide to vote for any presidential candidate whose party will practice democracy in choosing its presidential candidate if the PF-UPND PACT chooses anyone else other than HH as candidate.

  69. No. 75 hush little boy, I feel for you. You are indeed hurting all because you thought Tongas were so daft and you would ride on their backs. Sorry try pa neighbour. Ngonis and Bembas regrouping, how petty can person get!!!?

  70. If age imparted wisdom, there wouldn’t be any old fools.The surprising thing about young fools is how many survive to become old fools.The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

  71. # 73 Zed Patriot. Are you telling us that we other tribes are dumb? Hell no,you Tongas are just tribalists. I dont understand the reasoning behind voting for RB if Sata is adopted. PF is actually making your DREAM of having a Tonga man in state house possible but you cant see it. From my observation,people from southern province will bring civil war in Zambia.

  72. # 77
    Its sad that all what you see in your insipid-tribal thinking is objectivity when it is fully dented with folly. You dont want a Bemba to lead the PACT but a Tonga. So if Sata leads the PACT you go to MMD and yet MMD is getting instructions from Chiluba who is among the Bemba grouping. So where is wisdom? You run from a Bemba and again you embrace a Bemba? To you this is wisdom.

    Mhhh guys I have never heard of this folly and dullness in my life. So what do the Tongas then want? People please help me understand the logic behind the Tongas not having any thing to do with the Bembas. I am really confounded by their folly. And to just advice you Tongas, if at all you want to rule Zambia as this is your preocupation, you must humble yourselves than these nosense you are spitting.

  73. Bane muchishinka cha kwalesa basata teti bepule bu kateka ni mpili ne mishitu.ebekala chalo abamu ma ruro erias teti bapele ba sata i voti kanofye nga bena lubemba chapwa.eicho na ku mpulungu kukayaba utoloto lelo pakuti kakawe ba mmd bakasepa.

  74. zed patriot you are right on the ball. In 1991 and 1996 southern province voted 100 per cent MMD for a bemba called chiluba. so you cant say they are tribalists. in fact southern province changed from mmd to upnd under a bantu botatwe mwanawasa who they hated even more than sata

  75. FTJ is not Tonga but he got massive votes from SP
    KK is not Tonga but SP supported him at the expense of their own Nkumbula
    RB is not Tonga but SP would vote for him
    Why is Sata an exception to this rule?

    Its now clear who the tribalists are. If you dont vote for their thug, then they call you tribalist! Is PF not strong alone, why are the PF supporters jittery over who SP would vote for? Do realise also that its not only SP that wont vote for Sata. Even WP, parts of CP and NWP wont vote for him….are all these people from these areas tribal? ha ha ha ha ha!

    Sata is not equal to Bembas, there are a lot of quality people among Bembas that the whole country would vote for not this Shikulu of yours. Sata started this tribal politics, let it eat him-serves him right. As for the…

  76. The biggest problem we have in Zambia is that we want to have things that we have not worked for; we want to enjoy even when we have not labored for that joy. Worse still, we want to become millionaires even when we don’t know what makes one a millionaire. We are lazy and are not ready to work, but we are very eager to to have money and other luxurious things miraculously. All those who are siding with wrong creatures like RB and his team, it’s because they are hoping to get something in return not that they are happy with his government. People of God, value who you are and fight for your rights. Zambia can be better than it is now, but this calls for our collective effort to choose what is good for us as Zambians and not only few individuals.


  78. Another fooly of the Tongas towards the Bembas is that, while the guys dont want to have any thing to do with the bembas, yet their girls are so much interested in a Bemba guy. Their girls find it so easy to tie knotes with Bemba guys and the two tribes live in love and harmony. Can you see the folly of these Tongas towards Bembas….. a people full of hatred to the extent that their girls now know how alienated from true love their guys have kept them.


  79. Where is [email protected] coming from. Please keep your blog names if you want fellow bloggers to read your blogs or else i will think you are just a little blat who has just woken up on a PC or laptop with internet & before the roar of the lioness echoes, you should make your small,skunk smelling mouth be smelled. Hell No! Rubbish kid you are – I have met more reasonable TONGAS than you are.USAKO monga ka mbongolo!

  80. #82 Mboo….your confusion of what really the Tongas want is actually the answer to your dullness. If Tongas hated Bembas, for sure they would not embrace MMD which as you say is getting instructions from a bemba FTJ. What the SP people and the rest of sane Zambians want is a good person for president and Sata is NOT one. So its not about not liking a bemba, its about not trusting Sata….do you get it? Replace the word ‘bemba’ with the word ‘Sata’ in your thinking and everything falls into place. Let PF be lead by a good person be it bemba or not, the whole ball game will change. Problem is SATA not Bemba – do you get it???? By the way, RB is not from SP so where is the tribalism if SP voted for him? Has Sata become a god to you?

  81. On “… yesterday some UPND provincial leaders who refused to be named said they were not happy with what was going on in the pact.[..] They advised UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema not to deceive himself by thinking that UPND members would vote for Mr. Sata if Mr. Hichilema was not picked as pact president” I am glad that the UPND Southern Province provincial leaders decided to inform the PF and Nation that they will only do the right thing of not voting for Mr two-university-degrees holoding-claimant MC SATA should the UPND Team and PF counterparts in the PACT leadership fail to choose HH as 2011 presidential candidate.

    However, let all other Zambian provinces’ UPND provincial leaders give their opinionon PF’s behaviour and their voting plan for 2011 elections as well…

  82. No.82. You are shallow, who said we don’t want a Bemba to lead the PACT? We are saying we do not want Sata to lead the PACT. Unless you are saying Sata = Bemba. So who is naive btw you and I. We have supported Bembas before and we shall continue to support them and any other tribe in Zambia for that matter as long as they forward a credible candidate.Wonder why am even wasting time on you.

  83. @86BANYINA Walasa bro! Some are even proud to call themselves bootlickers! While, had there not been the MARTIN LUTHER KINGS of this world-there would be no independency for little african peoples. It took one man who believed that wrong must be metted with right & he sacrificed his life to make America what it is today. I guess as we have been from 1964, we shall always be but i want ma kids not to go through the same things i have gone through, let make the world a better place by starting with our own loving country. While we are working hard for the money to make our lives & that of our families better, we should also make zambia as a whole better. PEACE.

  84. In 1990 southern Province voted for FTJ because they had no option, KK had passed his sell-by date he had to go only Tumbukas voted for him and we all know why. Honestly, i would love HH to have a go at running the nation but his supporters are ruining it for him because everytime this issue comes up they flash their tribal card and unfortunately thats off-putting for most of us. Now if this is what we shall be going thru if we voted for a Tonga then its better to let ‘the devil we know to continue at state house than the angels we dont trust from choma’. Some behave as though the whole southern province will move to state house and will have more privaledges than others. We dont need a tribe at statehouse, what we need is a Zambian with proven track record of hard working, period.

  85. no 82 we do NOT WANT SATA PERIOD. please get into your thick skull. its not because he is bemba. its because he is a buffoon.

  86. #93 Mimi….forget this Mboo chap, he is so shallow. One moment he says Tonga girls are marying bemba boys and the next breath he say tongas are tribalists, whats the logic in that. To be honest, I think Mboo is a young boy coz his reasoning is so childish. To him Sata is a god and he is all he has ever known as a presidential candidate. He even thinks Sata = Bembas, what an insult to the bemba people. Need I remind him that Zambia has had better guys like Dean Mung’omba, Anderson Mazoka, Godfrey Miyanda and we will continue to have better ones like HH, Milupi, Magande eying plot one.

    If to you sata is all in all, perish in your delusion, we care less. Am from NWP and even my relatives in the village know that you cant trust Sata.

    #83 akapondo…..tell them!

  87. The Legacy91.Who said a better person is HH & not Sata or RB? Its a pity you are shallow minded as a hyena.In any case RB is not from zambia either-his from zim & i implore you to find out more about where he comes from & what he is doing their,joker. What makes Sata bad & KAFUPI good? KAFUPI has been hiding in the arms of RB-it makes them two-as they are wellably tangling.I hav more fears with RB than what you think in your little head. look at what is happening to KCM? The only solution lies in getting rid of MMD as a whole & usher in a new party altogether-whether ADD, PF,UPND,NAREP,FDD but not ULP or HP. These are political survivors. Nor BY. Lets bring change of govt & then step by step bring in someone good as you put it. Otherwise MMD is surrounded by warthogs.Its a camp of thieves.

  88. The Legacy I like the way you have shown the whole world that his Mboo character is a pathetic tribalist. Continue doing this good job by now leaving him/er alone to yap until his is tired of exposing himself or herself.

    On “He [Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe] said before the end of the year, the Pact would crumble and called on the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to leave the pact and work with MMD government for the benefit of the Zambian people” this end of the PACT by the end of the year has been expected for some time now but PF can sustain the survival of the PF-UPND PACT by letting their joint leaders with the UPND ones to announce that HH is the 2011 PF-UPND presidential candidate now.

    If PACT fails here, UPND must go it alone.
    Matt 6:33

  89. #95 msana wanzili….stop the hypocrisy and trying to sound like a statesman. You have called all those who have not supported your Sata names. Its the like of you who think that if your tribesman is at state house then all of you are presidents. Now tell me, how did the saying ‘ tuleteka’ become popular? FTJ was presido but Luapula is poorest – whats the point! Indeed, we are better of with the not so good RB in state house than to put the devil we know in there!

    ‘what we need is a Zambian with proven track record of hard working’ are you kiding me? tell your candidate to go and collect the USD27,000 from Joberg, he will need it to buy your vote! You tell your MP Mushili to stop laundering money then come and campaign for them – – hypocrite!

  90. No.90 I only blog when I have time off my busy schedule. I dont get paid fro blogging like you do. However, I understand your pain is from the substance in my postings. Truth hurts!!!!!?

  91. #98 georgeWbush…you can call me names like your mother taught you to do but it wont change a thing. So you the wise one, tell me, whats the difference between Sata (PF) and MMD? was Sata not part of the MMD that sold all the companies KK built? Was it not Sata who supported the 3rd term bid? Why did Sata leave MMD? was it because he differed with the party policies or because he was dribbled from the presidency?

    My man, think before you blog and belittle others. Answer me on the above questions. If to you Sata represents change then am wasting my time with you. By the way, Sata died the day LPM become president coz Sata had voed that LPM will only become president over his dead body. Since LPM become prez, I suppose what we have today is Sata’s ghost the real one died in 2001.

  92. Tongas are now caught in their web of folly. they say a Bemba will be chased in choma on one hand, while on the other hand they say they love a Bemba. They put it in black and white that only HH must be the PACT president on one hand, yet they say any Bemba besides Sata is welcome on the other.
    You guys really now I know you are really dull and childish….very childish indeed. only a child ocilates between opinions and lacks objectivity. This is how you Tongas have started behaving here coz your folly is fully vissible to every Zambian. I thought you were principled people and alass, I was mistaken.

    JUST OWN UP TO YOUR FOLLY GUYS…..Zambians understand you.

  93. HMMM!!! SURPRISING. So, if HH or a Tonga is picked to lead the pact everyone should vote for the pact. And if SATA or a Bemba is picked to lead the pact them all the Tonga must vote for RB and his MMD? Hmm! What a lopsided relationship. So, how does that change the criminal activities of the current MMD crooks? Its like Nick Gregg wanting to be prime minister in his current marriage conceniency with David Cameron with more MPs in parly. Wish you good lucky with your new search for another marriage in MMD.

  94. all this tribal talk makes me want to vomit. i hate tribal bigotry. a zambian is a zambian whether chewa, lozi, tonga, bemba, lunda chokwe,ngoni, ushi, lamba.. it doesn’t matter.. i’m only interested in a true leader with vision to drive us forward big time and fight corruption to its death bed. if that guy is and easterner, then thats the person. just beause RB comes from there , it shouldnt stop the next visionary just because he comes from there. if the guys if Lozi, then thats the right man.. if tonga and has the brains, he has my support, if lamba again.. the its all good. if bemeba.. its all good.. i couldn’t care less where the person comes from. I hate tribal talk.

  95. # 106

    I give you my five…..thats what wise people say. It should not be our preocupation to have a president from our tribe…no. Any person should lead than what these Tonga guys are behaving. Only HH must lead the pact. Its really sad.

  96. Only God knows who will be our next President…Mwanawasa came from no where when we least expected him, R.B benefited from Mwanawasa’s demise and so these things are about destiny and not tribalism.

  97. #107 Mboo…how sad were you when GBM said Kasama was for Bembas and he finally won as MP? or when Kambwili castigated CB voters for voting for a Luvale? – hypocrite!!!! What #106 Digga has said is what the rest of us are trying to pump into your heads. Stop supporting Sata just because he is your tribes man – he is not right for the job – PERIOD! If you want, we can get into a debate and analyse Sata’s suitability for presidency! Can you compare Milupi to Sata? or HH to Sata? Can you talk about Magande and Sata in the same breath? You chaps even voted for Sata against LPM! RB and Sata, who is better?

  98. #100 The Legacy
    I suppose you’re on something very strong and nasty. When did i ever say’ tuleteka’? why are you cherry-picture excerpts from my comment? you’ve conviniently skiped where i said ‘…..i would like HH to have a go…’ those who’ve followed my commentary on this subject will attest that i’ve consistently prefered HH to Sata and tribe is not an issue to me. However, i only comment the way i’ve done today when idi.ots like yourself and that sad life called heheheheh bring tribalism in the picture. Yes we’ve had two Bemba Presidents in State house and as far as i can remember i never got any favors from any one because am bemba and the bloke at plot is Bemba, so its pointless to vote for someone just because hes from my region since no privaledges will accrue to…

  99. Tribal isuues have always been sensitive in Zed from time immemorial.I remember LPM complaining that certain tribes in Zambia think they are more Zambian than others and for sure he was right.I hate this tribe talk cos it degenerates into nasty debates based on stereotype.

  100. #109.
    It will not help you to change just now ..after people have poured redicule on your folly as Tongas. Your folly is so vissible man that you cant hide nor erase it. Because you think shallowly , you just started pouring your inspid folly on this blog. Mhhh man, I feel for you. However , the matter of fact remains that you Tongas hate Bembas for nothing. you are always obssessed with Bembas such that you cant even sleep. I am sorry for you that you may hang yourselves at the continued sight of the Bembas especially that they are marrying your girls. You will just die man while the people you hate will continue living.

  101. Katuba UPND challenges Scott

    UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) youths in Katuba constituency have challenged Patriotic Front (PF) vice-president Guy Scott to come out in the open and tell the public whether his political party is ready to continue with the pact or not.

    This comes in the wake of Dr Scott’s recent newspaper remarks in which the PF vice-president commented on the loss by UPND candidate in the recently held Luena parliamentary by-election, Muyunda Ililonga.

  102. Constituency youth chairman Mwinza Chola said in an interview in Lusaka on Monday that youths in the constituency have no problem with rallying behind either UPND president Hakainde Hichilema or his PF counterpart Michael Sata should one of them be adopted as presidential candidate in next year’s general elections.

    “As youths in Katuba, we are ready to support any leader of the pact. But the way Dr Scott came out gives us doubts on whether the pact can form a credible Government or not because our friends in PF do not respect us,” he said.

  103. Mr Chola said Dr Scott should not keep silent but should openly tell the people what he meant by his remarks .
    “Dr Scott should tell the people whether PF is ready to go it alone in next year’s general elections or not to avoid keeping us, the youths, in doubt,” he said.

    Mr Chola urged Mr Hichilema to ignore members of the PF who are making derogatory remarks against UPND but concentrate on strengthening grassroots structures of the party.

    Dr Scott could not be reached for comment as his mobile phone was switched off.

  104. But PF secretary general Winter Kabimba said what Mr Ililonga said reflected his own opinion especially that he does not hold any position in UPND.

    “We are not worried as PF; that is a non issue to us. If people want to believe what he (Mr Ililonga) said, they are free to do so. People believe that Jesus will come, but I don’t believe that myself. So, that is a none issue,” Mr Kabimba said

  105. #110 msana wanzili…….dont lose it bro, its just that sometimes we need to call a spade a spade. If you have consistently prefered HH to Sata, then you are the man and if Milupi comes out better than HH, lets go to Milupi. Peace my brother…no need for name calling. I did not say YOU said ‘tuleteka’ I was just asking you how that word became popular!

    As for Maesteo heheheheh, I have most of the times castigated him for demeaning Sata….check my past blogs.

    #113 Mboo….your mama is calling, its time to change nappies….I dont debate with kids whose pre-occupation is girls….am well past that age! Dont forget to do your home work, you need your education….its important.

  106. This now has exposed the Bembas as the most tribal grouping with hidden agenda. Zambia is not for You chaps but for all. The way HH is treated by the PF leadersship shows that yet is to happen when Satana gets in state house. Only a fool can trust a Bemba. When I was at UNZA in 2001 elections, Bemba students worked whole night to discredit Mazoka calling him name such as a tribalist. They did this to make sure that the over 60% students (over 60% students at unza are from SP, WP and NWP) voted for Satana alas he was no where near the great hero of Zambia-Mazoka. I know Bembas and most of my friends are. A Bemba can easily sell you off and pretend.

  107. I support my Tonga cousins, you are thinking like Tonga bulls. HH must learn to listen to voice of masses.We have said if Sata becomes Pact President pact will lose it completely to MMD. If HH becomes Pact President there is hope for the Pact. But the fact is that Sata will not allow HH to stand this is in black and white, therefore HH should not if waste his time and supporter’s time to wait and see. The hour has come for separation it is bitter pill to swallow but that is the reality. I will continue advise the pact to consider the party on Parliamentary and local government levels only. Let the HH and Sata stand the people will choose whom the want on merit. We hope this message is reaching HH and Sata’s minions.

  108. #117 Mwata…..so Winter Kabimba does not believe that Jesus will come? interesting but he believes that Zambia’s economy will change in 90 days ok!


    Christians see the inside heart and spirit of these pro-gay and lesbian anti-Christ in PF. Can they preside over our Christian nation of Zambia?

    “People believe that Jesus will come, but I don’t believe that myself. So, that is a none issue,” Sata’s hand picked and appointed PF secretary General Winter Kabimba said

  110. “But PF secretary general Winter Kabimba said what Mr Ililonga said reflected his own opinion especially that he does not hold any position in UPND.
    “We are not worried as PF; that is a non issue to us. If people want to believe what he (Mr Ililonga) said, they are free to do so. People believe that Jesus will come, but I don’t believe that myself. So, that is a none issue,” Mr Kabimba said” End quote from daily mail.
    From what Kabinda is saying that he does not believe that Jesus will come again makes it even worse
    to have such partners who are not believers, what government can a believer and non believer have in common.Thank God the will of God is being reveled as we move forward in this pact. The writing on the wall is clear let those who have ears listen what the Spirit…

  111. 122# Mwata it is amazing discovery to know that we are dealing with Satanic movements who do not believe in Jesus. This is very serious may be he is a Muslim but to say that in a Christian nation is abomination of the desolate spoken by the Daniel the prophet. This guy need to meet Jesus so that he can start thinking properly.

  112. This statement coming from the UPND was echoed in Chifubu 3 weeks back and we still wired MMD and there supporters. Let them vote for the MMD, we are matching on and will wire the FOOLISH MMD I.DIOTS to the borne.

  113. Oh! no those of you who are fond of talking about my MC Sata should go to hell and perish, thats the best man for Zambia and not this RB. In 2011 Bembas are ruling with the help of our closest friends upnd. Viva pact bane. Some of you like saying bad things about MC Sata my Saviour, please stop. Whether Milupi sweeps western or not, we have our beloved mighty southern province which gives us 61% chances of winning elections. All this time pf has been losing because we had no support from the south, and now we have found the formula of winning elections which is 43%+18% =61%. B+T=BT. Viva pact 2011.

  114. The LevyMwanawasaFoundation.com is in line with the foundation principles. It has information only released a few hours ago regarding rumors and secrets in the LPM adminstration. Its stunning!

  115. # 126 Tumbwe….your statement ‘In 2011 Bembas are ruling with the help of our closest friends upnd’ thats exactly why PF wont win bacause you make it clear that a PF victotory is a Bemba victory. What are the rest of us supposed to do? support you?

    On a mathematical point, your equation B + T=BT is wrong! it can only be correct if B = 2 and T = 2. But since you assume B = 43 and T = 8, then 43 +18 is not equal to 43 x 18!!!! Since you are a PF supporter, I forgive you coz to you guys education means nothing!

  116. What I meant was, Bembas make up 43% of zambia’s population and Tongas are 18% making 61% pact of Bembas and Tongas meaning we are winning as a pact.

  117. Viva pact bane, just join us. Lozis you will never go anywhere with your Milupi, just come and join the winning team. We have managed to convince the Tongas the most hard cores in zambia, I know we can manage to join us in future. Milupi will never go anywhere, I wish you can learn a lesson from your fellow Lozis who had sometime formed some Tuntemba parties.

  118. # 131

    true , even me I will go to Zambia to vote Sata. Its better Sata than RB who has shown his true colors.
    RB has no time for Zambia, he is always on the move.

  119. Not sure why the hate on the Bemba’s. Just to refresh your mind, we all know that KK is NOT BENBA. Chiluba could be from Luapula/ DRC, and so if Elected Sata will become the first Bemba President. But that besides the point, we cannot continue in this state for one more year. Not the way these DOGS are playing with our Judiciary and Foreign Investors in the Mines. We all need to come, register and vote en mass to reclaim our future now

  120. #133 Mukabe come 2011….yes we need to vote en mass to reclaim our future now by voting in the team of convicted money launderers like Mushili…..are you joking? When we vote for change, it must be change of fundemental issues not change of faces….get a grip. I too badly need change but change from MMD to PF is no change at all. Change from MMD to UPND or ADD or NAREP could represent some change! Even UNIP would represent a fundumental change save we have seen UNIP before.





  125. Yaba..!…..The other day it was Lozi v Bemba over the Barotseland issue , calling each other thieves. Today it’s Tonga v Bemba with accusations of complexes of inferiority and superiority.

    …..# 106 Digga..,..I feel the same way.

    …….One Zambia One Nation.

    … … Dueces Bane.

    Do not confuse people from Luapula and Northern province. Chiluba,Katele,Fuastin Kabwe ,Musonda(Zanaco) are NOT Bembas but might be Ushi,Ngumbos etc from Luapula. So that TAG you are talking about does nor hold. So there is no mistrust on US Bembas but your mates from Luapula(Congo).
    And Tongas are NOT the only tribe entitled to rule Zambia. What about other tribes? Are you implying that other tribes are not intelligent enough to give us a leader?

  127. Am sorry we have many tribes but happy that we inter marry. I think once our generation goes that is everyone who is over 30 yrs today dies at least we wont have many so called pure breeds of tribes and then our childrens and their children will elect people on merit.

    We are all hypocrites. In our hearts we hate each other , we want someone caming from our tribe to rule Zambia at all costs. Look at what we put in 1991 and where we are today…totally misplaced. This issue of tribe i beg if only we could see the calibre. For now i still maintain HH is the Best Followed by Milupi and Chipimo…..RB are really so bad i cant grade them.

    Please i beg even if we differ this hatred if not carefully monitored will land us into what we saw in Kenya. Where all tribes gunged againist Kikuyu

  128. What i have seen among us is our love for each other helps us not break ourselves……..unless the likes of W Banda fuel violence. Its sad that today no Police can cough at W Banda can you imagine. I am calling on the Police to do something out of the ordinary and arrest some of these MMD thugs. if we dont am afraid next year people will be asked which party they belong to and when they say otherwise they be mugged. Please i beg oooo………lets debate issues if we can this tribe issue isnt small.

  129. Guys,

    Zambia is a beautiful country that needs us all whether we are:
    Tonga, Bemba, Lozi, Kaonde, Lungu, kachokwe, Tumbuka, Ngoni, Lenje, Mbunda, Toka-leya, Soli, Ushi, Leya . . .

    So, let us not trivialise the issue of kicking out the MMD. These speculations are mainly caused by journalists who create screaming headlines meant to promote division within our populatio. Please let us be above these petty issues and UNITE AGAINST THE MMD. That is the essence. Period. Long live mother Zambia, Long live our brotherly peace and Long live City Ya Moto (and Gunners for life)!!

  130. everyone is talking about HH, What is this HH? Is it person or an engine or an automobile, may be a dish etc. Let Prof Chirwa come and give us the kind od leadership we deserve, not quaks like Sata & RBB

  131. Let the truth prevail. To my Tonga brothers open your eyes, Bembas have ridding on you like horses for many years now. Learn to be objective and be real and stop pretending. Stand for what you believe is right and don’t have these begging attitudes. Why can’t you copy from your counsins the Lozis? Why do you think Lozis are hated by Bembas? A lozi does not allow nonses in his territory. Period.Why do you think Kaondes troubled Bembas (Kaunda regime)? They too don’t take nonsense. Kaondes,Luvales, Chokewes, were hated and called names, Samazai, to they are the boses (Lumwana power) tommorow the Lozis will be bosses (Diamond and Oil abundance).

  132. Dont be cheated that the people of southern province will vote for MMD,mwailasha.What good things can come out of Zanis concerning the PACT? We know how much Propaganda is lined up to discredit the Pact.Only MMD hooligans can say such things as southerners voting for mmd.Am part of the Southern Province and am on the ground, get itfrom me, MMD have no room and chance in Southern province come 2011.Change is coming come 2011, Sata has the numbers on his side and so is HH,Shame on this MMD propaganda.

  133. I can confess that, Bemba men are very untrustowrthy to an extent that, even their own women would prefer not to date them for serious relationships. They are good at two things, womanising, making their wormen abort babies and pretend they are faithfull to their wives.
    These guys can sell you for a song and without remorse.

  134. Sad indeed,if you are not Habakuk,handkerchief,then no vote,if thats so,i can tell you that MMD will never loose.finish and klaar

  135. I think that is among the such a lot vital information for me. And i’m satisfied reading your article. However wanna commentary on few general issues, The site style is ideal, the articles is in reality nice : D. Just right job, cheers

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