Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Week in Pictures



Former Republican President Chiluba speaking during a press briefing at his Kabulonga residence when Captain Solo paid a courtesy call on him.


Dr. Chiluba shaking hands with Steven Lungu alas Capt Solo during the press briefing at the former president's Kabulonga residence on Tuesday


Steven Lungu aka Captain Solo praying after Former president Dr Chiluba accepted his apology when visited the former president at his Kabulonga residence on tuesday.


Former president Chiluba with wife Regina holding hands with Captain Solo after the press briefing


The Zambia Army, Lusaka City Council and Disaster management Mitigation Unit have joined hands to sort out drainage problem in Lusaka.Here an officer is drilling through Limestone


Journalists from different media houses toured Bombe Drainage in Lusaka's Kamwala area to see the progress by disaster management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) which is working on the drainage system in whole City


Mr. Tembo of John Laing Compound makes more than K70 000 a day in selling plastic bags


A young man with his mother waiting for customers along Lusaka's Lumumba road .Most youths in Lusaka are in the trading business to earn a living.


Kitwe back in the days -Edinburgh Road now known as Independence avenue(Sent by David Kabwe)


Kitwe shopping centre between 1937-1967(Sent by David Kabwe)


FDD president Edith Nawakwi with husband Geoffrey Hambulo touring their piggery- Musanza Farm during Pigs Field Day organised by Zambia National Farmers Union


FDD president Edith Nawakwi admring her pigs during a tour of her farm during Pigs field Day Organised by Zambia National Farmers Union


National Milling managing director Peter Cotton dancing with Boxer Esther Phiri and her trainer Anthony Mwamba after the welcome breakfast meeting held at Pamodzi Hotel


Boxer Esther Phiri with Sports minister Kenneth Chipungu shadow boxing after the welcome breakfast meeting for her at Pamodzi Hotel


Zambians making a difference-Former NASA DEVELOP intern Dr. Emmanuel Makasa, an orthopaedic surgeon from Zambia, served in the DEVELOP program through Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) . Upon returning to Zambia, Dr. Makasa has been actively involved in public health outreach activities as co-founder of the non-profit organization Doctors Outreach Care International (DOC). DOC volunteers travel to remote and under-served populations to provide medical care via mobile clinics.


Chief government spokesperson Lt Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha featuring on the Radio Phoenix Programme LET THE PEOPLE TALK


Chief government spokesperson Lt Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha with Radio Phoenix owner Errol Hickey after he was featured on the Radio Phoenix Programme LET THE PEOPLE TALK


Children in Sinakoba area showing off frogs they captured for a meal- in Tonga they are called Mangande


Children in Lumwana Solwezi district posing for a picture


A farmer in Jiwundu Settlement Scheme


  1. Pic 4-Why ifitenge mumusana ba Regina as if she was dancing kankuluwale.Pic 11-nawakwi and hambulo ha ha ha nice couple indeed,am glad pipo no longer look at her to be a husband snatcher.Pic 19 Zambia the real africa indeed, the children can still manage to smile despite the poverty coz it is part of us we the happy pipo.

  2. Pic 18-Reminds of those day when after lunch one will ask the friend “oke boyi lodela twachilila inshi lelo ? “.I bet after that frog meal the answer could be “ubwali naba chula boyi”.

  3. PIC #18 When I came to the US, I visited a coastal city called Ocean City in Maryland and to my disgust I found frogs on the menu. Now PIC #18 has just knocked me off my chair. Iam Mauless, when did Zambians start eating frogs, and later on train their children to hunt them down?

    Awe sure , the country must have changed indeed.

  4. The frog business in Pic#18 is interesting. The frogs have yellow bellies! Eastern province people eat frogs too. They are called Kanyama kaliye mafupa.

  5. Zambia is the one, we never cry or go running to buildings wanting to commit suicide over food or bills, or even go shooting people out of stress. We even improvise nga fyashupa, ngatapali inama awe frogs will be the option and when its not the season for that vinkhubala will do justice. I love my country and there is no other better place than Zed.

  6. Men!, you mean all this time I have been laughing at French people, we are also consuming the same? next we will see snails @ ndiyo

  7. Eat no frog! Nice pics from CB from “back in the days” these days the pictures would be litered with kaponya’s, trash, scrap cars… or has it changed?

  8. #4,Nubian princess,your post is called wenye in eastern province.

    Picture 4, both men are wearing oversized suits, in Zed people overestimate their size on purpose, the fatter the better. How stupi.d.

    Picture 15, Not bad, alelyapo doctor te?

  9. # 9 Snails are already ndiyo. But it my first time also to hear that Tongas eat frogs. Good pictures for real.

  10. Picture 9 is good, picture 10 is a fake as there was no colour potography in 1967. I hope Mr David Kabwe has the balls to correct the impression.

  11. Zambians have always eaten frogs. They are also a great source of protein. I know the Kunda people in Eastern province also eat them. If I am not mistaken they maybe called ‘cheta’ or ‘chesa’. Just goes to show that we should not make generalisations about our diverse, huge and wonderful country.

  12. #15 Chimunya
    I agree with you.The Kunda people of Eastern Province eat frogs and call them Machesi.
    Pic 6 and 7,these guys must be serious,why do the drainages during rainy season when they had all the cold and hot season season.Anyway,lets hope they accomplish something.

  13. Hahaha Easterners are now exporting ba chula to Tongas, how nice. Thank you very much but we dont need your food anywhere near Northern province, we are ok with fish, bondwe and beans.

  14. Eating frogs in Zambia has been a long tradition, i come from a tribe that eats frogs, as in not now but a long time ago (generations) they used to eat frogs. Its the big frogs its not all types but specific ones. Like the ones the Chinese eat. There is nothing wrong in eating things God created as food.

  15. i like the farmer, his crops look really good. reminded me of my village down chongwe area. why did we cry for independence? maybe colonial masters were better than the monkeys now!!! the cities used to be cleaner those days. just guessing i was not born by then. maybe we should have just cried for equality. what do you think?

  16. #15 and #18 i am not sure about the Kunda people but you could be right. But i know for sure the Chikunda people have been eating frogs for generations.Please also note that there are two distinct people the Kunda and Chikunda’s. For the Chikunda people there language is Chichikunda while the Kunda people the language is Chikunda and are foumd in eastern Privince Just as the two have mentioned. The Chikunda are also known as Achikunda. Just wanted to clarify. And the Chukunda people are not really from Eastern province but on the border of eastern Province and Lusaka province. They are considered to be in lusaka province, in Luangwa district-which used to be known as Fiera. I am a Chikunda myself. Sorry for the unnecessary information but it could be useful for some.

  17. Pic # 18 ha ha he he. I have been gone for too long, Eh.
    Since when did the Tonga’s join those Chipata people; in eating Froggies.

  18. #25. the chikundas are my tribe cousins. am soli, of course the owners of lusaka. we (solis) fought against the chikundas, kicked their back side and pushed them east of lusaka. hahahaha….GOOD DAY SIR/MADAM. oh,yeah, they eat frogs, but they started when we cut the food supplies to them during battle. hhehehe

  19. Pic 6 & 7 bad planning. You cannot dig drainages this time when the rains are pouring. The type of drainages are also cheap ones. why not construct through with brick force wire, stones and cement so that they do not do the same activity next?

  20. LT Pic #2, It’s not ‘alas’ but alias.
    Pics #1 – 4, Typical Chiluba theatre.
    Pic #10, I’ve never been to Kitwe, from the picture the town looked spotlessly clean then, I wonder how it looks like now.
    Pic #18, I don’t now if those frogs are going to be eaten as a normal traditional dish or as the only food affordable/ available.

  21. Good evening

    I’m also one of those who are surprised that Frogs are on the list of Zambian foods. I recall someone teling me that monitor lizards (Hopani) and crocodiles are delicacies in the Western province but frogs? Well, I guess we will never stop learning about the diversity of Zambian culture.

    pics 5,7- very good joint operation by the Army, the council and the DMU. Let’s hope the cunning problem of drainage is sorted out for good this time.

    pics 9,10 are quite interesting. I hope we get to see more of these historic pics from the archives. Someone 25 yrs old or younger may have no idea what the country looked like before. The rest of us should be asking ourselves why the faces of our cities have changed so little since independence?

  22. Picture #15. Ba Dr Makasa I salute you for returning to Zambia and making a difference. With your qualifications you could have stayed in the USA enjoying the good life, but you chose to return home. Well done ba mudala! Ba nono.

  23. #14 Vote Zondwe, You are very backward my friend and I shudder to think what picture you paint about Zambia in the U.K.

    Colour photography was started in the late 1930s to early 1940s and the photos sent by Mr David Kabwe quote the dates 1937- 1967. So why should the picture be a fake?

    You wouldn’t have exposed your ignorance to the world only if you had bothered to do just a bit of research on Google or Wikipedia. Mbuli iwe, isuka umutwe.

  24. Just added zed to my list of asian and some african countries to avoid meat for fear of the lie “its chicken”.Edith Nawakwi the bible says don’t eat swine.

    Pics #6 when you’re in a hole(literally) stop digging.With time those trenches will only get wider from lack of concrete lining as soil erosion takes its course.That place will soon be like pic#7 behind plastic man with wide trench,mounds of trash/soil as city planning moves away from the standards in pics 9 & 10.

  25. i agree with u Shimine ku Ndola, ba Mashota ati in Scotland forever, maybe with ma involved with marrying abasungu otherrwise there is no way one can say i will be in a foreign country forever, i think its stupid so that….

  26. Is it just me or does National Milling’s Peter Cottan gravitate towards Esther Phiri? Is there something we dont know?

  27. Come on people!!

    Frogs have been a delicacy in some parts of our beautiful country since there have been a Zambia. And now some people are surprised about this? WOW!!!! Soon we will have people pretending/claiming they didn’t not know that MICE (Mbeba, Mbewa, Imbeba, ama Panga, etc) is consumed in Zambia as a delicacy—-Give me a break!! Where have you people been? Zambia is huge and diverse, time we came to terms with our dietary diversity too.

    By the way, FROGS, especially FROG LEGS and SNALES are on the menu of expensive seafood you can ever order in any credible sea food restaurant here in America. Living close to the land, enjoy them frogs kids, they are a good source of protein, AMEN!

    I LIKE THE LOOK OF OLD KITWE—-where and how did we get off the tracks though?

  28. #47 Ba YambaYamba, good point but it is Snails not snales, use your online dictionary it even gives audio for proper pronunciation.

  29. @48, Nubian Princess:

    You really cracked me up!!! Ati “it even gives audio for proper pronunciation”, really funny!! Hey, most of us Chi zungu is our second language. You do understand, right?! I take your point though. Have a nice day!

  30. #39 Mule, you are an absolute degenerate retard. So in your little imbecile mind what impression do you think you have been making about Zed in your heaven, the UK?

  31. Chiluba looks like a toyboy for Regina pic 1 and 2.

    I like Edith Nawakwi, very hard working woman. Mr Hambulo is such a likeable man, very cool. Great couple!!

  32. #14 Vote Zondwe
    People before you post some comments,please do a quick search on google or wiki,its so easy
    There are a lot of software applications you can use to edit pictures from black and white into colour and vice versa.National Geographic even managed to reproduce the first world war and the holocaust into color documentaries.Read through history of photography and you will notice that colour imaging started way back as early as 1925

  33. #25 Scholastic
    Yes,there is a difference between the Chikunda(Luangwa and Feira in Moz) and Kunda in Malambo (Mambwe/Mfuwe).But I can assure you the older generation is of the frogs and its reality despite them having game meat and others.

  34. why is chiluba’s skin so light in fact and that of his wife? any idea where they buy soaps and creams from? too many questions next i will ask where they first met and what sort of lives they led with there exes, they seem happy i think they were both in similar situations when they met.:d

  35. How about mbewa, nsengele, bush baby, velvet monkey? Zambians eat these, not to emntion wopani. Ever wondered the suppliments used in some of the polonies you consume, especially those manufactured by companies that do not take halaal/kosha laws seriously. And I hope you have never taken any organic aphrodisiac from china.

  36. In addition to frogs, people in some parts of Zambia eat tortoises!! When I was 3-6 years old I saw one guy from Southern Province roasting and eating turtles.

  37. #58 It could be his natural skin. I have always suspected Chiluba and Katumbi to be from samae ancestry (Greeks).

  38. #55, i hope Mule reads your post, fair reasoning. Holocaust (early 1940s) had to be reproduced by national geographic in coulour using software………so the original was black and white.

  39. Am so loving the old Kitwe pics, whats shocking is KItwe’s infrastucture has not been improved upon over the years… were did we go wrong indeed.

  40. kanshi ba mushota, ku SCOTLAND mulanda lyonse… i think niwe mbulwa amano… mutoba mbale ulelwisha ukupwa ku musungu…. echo wilaba @ ulukapuba. walandako fimbi ukuchila scotland.

  41. #hey 59, you are right…

    Chiluba grabbed another man’s wife– Mr Mwanza from Ngola. Regina is a house wrecker– left her husband for Kafupi Chiluba.. all these smiles and artificial lovings per say are just to make up for their sins– both are adulterers.. both these guys left their exes ..each with multitude adult kids and are now living a stolen sweetheart dream-life style hence the showy loving atmosphere.. they are both rogues, rotten monkey and rat.. smell the stench???

  42. Nice pics LT. Pic18 Interesting, How do they prepare those frogs. I would like to taste them. Pic10 OMG look at how clean kitwe was. Captain Solo doesn’t look too healthy

  43. You need to travel to discover that life is really not what you think it is. I saw a documentary, no, a clip on Chintobentobe of people in Luapula who catch snails to eat

  44. Pict 12.
    We have forgotten about the stolen Geoffrey Hambulo!
    Oh! Zambian politicians are very good at spouse theft hey! Even the women are at it!
    There must be something in the water. One can count on one hand the number of politicians who have ‘forgotten all others’ and stuck to ONE spouse ’till death shall part’ them! Thank God for a Saviour, we need one.

  45. @ VOTE ZONDWE shut up if you don’t knw what u are talking about.if a photo has been reproduced to colour does it make it a fake? if you think so then you must be seeing in black and white.

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