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Zim Shocks Msiska’s U23

Sports Zim Shocks Msiska's U23

Lucky Msiska got a shock welcome to his high level competitive coaching debut when Zimbabwe beat his charges 3-2 in a Maputo 2011 All-Africa Games football tournament qualifier at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka today.

Zimbabwe dominated their hosts and showed their worth with all three goals coming in the first half.

Simba Sithole got show off to a bright start with his sides first on 17 minutes. 

Highly-rated striker Denver Mukamba added Zimbabwe’s second on 22 minutes before Sithole completed his brace in the 34th minute.

Zesco United winger Chileshe Kangwa got one in the 27th minute to see the two sides go 3-1 into the break.

Meanwhile, a last minute goal from substitute Chakwa Lungu from Zesco kept Zambia in with a very slim chance of advancing.

Zambia needs to score two goals without reply in the return leg on January 22 at Rufaro Stadium to advance to the first round qualifying stage. 

A 1-0 win will force the match into extra time and later penalties.


  1. Why do we bother, Bola pa Zed is finished, unless ama spirits yaba Ucar Godfrey Chitalu, abena yellow man and all the guys who perished are put in place, then it is just this mediocre performance we will get and be happy with it. As much as I would want to give support to the young ones, I still feel that abaume have gone and all we have now are women in trousers, I am just saying!!!!!! Kufileka fye mwe!!!!!!!!! So upsetting.

  2. Thats how scoccer is.. Beaten at home meaning losing away match. No teams winning away matches could be easily be beaten on home ground. Foreign based players should arrive weeks b4 match NOT hours before hand. Msiska need to drop later comers… how good they might be, long flight to the game make them tired although looking physically fit


  4. I said Msiska is a joke, do you agree?

    He talks a lot and delivers little.

    Msiska go away, you are a laughing stock, we dont need you. pack your bags. I would love to see someone like Wenger, Mourinho, mancini replace him


  5. #6:
    you need to improve not only your reasoning but also on you basic english. I havent heard anyone talking on this blog, so i dont know which SPEAKER you’re refering to. Also, what makes you feel dat home ground advantage doesnt exist? From psychological point of view, motivation plays a criticle role for succes especially in competitions like this one, and thats exatly what home ground and suppoters provide.

    Back to the topic: Msisiska must go, he is just another failure and noise maker. we need Lwandamina back.

  6. Kadobi wa nsekesha!! LOL

    Mushota, kwati mwali kwatapo “bucks” to pay your favourite coaches!! As always dreaming I guess!!
    Leave out our “Special one”, who knows “good quality eggs, & where to buy them from!”

  7. # 7 Mushota, I will not say nothing, you won, congratulations. Where you the one who threw ka G-string at Fwayo in 80th minute? The Zambian boys have really skill, they played entertaining game. Bonetti should adopt that team as senior Chipolopolo.

  8. Friendly blogging today thats how it shud be mwe ma zambians. Wish someone cud hack all those who grew up in insulting homes.

  9. Too bad for pipo who support Zambian football. In Zambian pipo are too stubborn always talking shit. Whenever these *****s say something fellow fools follow making em think they know everything. Shame on you. Msiska & his Galu boss thot if him Msiska win that game pressure will be on bonetti but now he is laughing at you. It’s better to lose away than at home.

  10. Its not leadership that plays no 17. Commitment. Players are not committed. You cant just loose to a team like Zim. Abana bakuifyalilafye. These young boys need to go out there and market themselves. This has nothing to do with leadership

  11. Why not just accept ati tuli makula. There are just too many excuses from as many pretending to be experts. We lost because we are crap. Let us just support our female boxer uyu Phiri instead waisting out time discussing our useless football

  12. I agree with # 17 and disagree 18. What marketing are you talking? This is about leadership problem . In a broken home don’t expect to have well behaved children same as football. Don’t just blame players coaches must take responsibility even when the team loses not only when they win. Msiska welcome to reality. These are not under 5 you used to train.

  13. Having watched the game at Nkoloma yesterday the guy who played No. 2 and the goal keeper are the two who were below par and cost the game. To me Msiska just needs to work on the backline and the goal and he will carry the day in Zimbabwe. All the three goals Zimbabwe scored yesterday was as a result of failure by the No. 2 who didn’t seem to know whether he was playing No. 2 or 4 and left his No. 11 unmarked all the time and the goalkeeper who for some reason thought he was the Captain of the team concentrating more on giving his instructions than minding his goal.

    Having watched this and the game against Kuwait, I think Lucky Msiska understands our kind of soccer and is a better couch than BONNITA.

  14. Ban football and try netball maybe Zambia can perform better. Never a fan of Zambian football since the 90’s after our dedicated Zambian men perished off the Coast of Gabon i stopped watching or following amakula in Zambia.

  15. Even ba Kaboke ba TP Mazembe bala wina ko, ifwe we are still at Mine Police level, and yet mu finwa ku kula kwati fya ngwena nangu infubu lol, ba fwa tile

  16. elo ku kabuka inkondo ta mula ka la tonkola fye ulubilo, ni kandinde mpela ulu bilo chapwa. Bunda bwa ku temwa ukulya and more esp. mukolwe. Ba fwatile kuti mwa lusa shani ku mpaka?

  17. Ukulandalanda pa Zed! Coach loses one game and he must go! Ba coach nabo he must focus on the pitch U can only talk if u are a Mourinho. Elyo Simataa shud not grow horns. Who allowed him in the dressing room? FAZ must now fire him He has given Kalu FIFA reasons to ban him from Zambian soccer

  18. You pipo muli na nthawi yowonga. These chaps only perform if no Zambian is aware of or interested in what they’re doing, when we just hear ati bawina uku.

  19. Its a shame to loose to ZIMBABWE more especially after a failed Cecafa outing . Dont pay them their allowances , players and coaches

  20. Lets use descent names Bwaima whose? and who do u want to **** after Bwaima? Banoko? Also lets use English mwebantu????

  21. Its too early to judge Msiska,let’s see what the picture looks like after 5 games in charge. And one thing I note from the 2 losses to Zim and kuwait is that both coaches have complained of the failure by FAZ to have their desired players available.

  22. I said anything national team football for now iz out until sanity iz restored at Football House. So lets beg FIFA to allow us have that FAZ indaba NOW! and not in March.

  23. That very same ego being demonsstrated by some bloggers is the one that saw Zambia being sent to the cleaners. Foremost Zimbabwe is a far much better team that Zambia so you cant be surprised to loose to them. Their youngsters play in a much more organised and competitive league than their Zambians counterpart so I wonder how someone can say how can we loose to Zimbabwe. Utter rubbish! at the end of the day we look at the scoreboard an Zim were exceptional

    The problem is you put yourselves were you are not, you are just a mediocre side thats all

    Well done Zim for teaching these overzealous Zambians a footballing lesson!

  24. Are bembas educated coz thats the only language am getting on this blog .use english fellas if u think education is expensive try ignorance .missing zambianfooball.net it has been hacked lol

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