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Miner gets death sentence for murdering Chinese boss


The Lusaka High Court has slapped a death penalty on a Lusaka Man after he was found guilty of murdering a Chinese boss at Collum Coal Mine in Chongwe district.

Pythias Chinene, was charged with murdering Zong Tangku who was his supervisor at the Chinese owned mining farm February 2, 2010.

Delivering judgment, Supreme Court judge Munyinda Wanki, sitting as High Court judge said the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Chinene murdered Mr. Zong.

And in a related development, the Lusaka High Court sentenced a Benny Kanyama of Chirundu for murdering his two-year-old daughter after administering her with sulphuric acid.



  1. Poor man, he was not given the option to compensate the chocholi family like the other two chocholi who shot at eleven Zambian workers. Vukani ma Zambia!

  2. To kill a chinese who is your boss, your pillar your light is insanity. He should be stoned to death.Chines are gods they bring investment

  3. why have the govt issued shooting locals by investors an incentive? but punching a stupid investor on the face a criminal offense?

  4. That name ba judge…is he part chinese? Lol

    But on a serious note, its sad news. I think some of these things are caused by people getting fed up of being abused. No excuse though, killing someone is a criminal offence so he just has to face the consequences.

    @# 3 Mushota, to consider one’s boss their PILLAR and their LIGHT is a little extreme don’t you think? Isn’t that what God is to us?

  5. Chinese shoot eleven people its fine just compesate them,chinese gets killed in a fight with a Zambian,Zambian condemned to death,eish china world.
    Mushota! i have deliberately tried to ignore you but what you haved posted is difficult to ignore.just what time do you get laid by a 47 year old white cock? i mean you are ever here.Its not normal for a 23 year old claiming to be hitched soon.

  6. Most of our judges lack common sense. Zambians in Chinese companies are terribly abused and becoz our politicians have been bribed by the same Chinese they cant stand for Zambians, so what do you expect? These poor workers take the law in their hands. Recently the Zambian president was protecting the Chinese *****so shot and wounded Zambians in Sinazongwe.

  7. Wisdom, JUSTICE, love and power are the main qualities that make the ‘most high’ to be the rightful ruler of humans. humans lack these qualities, so they are nt qualified to rule their fellow humans.

  8. I don’t have an issue if this sentence is according to the law.My issue is Chinese attempt to murder to eleven people and they are free people without even a trial.These judges should know that God will judge them the same way they are judging people.Their administering of judgements is always in favor of rich people.I hope he gives them instant justice so that they can reap what their corrupt minds have been sowing.

  9. this is really sad. the guy committed the crime and deserves to be punished, but what bothers me z the way the Chinese who shot and wounded 7 Zambians are walking freely on our streets. that was attempted murder and carries a severe punishment. countrymen and women, imagine if it was a Zambian who shot and wounded 7 Chinese nationals either in Zambia or in china, what would have happened? definitely the judgment wouldn’t be any different from this one. from this we can then see how cheap our lives, are as Zambians. we have no protection from outsiders. they can kill you and get away with it, if you try to defend yourself and you kill him/her or just wound him/her you will be hanged by your balls. what a shame. sometimes i understand why mushota is ashamed to be zambian, though am not.

  10. Life imprisonment according would be ideal punishment with parole after 20 yrs. taking someone’s life is bad. this guy was defending himself . the chines bosses who short 11 miners are free because they have money. what a shame?let human right lawyers fight for this poor man

  11. Give him life imprisonment … not a death penalty. If that suits our Judges, then let it suit us that all the China men live our country as we’ll just start killing them one by one!

  12. Mushota you’ve cracked me up girl! Mwe bantu Mushota is just being Sarcastic, you just don’t get her sense of humour.
    Its alwas the animal farm kind of justice pa zed. Some people are more equal than others. Though what Chinene did was wrong, his punishment is to harsh.

  13. Could it be that the Zambian labourer killed the Chinese supervisor in self-defence, when his own life was threatened by him?

    There is a rule in military training. You must see before your enemy sees you, and you must kill your enemy before your enemy kills you.

    It may be that the Zambian killed the Chinese, and murdered him. Hopefully, he has been accorded all the available justice in Zambia.

  14. Hee people insulting Mushata…this time Mushota is shooting against the animal farm type of Law in Zambia. Cant you see that Chinese are gods and pillar of Zambia? They can kill and shoot but nothing would hapen, thats the sense of humour Mushota is putting across.

    Really what else can we say if not that the chinese are gods of investment in zambia? The man who defended himself aginst the china man who wanted to shoot him as been sentenced to death, but the china men who shot the 11 poor Zambians are freed?

    Hehe, what a country full of animal farm…really china man is a god and pillar of investment in Zambia. What can Zambians do to Him.

  15. So at BGRIMM, the chinamen kill 53 people while another 11 get shot at Collum, no big deal, in fact, the Govt even apologises. But one Zambian kills one of them, the full fury of the legal system is unleashed upon him

  16. Zambians, we have gone to the Dogs, we no longer knw for sure the roles of investors. Have we really benefited guys from these heathen investors. What i expect is what is called mutual and reciprocal respect. Bloggers do we really see this happening btween the Zambian workers and the so called investors. If they are doing fine, why all these hostilities.
    Bloggers dont waste time with this homosexual Mushota, he is a man pretending to be a lady.

  17. Bloggers dont waste time with this homosexual Mushota, he is a man pretending to be a lady. He gets blow jobbed more often that he has lost his normal senses.

  18. #25, #28.
    I tortaly agree with u about ba mudala ba Mushota, his tone isnt feminine at all, nor does he sound like a normal human! nomba ama blogers bamo balibilima they were even sending love words to him! isnt that fun? he is so mud about his afair with an old white man that it has become his signature when ever he comments.

  19. Even if he has been sentenced 2 death, he wont be hang, no president will sign the death warrants…
    Mushota is lukn 4 attention, just ignore him (yes him)

  20. These chinesse investor are too much. underpaying workers, highest salary is K250 thousand you can imagine, what about rent and food, school fees. Chinese should reasonable investors. All investor coming to Zambia should make big change especially when one works for them. K250 is an insult for hard labour and definately your life cant be at peace.

  21. Gundix said: “Could it be that the Zambian labourer killed the Chinese supervisor in self-defence, when his own life was threatened by him?”
    Is there some information available on what happened on February, 2, 2010 between Pythias Chinene and Zong Tangku?
    Has something been published in the press of that time?

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