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Friday, February 21, 2020

The Last Week/Weekend In Pictures

Photo Gallery The Last Week/Weekend In Pictures


Harrison "WAWA" Chongo (beige shirt), a member of Zambia National football Team squad that reached the finals of the 1994 Africa Cup Finals but lost 2-1 to Nigeria, posing for a picture with his fans


Harrison 'WAWA' Chongo (R) one-time Zambia's best player posing with a fan


Athletes (from left) Gift Soko, Rachel Nachula and Saviour Kombe practice on the tartan running track at the Olympic Youth Development Center in Lusaka


Ben Kangwa interviewing Bank of Zambia Governor Dr. Caleb Fundanga at the Zambian Embassy in Washington DC,


Western Province Permanent Secretary Seth Muleya shakes hands with Kalabo High School Head Teacher Nyambe Mumbuna while Bank of Zambia Head of Public Relations Kanguya Mayondi observes during the donation of mattresses to Kalabo high School


Senior chief Kanongesha being carried on his traditional chair during the Chisemwa cha Lunda traditional ceremony in Mwinilunga


President Banda greets chief Nyakaseya after he presented him with a traditional cup during the Chisemwa Cha Lunda traditional ceremony.


President Banda and Local Government minister Eustakio Kazonga(r) join the Ikelenge young culture group in dancing during the Chisemwa Cha Lunda traditional ceremony.


President Banda is greeted by opposition UPND vice president Richard Kapita(l) and Mwinilunga East MP Stephen Katuka (m) during the Chisemwa Cha Lunda traditional ceremony


Sylvester Mwila wins Mr Kabwata 2010 body building contest.


Syvester Mwila at the Mr Kabwata body building contest.


Syvester Mwila at the Mr Kabwata body building contest.


Hon. Mutati, Mrs M'lewa and Mrs. Kayula admiring Zamsure leather shoes at the Zambia stand during the 2010 AGOA Meeting in Kansas City


Vice President George Kunda presents Kamwala Reformed church of Zambia Presiding Reverend- Daniel Daka with a token of appreciation that was prepared by the congregation at the commemoration of the diamond jubilee, as Reformed church of Zambia Vice Moderator- Alfred Ngoma (center) looks on


Ambassador Sheila Siwela (r) and Mrs. Sylvia Banda (l) CEO of Sylva Food Solutions this was during the "AGOA Recognizes African Women Entrepreneurs" forum


Cassava leaves (Sylva food products)


Cowpeas leaves and cassava leaves(Sylva food products)

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  1. WAWA WAWA WAWA ….we love you man, Top defender with Elijah Litana ….you guys made us proud…and you still don’t look good dude….LOL…

  2. Someone tell me What WAWA has been up to? Hope hes not another story of Top earning Zed footballers who end up wallowing inpoverty. These guys used to bring us real pleasure when watching them. Good luck man!

  3. Guys, Wawa is doing ok. Many of you who are thinking he has lost it will leave to regret. Some of you will not even live to his age …live Wawa alone …atase ba swine imwe ….

  4. #4 if Wawa is doing fine, thats some nice piece of news. Its never nice to see guys struggling after having been on top!!

  5. Wawa looks finished as if he was never a great player or a millionaire! I feel for for this guy 2getha with Litana.
    This should serve as a lesson to Mbesuma n the other footballers. Make sure you serve enuf money so that you lead a decent life after your playing careers are over

  6. #6. People are concerned and asking about him; you obviously have no clue as to Wawas real situation otherwise you would have said what he is up to and how life is treating him. We see a picture like that one, and I’m sorry but it doesn’t exactly scream “doing fine”

  7. wawa is not doing fine.. look at the way he’s dressed, he cant just choose to look like that if he was doing fine. the problem in zambia is that when these guys start making a bit of cash they think they are rich already they dont invest. hope he’s doing fine as some bloggers are saying here!!

  8. # 12, so tell us Wawa’s “real situation” makaka iwe… some of u will never live to see Wawa’s days… swine iwe…LOL…

  9. WAWA Chongo still remains one of my best defenders zed has ever produced. Those that meet this hero pls try 2 assist him in whatever way & not just 2 condem him as anyone is capable of making mistakes in life. He did alot 4 zambia so he deserves our help. Lets help him financially coz he seems to be in needy

  10. Whoever can say Wawa is doing fine after looking at pictures#1 &2 must be suffering from a serious case of self deception

  11. Alabee is busying securing the rural vote at traditional ceremonies, the opposition are nowhere to bee seen. When he wins in 2011 bazakamba ati rigging. Owe!

  12. I think those saying WAWA is doing fine are people who have jut seen clearly the problem somebody is in and don’t want to help. This guy is living like a street Kid and the sad party is that he is deep into Tujilijili. The first thing people need to help this guy with is to take him to a rehab before giving him any help. His life has spiraled out of control and it is sad that he even played football with the current leadership at FAZ who have just ignored him. Today they are deep into selling young stars and no one is even thinking of putting a pension fund or scheme for these uneducated footballers. I think it is irresponsible for FAZ not to learn from WAWA’s situation

    WAWA is a destitute and he needs help and rehabilitation. Somebody step up to the plate and help


  14. Ifyuma fyaba na bene, I’ve neva heard of this Wawa dude, he looks like anyother Zaed kaponya nothin like anyone who’d made big bucks and own Mansions.
    Silvester Mwi, looks like he wanted to take a dump in the the trophy….lol…….netwenokane naifumakopanono iyakulefti!!! hehehe……. Otherwise chipolopolo!

  15. #22. Freedom good points.. Lets face it the whole purpose of wa wa being photograhed was to show he has fallen on hard times. Just look at the body language and appearance he looks a drunk.

    Faz needs to help pros with wroksops on life after socceer so that these guys can invest wisely. I understand this guy and Litana used to earn about $20,000 pin a month . This is sad bane Mbesuma and Kalaba should read this.

  16. Pic 1 & 2-Ya ya ya, awe wawa chongo aliwa financially.It is indeed sad looking at how the once loaded wawa has been reduced to an impecunious individual.I can foresee Mbesuma in the same way if he doesn`t put his shake shake habit in check.This should serve as a good example to youngstars like Fwayo and Kalaba that football is a short carrear ,hence one has to be smart enough to invest for the future.

  17. Pic#6 – Iye imfumu teti yendefye sure! Instead of dislocating peoples’ shoulders.
    Pic#10 – Nanaka namabamba yamu kabwata
    Pic#16,17 – Where can we buy Sylva foods here in the US?

  18. Nachula can run fast but she needs to concentrate more, and also know when it matters more in runing; I watched her here she did well but she allowed some one she had beaten to be the winner ;;

  19. #27 The people carrying the King are not forced to carry him and am sure are very happy to be part of a long standing tradition. Bit ironic from somebody whose blog name is ‘Nubian ‘Princess”, me thinks is it jealousy towards the real royals as opposed to self proclaimed ones recognised by nobody?

  20. no.31. telas maybe you also ate the money of wawa. nomba uletina ati iciwa cikakubukila. for sure the man is finnished. his contribution to zed football canever be disputed he was the best at the back. lesson to mbesuma and indiscpline kalaba. LT we need also to see milanzi.

  21. I think FAZ though fikopo nomba they can offer compulsory finance management seminars for players. The guys gets enough money going by the standards of zambia. Someone shouldnt be that misearable only after few years of hanging the boots.

  22. # 31 are you Zed saileti ? Have heard that he is in the states and beats up anyone talking ill of old players who were the chin mbyi no plan.You sound frustrated ni pa friday go out,maybe a drink or the tender hands of a nubian princess might do the trick.lol

  23. Wawa just needed to put on a smile when taking those fotos and perhaps a hair cut would do him well.Otherwise does he look any different from those other guys in the pictures? lol!

  24. #32 You carry on telling yourself that love, but in the real world it is His Royal Highness Kanongesha who is being carried in a machila not your sorry self deluded self. Most women grow up and stop playing at being princesses – some evidently dont.

  25. SMH @ Wawa ma broke naku sila yapa zed is scary man. One minute someone is balling next minute aoneka monga aglisa milisi.The problem with zambians is the minute we come into any money you blow it as fast as it is comigng in then one day when it’s all gne you become the laughing stock. The same nyamaz that spent your money and gave you fake respect are the same ones crying ati anasila

  26. Awe nangu tapasoswa, ba Wawa wesu bashelefye ku mutwe. Elyo nangu batila ati umuntu mutwe, lelo te chunsu chaba Chongo iyo. Ala umwana ashunfwa amenene umwefu kwikoshi

  27. Riches without brains don’t last. Just imagine where the Great Galu will be if it wasn’t for the FAZ job. I hear the guy doesn’t even own a house, no difference between him and Wawa except that he’s got a job where he’s plundering.

  28. Zoona bafikamba mulaponta..you will all end up like Wawa just wait…ichibemba chitila achiti “inshiku shilalinganya amatole” …hahahahaha

  29. Muli shani bane

    Lots of stuff to look at here, I don’t even know where to start.. from one-time soccer stars to massive bodybuilders (are there really no anabolics in that body?)… I skip the politicians pics and go straight to the packages of Cassava leaves…mmmhh! At last we now have a better way of transporting Zamfood through the international airports. I hope I will also find dried caterpillars, locusts, inswa and co. neatly packaged in the supermarkets next time I’m in Zed.

  30. Reading some of the comments above on Wawa, I now understand why a certain singer sang that tune which goes: “mwe bena Zambia mwali ba bwino, nomba pantu mu concluda…”

    So what if the man is “finished” as some are claiming? Things change. And I’m sure he’s had his own lessons to learn in life. He may have lost all the money he once had but what matters is that he is still alive and can reason about the purpose of life. So he is better off than millions of others who save up riches and die empty handed without ever having reflected on their eternal destiny.

    Moral of the story: it is better to be poor and die in humility than to be rich and die in vanity.

  31. Pic.#13. I live 17 miles from downtown Kansas City but I was not aware there was such an event in my city. Didn’t even hear about it in the local TV news. Would definitely have loved to go. Whatever!

  32. Too bad ba Wawa, he looks no better than the kaponyas around him. Iyee insapato, limbi balimwibila indalama akwete! Does any one know his life story after hanging the boots? This is pathetic, icalo tacakwata uluse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 2de onwards nakulasungako ka ngwe cila mweshi. I would;nt like this to happen 2 me noooooooo.

  33. The Wa wa thing is a lesson to all you bloggers in Diaspora. Most of the work though paying well , whave no pesions. Once u all start getting toward 60’s nshi Yakosa!! Wa wa eye opener

  34. the sight of wawa made me drop tears.for once i wished it was not him.i pray that God helps this man.people like him who put smiles on our faces or gave us reason to look forward to a weekend of some action deserve better after their carrer life.so sad……..

  35. Wawa chongo.Not all days are Sunday`s indeed.Twalebaila bonse as far as i can remember.Last time i saw him he was doing fine and it hurts me to the core to see him in this state.May God help my man.

  36. By now he must even a pf cadre,expecting miracle money in the pocket when he squandered what he sweatedfor.LT, next time go to joburg and bring us pictures for Dennis lota and even in luanshya near by for joe bwalya kalushas young bro

  37. Wawa Chongo owed US$ 30 000
    HARD-UP former Zambia national soccer team defender Harrison ‘Wawa’ Chongo has appealed to FAZ and the Government to help him get US$ 30,000 (about K140 million) which his former Saudi Arabian club Al Tawon still owes him.

    The penniless Chongo said in Mufulira yesterday that some six years after the expiry of his contract with the club, the Saudis were still reluctant to pay him his dues.

    Chongo said he was almost a destitute and, apart from the money in Saudi Arabia, he had nothing else left for his family to fall on and people were now calling him names.

    The former central defender, who made his mark at the 1994 African Cup of Nations finals in Tunisia, said on two occasions he had been to the Saudi Arabian embassy in Lusaka where he was only…

  38. #59 The story above suggest that he still havesome money stuck in Saudi Arabian club he played. Its just the matter of someone intervening in his situation. If FAZ President, Kalusha Bwalya and also the Vice President Emmanuel Munaile who both happened to have played at Wawa’s childhood club in Mufulira could step in and help then this guy will be K140 million by next month.(Just a wishful thinking)

  39. #58 -You dont ask people to leave wawa alone. In fact some bloggers have suggested great ideas not only to wawa but also to active footballers and Zambian athletes in general in order for them to learn. I believe this is the living lesson to all and not just athletes. I am glad the guy is still alive.

  40. People, things are not always what they seem to be. I just received a fone call from zed that actually that pic above of Wawa was taken immediately the man came from inspecting his gold mines.So those guys posing to take pics with him are his employees.Some are his drivers while some work in the mud digging gold.The guy is actually filthy rich! Stop feeling sorry for Wawa but instead feel sorry for yourselves.I’d advice those of you in the diaspora with those jobs whose titles you’ve been keeping top secret from your relatives in zambia to actually apply to Wawa for placement.The man was in the middle east and that’s where you can find a benz in white gold! Perhaps he even supplied that gold, you’ll never know!

  41. And why are you just focussing on Wawa alone? I thought the other guy in dark blue T-shirt with a bottle of manzi equally deserves sympathy?If anything Wawa even looks better than that girl.He might even be the one who sent the pics to LT so most likely is one of us here on this blog! To this effect I would therefore suggest that we first and foremost help this guy because he is one of us here on this blog.Lets help him before we can think of helping Wawa.You never know, this guy in dark blue T-shirt might even be our own Maestro here or even our Veteran or Senior Citizen! Anything is possible here, you know?But just in case that guy is the Editor of LT please ba LT napapata munjeleleko!!!!

  42. Ok, here is my advice for any Zambian, sportsman/woman, or any other profession. As much as we love mother Zambia, when you get a chance to go overseas, Please stay there. Don’t worry about what Maureen Nkandu or any lousy “patriotic” Zambian. After living in the diaspora for almost 20 yrs now, I know it’s better to suffer while you have at least 4 chickens in the fridge, a car with a full tank. Kids with a chance to go to Harvard than UNZA, a paycheck awaiting you next friday than suffer in Zambia mulukungu waiting for a mini bus compared to the subway. Success niwe wemwine. To some peole having Degrees etc is success, but for some just giving your next generation a better life and opportunities is success. to be continued…nganabuka mailo. I feel sorry for wawa though. Look at wawa

  43. #68. I am equally shocked to read the reactions about our great soccer icon Wawa. In Zambia poz yali paya sana and pipo expect to be ostentatious in their lives even when things are not ok with them. I dont see anything wrong with the appearance of Wawa and to me he looks a genuine Zambian who deserves to be respected like anybody else. Keep it up Wawa and its good to know you are there and enjoying your life peacefully unlike some disgruntled bloggers.

  44. This guy used to assault innocent citizens every time he returned from Saudi. Police would just caution and advise him to watch out. Kaloba ni pamushi, the time his contract was terminated had over K78m muli kaloba. Mr. Nyirenda the owner of Eagle School in Mufulila took all his children so could put them in school. He was only left with a wife. If there was a way even the wife could have been at Nyirenda’s place.

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