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RB to launch new UTH unit

Headlines RB to launch new UTH unit

University Teaching Hospital Operating theater

President Rupiah Banda is wednesday expected to officially launch the newly established Renal Unit at the University Teaching Hospital UTH

The President will also commission ten brand new Dialysis machines as part of his health care programme.The Renal Unit has been refurbished at a cost of over 3.5 billion Kwacha.

The ten dialysis Machines have been bought from Japan as part of President Banda’s wider health campaign programme aimed at delivering quality health care to Zambians.The machines will help cut government costs as most patients with renal problems were sent abroad for treatment.

The President said he is happy to deliver another achievement in the country’s health sector, barely a month after he launched the country’s first-ever CT scan Machine, which was installed at the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka.

This is according to a statement issued to ZNBC News by Special Assistant to the President Dickson Jere

It is the first time since Independence that Zambia has managed to acquire ten dialysis machines to help patients with renal problems.
The Machines have been procured through the assistance of the Tokushikai Medical Centre of Japan.

A Zambian medical team, comprising a Doctor, Nurse and Technicians, was recently trained in Japan to handle the newly acquired equipment.



  1. As surely as the sun rises from the east and settles in the West, this president continues to make the hour deliver to the masses. And this event is historic and unprecedented and suffice to say that one vocal politician who I wont mention claims that when he was a Minister of Health he did wonders at UTH, and yet never saw the need of a CT Scan or a Dialysis machine and he has even gone on record to claim he left a legacy at UTH. God help us.

    What RB is doing is the real deal. He is not only building modern hospitals in all the Districts across the country, but also equipping them with modern facilities, while a PACT of whatever continue to wallow in insults and all that. RB deserves another term.

  2. It would be interesting and enlightening to know the number of ordinary Zambians, as compared to politicians and their friends, that needed dialysis and were sent out of the country for treatment.
    Though all this fanfare by RB to commission this or that project is quite uncalled for, it is good that the UTH has been equipped with this added capability to handle renal patients. My question is; why train only ONE doctor, ONE nurse to handle the equipment? Also, I hope the capability to maintain and repair the equipment locally has been ensured.

  3. But why did it take this long???? good job though, no need to shower praises on the goverment coz thats their job and its the very reason we voted them into power. besides its been long overdue. hope this is not a campaign strategy.

  4. UTH had a CT scanner way before the launch of the system at CDH. What you meant to say, I believe, was that RB launched the country’s first ever MRI scanner. A second MRI scanner was installed at Fairview Private Hospital along Church road. A third scanner will soon be installed at another private establishment apparently run by the well known Professor Nkanza. May I also add that UTH runs a well equipped Nuclear Medicine unit offering SPECT and planar nuclear medicine imaging. The unit’s staff members all underwent IAEA sponsored specialist training abroad. Zambians and all are welcome to visit the unit for a tour.

  5. Have you noticed, whenever theres an article on development issues, PF kaponyas dont comment. wow, i wonder why ????????:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?

  6. You have to be a hateful and cynical person not to acknowledge all the good things that RB has overseen to completion in the short space of two years! There is no doubt that this is not enough but this country has been crippled for the last 45 years since independence was unilaterally declred in Rhodesia in 1965! Zambia started with a handicap when the international community imposed sanctions on Rhodesia, on which Zambia depended heavily for almost 90% of its economy. We had no Airforce, Railways, University and Bus transport system of our own due to the Federation arrangements. Zambia is one African country that like Israel, but without the financial and human resource muscle, was deveolped almost from scratch! Every step forward is worth the praise.

  7. #1, 2, You old men are so quick to shower praises. First and foremost, its great that the govt is striving to improve the health sector in zambia however, dont you think this is supposed to done by health minister, shouldn t the president be attending to more important issues?just the other day, he was openning a school?what are the actual ministers doing.Am sure alot of people would can see through this cheaap politics of which is old thinking menality

  8. I have seen the unit it is a show piece couldnt believe this is UTH or indeed zambia. Only saw this kind of high tech equip on TV and movies. Mr Project Manager and chief executive officer of Zambia LImited job weldone. Umwaume, mwamuna, makaintu, mushimani, mwanamulume RB. You have my vote and that of my entire family

  9. The dream for Sata is getting dimmer and dimmer while the hill stipper and stipper to make it from the trough of vanity. RB is surely in an overdrive of issue based politics. The sooner Sata fired all cadres of lower comprehension such as Frank Bwalya, Fred Mmembe, Telesphore Mpundu and Wynter Kabimba the better otherwise even HH will shred Sata.

  10. those of us in living abroad are delighted to know that Dialysis(a relatively complex procedure) is now available in Zambia courtesy the MMD govt. Once your kidneys are gone, life without dialysis is virtually impossible.

  11. Very soon he will be launching a pre-school in line with Govt policy to promote child education.I was shocked guy went to lauch a supermarket called PicknPay in Woodlands.Not even Robert Mugabe can reduce himself to that level even if he is desperate for votes.This whole campaign is looking ridiculous

  12. #2 Bootlicker
    Now thats a bleeping lie old man,UTH has always had Dialysis Machines,Rupiah Banda is just commissioning 10 new ones,not that UTH never had any before,as for the CT scan machine,its only now that the cancer center was completed,where was the CT scan equipment going to be in the absence of a cancer center,a cancer center needs a CT scanner and to you guys this is a milestone.Its just the same as when you buy a new computer! you need software for it to run,otherwise its just a piece of junk.This kind of bootlicking is nothing but disgusting to say the least

  13. #14katalina a dialysis machine is dialysis machine be it in UK USA or zambia. what do you have to show for ku london were you dont even see the sun. zambia has developed I dont need to go to UK for whatever I need. I dont need to brag how much I have travelled and to how many countries. katalina just burst your arse working endlessly for peanuts in UK

  14. @ #18 LADY GAGA

    Let them brag about things that are not even theirs in the UK. I concur with what an MP said last time, not only is it shameful but embarrassing. It is like someone who goes to live with the uncle and finds a Plasma TV, Blu-ray player etc and then starts bragging to his mates as if the Plasma TV is his.

    Let him go back to where he was, work hard, buy the Plasma then he can brag. I don’t understand how some Zambians who are in diaspora can brag about things in the UK that are not even theirs. The people in the UK worked for it not you.

    Ati “in the UK we have better Dialysis machines” bragging shamelessly. I feel embarrassed for those people.

  15. Why does it have to take the whole President of the country to launch a piece of equipment at the hospital? When you look at the equipment in hospitals of developed countries, you wonder when we’ll catch up. For me, this should be more of the president’s preoccupation. Strategies and Programmes that will take us there. A president is there to make us ‘see’ (imagine) the future and what needs to be done to get there. His success is measured by the team he has put together to lead us to the goal. Sadly, for this prez, I found very little to write home about.

  16. These equipment were planned long time ago even before RB occupied Plot 1. Such undertakings take long to implement. Its a job done by medical experts. Let RB end at commissioning not bragging about. There is need to have such equipment at all Provincial Medical Centres. There are alot of challenges for patients being referred to UTH. Just imagine for one to get full attention at Cancer Hospital, it takes alot of injuka.

  17. MMD Attack dog, i agree with you, the PF kaponyas always disappear whenever a serious national (and not MMD) achievement is being unveiled. Bwezani has always said that he is the president of all Zambians and he takes pride in whatever achievement is being registered. Any Zambian worth his brains should be proud of positive developments, regardless of who announces it. PF, Northern province their stronghold! oh yeah!!! \:d/ The cobra has even goon underground to shed his skin

  18. #17 UTH has never had a proper functioning dialysis machine.I think there was one pre-historic version when I was there.People had to go to the copperbelt or abroad for dialysis.I am very happy UTH is now developing a semblance of a normal hospital.Its been long overdue.In other countries the head of department commissions such things but I guess in Zambia this is a landmark event as many lives will now be saved.

  19. #24 Julie
    I know english is not our mother tongue but try to read through your comment and you will see it doesnt make any sense at all.Chiefbootlicker @ #2 lied that UTH has never had a dialysis machine before, and you come out to say UTH has never had a proper functioning dialysis machine…whether it was not a properly functioning machine is immaterial,fact is that UTH has had a dialysis machine before contrary to what Chiefbootlicker tried to parrot here,more over,you say it was not properly functioning,does it mean that it was purchased in that condition or it outlived its usefulness?
    Imwe banthu your reasoning awe sure

  20. Stop blessing and praising the guy for what is obviously overdue. In any case, it is gratifying that we get to hear of developments like this (in the health sector). Side by side with this, we need to see the education sector inching forward as well in terms of new developments (ICT interventions, upgraded curricula, etc.). The politician must be part of the process not necessarily identified as the process itself – that is the weakness of the observers; we ascribe greatness where there is none.

  21. Why praise a chap the work that she should just get on doing without any publicity? Its amazing!! Most of the projects being done in Zambia have been wrongly procured, with low impact on communities that they are meant to serve simply because the procurements systems used are rigged with corrupt elements. RB is paid for the work he is doing, thats his job. And he is using state money, and we will be paying for the use and or abuse of such finances. To be honest, she should have done more than she is doing. Poverty of the mind has created this element of hero worshing people for the work they are paid to do, its wrong.

  22. #27 the archaic dialysis machine that was there was not worth calling a dialysis machine.Take for example you have a Datsun 240Z which you inherited from your rich grandfather.Its vintage but its off the road on bricks in your backyard.Say its a friday night and you want to take your girl out and she asks if you will pick her up.Wouldn’t it be easier for to say you don’t have a car? So its really semantics and nothing to do with english being my mother tongue or not.

  23. The only place I know where pipo in need of a dialysis machine are sent is Chililabombwe (Konkola Mine Hospital) . If there was one at UTH then may be it stopped working long time ago.

  24. Nation of ‘small timers’. Debating 10 dialysis machines at the biggest health institution? These things are supposed to be done and without anyone not needing that type of treatment knowing about them.

    The 3.5 billion they are talking is not even half of the annual whisky budget for some govt depts.

  25. Every parent loves it when their child makes the first attempt at standing on their two feet and later taking those tardy first steps. It is no big thing for a grown up child to walk! Why? It is because for the little child, it is a milestone! We celebrate milestones in all spheres of human endeavour. If ever a Zambian company will manufacture a car, that will be a mile stone worth celebrating, even if the car’s top speed is 15 miles per hour! So, those who are unhappy about the ‘whole President’ attending to such ‘small things’ need to bear that in mind. Zambia, the 1st African country to be granted Republican status at independence 46 years ago, has achieved a milestone. Congrats to all involved!

  26. Embarrassing.The president has to launch things a senior doctor would launch? What a kind of President.Chimbwi no plan.
    UTH lacks alot of stuff.It is dilapidated.dirty,no enough equips etc.anitundila goes to lauch a kidney unit.
    Damn dull president

  27. How does one call a congregation of “Small minds, small ideas!!” I wonder, am still scratching my head – well done to you all!!!\:d/:((:”>:d:(:):x:x:x:o:o:-?:-?:)>-:)>-

  28. Please my Zed brothers and sisters, demand big things. This country is bigger than the nonsense these politicians are trying to appease you with.

    Look at the houses they build for themselves, the suits they wear, the allowances they get for making unnecessary trips, the banquets they make for useless visitors, …the list is endless.

    Stop wasting time on the internet discussing stupid dialysis machines (no disrespect meant to my fellow country men and women suffering from renal diseases). My spite is for the greedy politician who only think about themselves

  29. Zeke-zeke, Mutale Bwalya et al:
    You may think that these are small things to you, but if you knew how much they cost, you would understand. Zambia is a poor country and an MRI scanner costs > $1 million. Renal units are not cheap either. Even in the United Kingdom, Renal Units are centralised in regions because dialysis is not cheap. When UTH had a single dialysis machine in the UTH in the 70s and 80s, there was a committee that met to decide whether to dialyse a patient was cost effective. One of the conditions was that the patient was economically beneficial to the society. Please, you people, these are not small things. This is life saving for one of the biggest killers of black people world over- kidney failure.

  30. So, it may look like a small project to you, but in a country with a budget of about $3000 m, any million $ project is worth the President’s attention. After all, if that kind of money went missing, you would be the self same people calling for blood!

  31. #18…lady gaga today, i have actually confirmed that you are an empty tin.I doubted you. Same cheap talk of peanuts, of who is bragging ,blah blah blah, every time??? who is even talking about tarvelling here and there anyway.? Its not my fault that you ve never had an opportunity to see the rest of the world. just work hard, some day it will finally pay off.

  32. Chi # 18..one more thing, stop hiding behind that lady’s name coz you are just a frustrated old man who is failing to make ends meet because of a biting economy.Coward!!!!!

  33. Vote for Sata and stop Marco Polo Vasco da Banda! You will cry and have yourselves to blame for the next 5 yrs if you do not!

  34. I dont think I can agree to be operated on, that bed in the picture? Are those standing there, doctors or journalists? The entire President to launch the unit, where is the minister of health?

  35. RB will be around 75 or 76 next year, if you look around the presidents nowards are in the age range of Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy etc honestly in Zambia what are we doing with those pensioners still running the country?No wonder the standards have come down!

  36. Patients with renal problems used to die, not sent abroad. He commission an MRI not a CT acan machine which has been around for a long time. The dialysis machines break down constantly and in a year there will be fewer than 3 operational. Also 10 machines is not enough even for a qarter of lusakas population, let alone the whole country. Finally im sure he had zero input in getting all this together , just coming to officiate where he did not saw,shame.

  37. Bwana President, let your Ministers do some work for a change. I reckon you have important issues to attend to, rather than making appearances on any small project that comes to completion.Yaba!!!!. Commissioning a unit\ward,commisioning a road\commissioning a rail line etc, am sure you have capable Ministers within your crew who can do that for you and the credit will still come to you. Unless they are all incompetent,which is most unlikely.You are too senior for such things. Do you have advisers or are they just there on paper and have no say??? You political advisers(If you have any) are doing you more harm than good.

  38. We still have patients sleeping on the floor at UTH. They should sell RB’s Presidential car and buy beds for patients. To me it seems like RB is only good at officially opening something. What a President, ama duvi dank yeka yeka

  39. #45 katalina who is an old woman you or me. anyway it shows your small mind excited to be in england doing odd jobs with no status, getting paid under the table always scared of immigration. my dear oldman you are suffering in your mind no peace, little cash, long hours of work, little rest, nothing to show for in zambia. thats why you die in foreign land and you get buried by prisoners or your body is donated to medical school for anatomy lessons.

  40. Mwebantu, pls give credit where it’s due, despite your hate for the man. The Renal Unit is indeed a milestone for UTH so why should’nt the President launch it? (besides, it’s election season so any +ve publicity is welcome). Criticize the man when it’s justifiable but don’t be like Sata/Mmembe, who I’m sure will find something negative to say about this. RB, pls remain focused with your program of new hospitals, schools and roads and let the haters do what they do best. I will vote for you come 2011 and hope many more reasonable Zambians will do the same. I will not take a gamble on goons and kaponya’s.

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