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Arcades Mall gives out K40 million to three lucky shoppers


Three lucky shoppers who did their shopping at Arcades have won themselves K 40 million worth of spending money.

Arcades Development PLC held its biggest shopping spree promotion which started mid November 2010 and ended today.

Jean Kalisilira, a former Zambia News Agency (ZANA) Editor in Chief won herself the first prize of K25,000,000,while Matrine Chuulu won second prize of K10,000,000 and Barnabas Chileshe walked away with the third and final prize of K5,000,000 to spend on shopping at Arcades shopping Mall.

Arcades Developments PLC Managing Director Adam Lethbridge said the promotion has been the biggest since the mall started operating.

The grand prize winner Jean Kalisilira said she was at a loss for words after winning an unexpected 25 million kwacha.

She urged people to continue supporting Arcades and called on management to consider expanding the shopping mall.



  1. Good afternoon

    Well, at least the year ends pretty good for our three lucky friends. Congratulations guys!

    As for me, 2010 has been more of a busy year than a lucky one ( I’ve been busy chasing that paper ever since the German economy started picking up with full force again!) Anyhow, l need to get away from the computer now and fetch a few cold ones for our little celebration tonight. Won’t be back untill 2011…. God willing.

    I would like to wish to everyone on LT a successful and happy New Year!

    Nine Chale

  2. Kwacha is so devalued, for me How much is that , I am used to Pounds and Euros. Kwacha is not even easy to pronounce, Euros, Pounds That is the future


  3. Distant No 4, I am saying the truth. I know it hurts. If you had a choice 40million or just £5000 no contest right? Thats ,my point. Our Kwacha will be as abysmal as Zim dollar we need someone to bring back the Kwacha to a pound 1:1. HH is the solution.

    Happy new year from Scotland. Going to start the new year at my fiance’s family. The mckeogh’ are a wonderful fsmily

  4. Ba Mushota sure. Kwacha is easier to pronounce than Mushota. At one time when I was in Aberdeen, a fellow worker (Scotish) asked me why we have names that are difficult to pronounce, and I answered her that, “from where i come from these names are easy to pronounce”. In Africa, we are full of vowels. Thats our culture mum. When your children are born, even if they may be mixed race, they will be considered black, and they will want to be proud of their black background (Zambia). Happy new year mama (Lassy) and extend my wishes to the McKeogh family

  5. The problem Mushota has is that she uses Scotland to determine her worth. Its sad becoz it depicts a more serious issue than pride… Its low self esteem. I mean seriously, how does kwacha become so hard to pronounce lelo? Pantufye ba mc.fimofimo balimifwaya?! Some of us get so excited to hear someone speak a language from home. Be careful at this rate u’ll do just about anything to get approval from this man.
    Just some friendly advice from a fellow BLACK n PROUD zed sista

  6. lol @ mushota the way you talk about scotland as if it’s some nice place. Scotland is the muzungu version of kwa kalikiliki I don’t understand how any black person can be happy in a place where people talk like they have no tongue. You are clearly a coconut thats hasn’t travelled or been exposed to the good things in life to be impressed by scotland.

  7. #12 apanyela, lol your nickname is pretty funny especially that I’m from listening to a song ati kusokoneza inzi kunyelela patatu. Lmao. Happy new year

  8. Congrats to the Winners. Just on food 25 million or even 5 million is a hell lot of money, Bravo and well deserved to the winners.

  9. Zambians abroad you are missing out back home. Never mind kwacha… life and less work in nursing homes guys….. forget euro, pounds…. you need tp put in loads of money to earn it, especially as a healthcare assistant or cleaner

  10. Ba Mushota, i feel very embarrased by your comments. Maybe you came to Scotland last month and are very excited about things and got a drug addicted muzungu. I have been living here in Scotland for years and nothing excites what we have left home. You feel it daily that you are an economic migrant and few people appreciate you. Don’t insult the land which bore your ancestors. No matter how chaotic Zambia is, i still think and my country every day and 1 day, i will surely go back. Am proud to be Zambian.

    Please apologise to those that have been offended by your comments and wish you a happy marriage to a Glaswegian drug addict.

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