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Panji Kaunda urged to emulate his father

Headlines Panji Kaunda urged to emulate his father

Southern Province Minister Elijah Muchima

Livingstone has added its voice to Colonel Panji Kaunda’s “bloody remarks” calling on him to emulate his father Dr. Kenneth Kaunda on championing peace and unity in the country.

Southern Province Minister, Elijah Muchima advised Panji Kaunda to avoid issuing statements that could incite violence and cause anarchy in the country.

Mr. Muchima said Colonel Kaunda’s remarks are a frustration to the country’s peace and democracy.

He said this at the Livingstone International Airport yesterday.

Mr. Muchima also hailed President Rupiah Banda’s unitary role aimed at promoting peace and unity in the country and on the African continent as a whole.

Meanwhile, MMD Livingstone District Chairperson, John Mukosho has said the MMD in the district condemns sentiments that are likely to cause violence.

Colonel Kaunda was recently quoted in the media saying the 2011 elections will be the bloodiest, a statement that has attracted criticism from all walks of life.



  1. Kaunda was a bad president if you look at his legacy

    People quing for food etc

    I would say disregarding his ‘theft issues’ I would say Chiluba was better

    My ranking interms of work ethics of the 4 presidents is as follows

    1. Mwanawasa
    2. Rupiah banda
    3) Chiluba
    4) Kaunda


  2. Leave Panji alone. He has done no wrong by imploring govt to do something like caging william banda so that this year’s elections are not bloody.

    This is what patriotism calls for.

  3. I have failed to understand how people could not understand the warning that Colobel Panji Kaunda gave about the eminent violence and bllodbaths ! It was very clear to understand from his statement that if the government will let things as they stand right now with the unruly Mr. William Banda and the so-called Militia group of MMD, then this country will see bloodbaths in the election period. It is wise for the governement to clearly condemn violence and punish all those who have threatened violence now.It surprises me alot when even leaders miss the whole point and start ranting and ranting unnecessary stuff. Wake up MMD.

  4. Why didn’t MMD come out this way when William banda, chalwe and other thugs beat up and assaulted innocent people?
    MMD cadres have also threatened violence sexual crimes against Edith Nawakwi, threatened to unleash its militia against bishop Duffy etc and no MMD leader did anything about this.

    Please stop this i.di.otic double standards

  5. This iz what Col Panji said; THE 2011 elections will be the bloodiest ever if the government does not put in place measures to stop violence, Colo-nel Panji Kaunda has warned.
    “If government will not stop this violence, next year’s 2011 elections will be the bloodiest ever. We are going to lose lives, we are going to get massacred and in the end, this country will be destroyed as we have seen in other countries,” Col Panji said.

    “The onus of stopping violence is on the government. Few months ago, we had some cadres threatening to gang-rape Honourable Edith Nawakwi; nothing happened. We had cadres threatening to manhandle Bishop Duffy in Mongu; nothing happened.

    We had some cadres who even threatened to take the life of their own party former vice-president Enoch Kavindele; nothing…

  6. I dont understand why people like Mr sikapwasha still demanding the extruction of panji,s Report?
    Mr Panji is a zambian and he has seen what has happened in Mufumbwe.Chawama, under Wiliiam Banda. and ChikoChibale. he was just advicing the MMD govt to do something now before the election. Dora be my Wife So that you will understand everything.

  7. Please forgive those that are condemning Col. Kaunda, their educational background is questionable moreover the guilty are afraid,
    # 03 ur right which Livingstone are these two MMD cadres talking about.

  8. # 1 Mushota
    My rank is;
    1. RB
    2. LPM
    3) FTJ
    4) KK – unleashed a bloody cleansing of the Lumpa church (Lenshina & followers),and many others.This guy needs to be tried for crimes against humanity at the hague.

  9. This clearly shows that these guys can’t understand English. Panji’s statement was simple and straight forward, yet these guys have failed to get it. Misinterpretation of statements can be very, very dangerous. I think English should not be used as the national language anymore, let us stick to our local languages to avoid this kind of misunderstanding.

  10. Maybe I missed something the Colonel said but reading what was reported in the Post, he was right to warn that if violent elements are not curbed now there could be bloodshed.What is wrong with giving this scenario? It should infact be welcomed so that corrective measures are put in place. We should not be scared of negative facts.

  11. Children, read Dr. Mwizenge Tembo’s article on the Barotseland agreement to have glimpse into KK’s Presidency. Do not be misled. The old man was a great president. He just didn’t know when to let go.

  12. That’s the goodness about freedom of speech because even a hollow article like this one by Muchima is given coverage.

  13. Such tummies will cost us alot in flights to morningside. He looks ‘ok’ but his heart is straining to oxygenate that mass.

  14. What Col Panji said(from The Post);THE 2011 elections will be the bloodiest ever if the government does not put in place measures to stop violence, Colo-nel Panji Kaunda has warned.

    And Col Panji said 2010 had been a wasted year because not much had been done.

    During an end-of-year interview, Col Panji said the government should stop the violence that some people were openly propagating.

    “If government will not stop this violence, next year’s 2011 elections will be the bloodiest ever. We are going to lose lives, we are going to get massacred and in the end, this country will be destroyed as we have seen in other countries,” Col Panji said.

    “The onus of stopping violence is on the government. Few months ago, we had some cadres threatening to gang-rape Honourable Edith Nawakwi;…

  15. What’s all this flap about Col Panji Kaunda’s comment? From my undrstanding, the man was simply alerting those whose duty it is to ensure the peace of the country, to stop fooling around and to put in place systems and procedures that would ensure peaceful elections in 2011?

    Those in power seem to be scared of shadows, eh? As they say, the guilty are afraid indeed!!!

  16. You guys doing rankings seem to have the excitment of a small child. Mushota’s ranking makes me wonder how old she could be or how bad her memory is. I do not want to do any comparisons and rankings but suffice to say there was nothing wrong with col Kaunda’s statement. The problem is Shikapwasha is extremely dull, and I mean just that. Embarasingly dull!! Col Panji was just asking govt to do something about violent elements flexing their muscles like WBanda, and all Shikpwasha could say is ‘shut up’? I expected him to say ‘dont worry citizens measures to curb violence are in place’. Shikapwasha is dull!

  17. I thought David Livingstone,the late missionary, had risen from the dead when I saw the headline. But after reading the story, I was dissaponted the statement was from one man. For no17, Sata has never been President of Zambia, well not yet.

  18. Its william thug banda that needs to be caged.The chap is very violent and if left un checked this will be bad, trust me.Colonel Panji has given us an early warning.

  19. This tekele william banda,his death is going to be celebrated coz of his violent nature.He needs to be sent back to malawi .

  20. My ranking is:

    1. Kenneth Kaunda (Built everything. Zed had 100 degrees holders 1964, by 1991 countless (incl. LPM)- made us believe we could run our own affairs, built UNZA, a zillion real schools with teachers compund, access road, built TEVETA & Trades traing collecges, built NRDC, Build roads, TAZAMA, TAZARA, Great North Road, INDENI, MAAMBA Collieries, Nitrogen Chemicals, Kafue Textiles, Mulungushi Textiles list goes on and on and on- real industries)

    2. ___no one near(blank)
    3. ___blank
    4. ___blank
    5. ___blank

    6. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa- Fought corruption. Fiscally disciplined.

    8. __blank
    9. __frogs

    1000x1trillion. Rupiah Banda & Chiluba- Visionless minds with Criminal tendancies

  21. Let william withdraw his statement that MMD WILL NOT SURENDER POWER ON A SILVA PLATE . Then you can accost col. panji

  22. Ranking

    1 kk – built universitie colleges, roads, bridges and hydro electric stations ( no one has done this),
    2 levy – corruption fight (clean up the mess chilu left)
    3 chilu – liberalised the economy led to inflax of goods and vehicle, buses
    4 rb – flying too much nothin 2 show (riding on levys archievements) shame on u.

  23. Ba-Mushota,apart from blogging and always talking about your white moron boyfriend,is there anything of substance that you do?When are you coming back to Zambia?

  24. The comments attributed to the so called National Revolutionary Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba made very sad reading indeed. The level to which some lumpens can stoop in the pathetic quest to land a job from Kansundila stinks. His assertion that being Christians makes us a harmonious, loving, united & non violent people is plain stupidity, I mean, where does this f.ool live not to have heard of Mufumbwe, William Banda, Penza, Wezi etc? Only i.d.iots with forked tongues see treason in the Colonel’s timely warning. I would just ask KK to be careful, these thug are now in league with Chiluba at whose behest Panji met his demise. Tell them to back off your son!

  25. But abena Elijah Muchima, ichilufumo as though the man in afflicted by post malnutrition sure. You bet it is all full of musoya and chibwantu. Yebo Muchima uli suntwe pe!

  26. Hey guys, lets ask col Panji to tell us who the hell he thinks will bring blood shed in our nice and peacefu Zambia. No wonder he was retired, he could have caused anarchy in this country…he still has a bitter pill he has to swallow because of the removal of his father. Let him concetrate on his farm and talk about bumper harvest next year. We are tired of pld tricks pleeeeaaassseee ALAAA!!!!!!

  27. //Mushota:
    But are you aware that Rupiah Banda is the most democratic President of all the four? Even among the major political party presidents. Vote Sata into power and see miracles in hell.

  28. #28:
    Ifyamba tafilekucita bwino! lol.

    #38: Mushota is one of the homosexuals leading misery lives in foreign lands. Him together with other homosexuals is a disgrace to our rich – cultured mother zambia.

  29. I rank them as follows:
    1.0 RB Democratic, Visionary, Humble, Diplomatic, Development oriented, Unifying, Above pettiness,
    2.0 FTJ All the above but corrupt
    3.0 LPM Rude, Undiplomatic, Divisive, Petty
    4.0 KK Wasted Zambia’s money on other countries’ freedom

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