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South headmen hail RB

General News South headmen hail RB

Several village headmen from Namwala and Itezhi-tezhi area have hailed President Banda for the various projects he has undertaken in the province.

The headmen also urged Government to consider addressing various social economic issues such as roads and water among others which affect the people of Namwala and Itezhi Tezhi.

This was in Namwala yesterday when President Rupiah Banda addressed about 500 village headmen from Namwala and Itezhi-Tezhi.

Headman Machipi of Mukobela Chiefdom said the United Party for National Development (UPND) and their leader Hakainde Hichilema had taken the people of the province for granted.

“Other previous Zambian presidents neglected us but you (President Banda) has shown us that you don’t hate us,” he said

Headman Lubanda, who was also happy with development projects being undertaken, appealed to the Government to consider drilling more boreholes in his area.

He appealed to Government to consider tarring the Niko–Monze Road.

Senior Headman Simpede said the current Government had recognised and appreciated the people of the province as part of the Zambians.

He, however, appealed to the Government to work on the feeder roads in the area to facilitate for maize haulage.

He said the maize harvested in 2007 was still in holding depots because of the poor state of the roads in the area.

The headmen also appealed to Government to work on improving the road network which links Namwala and Itezhi-Tezhi.

And responding to concerns raised by traditional leaders, President Banda said he had taken note of the requests and that the ministers n charge would submit a report.

“The issues you have raised are very important for our people. We were aware that you were going to raise issues on health, education, agriculture and infrastructure, that is why I asked the ministers in charge of these ministries to accompany me,” he said.

Mr Banda directed the three ministers in his delegation who included Education Minister Dora Siliya, Local Government and Housing Minister Eustackio Kazonga as well as Works and Supply Minister Mike Mulongoti to submit a report on what Government would do to address the issues raised.

And Mr Mulongoti said Government was looking for ways to address the concerns to improve the connection between Namwala and Itezhi-tezhi on Kafue River.

He also said Government would seek various ways of improving the road network in Namwala and Itezhi-Tezhi areas.

Meanwhile, President Banda said his campaigns in 2011 would be based on the work he has done for the people of Southern Province during his tenure as president.

Mr Banda said traditional leaders at the level of headmen are the foundation of the unity and peace of any nation.

He said as a leader, President Banda understood the problems of the people of Zambia and Namwala in particular.

He said he would continue to facilitate for development in Namwala by building more schools, clinics and roads.
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  1. President Banda said he was very impressed by the caliber of leaders that the people had through their area UPND member of parliament Emmanuel Hachipuka, who was present in the Presidential entourage, and Munkombwe.

    Hachipuka, who also addressed one of the meetings, said he was close to President Banda and his clique because it was them that had access to the money.

    “I want to thank you for the road. I stay in Lusaka but people within UPND have continued to criticise me asking me why I am too close to VJ, but where can I ask for funds to develop if I don’t get close to you?” Hachipuka asked. “Why am I close to RB, VJ, Mulongoti? Because these are the people with the money.”

  2. President Banda said the people of Mbabala were fortunate to have their leader.
    “You are very fortunate to have such leadership,” President Banda said. “He is not an MMD member of parliament, he is a UPND member of parliament but he is a Zambian member of parliament. He seats in the same parliament that is controlled by Mr. Mwaanga as chief whip.”

  3. President Banda said the MMD government listens to Hachipuka and where possible provide him with what he wanted. He urged the people to support people that brought them development during next year’s election when a lot of people would be going to the area asking for their votes.

    “Don’t get confused. Follow the one that gave you development. You have your member of parliament, he will come here,” President Banda lobbied to the people on Hachipuka’s behalf. “You have to support somebody who knows and somebody who listens to you and I don’t care what political party that person comes from.”

  4. Later during a meeting he addressed at the site where a Girls Technical High School is being constructed at Niko Junction, President Banda added that this was why the MMD had been winning and was going to win the next election.

  5. Later at Niko Junction, Major Chizhyuka led some of his constituents in presenting a horde of cattle to President Banda. Maj Chizhyuka during a warrior dance performed by a group from Maala area was heard telling cowards not to join in.

    President Banda said he was very much appreciative of the gift from the people of Namwala.

    In praising the gesture, Munkombwe said the MMD would fight with Maj Chizhyuka and he urged him not to be afraid.

  6. “We are extremely excited but before I say anything, I will allow our Honourable member of parliament Major Robbie Chizhyuka,” Munkombwe said. “Anything you want in a strong man you can find in him any attributes you can wish in a strong person. You see Bembas have a saying which says pakwakana ubunga tapabe nsoni.”

    Munkombwe said the national cake was very small.

    “You need a person who will use his wit and skill to negotiate to get from that small cake,” Munkombwe said.

  7. He said the people of Namwala should not allow themselves to be cheated that somebody who had been losing elections would win next year.

    “We are going to win. They will not win,” Munkombwe told the huge and orderly seated crowd.

    When called upon to address the crowd, Maj Chizhyuka was all praises for President Banda.

    “It’s unfortunate Your Excellence we had prepared a lot for you,” Maj Chizhyuka said.

  8. He described President Banda as a humble and development-oriented man. Maj Chizhyuka said despite the people of Namwala contributing hundreds and hundreds of cattle to the emancipation of Zambia, the area had been underdeveloped for several years.

    “Mr President we got the independence but we hardly got the development,” he complained. “But following your coming on the throne of national leadership Mr President, following your coming as President and as Vice-President of this country we have seen a drastic change.”

  9. Maj Chizhyuka itemised the many developments that President Banda’s government had done in Namwala.

    “All these in a period that you have been President of the Republic of Zambia,” said Maj Chizhyuka. “We do not want to say more. We shall say a lot more in Namwala.”

  10. Iwe Mwata!!
    Wat kind of a mwata are you?
    Is it wrong to accompany someone on a tour to your home ground?
    The government is expected to do develpmtal prgms even to its hard areas and thats means everywhere in the country despite political dominance. so don’t be a senseless mwata if you can perceive issues in such a way.
    BY the way, the MMD has failed to bring real develpmt to the region. The Choma-Namwala rd was started in 1995 wen i was grade eight at st.marks and look at how long it has taken to be completed? Mulogoti is now seeing Itezhi tezhi -Lusaka – Namwala connection to an issue. Last year it was the same Mulongoti who spent meetings and toks with cadres in Itezhi tezhi singing the same hypocritical song. Namwala which is only 70 kms from ITT is only accessible for 6 months a

  11. year. For some one to travel to Itezhi tezhi from Lusaka have to sacrifice his/her vehicle because of the bad/worse road network, a 215 km stretch from Mongu rd.The ZESCO hydro-power project is also a liar’s hymn. maddness for you Mwata to live on nonsencical lies. I fell embarssed by people who don’t think and start talking issues they dont understand. Stop being a ruined cadres and see issues in a much bigger picture.
    This government had been in powerful for the past 20years and the MMD as a party had been holding the constituency for the one and half decade and they failed to bring any single development. Now wat kind of development gonna they bring if the failed to do so before. PROVED, TRIED and TASTED!!!!!
    Zambians need a change..a new taste of leadership.


  13. Cheelot, you could be right. The question I ask is what is the alternative and what indication do we have they will be better

  14. Mwata, 1-12,you seem to hate Bembas. What advise can you give your president on matters of this country. Only tribalism!!!…I have noticed that so many blogers are busy insulting bembas and yet i have not seen any comment from a bemba insulting other tribes.just wait bane for you to rule zambia time will come for you..we will see how you can unite this country. When Mazoka was working for Zambia Railways, he only employed his tribes men.this what will happen,when you come into power. to employ your tribes men only, because you dont seem to respect other tribes. you think zambians will give chance to rule this country..Never.. only when you change perception of other tribes will you be accorded this oportunity….All zambians know you better.

  15. It pays to be a stubborn opposition kanshi.I fore RB getting even a zero vote in namwala for him to wake up more.afterall southerners do not give a damm to fake,focusless leaders.


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