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President Banda to visit Namwala, Itezhi tezhi

General News President Banda to visit Namwala, Itezhi tezhi

President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda is next week expected in Namwala district, Southern Province where he is scheduled to inspect several developmental projects before holding a public meeting on Wednesday.

President Banda is expected to make a night stop In Itezhi-tezhi district on Tuesday next week 24 enroute to Namwala district.

This is according to a programme issued by Southern Province Permanent Secretary Gladys Kristafor to Itezhi-tezhi District Commissioner Mary Mukwiza and availed to ZANIS in Itezhi Tezhi today.

The President will land at Itezhi-tezhi uphill football ground by helicopter and then spend a night at the Presidential Guest house in Itezhi-tezhi.

While in Itezhi tezhi, he will meet District Executive Committee and Constituency committee officials in the morning before leaving for Namwala.

The President will depart Itezhi-tezhi for Namwala by Helicopter about 9:00 hours.

In Namwla, President Banda is expected to meet all chiefs and headmen from Itezhi-tezhi and Namwala before addressing a public rally in the afternoon.

The president will depart Namwala for Lusaka at 17 hours.



  1. If there isnt a campaign there then this is a big hoax! RB visiting a zambian place? =))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))=))

  2. Senior Citizen, please help me out here, Is this a meeting for all Zambians or only MMD members?
    Secondly, can I travel whereever I am to go and attend (or RB will be asking us to flash the MMD symbol?

  3. RB please at least for one week be in your office to check on how gonvt is doing. Not every week you are on the move. No its too much sir.

  4. Grow up Mboo, these are some of the duties of president. Also remember that he does not leave his brain in state house when he travels. Do you leave yours at home when you travel or go for a drink?

  5. Iwe chi president. ulichipuba, only a fool would support a fellow fool. If you were right thinking you would realise that all is not well with this president where in this world have you seen a president travel so much. When does he attend to Government affairs at home? Even when he is in Zambia he is out and about. An absolute i.d.i.o.t of a president.

  6. Iwe chi president. ulichipuba, only a f.o.o.l would support a fellow f.o.o.l. If you were right thinking you would realise that all is not well with this president where in this world have you seen a president travel so much. When does he attend to Government affairs at home? Even when he is in Zambia he is out and about. An absolute i.d.i.o.t of a president.

  7. PANDAPA, I think it is you who is a f o o l, because that Namwala vist is in order. T he president must see what is obtaining on the ground and not rely on third party reports which are often doctored to please him. That is government work. Being seated in state house will be wasting time as opposed to being in the field and see for himself. The presidents office is all over Zambia, not just Lusaka.

  8. Yeah right #11 Kandansa.. “see what’s obtaining on the ground” while flying around kilometres sky high above people’s heads.. Your president must have the eyes of an eagle hey .. spotting issues on the ground..

  9. #5, you are now telling it, all these travels is about allowances. I was just thinking is running away from office because he used to be at a farm.

  10. Dont talk rubbish iwe chi Kandansa what do know about management and for that matter high office, you scum bag . Continue supporting you fellow fool. Muli mbwa bonse.

  11. Dont talk rubbish iwe chi Kandansa what do know about management and for that matter high office, you scum bag . Continue supporting you fellow f..o.o.l. Muli mbwa bonse


  13. #16 f-u-c-k off you blo-ody ba-st-ar-d, your mother too.Sail away with your crap assumptions. Your i.d.i.o.t of a president (the opportunistic swine and slob) does not have any decernable policies apart from travelling around hoodwinking f-u-c-k-e-rs like you, that he is working. Do you require a real/whole president to oversee every primary project.

  14. This Monkey of a president does not have a slightest idea of running a Country. He knows he is DULL an I.DIOT and is hiding by running away from State House. In future we need to be truthful and stop paying these monkeys allowances, for staying away from Statehouse. RUPIAH is running away from Mwanawasa’s ghost, how on earth do you expect him to spend a night in Namwala. Why not plan to be there first thing in the morning. Check this b.astard, he is running away from State House and is becoming insane.

  15. Again? This President of Zambia has no office. Please people of Zambia buy your President a bigger plane like AIR FORCE ONE so he can have an office in the air and to do some work while he’s flying since he spents most of his time FLYING TO PLACES.

  16. Yeah the old chap must be hullucinating and seeing a ghost. He is so guilty he thinks the late Mwanawasa has come to haunt him. What do you expect, the old twerp has reversed everything the late president achieved, bloody traitor. It also explains why he is at every traditional ceremony. Ati ba peleko umuti wa ku samba, tanfye ifibanda. Walapila.

  17. Gentlemen the tension is so high over this discussion. why dont we look at the subsequent resignation of the Major and his loss in the on coming by – election? its true the trip is a political one. i however guarantee you that its an effort in futility to ground UPND thereabout. RB hopes to meet all chiefs from there. Are you aware that HH is Senior Chief there? He has two voices as senior chief and politician. RB is being cheated by rejected bweengwa folks in the like of Mwaanga and Chizyuka with their Munkombwe Vuvuzela.

  18. #17 PANDAPA SHIMABOLO Nachiba busy ndenyenga.i didnt notice your puke.you must be a very frustrated boy for rupiah to be your president. it realy grinds you inside.you are so frustrated that you have lost apertite i understand you no longer even have an erection such that your wife relies on your neighbour for the sacred service.but young man own up for how long are you going to live in misery because rupiah is bouncing back.the man is sober minded and not violent like the other block in whom you have stuck your balls.salapuka chikala

  19. #22 Continue hullucinating and assuming, you vile piece of human sh-it. You are contradicting yourself all the way you mother f-u-c-k-e-r.

  20. I am compelled to write something about this visit, which is aimed at hoodwinking the people of Namwala so that they can probably see it fit to re-elect Chizyuka. A formular has already been worked out and the guys are busy through their crooked mannerisms to distroy the UPND and the PACT by giving false statements which are not there. My appeal to well reasoned Zambians is that we should not give these guys another chance to rule this country. The democratic principle is simple (a government of people by the people for the people). Now in the case of the current administration, which people do they claim to represent, Zambians or foreigners ? The way I see things, the MMD administration has undervalued Zambians to a level whereby we are now looked upon as aliens within our own country.

  21. Fellow Zambians, we have no other home on this earth apart from our mother Zambia and unless we stand up to defend our country from the vice, this country is headed for an absolute doom. My heart bleeds going by what is happening in the Mines, KCM Plc in particular and the government is very silent. Probably these guys have got a direct or indirect income from KCM Plc to keep their mouths shut. My question is did the Indians bring a long with them seeds for copper or isn’ t our natural resource from which we are supposed to be benefiting as well ? Why are Zambian workers in the Mines looked upon as tools and at the end of the day go begging without getting condusive salaries. I have got more information to this and it annoys me beyond measure going by what is happening.

  22. Sometimes I do even wonder the role of the Ministry of Labour and social security. From my own poor opinion, I have a wrong notion that the labour ministry MUST be the custodian of all labour issues in the country but here is a ministry in Zambia which does nothing but just eating tax payers’ money. They have grown fat because they have got nothing to do as their boss is also busy travelling around the world. Where are we going as a country with visionless leaders ? In a country like Zambia where the plight of workers does not matter according to the current administration, I don’ t see the need to have such a ministry. Zambian workers in the Mines are suffering and worse still there is this outsourcing issue and the president is going to Namwala instead of going to the Copperbelt.

  23. the quack’s case in court is almost thrown out…he was expelled form UOND and now wants a by-election and stand on mMD ticket..u will never win chizyuka..silly…ala bee wasting tax payers’ money.why can’t mulongoti go and inspect the bridge and roads…

  24. Not any more sweet talk in southern province—its non starter.he must know tat he’s dealing with a well calculated province of people who have public interest at heart not just talkshow.the man has no sunstance,no moral standing,no vision,no strategy nothing nil…..>>!!>!>>!>!>!>!>!> zero.

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