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Sata can’t lead pact — UPND

Headlines Sata can’t lead pact — UPND

PF Leader Michael Sata

The United Party for National Development (UPND) in Livingstone has maintained that PF president Michael Sata is not the best candidate if the UPND/PF Pact is to win the 2011 general elections.

Livingstone UPND district treasurer Winason Nguni said Mr Sata was rejected in Western, North-Western, Central, Copperbelt rural, Eastern and Southern provinces.

“Mr Sata is losing local Government elections in Northern and Luapula provinces. From where will Mr Sata get his votes to win next years’ elections? Mr Sata has more than 20 members of Parliament he calls rebel MPs and he has refused to reconcile with them on account that they participated in the National Constitution Conference (NCC),” Mr Nguni said.

Mr Nguni maintained that Mr Sata was not more popular than the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and therefore Mr Sata should not become an automatic choice as UPND-PF pact presidential candidate for the 2011 general elections.

“Mr Sata is losing local Government elections in Northern and Luapula provinces. From where will Mr Sata get his votes to win next years’ elections? Mr Sata has more than 20 members of Parliament he calls rebel MPs and he has refused to reconcile with them on account that they participated in the National Constitution Conference (NCC),” Mr Nguni said

“It is important for people to understand that popularity of an individual should not be a basis to elect them as leaders. An example is of Idi Amin of Uganda who was very popular, Germany had Hitler. He too was very popular. Satan himself is also very popular and there is no country that ever wants to be ruled by any of the mentioned people,” he said.

He maintained that good leadership had nothing to do with how popular someone was.
There was need for people to understand that Zambians were looking for a qualitative leadership to develop their country and 2011 awaited them to choose leaders of high quality and that Mr Hichilema was the solution to the presidency of the pact.

Meanwhile, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has advised the PF-UPND Pact to put its house in order and avoid competing against each other in by-elections.

FODEP information officer McDonald Chipenzi said in Kabwe yesterday that the recent clash of the PF-UPND candidates in Kaumbwe Ward in Petauke District was not doing any good to the alliance but armed the ruling MMD.

He said the pact should put its house in order by revisiting the principles of the alliance as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the two parties entered into.

“Fielding candidates against each by the pact is creating a fertile ground for the alliance to lose elections to the ruling MMD,” Mr Chipenzi said.

On who should lead the pact, Mr Chipenzi said the matter was an internal one and expected the two parties to sit down and agree over the issue.

Last week confusion reigned in the PF-UPND Pact as two candidates of the alliance filed in their nomination papers for a local Government by-election in the Kaumbwa Ward in Kapoche Constituency in Petauke District.
[ Times of Zambia ]


  1. Some day in the other world maybe Sata may be president long after this Generation. But for now he is only fit to be president to some perversive catholic pharisees and not Zambians.

  2. We are now tiered men. We know that each party is on its own so no need of saying Sata will not lead the PACT. Just say SATA cant lead a Kantemba party UPND period. Why are you the ones always crying for the imposibility? Just concentrate on organising your Choma party guys.

  3. Sata must show maturity by paving way for HH just like Vlandimir putin did to Medevnev. The problem for the pact is not about popurarity but trust. UPND feels bad about sata and what can do to them once he wins elections. They still believe sata can not convice other provinces expecially where Mazoka was popular because he is the one who chased me. I do not know how this pact can survive and surely not with sata because sata lacks organisational skills. no matter what he does, he will not win the elections. If he really wants to save zambian he must accept to be vice to HH, people will still have good say about him…!!!!! his time has past, he need to take a back seat in politics…!!!!!

  4. For all the loud mouths, the pact has shown maturity & respect for each of its partners as regards Chilanga & Mpulungu By-elections, MMD has been silenced, the only thing they could achieve, was create chaos at the lodgement of candidate papers. The leaders have done well to keep out of the spat of who will eventually lead the pact. MMD is panicking, now they are even threatening Diplomats, as if this country has no freedom of association. Obviously VJ feels left out at these lunches & dinners, hey mate, just be content with Chrisma!

  5. Who wants to have a pro gay activist as President anyway? Sata is better off dealing with his salvation considering that he has become a homosexuals campaigner in Zambia.

  6. 3#. You are the same people causing problems, you are such an *****..!!!! Look at sata with his rotten teeth. SATA is more of the MMD than Banda. so your talking does not hold water that UPND is choma party. Some of you still believe only a bemba can be president of zambia and calling other as under 5 year,s a person you want to work with for the good of the country,, this does not look nice even your small skull and testify. These parties can not work together because of mistrust. Any normal person can tell you sata can cause problems. HH

  7. sata cant lead pact just like HH cant lead pact then its RB oye since upnd and pf have declared they cant unseat MMD as single entity. its RB all the way mwefipuba isukeni mitwe come on board MMD

  8. so now we have SATAN in Zambia in the name of Chilufya Micheal? oh! was this a misprint or indeed this Nguni said so? Idi Amin and Hitler were not popular but imposed themselves among the people. Read HISTORY Mr Nguni.

  9. “Satan himself is also very popular and there is no country that ever wants to be ruled by any of the mentioned people,”

    Yashani iyi ba LT?

  10. Pipo of Zambia lets forget about this useless pact. its seems these chaps are no different from RB and his minions. Its high time we as a nation started identifying leaders with 21st century mentality to redeem our country.

  11. The Pact is not adding any value to Zambian politics, the earlier they disband and go their separate ways the better. It is a missed opportunity for a united opposition, lessons should be learnt however, that you don’t go into a pact with the sole purpose of dislodging those in govt. They needed to clearly spell out their Terms of Reference, objectves and structures well in advance before going public. It needed to be “sold” to the public instead of the leaders wrongly believing that it was the Zambia people who wanted the pact.

  12. I am a UPND supporter & a sympathizer of the pact. I do not like Sata but i don’t like RB either. Actually i would vote for Sata if he led the pact.To me RB is a failure who wants to get rich in old age when he lamentably failed in his youth- Naturally i don’t like such pipo.The degrees RB has, we all have,so that should not be a passport for presidency.

  13. As for me and my household, I have decided to go for the progressive youths like HH, Milupi, Chipimo and others. Abashi old people who want to leave misery in our country after we escort them to die in state house comfort. I will not allow old people to take advantage of me when my father is just suffering in the village without medical attention when he fall sick, while the old like Banda is busy exploring the skies. My brother is now chased from UNZA because we have no money to pay for his school fees when me in the time of Kaunda had free education up to university level.

  14. On “Satan himself is also very popular and there is no country that ever wants to be ruled by any of the mentioned people,” he [Livingstone UPND district treasurer Winason Nguni] said” I hope Times of Zambia did not make a mistake in typing there news report.

    Now that it is clear that the mighty UPND are prepared to go it aIone in the 2011 elections should Mr serpentine Sata MC fail to agree to be HH’s Vice-Preisdent — which I also dont agree with since Mr Sata MC can never be trusted — I urge PF to ask FDD to join it in another alliance peradventure there combined effort can win the whole lot of Northern Province in 2011.

    Be blest all and continue to make sure PF remains as a shell.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these…

  15. Which party is a shell in Zambia? Is it not UPND who are always crying for imposibility? hehe guys really you tickle me. PF is ever growing and thats why you guys always become sick when you hear about PF greatness.

  16. Surely can you match Sata with RB? Sata ……..I do not know if girls and some women will ever vote for him. Hmm! Azimai onani munthu uyu afuna ku kutanani. Atenga cakudya canu apasa amuna.Promoting gayism and lesbianism? Mwamuna pa mwamuna na mukazi pamukazi. Munazionapo kuti? Tizabalana bwanji? Adoption?

  17. Zambians are so gullible it is unbelieveable. These MMD parots have cooked the homosexaulity nonsense out of no where. First their president RB trashes the diplomats by asking them to leave Zambia if they are interested in government accountability with donor and national funds. Now the diplomats lose interest in discussing development and social issues with them, they have to indirectly insult diplomats that all they are discussing with Sata MC is homosexuality.
    People wake up your ‘darling MMD’ does not like accountability, they have scraped abuse of office from ACC act, they want to regulate the media so that they gag all of us and the president of this same government is a tourist in Zambia. SATA FOR 2011, keep dreaming MMD loyalists.

  18. Well said by Mr. Nguni, Sata will make the pact lose in those areas mentioned.This is a common sense which PF supporters need to know and appreciate if they love the pact. We need HH to deliver on those areas. PF’s support in its strong hold will reduce due to other factors including Copperbelt where PF MPS have failed to deliver.It sound fun but that is reality.

  19. This fool is taking the Zimbabwe path just to Gain power. He is lowly succeeding at letting the donors reduce their support for Zambia. He does not realise that is exactly were the donors want us to be. ie begging for cash and constantly poor and fighting so that they can benefit. Shame shame shame on him and the post who are supporting this

  20. I, have always said that this pact should come to an end.Upnd want to hijack pf by all means disregarding staticts from 2006 general elections and 2008 presidential election results. If they now think that they are more popular than PF, let them go it alone simple.Don’t build your popularity by discredting Pf which is nationwide accepted and much stronger and largest opposition party in Zambia. Let PF field Sata and Upnd HH chapwa and the people will tell us, who is popular between the two. This pact is a sheer waste of time. Infact Pf doesn’t need Upnd to unseat mmd in 2011 its the otherway round.Pf can do it alone.Time is very,very ripe now for Pf to be in government next year. Remain in opposition we don’t care.We have given you enough time and it’s not working. If you want join…

  21. Upnd, you cried for Luena, Pf gave it to you and lost to Milupi. You have again cried for Chilanga, Pf has again extended its hand to you. Now you want the presidency. Remember the story of the camel and the master.

  22. #19 Maetro you know for sure statistics are there to proof that HH is no better than Sata in the previous elections. Lets us part as a pact and still PF will beat UPND in the next elections though for sure giving a chance to MMD to rig elections again. Like it or not Sata is more popular than HH.

  23. Some one said and I quote “Tonga’s will never produce a Zambian President because they lack networking”.This is very true from the look of things.You guys from the south you don’t know how to work with others. You are self-centered that you can’t even learn from others. It is not true that Sata has lost popularity in Zambia.If you say Sata is not known, who else do you think is second to Rupiya Banda? HH can’t lead the pact because he is not know. The only three places he is known is Southern, Western and North western period. If you don’t know check the polls of 2008 and see who got the most votes after MMD. The reason we joined a Pact is because HH or Sata can’t do it a lone. If HH can reach out in those three provinces and Sata reaches out in other provinces then we can form a…

  24. Do not put your own words in Chibamba Kanyama’s mouth, his words were, for us Tongas to succeed we need to network, meaning we cannot do anything without networking in this world, and thats a fact.

  25. I cannot trust anything that comes from Seventh Day Adventists any more. The hate that has been displayed here by one SDA member against Mr Sata seem to show how hateful and venomous this church can be. With no substantive reason, but based on tribe and jealousy, this Seventh Day Adventist advocate has used hateful and derogatory remarks in a very sinful and hateful way. Suppose this hate was coming from the Catholic Church advocate against HH, what will everyone say about the Catholics? The only ones who append biblical quotations are the ones who in fact have displayed the waste hate for another human being. They have called Mr Sata names and have failed to read the verses they append to their hate mongering messages. Shame on the SDA Church and its Advocates.

  26. Any one who has objectively analysed the results of the past two presidential elections should know that PF lead by Sata cannot and will never win the presidential elections.The reasons for this are simple and straight forward.
    1.Very poorly organised party structure which in many parts of Zambia is actually non existant.e.g during last election PF failed to field parliamentary candidates in a number of constituencies.
    2.Lack of a tangible campaign strategy.e.g PF operate on the wrong assumption that the mere mention of Sata will win them votes.
    3.Regional/Tribal voting patterns e.g PF will never get significant votes from Southern,Western ,Northwestern and now Eastern provinces.
    4.Poor voter turnouts in so called PF strongholds in urban areas e.g on average 40-50% of registered

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