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Zambia- Comoros Postponed

Sports Zambia- Comoros Postponed

Football fans pondering their next move after the Zambia-Comoros Islands match was put off at Nkoloma stadium.

CAF has rescheduled for 24 hours the Zambia versus Comoros 2012 African Cup of Nations Group C qualifying match from Saturday to Sunday after the delayed arrival of the match officials for the qualifier to be played at Nkoloma stadium in Lusaka.

Match commissioner Wellington Nyatanga of Zimbabwe said in a press briefing at Football House in Lusaka today that the three Eritrean match officials are stuck in transit in the United Arab Emirates en route to Zambia.

“The match will not be played today (Saturday), therefore we are trying to appeal to FAZ to make sure this game is postponed for today and with the hope that game is played tomorrow.  We have had information that referees will be arriving tonight (Saturday),” Nyatanga said.

Nyatanga said CAF had put three South African match officials on standby for the game that will be played at 15:00 on Sunday at Nkoloma.

“If not we have agreed with FAZ that they put referees on standby, with agreement with CAF, from South Africa they are on standby now they will be arriving on SAA Air Link at 8 O’clock tomorrow and FAZ are trying to organize their tickets,” Nyatanga said.

“So yes, it is an extra cost, I sympathize with FAZ but however we have no choice but we have designated officially qualified referees and that is the current situation.

“The referees have spoken to FAZ president where they are stuck in Dubai. They are expected tonight at 11 O’clock on KQ (Kenya Airways).”

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  1. @Mike #6, u,r very fanny !! However ths is coz of Kalu, the chap js lacks seriousness ! so is his hopeless president RB. i cnt wait for PF to take-over government after next’s elections.

  2. yeah right! so this kalu for some inexplicable reason connived with RB and kenyan airlines or whatever to have the match officials marooned in dubhai or wherever. this was so they could have an excuse to access the faz funds in arranging for the standby south african officials.
    i.diots!! it seems your hateful imagination knows no limits

  3. ok! at least botswana has continued to weep the big boys…in the qualifiers 2 1 against togo while uganda kicked renard’s boys 3 0 proof that it was the zambian players who fought hard and made to the last 8 in last africa cup finals and not that dodgy french coach. am sure the angolans are having second thoughts about his package..he he he…\:d/

  4. Landeniko fimbi abena Zambia,We should have a point of unit despite the differences.Probably football should unify us.Kalusha has done well just check the FAZ Bank Accounts and the standard of the game.We are a laughable lot.RB despite all his failures has done good for football.

  5. @6
    indeed this is very funny.what scores you expect results from the postponed match? anyway it can be language problem. sorry..postponed means in italiano..rimandata. ciao

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