Chinese shoot and injure 11 at Collum Coal Mine


One of the miner who was shot on Friday at the Chinese Collum Coal Mine in Sinazongwe district by a Chinese national being attended to at Maamba Hospital Picture by Johnson Siamakobili

Eleven miners including one onlooker have been shot and serious wounded by Chinese nationals at the Collum Coal Mine in Sinazongwe district in Southern Province.

Sinazongwe District Commissioner (DC) Oliver Pelete confirmed the development to ZANIS today that the 11 people were shot while they were presenting their grievances of poor working conditions to Chinese Management at shaft two.

Mr Pelete has since informed the police to arrest the Chinese nationals involved in the shooting of the miners and to investigate the motive of their shooting.

“At the moment I have no exact information of what led to the shooting of the miners.The investigating wings should carry out their investigations first,” Mr Pelete said.

The DC who escorted the injured miners to Maamba Hospital said doctors were attending to them though two miners were in critical condition.

A check by ZANIS at Maamba Hospital found doctors and health personnel attending to the 11 injured miners.

The 11 injured miners include, Simon Simwete 28, Abby Siameba 25, Virason Mwanamusiya 24, Madinda Siamubotu 27, Wisbone Simukonda 25, Boston Munakazela 21, Wallen Muntanga 28 and Humphrey Sinuka 24.

Others are, Brighton Sianfuno 21, Bowas Syapwaya 21, and Vincent Chengele 20.

Meanwhie, Nkandabbawe and Sinazeze residents have also blocked the road leading to the Chinese Collum mine and no vehicle is being allowed to go in or out of the mine.

Sinazeze police had difficulties to disperse the residents that blocked the road leading to the Chinese Collum mine.



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    ZANIS and LT you can do better than this surely what led to the shooting let us not speculate like my mind is tilted towards a riot, self defense. The law will take its course its nauseating that the problem had to lead to use of games

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    I am confused – the police went first to disperse the residents rather than arrest the perpertrators – are they crazy or is this story just poorly written?

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    Let the culprits save their jail sentence at Chimbwakaila for 10years. Deport the after finishing their sentece. Crazy chinese chaps!!! How do start shooting us in our own country??

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    Lady Gaga my dear brother/sister, I think the story states that these guys were shot as they tried to present their grievances about their working conditions. While the story doesnt state exactly how the shooting started, I’d like to point out that a plain guess – and I know I am right on this one – is that these miners were not armed. Which begs the question, why shoot at un armed pipo? And if my memory serves me right this is the same mine where conditions are so bad that one of your own MMD misnisters cried when she visited. Its time someone cut these Chinise tails. They are very styupiti

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    Whether the story is skewed or not, these chinese need to be arrested. How can they be having guns while negotiating for conditions of service? This is not their country and they must pack their bags and leave immediately if they are tired of working with Zambians.

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    While we spend time talking about having laws to neuter political opponents, fellow countrymen are getting shot for daring to ask for decent working conditions. I hope the police will move with the speed and sense of purpose last seen when someone bounced a cheque! Somehow, I doubt anything severe will happen. I pray that no Zambian life is lost in this sorry episode. I also hope that as a nation, we learn to understand what is becoming of our country in pursuit of investors.

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    Thought that mine closed a long time ago because of lack of protective clothing & inhuman enviroment.I remember Maxwell Mwale saying the licence has been suspended a few months ago.They probably got a new one from Statehouse.Arrest these chocholi’s immediately while their friend is still touring “developmental” projects on the CB.We still remember the BGRIMM disaster,weak Gouvt being taken for granted.People should take the law into their hands & drown those i.d…iots in Sinazeze river

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    The Chinese have got it that the only person they can listen to RB! Thats how these deals / concessions where done! Get rid of RB and you will solve the problems!

    RB chiwelewele!

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    investors!!its only in failed states like ours were an investor is shooting miners when a fortnight ago the whole world grew in jubilation at the rescue of 33 chilian miners..can such squinty eyes spend evn a ngwee to rescue these miners if they had an accident when his in th fore front trying to send them to there early graves..useless!

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    Lady Gaga should william Bannda’s toy, look at ur infestors what they are doing now? God save mother zambia gangstars with one party state mentality???

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    These are the investors cherished by RB and his son. This is an MMD-chinese militia at work. RB and his militias are just testing the patience of Zambians to see how far they can go in intimidating, maiming and killing innocent Zambians as we head towards the 2011 elections. This is just the beginning; wake-up Zambians!

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    there is a contributor who oways say wayward things…Lady something??? are you for real or just a computer?

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    No windfall tax for Mines but they are still paying peanut and now shooting peasant. Were is the MMD taking the Zambians to.

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    wanya sana thanks Im wondering why someone should pick up a gun and start firing relentlessly if not to fight for his life. I have said the law will take its course but first the chinese shud be put in custody. I hope our brothers didnt start the whole thing but let police do what is right. I wont be like the rest of some bloggers who just jump to conclusions. I want to know what happened and why china picked up guns, they must be mad to just start shooting at innocent souls unarmed

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    #14 zuze thAts the problem when you arrive in USA armed with a passport you will just be kaboyi wakupipa amafi yabasungu. zuze you cant even construct a decent five worded sentence

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    Holy God,are they trying to find a place to live in by trying to kill our own?Lets give them a place at chimbwakaila,hopefully after saving the ten years the population in their country would have reduced.This is a lawful country unfotunately governed by unlawful MMD,but our rights have to prevail over these traders.:o:o

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    Lady Gaga: how would you like to work in an environment where your boss is carrying a gun? Something here is not adding up. I thought thats why we have the police in the country. If these chinese guys so the situation getting out of hand they should have called the police. I just cant underssnd why these guys have to cary guns.
    Not too long ago another one short his worker in Ndola
    This cant be a mere coincidence. These guys need to be reigned in!

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    Only Chinese are allowed to shoot people in zambia under president Banda. This is very sad story to tell, MMD are saying there is no problem to shoot them since the area belongs to opposition. how can Dora,a prostitute stand up and say things like that, when we say banda has no agenda for this country, you are busy insulting people. Banda is full of nepotism, tribalism, favouritism and outocratic mind to pursue his own personal agenda. Criminal are the one controlling zambia now. Look chiluba now, can you call him a thief under Lupipya Banda…!!!! we need very serious people to lead zambia, no these jokers you are putting..!!!

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    Are these chinese allowed by law to carry guns wherever they go? If so, I will also be carrying my gun 24/7. These are the pipo that RB should tell to pack up and go, but hell no. he won’t. This is a country where foreigners are worshipped even if they are convicts from their home country.

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    bashi tandi i see your thinking and agree with you. this mine might be in the middle of nothing were the locals out number china. I know chinese pay low wages but demand high work rate which can be annoying. thats why we need more data on what went on exactly. the other bloggers who want to shut me up bcos of my gender sori you wont manage im firm umwanakashi pa baume

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    This is the reason why people Southern province will never vote for MMD. These are sensitive people who hate intimidation in their own land, Daniel Munkombwe can preach as if he is talking to a group of pagans, but it would not move a stone. These people have value and nothing will ever make them lose them over peanuts from a foreigner. I love their strong values anyway.

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    Am scared for our lives (us real Zambians i.e., not these soul sellers who sold their souls first and now want to sell ours). We need to pray because as long as Chiluba is in the picture and RB is following his advice, we are headed for bloodshed next year. They will do anything to win the elections. China will support them with anything including guns as they did to Mugabe. Someone has to die before next years elections. May God give that person(s) to rest soon to avoid chaos in this country. May they die please dear God to save innocent lives. So far, you have been kind enough to save us from a few. I know some people will think it is bad to wish someone death but better a few to die than a whole nation.
    What we are seeing has the full blessing of the Chiluba government.

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    Are these investors that kamwendo mujila is bringing when he says he has attracted thousand investors in his globe trotting? This tag of zambians being peaceful is killing us. We are just docile.Maybe xenophobic attack wouldn`t be a bad idea.We should start hammering any chinese that we see,the problem i can`t differentiat between a chinese and japanese.To tell you the true RB would rather side with a chinese than a zambian.

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    Lets not be too quick with the racist comments. Let the police and courts get to the bottom of this.

    Let justice take its course. Let’s not forget that there are many Zambian’s who shoot people still not brought to justice, our very own Deputy Health Minister knows this very well.

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    The same Chinese were telling miners on the copperbelt that the only person they respect in zambia is Rupiah Banda. So whatever high salaries miners want they will not succeed as long as they can make Rupiah happy. These Chinese are funding MMD campaign, they cannot pay their workers well because all the money finishes in funding one party on the expense of workers. These same chinese contributed 2 Billion Kwacha towards MMD campaigns in 2008, and out of this money Maamba mine contributed 800 Million. No wonder many people in Maamba never want to work for this mine, hence they have to import labour from other areas.

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    Without delay, arrest those criminals posing as investors. When Sata speaks out against such practices, he is labelled anti-Chinese. See now.

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    Chi # 3 Lady Gaga! Bushe uli chipuba iwe? How do you start asking whether they are speculating? They are informing you that people have been shot and all you can ask is that nonsense?!! I.d.i.o.t!

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    These stupid investors should go,we can not allow the situation where are pipo can complain.
    I for One would like to RB do something.Belatuzembeleka nelyo ifintu tafili bwino.
    These chinese infestors not investors are just after reaping our wealth whilst our pipo are being mistreated.This should be denounced by all pure Zambians.
    Foolish investors!

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    This is unbelievable! These chocholese have gone too far. There’s nothing racial here. You don’t just pick up a gun & start firing at someone with a grievance, not even those “dog” protesting journalists were shot at. We understand there’re no labour laws where they’re coming from & they seem to find it hard when workers protest over poor conditions of service. These criminals must be arrested.

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    Though dragging RB’z name into the appalling conduct of some Chinese nationals/firms in Zambia iz not right, there iz need for the Head of State to express displeasure publicly at some point. Otherwize, people will take it for granted State House condonz such.

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    #3 Lady Gaga, watch your mouth!! Theres NO speculating here, whether your so called investors were right but shooting is do u start defending killers? anyhow you are used to protecting SNIPERS like your own did in Serenje and now this…When pipo stand up and cry that these ”investors’ are ill treating Zambians you think they are hallucinating….CHANGE is inevitable..Twanaka nenu!!

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    Zambia has a conducive environment for investors. The government will therefore be apologising to the chinese for having been provoked by ungrateful Zambians from the opposition.This is the world of RB.

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    Fellow Zambians, the mining sector contributes about 70 % of the country’s foreign exchange earnings, constituting 9.7 per cent of the total economic output, while tax contribution is about 1% of the total collection by ZRA. Is this justifiable on top of this we are been shot for airing out grievances of poor working conditions. God bless the Chilean President for standing strong for his fellow citizens, I am looking forward to seeing our Zambian Leaders reactions to this. God bless Zambia.

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    No. 39 whatever Rb will say is politicking, because we have told him time and time again that these Chinese investors are infestors actually. He has strong headedly continued allowing these infestors into our country. They have taken over our lives to the point of starting to shoot us. We cannot allow this anymore, we will not down grade ourselves to the levels of these yellow savages in Sinazongwe by shooting every Chinese we see, but we are going to take hold of our future next year 2011. The MMD administration have deliberately misconstrued true analysis that they are allowing in rejects as investors by Sata, to say Sata is anti-Chinese. THE MMD IS REALLY A TERRIBLE GOVERNMENT!
    I am certain they will blame the poor shot peasants.

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    I am shocked to an extent that for a moment there I was numbed into silence for about 5mins.Our friends in Chile are celebrating together with the rest of the world on the successful rescue from the bowels of the earth 33 miners whuile here in Zambia so called investors cause grievious bodily harm to innocent miners who were in their rights to demand better conditions of service.This is madness!!My advice to my fellow Zambians is that let us register to vote enmasse.That is the only solution.Chapwa.

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    And the shooter is sill loose and alive? Only in Zambia. A mwisa attempts to assassinate citizens and we only hear about it on LT?

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    The reason these chinese shot the 11 Zambians is simple: these chinese are actually hard core criminals where they come from and due to insufficient human storage capacity in their jails, they were released and airlifted to Zambia as ‘investors’. So fellow Zambians, please do not be shocked. These are criminals. Our Police Service also stinks of corruption. If the shooting was by a Zambian, he would be in cells by now helping Police with invesstigation.

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    Her Ladyship, you are very very ignorant and dull. Come next year, RB , whether you like it or not will still be in State House. Forget about your mad uncle, Sata. That man was destined to be an empty tin. And iam sure you know what empty tins do. So please take your imaginations to your shanty township.

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    What can I say sure Bane. First let me cry before comenting. Zambians being short by chinese men…a country that has been independent for 45 years. Where on earth can this happen while the president of the country just looks and very unconcerned?

    Hee people I am really confounded by the MMD gonvernment who have embraced chinese criminals as investors and yet they are infestors. What a useless president RB who has allowed the chinese to trample up on Zambians.

    Hee…you ka LADY GAGA , you are supporting these criminal act as self defense..what is your brain made of? IEven if you want to protect MMD ala some times you should reason bane.

    Your uncle RB has hiered criminal chinese to kill all Zambians before elections next year..but tell him that he is going out come 2011.

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    China is holding a Zambian naned Mary Musiayalike in jail for drug trafficking. She is sentenced to death and will die this year in China if nothing is done about it. Time to negotiate. Or send these murderes back to China. We dont need them.

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    # 47 senior citizen, Mwata , Veteran

    We know you that mulichipuba ba ben . You dont think Ben…your country men have been short by a foreigner , 11 of them for that matter, you see nothing wrong in that and what you do is to just insult SATA. Kwena muli chipumbu bane be ben.

    The all blog knows that you never comment on such issues like this one …issues that affect the poor Zambians. But you are quick to boot lick the bottoms of your master MDD.

    You dull creature vetran, senior citzen, Mwata.

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    This is Band’s Zambia; if he keeps taking bribes from the Chinese then they think that they can get away with anything. If our so call leader gets no respect because they know he can be bought for pennies than they will never give our people the respect they deserve.

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    This story is sad indeed, we may hate Mr Sata but I think we need to be careful with these investors! They have come to finish minerals( wasting assets) and at the end of the day Zambia will even be poorer in 50 years time and these investors would have long gone to their countries of origin.

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    RB will never negotiate for the release of Mary Musiayalike because he has no clout and no feelings for his people; because he establishes himself as a beggar he will see this as an opportunity to exchange these Chinese criminals for money that he will then use to rig the election in 2011. Our leaders in power have no backbone and therefore nothing will come of this. Mark my words!

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    Dear African/Zambians,

    Watch how African life is not valued by anyone- the sooner you realize the better for us. The whole world helped Chile retrieve its miners and it cheered. The silence from the world on this tragedy will be deafening that I guarantee- it won’t make CNN. Until you take matters in your own hands we shall continue to be the wretched of this earth.

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    This is very sickening and rightly so. Fellow Zambians, stand up for your right and dignity, RB and his cronies need to be fired or else our Beloved Country will be invaded by china and we’ll be turned into colonized people again. Nothing such as this has ever happen in the history of Zamba. Following Zambia’s independence, the great KK invited china to build Kapiri railway and other infrastructues, but they had to abide by the law of the land. However, ever since RB has given free ride to any scamer and bogus investor, Zambia is rolling back insted of moving forward. It is about time that we take our pride and dignity back, the time to act is now.

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    # 22. “Chinese people should be taken care of nicely they brought investment”, can you pls tell me, what kind of investment these I.D.I.O.T.S brought to Zambia? You must be sick and out of your sense.

  50. vote

    If I was a politician belonging to the MMD I would be absolutely incensed by the actions done by these so glorified investors – they will end up losing you confidence from the people who really matter – your Zambian voters. And if I was either PF or UNPD this would be a wonderful campaigning tool and propaganda item for how uncaring those in power are for their own people ( what a tragedy people have to be injured in their own country for complaining). We are definitely a failed state. No where in the world is this acceptable. To imagine that some of these people in leadership fought for independence and now are so uncaring of Zambians in the name of investment is diabolical. Yes investment is about real jobs and decency. Not even the British killed with impunity. Who are the Chinese????

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    # 22. “Chinese people should be taken care of nicely because they brought investment”, can you pls tell me, what kind of investment these I.D.I.O.T.S brought to Zambia? You must be sick and out of your sense.

  52. vote

    Are you aware that Chinese investors have 24/7accsess to state house.No minister interfers with these so called powerful investors or he risks being incovinienced.The story was the same for China /mulungushi textiles.That company was very profitable and believe me the Chinese had the audacity to tell off ministers in the presense of wokers whenever they querried about externalising profits.Its a very sad situation.What else is left to live for in Zambia.The abuse of office clause has gone like a joke.People can’t explain their tips from this deals.

  53. vote

    arrest those criminals are they the new colonial masters? should we keep silent because of the soft loans? Indeed the loans and grants have come without internal interference. But is this the price we should pay for chinese Investments, unconditional loans and grants. Similar things are happening in Ghana.

  54. vote

    # 22 Hamududu ili chi dudu! Pamo nachi Lady Gaga! Ci lady Gaga ufwile ne tebela ulafwala!!!

  55. vote

    My husband used to work in the mines as a shift boss/foreman.(in those good days of bashi panji) I don’t believe this is what they used to do for roll- call.
    Kulaba tantamika kwati ni kusukulu na fi kampompo….

  56. vote

    This is total nonsense, for crying out loud, In China Zambians are slapped with heavy sentences for drug related offenses, I can not bring myself to think of what can happen to a Zambian if they shot at some Chinese nationals in China. Here in fact what the Chinese national could have done is to clear about three of them, nothing could have happened to him. Typically in this case nothing will certainly happen. Zambian Judicial system together with all law enforcement agencies were primarily created to punish the poor. Well done Chinese National next time fire at one of these chaps. You have my permission..

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    For once may our citizens stop adressing these yellow/white skinned ****** as ‘sir or bwana’! I’m disturbed!! You and I can’t can’t even have access to a gun in China. Let’s send them to jail so they get raped by the same blacks they’ve been abusing. I hate Chinese now!!!

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    Some people on this blog are not Zambians, how can they be so uncaring of other Zambians? not surprising when Jesus Christ was sold for 30 pieces of silver.
    I dont know any country that would be taking the stance by some of our bloggers, shooting is uncivilised, it is criminal, its bullying and intimidating and has no place in a civilised nation.
    Some of us teach and train these so called wonderful people that Zambia think are superior, surfice to say your ignorance shows.
    This character who thinks all Zambians out of the country are Kaboyis – the question to this person is if Zambia was so good why would someone want to be a Kaboyi in a foreign land?
    I am no Kaboyi, and I dont find people doing domestic, care and menial work inferior. Professionals competing at the world stage we do

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    Atu Sata talks too much about amachainishi- you see now what is started happening? well, qickest recovery to those shot mines.

  60. vote

    How come Chinese Mining companies in Zambia are all apparently armed? Are the other non-Chinese mining companies equally armed? As I recall, this is not the first incident involving a Chinese nining ciompany official shooting a Zambian. Oh, sorry I forgot they have the personal guarantee of protection of the president himself! In fact even the guns they use are provided by the state, if anyone bothers to investigate.

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    The problem is with ZAWA. Just imagine, a foreigner has to pay in dollars to hunt and shoot a buffalo and 1000 X more than a Zambian! ZAWA needs to look at this scenario quickly. Sorry to use this debate but there is a connection i’m putting forward! Too bad for both my Zambia brothers and these chinamen. This small group can be deported though. It’s a bad way to make a point.

  62. vote

    Seriously can someone call a Chinese sir??? How? I am not defending the British but that had to do with the history of colonialism, I wish some of our people could come and stay in a country like the UK and see the kind of jobs and things, lifestyles these so called superior people in Zambia live and behave like? , of course not all.
    Some one needs to be taking a political message there about who Zambians are.
    Kaunda is ever so well recognised, Zambia was but not now, go out in the world and ask who knows about Zambia – very few.
    Zambia needs true, proud and patriotic leadership, this is missing and it should not be. Kaunda regardless of his mistakes in the later years was not intimidated by any race or creed – I live in the Uk and dont accept shit from anybody let alone your messiahs.

  63. vote

    I have never comer across any foreigners forcing a Zambian to call him ‘boss’ or ‘sir’. It is just the inferiority complex among you Zambians that is to blame. Listen, even when you work in a mzungu place when a fellow Zambian comes to buy something you ignore him and instead show your nigger broad teeth to the mzungus coming in even if they have arrived earlier than your fellow Zambians. So may be actually this shooting of poor chaps is a good thing so that people can start thinking about their inferiority complex. You can’t blame the foreigners if you behave like an ***** to them. For things to change you need a motivated population, not one that hates itself and yet loves foreigners. This shit about Zambia being a peceful country is total tosh..we are fools, that is what we are!

  64. vote

    What is the point of believing in peace when the rest of the world believes in war and selfishness. C’mon, wake up and buy shoes – the world is gone. Stop being a push over and stand up for yourself!

  65. vote

    Imwe ba N0. 72 Mwana Ka Kalunda, what is the composition of Chinese people in the department of biochemistry at Harvard University? (85% for your information). So don’t tell us about the useless UK. Almost third world. What do most Africans do anyway? Who has more AIDS? This is not a racial issue. It is an issue where a few rogues take the law in their hands and then some ex convicts from their country use unjustifiable force. They should be prosecuted for this not for what some chines do in the UK.

  66. vote

    This is a very unfortunate situation. Chinese like any other people have feelings and are not inhuman like we would like to characterize them simply because they are in our country doing business. The most I can think about here is that:
    1. There was a very serious miscommunication problem and somehow, someone feared the other.
    2. Recently, we have seen two ministers getting involved in shooting Zambians and the Chinese thought that is the only way to disperse the moving and advancing miners. Probably, the example by our ministers shooting Zambian got embedded in these Chinese thinking it is right thing. My research Prof is Chinese and we get alone fine and has been very helpful in my work. I see no reason for him to hate me because of my skin. But for sure, I hate the 2 Banda, W & R.

  67. vote

    What is your point? so because you have 85% at Havard what does that tell you? Not necessarily that they are the cleverest , or according to you I assume should be called Sirs, factors such as culture, finance, background come into play. How you can call the UK “useless” beggars belief considering your clever Chinese send lots of people to learn in the UK, The useless Uk has London as the centre of the financial world – I would be happy to be useless and still achieve that. Apart from Havard, name the other universities in the “Ivy league”?
    So what do you reckon is the reason for most Africans having Aids? Why it it the growth rate is now getting higher in East Europe and Asia? There is nothing “rogue about this behaviour, itis getting common. This is aboutculture and perception

  68. vote

    Its quiet amazing that some blogger can start defending the chinese on evil acts that are clear. RB you have failed this country to the great extent looking at the kind of investment you are bring to zambia, shame! What happened is unacceptable let the law deal with these thugs firmly.

  69. vote

    Now with regard to Rupiah Banda and his administration, in Bemba we say Umwana bamufunda pakuya. How did Banda and his government teach these new comers about Zambians? If you look very closely, you will see that Zambians are like Americans with regard to the way we handle labor disputes and labor issues. Zambians are advanced in terms of how much they deserve for the labor they offer and how they should be treated at work. In China and some other Asian nations, laborers are for sure laborers and have no say regarding such issues. This is were our govt have failed. They were supposed to educate these investors the standards that Zambians expect and how to respond to such issues. The out come is not sorely the Chinese problem, but our govt failing to protect its people.

  70. vote

    And if you cared to read my piece properly it had a qualification – “not all”, the whole point about what I wrote was about the mentality of certain Zambians who percieve anything foreign as being superior.
    Your 85% is not a reflection of the population of Chinese in the Uk. Probably you might be Chinese? are you then trying to say that you are the cleverest people in the world? You look at Oxford most students will come from either private and grammar schools that does not mean that those from state schools have not got the same intelligence, or does it?? knowledgeable people accept there are other factors to consider and that is how they work out strategies of making improvements for all. Do you expect a child on an empty stomach to function the same as one on a full stomach???

  71. vote

    THE Zambian Govt must round up every Chinese person from every part of Zambia and put them up in small boats or canoes and be sent off from Maputo or from Congo to China after all they are not genuine investers, one who grows potatoes and spineech can not be called investers.Zambian workers are humans not animals.In there own countrty they can treat workers like animals not here in Zambia and Africa as a whole.

  72. vote

    # 78, I would say this, everyone thinks were they are is the best place. It is human nature. I might say or think USA is the best, another person in Australia will same Australia is the best. So, all this leads to one thing. Subjective comparisons. Chinese have excelled in the world academically just like some Africans, Indians have done. But we should not fail to factor in population, per capita, in this success.

  73. vote

    *83, Agreed, must confess have always found your contributions intelligent, logical and issue based.
    Frankly I would be wanting to sing praises for Zambia – hence the frustration. Our people deserve better and a lot of our issues are about leadership. I suppose things may change, I just feel we have lost the drive that was Zambian from the independence days, even the vision. How do we compete when our young men are not in work, education and you allow labourers to come and do non-skilled jobs?
    The political, and patriotic will seems to have evaporated from our leaders, it is about what I have and not what we have and who we are. The Chinese companies are not charities, it isup to our government to negotiate what is best for our people and to enforce current lawsjudiciously>

  74. vote

    # 84, o me with regard to this shooting, I would also like to say that there’s enough blame to go around. We all must accept responsibility in the happenings back home. We as a people have failed to curtail our own failing govt from imposing their will on us. Just a few minutes ago, they just passed the Abuse of Office law in parliament, meaning it will soon be no more. But when we look at the people it will affect, it is these same miners that are being shot by visitors (I call them visitors since they might not stay forever). Our govt has become so entrenched in trivialities to an extent they do not care to see the bigger pic. When we look at the gun laws in the Kaunda got and Zambia today, we see that guns are like toys. What does one expect? What was the gun doing at the mine?

  75. vote

    Nowhere on this earth can an alien shoot at the landowners and get away with it. A head of state would be the first to speak out/condemn (even if he doesnt mean it). But chi-bwezani chili ndwiiiii, kwati chilitufi. It doesnt matter how wrong the citizens are, those petchy-eyed ****** should be shown that respect is what they should have for Zedians by remanding them in the cells for some days!!! Has anyone heard of a Zambian doing business in China, even if its a kantemba. Imwe this bwezani is selling our country and its inhabitants. Atase, iwe ka Lady gaga ulimbwa – how dare you try to spare these aliens, for the love of money, you must be a prostitute.

  76. vote

    Mwana Ka Kalunda, you contend that a Chinese can’t be called sir because he lives a low life in the UK? You still believe that UK is economically superior to China? You are not aware that the Hongkong-Shanghai bank holds more money than the entire UK? You don’t know the world’s second biggest economy? Have you been to Beijing airport and how does it compare to Heathrow? Now the situation here is based on a group of thirtysome people jammed into an office to present their grievances instead of sending 1 or 2 reps. In the process, some good for nothing person answers one wrong with another. Now, all you can debate is Chinese peoples’ humble attitude? Raise this debate to a higher level than people that are blaming president Banda for this circus please. How can Zambia develop with such…

  77. vote

    here we go again, we have allowed these chinese to kill 50 miners at chambeshi mine and let alone allow them again to carry out the shooting. Where is the govt, has the govt been bribed by these criminals, we are zambian though impoverished by the people we propel into office who forget about us immediately they get into those posh vehicles and houses at our expense. Arrest these criminals iwe chi RUPIAH CHIKALA.

  78. vote

    John H, You raise the debate by condemning such barbaric behaviour, we are talking about peoples lives and not a building. What is the population of China to that of the UK, we all know China`s economy is growing much faster but that does not mean I am going to call a China man sir nor does it justify the shooting of a human being. Advancement is not just about buildings and the growth of the economy, it is how we treat people as well and by any acceptable standards the Chinese human records is apalling and this is from among Chinese people themselves. You keep defending wrong, Are you Zambian? if you are then no wonder, with people like you getting excited about airports, our people can keep being abused like animals. You keep calling them “sir” I am not going to address anyone as…

  79. vote

    John H, You read my earlier comments and may be, may be you might just understand what I am trying to say. My concern is for Zambians and that is my main interest and if British people treated Zambians in a similar manner I would condemn them in the same manner. I dont call anybody “sir” will not happen now or never regardless of race or politica status or wealth. Tongue in cheek- Heathrow still remains the busiest airport in the world, not that it matters – my only wish is for Zambia to be a better place for all Zambians and the starting point would be to treat people decently.

  80. vote

    You idea of human solidarity is in reverse of what one Steven Biko stood for. Therefore nobody should call you ‘sir’ even when you deserve it because you are African. Fortunately, many don’t follow this twisted myopia that brings in Chinese peoples’ lives in the UK, Utterly discriminatory, racist & contrary to human norms. Now the issue here is 30 people without shirts jamming a small office and a barbaric man shooting in cold blood. How do we ensure that we get all the facts & things like these don’t happen again? You are afraid and you have great difficult to change to true UK civilization.

  81. vote

    In Chile miners are respected in Zambia they are humiliated.

    It is not the first time such an incident has taken place, and the state should do all it can under its power to make sure those culprits are brought before the law. If a Zambia did such a thing in China, he would be on death row at the moment.

    Please respect us Zambians, after all we have opened our homes to you.

  82. vote

    J No. 94, maybe the minors in Chile are also orderly & organized. But thats not the point. In Endola Zambia, a Chinese doctor was found murdered & some citizens had carnal knowledge of her her copse. Same happened in Solwesy to an Uzbek doctor. With this background, 30 men jammed an office and a social misfit, perhaps a former criminal in his country opened fire on them. What is the way ahead here. Is it condemn government or discuss the general appearance of Chinese people for wearing Mao suits even to this day? Or is it to educate workers in industrial harmony while compelling investors to have a humane & robust human resource personnel of Zambia heritage?

  83. vote

    #95 John H, What we need is to modernise the Zambian labour laws to fit into our industry and a globalised economy.
    The Chinese have the worst industrial and human relations record in the industrialised world (sic) which entails that the Zambian government should legislate effectively to harmonised the Zambian labour laws.

  84. vote

    No comment from the mmd bloggers. This is Chinese investment for long as we do not appreciate our selves, we will continue to suffer at the hands of the so called investers and before the eyes of RB. I am hurt bleeding hurt and I can do anything against these Chinese I really dislike them. They hate us. They know that RB is a fool a poof

  85. vote

    No. 97 Mule, actually, the Chinese also have the worst industrial safety record. I believe & have heard that China is now preparing the 11th 5 year development plan which will among other things slow down growth but enhance the quality of that growth and investment. This board room kind of national economic planning is responsible for phenomenal growth unseen in the history of mankind. It is your duty as recipients of Chines investments to ensure to equal Chinese peoples’ in planning. Clearly you can’t do this with folks like Mwana Ka Kalunda.

  86. vote

    TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!APARTHEID is long gone people. We are just dogs..first to white people and then to these short billion plus clowns. We shouldnt let this go unchecked. People should be arrested for this nosense. Let us set a mark here, once and for all.
    Leaders in Zambia shot people at will and the govt. never or takes ages to react…now even foreigners have the confidence to shot at us…knowing that the system is so weak to protect its own people. Once the govt. doesnt act on this…while then, we have even a stronger answer to the election question…they cant protect us!
    Ever since ZCCM went, just about all the mines are death traps…these are young people were just asking for a better conditions..what evil is in that?

  87. vote

    And so, militancy is counter productive particularly in this era 2011. Sober planning is the only way. Any militant dictator will only plunge your country to unrecognizable stone age. Zimbabwe is just the point in question. Keep away from all serpents on your ballots.

  88. vote

    Its sad that this time and age, ba mwisa can come and just shoot pipo… if u dig into this deeper.. am tellin u it all comes back to slavery…. they just think blacks are not suppose to complain about poor conditions… this is what Zed pipo (the all country) are suppose to demonstrate about, not Mwamba beating his wife!!! when is Zambia goin to wake up kanshi????

  89. vote

    these are situations which fascinate sata.tommorro dont be suprised when you hear that the guy is in maamba visiting the wounded and making all sorts of pronouncements like he will close the mine in 24 hrs if a myth turned into reality he became president.

  90. vote

    but also my fellow countrymen,some of these things we should just be laughing at ourselves.we are so inept and mulfunctional as zambians.we have a lot of mining engineers in zambia people with money or who had money like the kavindeles,BY,yorum mumbas nobody though of investing in that mine.villagers just used the place for adultery and other strange activities until the chinese showed us the way and now they hold the say,let them fuckk you

  91. vote

    I’m so surprised to my teeth, up to now the govt is quiet as frozen water. In any decency nation the head of state or govt spokesperson or minister of natural resource would have issued a statement to the people of Zambia. restore confidence in the public and to start the healing process. This govt will find more time to hire political striken poverty prostitutes to go to ZNBC , Times and Daily mail to speak about Sata, HH and the mighty Catholic Church. Is it not very kind of being naive and stupid for the govt of Ruphia Banda to keep quiet. Its high he shows leadership and caring just telling the nationa that we have heard what has happened in Mamba. The govt and the police will be working with the victims and the Chinese nationals to find out what really happened or led to the…

  92. vote

    #33 SIMUKONDA, can you confine the products of your small thinking brain to your fellow half brains.every country in the world now is craving for chinese investment and they are in every country.are you telling me that in all these countries they fund ruling parties? if that is the case then pf or upnd should not mourn,since they claim that they will form goverment next year,they will also be beneficiaries.

  93. vote

    @45, if you are experiencing numbness it could be one of the HIV symptoms.visit your nearest VCT.dont be shy its your life

  94. vote

    I have no Faith in my government. The Laws are weak and does not represent the poor. How in the world will such horrendous problems be happening in our country especially by foreigners? We need to send a strong message to these ****** especially that the laws are not representing. Pipo take matters in your own hands. Fire to fire!!!

  95. vote

    The logic I have gotten from reading some of the comments above is that it is okay for (just an example) the British govt to pack up all the black immigrants and deport them should even one of them commit a crime because just by judging the behavior of a few, we can get a clear “scientific” indication of how the rest will behave. Clearly this logic is highly flawed.

    What we know but refuse to acknowledge (most likely because we like to bring politics in everything) is that every investor comes with their own mindset, money, goals and morals. Therefore you cannot expect the behavior of a certain group of investors to be a scientific measurement of the behavior of the rest. That logic is highly flawed. [tbc

  96. vote

    cont. from #111

    What happened at the mine is unfortunate but we must drop our mob psych and extremist views but let the proper authorities handle this in accordance with the law. An investigation has been launched so the proper culprits are brought to book. Chasing in mass a group of investors based on race will not solve anything. It’ll just live the nation in a worst position than it was in. Yes we need investors and yes we must make sure they follow the laws of the nation.

    I sincerely hope that the 11 miners are ok.

  97. vote

    I’ve been waiting patientlt for a comment from our mmd friends,the usual suspects,Mwata,Senior Citizen,Mr Capitalist,Chief Bootlicker and all you mmd zealots,you know yourselves,i used to think some of you had some BA.LLs!! boy was i wrong!

  98. vote

    Good, the Chinese need to defend themselves from those lazy Kaponyas. They never had chance to get education, now they have chance to work and they don’t want to appreciate. Shoot at them, but don’t kill them. DON’T UKUBEBA!

  99. vote

    Fellow LT bloggers Dora Siliya is on face book and answering all the questions…she is a tough cookie and getting heads on with everyone

  100. vote

    Lisa, #116, kachitaneni uko na Dora. We are busy discussing Chinese Investors, more important than ilyashi lya maule.

  101. vote

    These are the kind of investors the MMD administration is entertaining. The same vice which happened at Sinazeze yesterday shall soon happen at KCM Plc where conditions of service for local miners are terrible. A Zambian worker is just being used as a tool where as the so called investors and their people who just come as mere clerks and does nothing earn heft amounts of money with better conditions of service. Very soon, no Zambian shall climb the ladder of promotion in KCM Plc up to Mine Manager level as such positions are restricted to the Indians. These guys don’ t even go underground but they are just data collectors. Is this the meaning of investment in country like Zambia where we have enough qualified staff who can run the mines better than these quacks ?

  102. vote

    everyday am being convincd that its not evrytgng sata says tht is 4 political xpedience. i nw support him about th chinese. from unversity i workd for 3 years with indians @ kcm. i,ve met some gud ones bt with due respect, they r not th best for zambia. and i guess sata’s right abt chinese. abt thiz criminals, they’v always been like this. i rememba alice simango weepng wen she tourd th mine as prvncial minister. we need someone 2 discipline these infestors. lets vote wisely. God blss all

  103. vote

    Its only in Zambia where citizens regarded as nothing. GOD give us leaders that have people at heart. I hear RB wants to go to Chile to console the miners while he leaves zambians dying in UTH. Shame on RB

  104. vote

    Very Sad been a Zambian in such a lawless land where even a foreigner so called investor can rule and decide to kill Zambian citizens who deserve a better life. Above all the so called chinese investors they benefit free mining tax. And if Sata advocate for better foreign investors rather than chinese, people say Sata is mad. Now who is more mad, Sata or RB-MMD who can not even protect Zambians from this useless so called Chinese investors killing and abusing our own people? This is unacceptable guys, Zambians lets wake up and start voting wisely.

  105. vote

    Some few years back an explosive device killed alot of Zambians on a copperbelt mine owned by Chinese investors, and our so called MMD government never did anything about these terrorist Chinese investors. why is Zambia been so submisive to these Chinese? mother fuckers they should go we dont need this fucker suckers

  106. vote

    Sad state of affairs indeed! There’s no excuse to resort to firing live ammunition at unarmed employees. If the Chinese employers felt threatened, they should have used their security guards instead of taking the law into their hands. These ching chongs are not doing themselves any favours and are simply adding to the negative stereotype of below par Chinese investments.

  107. vote

    No wonder Mr Sata does not like these ******.

    I thought these guys were experts at Kungfu insteady they are becoming experts at guns.Shame Chinese Pigletes.

  108. vote

    # 108, please read to understand. Your comment about #45 is completely misplaced, injurious and mischeavous.

  109. vote

    #112, this matter is not about mob psych and extremist views. We are talking about shooting 11 unarmed people, NOT 11 ANIMALS. This is a criminal offense. You stated that “investigations have been lauched”. Oh yes they have! But by who? The unindependent Zambia Police Service? Forget it; these trigger happy Chinese snipers have state protection and so both the Police and the chinese report to the same entity.

  110. vote

    An explosion at a coal mine in central China has killed 20 miners and trapped another 17 underground.

    State media said the pit in Yuzhou, Henan province, was hit by a “sudden coal and gas outburst”.

    China’s mining industry is the most dangerous in the world, with more than 2,600 workers killed in accidents last year alone.

  111. vote

    The above is on the BBC news today, miners everywhere in the world work in a very dangerous environment already and this should not be compounded by employers who are violent to those that extract the coal that they want to sell. I cant understand on what basis anybody can defend the actions taken by these people. Would these people feel the same if it was their own brothers being shot at like animals?
    Health and Safety requirements should be one of the key requirements when deciding investment criteria and these should be followed by stringent enforcement of the regulations and this is the responsibility of government, so there needs to be proper systems in place to protect people in the work places especially when dealing with those who have very poor records on the treatment of people

  112. vote

    This is the case for which all Zambians should demostrate. We need Dola and shikapwasha to lead the demostration. But knowing them ..they dont care for the poor Zambians’ life , they will remain mute.

    What a gonvernment that favours the foreigners and despise its citizens.

    Zambians please vote out MMD in 2011.

  113. vote

    #125, i know what your fellow homo #45 you can not also understand my side of humour?

  114. vote

    Dr Musonda set the example of MMD’s politics which the Chinese have now followed because shooting defenceless, unarmed people is their way of life. Their Militia have threatened HH, Bishop Duffy, Mpombo, Kavindele, Shakafuswa, and many others all attesting their violent nature.


    So as it was with Dr. Musonda, so shall it be with the Chinese “Infestors”

  115. vote

    #132, it is now very clear that you do not only suffer from diarrhoea of the mouth, but you also suffer from mental incapacitation that makes you hallucinate in broad daylight. Please go and be bitter elsewhere. If trully you are a lady, you seem to have been abondoned by men several times. Yours is the language of single and frustrated women.

  116. vote

    How come the Chinese hasn’t been named!! Next this issue will die a natural death just because he is an investor. By now RB should have said something if he protects his people. What about the minister of Mines? Has he no words too??

  117. vote

    RB 131 that is rubbish! The fact is that human beings were shot at. Fire arms were used. Was Zambia at war with China or what? That is rubbish! What if it were you!

  118. vote

    ” By now RB should have said something if he protects his people. What about the minister of Mines? Has he no words too?? ”

    Good point. The President and Mines Ministry should be all over this with press statements.

  119. vote

    @134, ka Item palifye efyo ulefwaya tombanookoo.just wait i will give it to you.apa ndi buze ndenyengaaa so i dont disturbance.

  120. vote

    For once, may be there are right minded people to enlighten this girl LADY GAGA. on the blog. Any form of shooting against an unarmed person/persons warrants immediate arrest and ivestidations initiated. This is the only country where those with much connections to the power that be,go scot free with their loads of crimes. If the law can easily be ammended as we have seen in the last few days, you wonder what is exactly at the back of the ruling govt’s mind. Imagine Sata or HH shot an MMD cadre? Before he even lets the bullet in the sucker, he will be experiencing fellatio by worst criminals in the abyss of chimbokaila who know the game. As one has put it,it is up to us to take the bull by its horns & bring change than show this suggestibleness 40 yrs after independence. PEACE.

  121. vote

    Thats the reason why well meaning diplomats are meeting one Sata because,even them cannot contain this madness on planet Zed. Zambians must not judge Sata based on the past or what the media or MMD propaganda paints him to be. One thing i know abot him is that there will surely be justice and thats what a country like ours needs. Perpetrators of moral degradation must be caged. I do not care who says Sata is a kaponya because if diplomats meet him for any sort of advise or whatever,then there must be something they see that we cant. If it was chinese investors in the chilian incedent, i bet they wouldnt mind spending a dime on a soul,33 for that matter & thats what makes them so powerfull because they dont care about human life. Unleashing their perverts in our mines just helps reliev dem

  122. vote

    How did these Chinese acquire firearms easily in Zambia when it takes citizens 5yrs to obtain one.

  123. vote

    Lets just face facts,the Chinese in Africa do not respect us. What they did was wrong and they should face the law just like aanybody esle.

  124. vote

    The Chinese are never arrested. Countless of them have been found with stolen copper in their homes in parklands. These incidents were even shown on TV BUT No Action taken ever cause it involved Chinese and no Chinese has ever seen the inside of a Zambian jail. MMD at work. let MMD chaps here refute this. Thats why I say unless Mr. Sata speaks out all of us collectively are cowards. Thats why Zambia is always a good destination to loot. We are docile as a country and just watch our resources and our people abused. This case will be hashed up by the state. UPND this is your stronghold take action dont wait for MMD it will just waste time and drag feets until all of us forget about this incident.

  125. vote

    # 131 RB you say and i Quote “I believe the Chinese had a reason to shoot at the miners. Let’s leave the issue with the ZP please!” End of Quote.

    My Question is we leave this to Kabonde an MMD Cadre turned Police chief to solve this problem?? My God. This case will be closed up before it is even openned!!!! Kabonde answers to RB only he is his DOG. The Chinese are funding MMD campaigns 2011. So RB wont even touch them but facilitate the shooters leaving the country quitely. UPND should solve this since the mine is in their stronghold. UPND needs to show leadership and compell Kabonde under duress and pressure to arrest the Chinese before they flee. Already their embassy has seen MMD top CATS to hash hash this case in return for agreed campaign funding. Zambians wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. vote

    No. 105 and 107 ‘Ntombeshanibuche’, no wonder you chose such a shallow name for blogging, how can you only blame our Zambians who have had money, when our miners are shot you say,’let them fuck you!! You are disrespectiful even to yourself just because you are getting some change money from this careless MMD government. Your MMD ministers have set the examples being followed by these chinese bafoons. Secondly your uncaring MMD has blocked Zambian investors in preference of these corrupt and murderous foreigners, an example is Enock Kavindele on the Vodacom license. Stop being a propaganda machine and learn to reason on your own. I am a very successful Zambian working for an international european company and the europeans in our company respect us. Do not expect this for a labourer!

  127. vote

    We ought to stand up pipo. MMD has nothing to offer but to see you and me die. How can a foreigner have a gurt to shoot the owner of the land? I can not shoot at chinese even if i have huge investment in their country. Just a simple drug trafficar is hunged, how should a killer be treated like these chip investers? If u are a Zambian and u r of age and u r not ready to VOTE these out then better find yourself out of ths country. PUSH MMD out in 2011. Let us have a test of the PACT and if they wont deliver as well, they should find their way out in 2016

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