Friday, February 23, 2024

The Week in Pictures



A heap of garbage along Lumumba road in Lusaka.


Some pedestrians in Lusaka walk past a heap of garbage along Lumumba road oblivious of the possible outbreak of cholera with the onset of the rains.


Youths dancing at a teen show in Lusaka


Some youths dancing to Zambian music during a teen show in Lusaka


Congolese Musician Fally Ilpupa dances with a Zambia fan during a show in Lusaka


An artistic man displays his works of art in Chongwe


United Nations Special Envoy for Malaria Raymond Chambers and Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba (r) addresses journalists at Lusaka International Airport.


The Kasumbalesa One Stop Border Post under construction


The Kasumbalesa One Stop Border Post under construction


Police kep vigil on pposition Patrotic Front women who were protesting against the revision of the ACC Act. This was outside parliament buildings
Police keep vigil on opposition Patrotic Front women who were protesting against the revision of the ACC Act. This was outside parliament buildings


Opposition Patriotic Front women protesting against the revision of the ACC Act. This was outside parliament buildings.


First Lady Thandiwe Banda is welcomed by Matero MP Faustina Sinyangwe and BIGOCA church leader Bishop Peter Ndlovu to Matero


First Lady Thandiwe Banda inspects textile and other products made by women's clubs in Matero township


Brig Gen Timothy Jim Kazembe, Member of National Governing Council of African Peer Review Mechanism(APRM) speaking while Western Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Liomba Mwangala (c) and Christopher Katundu listen during the African Peer Review Mechanism Workshop at Country Lodge in Mongu.


President talking to a delegation of Koreans at State House


Some Lusaka residents walking to the Kulima Tower bus station which has been closed for renovations


Mini buses are operating out side the Kulima Tower station which is under renovation.


President Banda with Secretary to the cabinet Joshua Kanganja before he left for Livingstone to open the Zimba road
President Banda with Secretary to the cabinet Joshua Kanganja before he left for Livingstone to open the Zimba road


Vice president George Kunda and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema hug over the weekend


  1. Picture # 3, how can real men dance like that? notufumo pase shaking each other- well, i wont say much already Sata has been accused of- – ( add whatever you want to add on my sentence) lol

  2. Picture #1 & #2, please PF led Councils, can’t you do something about that? Is that the 90 days economic Miracle you want to bring to the whole Zambia? Surely, you don’t need donor fund or Ministry of local government aid to clean up that rubbish in the middle of the city lead by PF council on whose board/chambers the PF VP president Gay Scott serves or rather attend council meetings in the chamber as a Lusaka MP.

    As Pic #3 and Pic #20, I reserve my comments

  3. #14, finally I ve seen a pic where I can proudly say Thandi is well dressed. Jealous down on this one she looked really nice. Nomba Ba Faustina Sinyangwe abafyashi ni hair style yakwisa iyi Zoona. Kwati Chi nyau…or to be polite, kwati Ba Nyau!!

  4. Glad to see my Thandiwe back. She looks better in that ka outfit than in that hideous orange thing.
    Does anybody know which party is running Lsk council? Can somebody please let them know that it is their responsibility to clear away rubbish?

  5. #3 Hahaha i think i know what you think about Pics #3 and 20. Comments reserved indeed lol
    Pic 16 caption. What is National Governing?? Sounds like a hang statement to me. But please dont tell me its another political party!!

  6. Shani bane!

    Sometimes pictures speak for themselves so commentary is superflous but it is all we can do to be a part of the events happening at home, so let’s get it on…

    Pics1,2 – when this ugly side of Lusaka ever change? Good sanitation and hygiene is elementary in the capital city. If the streets can look like that, you don’t want to know what the public convinience closets look like! Something needs to be done pronto!

    Pics 3 – 5 Zambians are ballers by nature, party kings and queens, always ready to roll. I’ve never attended a Zambian party which was boring. We don’t need a champagne room, table dancers etc. just give us good music and we’ll let the let it crack ’till broad daylight!

    The First Lady looks cute and much younger in her new style. Clothes can do…

  7. Lusaka is a failed city. It is time councils were removed from being run by political parties. Only in a failed nations do you find political parties controlling city councils. with such filth,you don’t expect tourists to come to zambia. health has become a number one issue on people’s minds. kwena i cant understand how people can live with such filth.

  8. Zambia in the sun waiting for donors to collect garbage for us too? What a country we can’t even collect garbage if this isn’t a failed country I don’t know what country is. Shame Shame!

  9. Who is responsible for the renovation of Kulima tower bus depot, cant they also clear some of the rubbish at the same time?

  10. Pic 3 & 4-Zambia ni ziko lamutendele zo-ona.Chances are that in pic 4 the music had even stopped playing at that point, but coz of the excitement of the moment the guys remained dancing without realising it.Awe nizi.

  11. I think the PF report on how their councils are being run is somewhere in those rubbish dumps we see in pics 1 & 2. Pic3 the girl in the background to the right seems to have a baby strapped to her back – where are the child welfare services.

  12. Pa Zed chalilila Thats one thing I miss just play good music and there is a party people can dance untill morning aaaa chalo cha Nsansa Nasty dee once did a nice song about that.

  13. @ Deja Vu

    Have you seen picture #1 and #2 and what a “good job” the PF controlled LCC is doing? This is why some of us or maybe just me want to know when the PF report on how their councils are being run is going to be released. You castigate me whenever I bring up the issue that PF councils are not performing. I’ve been vindicated by Picture #1 and #2.

    Lusaka is the gateway to the nation (and not Kalulushi). It is the first city people come to when they enter Zambia (through air) and last city they see when they leave (through air). It is also the administrative capital as well as the key city for business activities in Zambia. It is therefore essential that the PF run the LCC well. If they can fail at council level, what more at national level??

  14. I was beginning to wonder why pf was popular in the urban areas but when I see the garbage pics and the homo pics hmm maybe it is really sata’s base where else would he be popular?

  15. Bring back Mr. Sata to clean the city up. These pretenders cannot work. I am ashamed of the Lusaka garbage. Sata for President. Guy Scott for vice!

  16. #30 Where have you been all these years? Dont you know that LCC is PF run and they are the ones responsible for the collection of garbage? So your wish has already been granted as far as Lusaka is concerned. Sata is already back and look at the results…

  17. #28, your ignorance is frightening. Everybody knows that these councils are underfunded by the MOLG which is run by your much touted MMD. You are engaging in intellectual dishonesty by your moronic claims. Your argument will only be true after these councils are empowered to be independent which right now they are not.

  18. #32 Sata himself is on record saying that PF have failed to run councils. He did not blame the failure on MOLG. Maybe you need to go and educate the old man. He is also on record as saying that the PF councils would be a parallel govt to the MMD administration and will be used to show people what to expect from a PF national govt ………

  19. #32 If indeed the PF councils are failing due to lack of funding from the MOLG, then surely they would use their much touted reported which should have been published months ago to argue their case? Dont forget that it was PF itself that proposed the publication of the report on the councils that they run.

  20. @ #32 Wisi Boyi

    This is from the LCC website.

    Revenue Section
    The department administers finances that are generated from several revenue sources. The major ones being:-

    * Property Rates &
    * General Revenue
    o Personal Levy
    o Licenses
    o Billboards

    Other sources are as follows:

    * Parking fees
    * Market levies
    * Ground rent
    * Lusaka Clothing Factory (manufacture and sale of school and Industrial uniforms etc)
    * Bus stations (Inter-City and Kulima Tower)
    * Miscellaneous e.g., Meat Inspections, Plan scrutiny fees, lease of commercial properties, funerals etc.

    How about these sources of income? Where does the money go? Is it really a MOLG problem??

  21. I will depart from the usual serious posts and just focus on the lighter side of things…it being a Friday njikata and all that….. Ok buti ba Banda itoloshi shuwa, how can Mama Thandiwe allow her man to go out like that??? Kwati amalaiti yaliya and he was forced to dress up in the dark shuwa!! AWE!!! Lol!

  22. #35, if you read the same LCC Website, it clearly states that the MOLG is one of the biggest culprits in paying rates to the council. Other problems include a bloated workforce meaning that whatever money they raise is probably wiped out to pay people that cannot be retrenched ( all of this is on the website). The PF may run the council right now but the failures are not PF’s, they are structural and system failures. There is a lot that can be used against having a PF gov’t but this score is not one of them. Real decentralization is the answer … let the mayor be elected by universal suffrage and give the full backing of the law to the council to collect that which is due to them. This is civic education 101 … not rocket science.

  23. LT on pics #8+9 your english is atrocious.A one stop border would mean the entire border is being constructed.What they are constructing is a “one stop border post” Geez,OMG,save us from ourselves,and we wonder why so many things in zed are being done by foreigners.

  24. The filth in the streets of Lusaka shows our failure as a nation. Our attitude as a nation is bad. The few that voice out their concerns are seen as being problems. Honestly we don’t need the president to clean the gabage. I wonder what people at the council get paid for. Now the councils are run by PF and they are also failing in such simple tasks. Do they need Sata to tell them what to do? I used to see alot of gabage council gabage trucks in Lusaka. Are they not working anymore. Is it not just fuel and council employees that they need in order to clean up the gabage. Just whats the problem???

  25. Imwe ba #41 Wisi Boyi, please explain to me why the workforce cannot be “retrenched”? Also who’s fault is it that the workforce is Bloated?

    Even Mr. Sata admitted ati he has failed on council level. If the issues you have brought up are the real problems, they would have brought them up in their PF report on PF led councils which up until now they have not released even after they promised they would release a week after announcement.

  26. # 9 Nine Chale mune, have you relocated to Canada? I just love your objective comments. Keep it up and short. Pic #1 and 2 is as a result of a wrong campaign. There is a campaign called “Keep Lusaka Clean” instead of “Make Lusaka Clean”. The campaign organisers should really think twice about it

  27. Picture# 1&2 This is what happens in a nation when the populace is conditioned to accept mediocrity. How on earth can such piles of garbage be an acceptable part of the city’s architecture? In a functioning democracy, this in it’s self would have been scandalous…enough to bring down the entire council. This is a sign that our leaders have fallen asleep at the wheel.

  28. The PF controlled council fails to collect garbage on Lumumba Road whilst the MMD controlled government is building a brand new one stop border post in Kasumbalesa.

    What a variation!

  29. #46 Even for you the argument you are advancing is vacuous. The fact is the buck stops with Nyama Soya. You may use nice economic arguments for anything, in politics people vote with their conscience. Look at America. The Republicans messed up the economy and yet they are claiming that they are the ones capable of cleaning up the mess – and people are beginning to believe them.

  30. the mess starts from lusaka international airport. pot holes, filth. the council executive have failed. people should march to lcc and demand that they resign. wonder why life span is very short pa zed.

  31. #47 Zimandola thank you. No I’m still in Europe but for some reason, LT server has been giving me the Canadian flag. I can’t get used to it either.

  32. I actually like to see pothole, garbage and lack of services like fresh water, sewarage and the like. If you think politics would deal with them, go back to school. If you want to live a good and clean life in Zambia live far away from the city. You can improvise your own services. Bringing loads of people in a single area called a city requires engineered solutions, that need to be paid for by the people using such services. This is the way normal cities operate. Politicians are just used as leaders talking about how resources should be used. Engineered services should be apolitical. In Zambia, you have neglected this simple issue, and what you are seeing are symptoms of a country wide problem. Enjoy the filth!!

  33. When there is a by-Election, you see MMD taking graders, Zesco, and other utility firms so that the electorate can be fooled to voting for them. After the election its goodbye services, see you in 5 years. Now you see RB busy going round building things with very poor value for money for the public. After 2011, no projects, no services for the public; but for leaders and their pockets. No country can develop on such mediocre planning systems. Learn from Botswana you people. Soon, Botswana will be very close to SA in terms of infrastructure and service provision to its people. A mutswana matters most as far as their government is concerned. The opposite is true for Zambia. It hurts!!

  34. #48 afromode,pics 1 & 2 surely are not good but at least ours is just trash.I DARE YOU to look here at chinasmack on the web and search for “india”.You’ll think zambia is 20 times better even with trash.

  35. Looks like Pres Banda is getting ready to sell his soul and his country to more Asian investors, welcome the Koreans, is there anything left for them that the Chinese have not already taken over ?
    While the Asians are moving in to zambia and taking over the country, the locals are busy drinking hard liquor and dancing and partying with money they probably do not have, while they walk past a heap of rubbish in their capital city. Hmmmm….. looks like zambians better wake up and get their priorities in order.

  36. Looks like Pres Banda is about to sell out to the Koreans now, anthing left in Z that the Chinese have not already taken over, probably the agriculture and land. while the Asians are busy taking over the country the zambians are busy buying and drinking hard liquor from sheebeens and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. Walking past heaps of trash in their capital city as long as their money for beer ? why worry, someone else will clean it up.

  37. Ba Captalist, read the LCC website. I will not regurgitate all that info for you. Alternatively, get a secretary to read it for you. You cannot honestly tell me that you actually believe the sh#t you write. I think you and veteran and some other guy do this for fun. I think y’all get a rise from the reaction. I say this because the only logical explanation, for someone who seems to have some exposure to think RB is good prez is either cuz you are on GRZ payroll (foreign service or shushushu) or related to the baffoon. In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t think Sata & HH are the right ones to take over from RB either. The true blue MMD members need to grow some balls and wrestle the party back from RB and his looters.

  38. #56 Enka Rasha, should we take comfort that India is worse than Zambia? That doesn’t wash with me. We shouldn’t have piles of garbage in Lusaka…period! It is absolutely shocking that any council worth its salt would allow such an appalling situation.

  39. Its a shame that we are keeping trash in one of the main roads in the capital city. Livingstone is much better than Lusaka. if they have failed to maintain it, let them move the city to living so that we will not be ashamed when tourists come to visit.

  40. and then they pass a law which says that anyone found smoking while standing near that gabbage will be prosecuted. what a sham!

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