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Barotse meeting illegal – Police [ See Comments for Updates on Current Situation in Mongu]


THE Zambia Police Service has maintained that the planned meeting today by a group calling itself the Linyungandambo and the Barotse Freedom Movement (BFM) remains cancelled and protesters will be arrested if they go ahead.

Western Province police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba said the police will arrest anyone who will attempt to assemble in Limulunga.

“The organisers of the meeting have been informed that their meeting has been cancelled and those who will attempt to defy the order should be ready to collide with the law,” Mr Mweemba said.

He said the message of the cancellation of the meeting planned for today is clear and those who will want to test the law will find out what it means to break the law.

Northern Rhodesian provinces in the 1920s

The Linyungandambo group and the BFM are insisting on a meeting which they are calling the Limulunga Declaration.

Sources within the Linyungandambo and the BFM say the planned meeting will go ahead with or without a police permit. The sources said the Linyungandambo is not calling for violence and that there is no need for the police to surround the Limulunga Village, the royal home of the Litunga.

“We are peaceful people. We have always been peaceful and all we want are our rights,” one source said.

[pullquote]He said the message of the cancellation of the meeting planned for today is clear and those who will want to test the law will find out what it means to break the law.[/pullquote]

So far, the situation is calm. In the market place in Limulunga, some people are not even aware of what is going on and are wondering who the Linyungandambo is representing.

Some teachers at Limulunga Basic School described the planned meeting as a scandal which Government should not allow.

The teachers said it is not right for the Linyungandambo and the BFM to cause confusion and panic in Mongu because Zambia is a country of many tribes.

The teachers said those who are threatening to expel non-Lozi-speaking people from Western Province should also start calling for Lozis outside Western Province to go back to the province.

The Western Province administration has named a Mr Maxwell Mututwa as the man who is allegedly behind the clandestine acts of calling for secession. A team of senior citizens in Mongu early in the week went to Senanga to meet Mr Mututwa to urge him to stop his activities.

The Linyungandambo and BFM have been going around homes in Mongu and Limulunga asking for donations towards the planned meeting.

Meanwhile, REBECCA CHILESHE reports that the Kuomboka Kufuluhela Committee of Lusaka has endorsed the stand of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) that discussions on the Barotseland Agreement should focus on a unitary state.

Committee chairperson Oliver Saasa said during a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that it is important to resolve the issue.

Professor Saasa said as a cultural association, the Kuomboka committee would like to assure all ethnic groups in Western Province and outside that anyone who recognises past kings of Barotseland who brought tribes together must recognise members of these tribes as equals.

He said besides, there is no such tribe as Lozi as the Lozi group consists of many ethnic and tribal groups and the Lozi language itself is not even originally Zambian but a derivative of the Sesotho language following the invasion of the Barotseland by Kololos.

“The committee would like to call upon both Government and the BRE to provide the needed leadership in facilitating dialogue as this is the only way that unresolved issues can be dealt with,” he said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Well, this article seems very biased and one wonders what they will say next if multitudes congregate in Limulunga today. For one, I do not believe there is any sane person resident in either Limulunga or Senanga not aware of the meeting today and singling out Mr Mututwa will not do because there seems to be a lot more big fish and small ones alike eager to attend the meeting and collide with Peacewell if need be. It is inflexibility like this which sparks wars. As for Dora, the was for years reading news on ZNBC and knows Jerry Adams and his Sinn Fein were starved of the oxygen of the press by Lady Thatcher regime and yet prevailed. How people never learn!

  2. Ok……….so……… meeting. ………..i think the best placed people handling the Barotse issue are doing that right now and when they are finished they will at the right time inform the people. The good think is govt has agreed to talk that mature enough. And if you call someone to talk then you are trying to listern to what they are saying. Bottom line the Baroste agreement is valid and govt has no choice but to include it in the Constitution. Actually it doesnt get anything from the rest of Zambia. If they refuse to include it in the Constitution then the declaration of independence has been abrogated…….you know what that means.

  3. Our people must go ahead and gather to discuss as planned. Let no one and nothing stop them. They are more imporatnt and bigger than Dora Siliya’ degree. Moreover, the ZP has no capacity and right to stop willed Zambians to their cause. Its high time some of us raised some money to sponsor our people to equip themselves with tear gass gear so that each can wear it and ZP will fire to no avail. ZP cant use live bullents against innocent and unarmed citizens. I hereby call for well wishes to join me as we buy tear gass gear for every electorate. This is a need for every voter to guide their vote in 2011.

  4. Its sad that in this election year, Zambians will have to protect themselvies from the Police and no the police protecting them. I pledge 1 million tear gass gear

  5. Is this so-called Limulunga Declaration the declaration of ‘independence’ whereafter all non-Lozis should vacate Western Province as announced on Radio Phoenix by Mutangelwa?
    As Peacewell has said, there will be no such meeting and the government should deal firmly and decisively with these terrorists. Ask the Namibians how they dealt with their Lozi secessionists in the Caprivi Strip and they will tell you.

  6. Cant wait for a show down.If the barotse activists dont put up a show today then they should remain silent forever than the rhetoric they have been exposing us to…………….Waiting!

  7. This document does not call for separation from Zambia. The people of western Province are fed up with under-development and un-employement. They are calling for drastic changes in the way maginalised provinces i.e Western & North Western. Allow them to rally and debate. Why are the Police exited?

  8. Independence Day of the Lozi people today from Zed…lets wait earnestly & see if this wet-dream will materialize.

  9. what everyone is nmot explaining is the £98m trnsfered to central government after indepence.we are told £ was £1-K1. These are hard questions we are supposed to be told,am supprised KK is mute about this Barotse thing.Dont we have elderly people living today who are knowledgeable about this thing

  10. A Federal System of Government for Zambia is the answer. Let the local people determine their own development. Waiting for Lusaka to take development to provinces is what is causing under-development in Zambia. The Zambian government stole the 78 million pounds that belonged to the Lozis but have done nothing for them to the equivalent of half that amount.

  11. sought them out zambia police. My view is that the BRE should come out in the open and state their position and they should as well dialogue with gorvernment, not the stupid linyungandambo -who are they by the way.

    Please sought out the Linyungandambo beforre they become a cancer and affect the whole country -a stich in time serves nine and limbula isansa talilamena imishila.

  12. If Govt sits down to dialogue with these guys, know that they will start demanding for something else. Just firmly deal with them. They have just smoked mbanje and drunk sipeso and start thinking they can take the country to ransom for something that was done buy a white person. Those boundaries they are talking about were done by a white guy. How can it be autority this time and age. 47 year later.

  13. Now those who say Barotseland extends up to the line of rail, can you produce your maps. This map is as old as it gets.
    Munyono#10 – That £98 (or was it £74) million was paid as mineral royalties to the Litunga by the BSA Company from minerals mined in Lambaland. That money rightly belongs to the Lambas who were defrauded by both the Litunga and the BSA Company. If push comes to shove, the Lambas should be compensated with interest.
    Mind you, Lambas were never, ever ruled by the Lozis and the Litunga had no right to anything from Lambaland.

  14. Red Card you are an ass hole. why do you want violence? the people wanting independence are rebels period. Rebels must be met with brutal force and the police are not even the right people to do this. because it threatens national security the military are on standby I know. And now that the ring leader has been identified the war is over. What the Lozi’s must do is talk about this maturely, even us bembas we will advocate for the autonomy once the Lozi’s are successful. We are watching this very closely. you dont need an agreement of 1964 to seek the chitimukulu’s leadership in Northern province you can make a 2011 agreement

  15. The biggest mistake govt is committing is to stifle debate over this issue,i believe and its scientific that if you want to avoid an explosion as a result of built up pressure,its wise that you create a vent were the pressure can slowly spill out.

    Talking,free speech in a democracy is like a vent,people need to be given a safety valve,if you close up the valves you just helping to build up pressure which might lead to a very big explosion and this is what Dora and her minions are fermenting,

    Let the peopl talk pliz

  16. if the debate has proven to be toxic to piece then it must be curtailed.the organisers of these meetings have not renounce violence and every statement is inflammatory it the duty of government to step in for the greater good. freedom of speech should not mean you threaten the safety of others.

    I agree with you to some extent, but sometimes its the same freedom of speach that people abuse and eventually cause chaos. In Rwanda, the same freedom for the media to freely express their views on the radio, about who is superior and is inferior, was what partly caused the genocide. I agree with the GOVT restricting the media from discussing the barotse agreement on radio. Lets find a better way of resolving this issue. The views expressed by alot of callers on phone-in programs discussing the Barotse agreement is quiet inciting.
    This is my perspective, what is yours?

  18. #12 you are spot on. A federal system is actually the answer. Lusaka has seen a lot of development coming out of money that it does not generate itself. That is why pipo rush to Lusaka. The money and control of all resources is in Lusaka. That is totally wrong and a good constitution should reverse this. Many constitution making processes have recommended decentralisation but it has been ignored.

  19. Mututwa is not the only ring leader many more are behind it. You will arrest or do whatever but many more are there? As the chokwes we will not let it die a natural death but continue bringing hell to Zambia until we remove the stubbornness in the leaders of zambia.

  20. ” The teachers said those who are threatening to expel non-Lozi-speaking people from Western Province should also start calling for Lozis outside Western Province to go back to the province. ”

    This is the problem I have with decentralization to the provincial level. You are going to get new wrangles about who is a ‘real’ (fill in the blank).

    And that is why I would suggest that real decentralization should be to the local government level, even below district level. Put local councils in charge of basic services, by empowering them with both legal rights and their share of 50% of national revenues. Healthcare, education, policing, utilities, and administration.

    That takes care of tribalism including as a national issue, of overconcentration of government in the capital, etc.

  21. I think the idea to stop discussion on this issue will cause it to explode. We fought for freedom of speech so that we can hear each other. I don’t condone what the BPM are doing and want to do by using state instrument to stiffle free speech is a bad precedent that can be used in future by any leader.

    Any lawyers on this blog, can you file an injunction on behalf of radio stations and TV stations. This is not discussing the BA is not hate speech

  22. give the BFM a chance to assemble to express their views, its a consultation process, why do we get jiterly over fear of the unknown, democratic rights, let people go and witness and see how the process goes, if the Litunga and BRE are not interested they should know that some of their subjects, want to tackle the issue once and for all. go ahead boys. but do peaceful assembly and no violence, discuss sobberly

  23. KK ‘s Silence on important national issues is surprising and disappointing, to say the least.
    He used to talk during Chiluba and Mwanawasa. He is totally silent now.
    Mandela comments on national issues.
    What is happening??

  24. #17 Ricky Bobby?

    yes this map is as old as it gets. I think these guys are basing their claims on anything with the word “WEST” in it must have been under the Litunga. They look at present day copperbelt and say it was called Western Province , so it must be under the Litunga, they look at North Western Province and see a West and put it under the Litunga. I just don’t know what reasoning they are using to claim Livingstone. I don’t see anything West on Southern Province.

  25. Police do your job, cage the Lozi rebels and terrorists, actually get to the big fish not this small ones called Mutangelwa. We don’t want another Rwanda in Africa.

  26. How long will the police wait for us here, immediately they go we will strike the shit out of this. Time has come…..

  27. #20 Spot on. This is not about freedom of speech or assembly, we are dealing with terrorist that have sworn to running ethnic cleansing in Western province and some media houses seem to want to encourage them to go ahead and do that. This is subversive and the government is right to act. If you break the law, sorry you lose your right to tenets enshrined in the constitution for law abiding citizens.

    This ban is specific to these terrorist ground and we can be giving mini “Osama Bin Ladins” a platform to broadcast their message and threaten other ethnic groupings in Western Province.

    Fred Mmembe’s editorial today is nauseating to say the least. I challenge him if he has real stuff between his legs to allow people post comments on his editorial on Post Website. Why is he afraid…

  28. You think this will not go far or die a natural death watch us, unless this stubborn govt is ready to dialogue and do it as soon as possible.

  29. it takes good leaders to resolve whatever problems the people might be facing using dialogue and NOT guns, therefore we(Zambians) would like to see our current republican president mr R-Banda resolve the Barotse issue using integrity n dialogue and not using the gun to intimidate the weak citizens.

  30. ctd from #31..Mmembe can never be a champion of freedom of speech or expression when he clearly does not allow anybody to post any comments or opinions on his editorials. Every comment I have posted there has not been ever published. He thinks what he says is what society needs to follow. Freedom of speech cuts both ways and is not a one way lane, neither can Mmembe claim to have the final word on any issue in our society. I even challenge those who support him to prove to us if you have ever posted a comment different from Mmembe on his web site and it has gotten published. This man is a little dictator, don’t take him at face value.

  31. I wonder under which little stone ‘YES, WE CAN’ is hiding? He has told us elsewhere the boundaries of Barotseland but has never dared to produce a single map to prove his assertions. Can you please come out of your hiding place and refute this map with proof and not just rhetoric.
    And yes, for once I agree with MMD Chief Bootlicker @34 – I have written critiques to The Post a number of times and Fred Mmembe never publishes them, as reputable newspapers in other countries do. The Post is not a credible newspaper.

  32. Its amazing how ill informed some of you *****s are on this matter, i suggest that those who havent read the Agreement stay mute coz yo ignorance is quiet frankly appauling. Nw back to the issue, i would like to urge all well meaning zambians to emulate what the Lozi pipo are fighting for, we r tired of this political mustarbation that we are subjected to by Chiluba and his minions. its time pipo determined the way they shud deliver development than being subjected to showdy deals. VIVA BAROTSE AGREEMENT!

  33. Let yo government leave these people to express their freedom of expression. They are not for violence, but they just want to gather to express their feelings abt what is undergoing in the country, that is why they chose Limulunga the Home of THE KAONGOLO KA NYAMBE. What the government is doing wont end this issue u like or not.

  34. A meeting to threaten other tribes and incite genocide? Is that supposed to be tolerated by govt. No ways. The army is ready to move in and restore order. Take it from me. The message has been delivered and im delivering it to you now:There will be no splitting of zambia into many small parts!

  35. Who is LOZI by the way.
    Is the Litunga really representing the people of western province.
    I think the BRE is part of the issue. What have they done to help steer development in Western Province.
    The BA64 has only benefited the Litunga, his family and a few connected people. The marjority of the citizens especialy in deep rural have remained poor and they have actually accepted POVERTY as normal.

  36. There is more to it than meets the eye. Singling out ex- Induna Maxwell Mututwa will not solve this problem. RB and his govt should allow a free debate. This is not time for deploying large contigents of paras. Its time for using brains so that the whole issue is solved peacefully. The more the Govt supresses the advoctes of the Barotse Agreement the more the Group gains recognition. Lets not make heros out of nothing. Last year I followed a debate on MUTV between Mr.Nkomesha of Kazanga and Prince Mutwangelwa. It was nice and I wish such could be aired on both Radio and TV. As for the Professor those his own views but he is missing a point coz he has his business interests to serve. This reminds me of how KK mishandled the late Mushala’s demands. This whole thing needs sober minds to…

  37. am a lozi but my tribe is not bigger than the zambia in my heart i say build a military base in this land and if it comes to nonsense just start shooting these fools will never cause trouble in my beloved Zambia bunch of uneducated people just looking for money arrest them all ba fika la.

  38. #3.
    There is no need to buy tear gas masks for these activists. We have information that the Black Bulls have a very powerful Sangoma (Sitondo) in their echelons, who will make bees rain from heaven and sting all the riot gear masked policemen. Not only that but that all the police guns today will fire water vapor and not bullets just in case they try to fire live bullets. So worry not. They are well protected.

  39. I am a Zambian based in Namibia. If these guys wanted this thing to work, they would have done it when Namibia was still under SA and UNITA was powerful near the Zambian borders. In 1999, Namibia crushed an armed rebellion from a group from Caprivi who wanted the region to secede from Namibia. I don’t think Namibia wants to see, a new state on its borders as that will encourage Caprivi to secede as well. So war wont work for now, the need bases somewhere. If I was in government, I would be reluctant to explore for diamonds and oil in Western province, because I am sure they would want secession (some people) with all the riches. I agree with the money they want about 1 billion rands came from Lambaland. Even if they had to get 1 billion rand, the money is nothing to run a country.

  40. I like the map not the nonsense one we have now. BRE can survive alone , i can see it also takes part of present North western and copperbelt provinces, Iam sure we have beacons, we can start surveying and restore the borders.It seems eastern province where my president comes from has no change in terms of borders with other provinces.

  41. Fear is no longer applicable i have just phoned mongu roads have been blocked with big trees people have put road blocks police cant pass using vehicles, the cops are out numbered,the cops are shooting but people are advancing,GRZ vehicles are being stoned. All this could have been avoided if they allowed these people to have their meeting. stopping meeting is just proving to be a wrong option and making heroes out of nothing. we must all obey the law but the law was made for man and not man for the law.

  42. #31 & 34.
    I am not sure why you are worried about Mmembe’s gutter paper. The post always quotes ‘high placed sources.’ The postbag is full of letters from concerned citizens. They will show pictures of crowds being addressed by their chosen canditate. They are not only anti-RB, they are anti – good. Just see how they promote lunatics like Fartherless Bwalya.
    What consoles me is that they never win. Their agenda will never take root.

  43. #53 Yes people have a right to protest, but when they start threatening the lives of other people just because they belong to a different ethnic group, then that right is no longer valid. What about the rights of Mbundas, Luvales, Nkoyas and others to life? The threat of ethnic cleansing has to be taken seriously. Some of us were actually sympathetic to some of the demands being made by these people but as soon as ordinary people minding their own lives were threatened with death, then am sorry our position changed. Who are these people to determine who has a right to live or not?

  44. I ask Government to be level headed when dealing with this very important issue. I can assure you, go ahead and KILL the messengers of the Barotse Agreement 1964 but you will never KILL the message.

  45. For Gods sack, let these Lozi people get their land and already their land is poor full of sand. And all Lozi people in different provinces should start packing too. I SEE DEAD LOZI PEOPLE!!!

  46. Ndate Sicaba the talk of Sitonda gainst modern military weapons is a big joke. What is neede is dialogue involving all stakeholders. We need sober minds to sort out this sensitive issue. USA used military solution in Iraq & Afiganstan and canons are still sounding and yet no solution in sight. Every peace loving Zambian should stand and urge al stakeholders to be sober minded and pay maximum attention to those advoctes of Barotse Agreement. In Africa we never learn in Ivory Coast there are 2 opposing camps and the world is watching yet time is running out. There is real danger of the subject escalating in full scale civil war. RB should be impartial in the way he handles this matter coz is at the helm of power. Those paras and commanders should not be trigger happy the issue is delicate

  47. It is worth following the BRE and Government agreed way of resolving this. Now that Government has even shown the willingness to dialogue it is worth commending the GRZ led by the President of our own choice RB. Please avoid violence. No need.

  48. Those charged with security matters of this country should be bold enough and advise the politicians in clear terms without fear or favour what is obtaining on the ground. What was the state security apparatus doing all along without gathering enough intelligency and averted the situation right in the bud. This is the problem when corruption eats into govt machinery and society. The whole issue is being handled with intimidation etc. This whole issue should not be treated with casual approach. RB and his Govt should pay much attention to voice of those activitists and find a lasting solution once andfor all otherwise this thing will be supressed by force today only to resurface in future. This issue has the potential to derail peace and postpone forthcoming elections and prolong MMD’s…

  49. I seem to agree with the police, why should someone want to disturb the peace we have. Arrest any one disturbing peace. This is how conflicts start. By the way, what tribe is the devil? he must be a lozi..hahaha

  50. Ricky Bobby 17 you got it very wrong mate the £98 mill or is it £74 was not mainly from mining royalties you are talking of a situation after 1964. The people of Barotseland had a system supported by BRE of going to work in surrounding Countries including, South Africa and Southern Rhodesia called, “Winela” they paid taxes into the BRE which went into development programmes. The BRE also collected local taxes in relation to such fishing, trading, timber etc. These activities form a large chunk of the money that was ceased hence the anger. What people forget as Sata said, Lewanika was a unifying factor, the protection from Britain meant tribes within the Barotse domain benefited and were safe from being taken into slavery as slavery was not condoned in Barotseland. The other benefit of

  51. Let them (LOZI’s) chase the non Lozis from their sand area & poor terrains. BUT should they do that, let them know that we don’t need their relatives in our land too..tit for tat..let them start what they cant finnish, who bothers but it will be tit for tat..!!

  52. of the protection was that the mines have remained in Zambia today, as during the scramble for Africa the Beligians among other Europeans were moving in to grab that part. So by all means let us also look at the merits of what King Lewanika had done instead of condemning everything. Besides the other chiefs were at liberty to negotiate their own treaties directly, why didn’t they do that? Let us value and cherish our history and embrace one-another.

  53. Who is it that welcomed the first white settlers in zambia? The damn lozi’s they sold us! They r luck kk didnt exterminate them! Afta independence.i wud they should shut up!

  54. Up to this day you have radio stations in South Africa broadcasting in Lozi because our people who stayed on having gone to work under Winela. That is the bigger picture, but people are free to re-write history if it helps install a sense of pride. Also the map provided above is not the boundary of Barotse at 1964 if the issue is 1964 let us stick to 1964 at independence Barotse had been transformed into Barotse province of Zambia. Those that are trying to mislead people otherwise to include areas outside modern day Western Province are mainly trying to fuel anger. Let us be logical, the 1964 agreement is by far different from the 1902

  55. Well #67, tiz good dem Lozi people welcomed de white folks…you see, we be still wearing tree bark held together wit vine…so on dat part, they did good.Dey facilitated civilization of de bantu!

  56. Thanks Nachale, look at our neighbours who were colonised by Portugal, France and Belgium. What they have had to go through. We are all communicating in English but condemning our ancestors who enabled us to have this access and safe-landing pad! I have heard people talking ill about the Litunga’s ceremonial dress code, what about the uniforms police and the army wear, where did they come from. What about the trousers and dresses we wear, should we all go back to Cow Skin mini-skirts?

  57. guys so far 4 people have died in mongu today, three in limulunga and one in town. it seems this issue if not well handled will spark fire.

  58. if its only western province they want let them have it. But if its southern, nw, half of lusaka and cb, then they can go hung. Its a war they want

  59. Its really stupid to attack non lozis in western province. What about all the lozis outside western province?So irresponsible these sessesionists.

  60. The Police should have allowed people to express their views. Now the situation is bad who is to blame the Boma and its leaders.

  61. No 17 the 78 million pounds was not the money form the mines in Zambia.The money came from South Africa thro WENELA.As you know the Loziz before they never worked in Northern Rhodesia mines if they were very few like the late King Bikusita Lewanika.Most of the Lozi worked in gold mines in Jonesburg and other areas in South Africa.This was the same for malawi.It was only in 1966 when Munukayumbwa Sipalo toured western province to them the Government has stoped the Lozi going to work in South Africa.The 3% of the money of these workers was paid to the Baroste Protective Government and this is the money which was taken and part of it was used built the present Bank of Zambia.

  62. Kwena kwaliba ifipuba. This age dragging country into such foolish acts. Zambia army, zambia police. please shoot those lozi pukns on site.

    One zambia one nation

  63. It is better to seperate emotioms from real issues here. Let us not be too quick to condemn these beloved Zambians who are not surprisingly calling themselves Barotse people. We must not give to the dogs the fact that BRE exists. It is something to talk about. The fact that Zambia was constitutionary recognised as a unitary state is ground enough for our brothers and sisters to follow up the conditions on which BRE was signed. The Zambian govt should listen and deal with the issue with caution. Otherwise throwing the issue to the public might easily end in anarchy. AND DON’T THINK THAT DOING AWAY WITH THOSE ACTIVISTS IS NOT A CRIME.

  64. #81 Why then did the royal establishment not develop the province if it had that amount of money? £78 million pounds in 1964 is a lot of money. I dont know what it would be in today’s terms but surely it would be around £2billion. Would the colonial administration have allowed an African sovereign to have that amount of money? Also lets not forget that people went to work in the south and other areas because they had to pay poll tax. This would mean that the workers from Barotseland would have had two burdens – one tax for poll tax and the other to the royal establishment.#71 The SABC also broadcasts in Chichewa.

  65. the information i have received is that they have also broken windows at stanchart bank. they have also blocked the roads in and out of mongu. Will keep you updated.

  66. Cha ona munzako chapita mawa chili pali iwe? Only a heartless person can rejoice over death of a fellow being. Who are we to condemn others to death? Do not forget what happened during the massive privatisation of companies by MDD in early 1990s’ some of the people who were in jobs then laughed at those that had lost jobs, but it was a matter of time when they too were in the streets. Let us stand together, “united we stand, divided we fall” mark my words!!

  67. No 86 you are right the money was kept in big safes.very big almost 3meters tall they are still there in Lielui.Why they did not use the money there was no proper struture of civil service the only structure at district level was district commisioner a white person who could not control the BRE.The DCs only got money from the villagers which they used to pay the police and other colonial civil servants.The BRE was only getting instructions from the queen in England.

  68. Undertaker – update please. You seem to be the only one inbedded in the war zone. I pray that you won’t be one of the casualities. LT has no journalists there otherwise they will have updated us. They are paid for copying and pasting.

  69. Chomba Malaila 86 There was rapid development in Barotse then, going back to 1907 when Barotse National School (BNS) was built being one of the first schools in region at that time. This school provided academic and trade programmes, as early as 1915 a local gentleman had been appointed Head Master taking over from a white. Schools were built across the province, Lewanika General Hospital was built in 1923. You had specialist clinics built across all bomas; Mangango hospital in Kaoma, there was an eye hospital in Kalabo and so on and so forth, but all this development stalled soon after integration why?

  70. The situation in Mongu is Bad.Am informed Mabenga’s house on fire,auditor general’s office on fire,standard chartered windows broken and the council, 4 dead and I hear the riot has entered another stage. PLEASE SOMEONE NEEDS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

  71. Things aint good..this is serious and the mmD govt will be foolish to ignore this…big things come in small parcels..remember that

  72. i am truly disappointed by the post newspaper. they risk becoming irrelevant. how can they take such a position on this Baroste debate. the demand no civility from the the people spearhead this debate, they ask for no accountability for the threats of lives of the innocent zambians working hard in western province and at the same time ask for an extremely high standard from the Gov. No its time the Post to tone down our country is under threat not politics.

  73. Strictly speaking, I do not think that the Barotseland was a British Protectorate. This can be argued in court. If it was, why did Lubosi 1 who was Litunga, for the second time asking, complain to Queen Victoria about the BSAC? The BSAC tricked Lubosi by signing his land over to them while pretending to be to the British Crown. It was when the administration of the whole land of North Western and North Eastern Rhodesia was handed over to the British Crown that the British Crown acknowledged sovereinty over the Barotseland in circa 1922. The Lewanika who signed had died 6 years ealier! From 1916 to 1964 we had Yeta III, Imwiko and Mwanawina not to mention Regents! The baRotse stuck to being British all along but the British were not interested.

  74. However, the British government felt obliged to grant baRotse a say in an independent Zambia. Hence, the Barotse Agreement. The intention of that document is the ‘washing of hands by the British’ rather than the taking over of Barotseland by Kaunda’s Zambia. However, KK and his friends were united in seeking a ONE Zambia and ONE nation under ONE flag, that is why no stone was left unturned to expunge the idea of a baRotseland from 1964 on. The coronation of Godwin Mbikusita Lewanika in 1968 also helped towards this goal and followed by a nationalist Ilute Yeta IV. The agreement was to establish a united Zambia and not an autonomous kingdom within Zambia.

  75. N# 8,Don’t just single out two provinces.That’s being short-minded and tribalism.It seems you have not travelled around all corners of Zambia…or may be you are only comparing Lusaka/Copperbelt with Western/North-Western.
    Please, let’s be realistic and put GOD first in everything.

  76. things are calm in the office but life has come to a stand still here…
    offices are closed…shops are closed..teargas everywhere…awe sure

  77. no one is working in Mongu except for me of course…….
    people have gone home…the town is now quite…
    the battle zone is town center and limulunga area….
    teargas is everwhere
    and they are firing live bullets

  78. gilbert lubinda@89 peddling falsitudes. Barotseland was administered from Lusaka by the Governor of Northern Rhodesia and before that from Salisbury through Lusaka by the Governor of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland.
    In June 1890,the Litunga was led into signing the Lochner Concession — which assigned mineral and trading rights of Barotseland to the British South Africa Company (BSAC)—without a full understanding of what the agreement said…
    This Concession contained clauses which had not been discussed with the Litunga and omitted others which had been verbally agreed. Upon this realisation, the Litunga wrote to the Queen who ignored these entreaties.
    If the Litunga received instructions directly from the Queen, why was he pointedly ignored?

  79. Historically, Barotseland’s status at the onset of the colonial era differed from the other regions which became Zambia. It was the first territory north of the Zambezi to sign a minerals concession and protectorate agreement with the British South Africa Company (BSAC) of Cecil Rhodes. Later Lewanika protested to London and to Queen Victoria that the BSAC agents had misrepresented the terms of the concession, but his protests fell on deaf ears, and in 1900 Britain formally annexed the territory as a protectorate and governed it as part of North-Western Rhodesia

  80. Undertaker in other words how would you guage the amount of support the freedom movement has among the population?

  81. smith says: you son of bitch who are you calling animals, you are luck i dont know where to find you. masila amaho nja

  82. I called somebody down there,he claims 3 people have been shot dead by the police,the guy is a Dr at Mongu Central Hospital,undertaker,can you confirm that?
    Ok,the lozis have balls,they are not full of hot air like Bembas.I thought they would chicken out

  83. #91.
    That is not the line taken by Sata and the Post on this issue.
    The latest is that some govt building housing the PS and Council have been stoned & damaged. Seven people have died five in Limulunga and two in town. Several have been injured from both sides some seriously including one policeman. Some shops and vehicles have also been damaged. The activists have insisted in having their meeting at Limulunga. However, right now they have been teargassed heavily and they are in hiding. There is relative calm. From three independent sources.

  84. Undertaker please give us more update on the events as they unfold in Mongu snd Limulunga. Who are firing live bullets is it the local cops or reinforcements from Para Lilayi? Are the pipo being fired upon armed or not. Mighty South Africa then under aparthied failed to quell mass uprising instead it solidfied the Black majority in their resolve to end minority rule. Has Zambia got the capacity to contain a civil uprising when they struggle to contain riots by UNZA students in a small erea. Lets wait and see but violence will not help matters.

  85. #111 thanks for the update my update was at 14:20pm, but anyway guys from the look of things we are heading for a civil war

  86. The situation is not calm .. My sources have informed me that borotse is on fire .
    Theirs riots going on , buildings are being burnt down the police are in their offices not homes right now , every one has scampered away , tear gas all over the place .
    The west is on very high alert , while information to media is being very very tightly controlled to avoid a nation wide panic and unrest.
    Trust me the situation is very far from calm.

  87. You dont solve a wrong with a wrong. Or do you use fire to put off fire. Its unfortunate that RB being the commander is aware what it entails to give orders to shoot. The whole action was miscalculated. RB should fire those guys charged with monitoring the security situation in western Province. How did they wait until the situation got out of hand? This is the result of corruption. And who knows the guys on the ground bungled up and they have resorted to gestapo type of tactics to save their jobs. Regis Phiri and his men should be held accountable. We cant afford to spill blood we are not Sudan or Ivory Cost. The whole thing “POLITICAL MISCALCULATION” the opposition will jump on the situation and side with the activitists. This thing will be bigger than SIPALO Serial Killer

  88. I miss you KK! There would have been no such kind of stupidity in your time! Arrest them and their cronies in the diaspora who are behind this kind of nonsense! Treason!

  89. If the reports coming from Limulunga and Mongu are reflectig a true picture of things on the ground. The damaging of Govt building and priavte property are true followed by killings by the police then we are headed for a long and savage struggle. The likely reaction from RB and his PIG are as follows:
    (a). RB may find an excuse to declare a state of emergecy and postpone the the General Elections thus prolonging MMD stay into power
    (b) The activitsits involved after seeing their members killed in cold blood may regroup and recruit the many unemployed youths and use them to carry out sabotage of public property and killing of innocent pipo. In the end this will result in a long and protracted civil war like one in Senegal. Western Pfrovince will forever be a police state.

  90. There is a history of nations that split and are now ruled by different presidents. These guys are now doing better. Just have a split and let the lozis rule themselves and the Bembas and Easterners together. We are tired of this idiocy expressed by the lozis

  91. the black bull are simply a movemet advocating for decentralised governance that might enhance public service efficiency. lets go black bulls.

  92. Barotse looks negligible on that map. As long as they stick to the above one would be tempeted to let them take off with their experiment.

  93. # 106 One “full” had to be hand picked by the colonial master to justify their occupation. That full had to be pampered to make him feel superior to others! The full was just like any other but was pawn in the circus of divide and rule and divide and conquer! Other fulls like the other big one do not get it in their thick heads!

  94. Oh Yes! Fred M’membe

    The nation MUST be protected from a bunch of FANATICS that want to brainwash innocent susceptible people in Western Province. Therefore, what Phone–In Freedom of Speech is M’membe talking?

    M’membe is probably the worst hypocrite that Zambia has ever seen. Frankly, speaking, while most of us are not for Sata, but we know what to expect from Sata.

    M’membe has always hidden behind his two faced Editorials. Fred has never practiced what he says. We know that he has now been isolated, even from his own inner circles have started to question his thinking. His editorial comments are nothing but Political Engineering to disrupt the votes and move results in his favour.


  96. The point you guys are missing is that this country would never have gotten independence withiout His Highness, the Litunga signing the Barotse Agreement. Kaunda knows the story – that’s why he’s quiet. All we’re asking for is for the government to honour the agreement. Why remove it from the constitution withiout concert from our Litunga. Long live Barotse land, long live the Litunga.

  97. Cont..From 123..

    We also know that Fred is now a Political Advisor to Sata and evidence is there to see and black and white.

    The Post has disintegrated and deserted by all the talents from the News Room, Marketing, Accounts, and Advertising departments. We have seen the massive Exodus – Movement of the People, resigning from The Post in the last 2 years

    We also know that Fred is now a Political Advisor to Sata and evidence is there to see and black and white.

    All descent good people have are welcome to talk about this issue, So far a lot of these people have gone to the media and echoed their views and I am sure more descent people will sit down and have an amicable debate.

    M’membe, I know you read the comments on this blog. You are a Selfish, Blackmailer and a Dogmatist…

  98. Well, this is exactly the way most Americans reacted when the Gulf War broke out, but soon after than body bags started streaming in and the support for war wanned. Mark my word Zambians, next time a meeting is called, the police cancel it, the people proceed anyway and are shot at, they will reciprocate in kind, fire!

  99. Cont..From 126

    The Zambian Government has to protect its citizen. Here in the UK, whenever the BNP – British National Party have attempted to broadcast & rally their silly Separatist, Racist & Xenophobia Ideologies, the BBC & Government has jumped in where they think its appropriate to protect the people from utter garbage. This happens in all western countries including German, USA

  100. the l;ozs are not animals,but the action taken is what we consider(the behavior of an animal) hence they qualify to be called so.they are selfish and greed, she we as well kill lozis in our respective provinces.Since are we are normal we ll not.kamulisenda kaaka bamalozi.

  101. I AM CALLING UPON THE GRZ TO PLZ SECURE THE LIFES OF UN LOZIS IN MONGU, I was just talking to my cousin the situation is bad in mongu. Please if possible let the innocent lives/ people be camped at a nearest Army/ police camp. God help us.

  102. Cont..From 130

    M’membe your time is up !!

    Pay the loans so that the poor can have access to loans at Financial Bank. Sata will not rescue you from the Financial Bank Saga. And no amount of politcal engineering in Western Province will work. Let PF, UPND & MMD have a fare play on the ground.

  103. foolish lozi people. i respected you lozi people be course of you conduct. just find that you the wast people that zambia had ever had. shameless elder!!!!!!!!!!.
    by way have SON in western Province. he called Mwaansa. if you want go ahead and i swindle the whole lozi nation. FO.O.LI.SH.

  104. Lord we pray for peace in western province.Please give our leaders wisdom in handling this.May the root cause of evil be identified and cut out.May the unity we have enjoyed in Zambia prevail.I decree and declare PEACE CALM in limulunga.I submit this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen

  105. Independent Observer -You are the man:))

    Mmembe is not being honest in his Tabloid News Paper. The governement should ban these phone debates & send the Military Police to protect innocent people from these mafias:))

    Mmembe – Alitupa sana. Ni wopusa maningi…..

  106. GRZ must immediately invoke executive powers in line with the security act by declaring a regional wide (Western Province) state of emergency. Activate commandos in proximity with unrestrained powers to mop the Mongu of terrorists. Get down all identified terror masterminds and their accomplices dead or alive.

  107. Use the Namibian option in Capriv if anything you have collective security with Angola and Namibia under the JMC act to corner these terrorists until the sink into deep waters of Zambezi.Use brinkmanship option with sledge hammers’ weight.

  108. LATEST IN MONGU: Muvi TV has seen 1 dead body from gunshot hammered on the head, 2 youths with gunshot wounds admitted at Lewanika General Hospital! Running battles btwn Police & Mongu residents right now reports our staffer Paul M SHALALA

    Since 9hrs Police
    officers have been fighting street battles with Mongu residents!
    Stones, burning tires & teargas evrywere! The battles a stil going on ryt now! Muvi TV is on the ground to give you the news as it happens.

  110. The I Zambia website is reporting that 4 bodies and 7 injured with gunshot wounds have been received at the hospital in Mongu. It is not yet clear how many bodies are lying in the streets because ambulances have been smashed by protesters and are unable to carry the dead and injured to hospital. The riot is said to have been very violent.

  111. May we pray for peace. May the lord give our senseless leaders in government some wisedom so that they may solve this issue without bloodshed.

  112. What advantage is there to a man in all his labour that he takes under the sun? A generation goes, and a generation comes: but the earth stands for ever. Be you what ever tribe, its only earthly.

  113. # 117 HIS MASTER’S VOICE,

    RB and his administration will not declare a” nation state of emergency” as it were because Zambia is at peace. I personally advocate that if and only if need be terrorism is not crashed decisively in western province, that region deserves to take a “state of emergency decree” for the whole year to secure the people. The unfortunate thing is that elections in a terror prone province may have to be conducted under a state of emergency with full military presence serving with war powers. Such a situation has happened in other countries Nigeria being the example. Advise the option to this perspective.

  114. This tribal talk from WP is sickenning. Government must defend the constitution by appropriately dealling with treason advocates. We need to put an end to tribally polarised Zambia. In a mordern world nations are calling for unification yet alarmingly, my 18th century reincurnated mbuyas want seccesion?

    Please wake up, its two thousand and eleven years since our lord Jesus. Mornachs are never democratic, even the brits had to run away to look for independence in the new lands, America.

  115. What these ****ers want is international sympathy the more we kill them the more we help them achieve that. I propose an isolated state of emegency just for mongu and send havy military presence I bet the punks wil shit there pants

  116. 25 police officer sure, sure, they are never prepared for such tasks. Can someone help them!!! On the other hand I am reading that the situation is indeed bad and not as we all expected.

  117. Government has condemned the Lozi insurgents, warning that the “government will use full force” to fight terrorism.

  118. Senior Citizen 149

    I agree, RB has proved to a thoughtful person compared to these other morons. I am sure GRZ and its Security Forces will round up these disgruntled & misplaced souls.

  119. If wat #134 is saying is true,can state quickly send more reinforcement expecially military state army calm the situation.If these 25 cops are disarmed in whose possesion are fire arms now ?.

  120. Zambia police Friday shot dead one insurgent, wounded three and arrested several others in a riot that erupted in the law enforcers’ attempt to disrupt an unauthorized meeting of Barotseland terrorists.The insurgents were due to hold a rally at Limulunga royal village in Mongu – about 600 kilometres west of the capital Lusaka – Friday but hundreds of armed police officers deployed to the area raided homes of the leaders at dawn and a Catholic Church-run Radio Lyambai, which aired recorded interviews from the advocates about Barotseland in defiance of a government ban.

  121. zambiaunited:)) 154

    Zambia cannot go forward when we have rhetoric words like yours. It does not matter how you change the spelling. Whatever it is, I believe you have it hanging between your two legs. Unless if yours is not functional. If that is the case, I can recommend a doctor for you.

  122. Ba Fee Color now you are calling them insurgents? People want to demonstrate peacefully you deny them a permit. Watch this space some MMD i.diots with try and demonstrate without a permit and nothing will be done

  123. no. 159 whatever chief you are i am not a man so i dont need to have what you are talking about between my legs. I have something more juice that your father can enjoy.

  124. zambiaunited :)) 161

    That says a lot about you. From your comments that you have made on the various blogs in the past, I can stipulate that you are a man. Since, you now say you a woman. Sorry no man can go with your type. That said, you are not worth having a debate with. You lack common sence and human intelligence. There is more to life than expressing your frustration in your manner. Enjoy the day….

  125. This is what you get when you have a Joker for a president. Things were brewing up in Mongu and there you were, this Jocker was downplaying the same. We need serious and focussed leadership in this Country and not the type we’re been subjected to at the moment.

  126. #161 People are free to demonstrate if they so wish. When they threaten the lives of others simply because they belong to a different ethnic group then they forfeit that right. Why should a Nkoya or a Mbunda villager be threatened with death simply because they are not Lozi? That is terrorism and no society can or should tolerate that. Articulate your grievances yes, but we say ‘no’ to ethnic cleansing.

  127. no. 162 chief femo femo thanks for being intelligent but I bet you are also frustrated that you cant get to have it with me. None the less it is i.diots like you who think that you are more intellegent that others yet you are just an educated illiterate. Grow up

  128. #163 So it is okay for Mbundas and Nkoyas’ lives to be threatened just because you hate RB. No, this is what you get when you have people who are so hungry for power that will do and say anything if they think it will get them to plot one. There are many channels and avenues that have not been used that could have been used to articulate the grievances of the people of Western province.As it is, we dont even know whether or not these people are speaking for the majority of the people of western province or whether the Mutangelwa chap is just p.issed off because he was not selected to be the Litunga. Your hatred of RB prevents you from looking at the bigger picture. What exactly has Sata said and done in his long political career that would have prevented this situation?

  129. Just how low can you sink? Citizens of Zambia are discussing national issues and this is the best you can offer Mother Zambia. Trying praying, God will give you peace. There is not need to go that far. You are behaving like the same people everyone is condemning from Western Province.


  130. Number 161 ZAMBIAUNITED

    Just how low can you sink? Citizens of Zambia are discussing national issues and this is the best you can offer Mother Zambia. Trying praying, God will give you peace. There is not need to go that far. You are behaving like the same people everyone is condemning from Western Province.


  131. Chomba Malaila, you should have an open mind. you read what Daily mail says and conclude that the people are threathening the mbundas etc. The constitution of the country allows for freedom of movement and assembly. the police should have simply kept watch of what was going on during the meeting. We have had MMD thugs threathen innocent people with rape etc and the head of police replied to say threathening violence is not a crime.

  132. #73 Lozi mentality of just doing things to please themselves, but it will not work. You Lozis are a minority and lazy by nature thats why you want to secede so that other hardworking tribes can be working for you. You want royalty but so lady chaps, remember we are watching your moves closely. You are so selfish, if Barotseland was for all tribes in western province Litungaship was going to be rotational where every tribe would be entitled. If we are for unity of the province as you claim, why only one tribe takes the Litungaship. Your moves are just displaying your selfishness which was hidden and only known to people of western province, but alas the whole nation has come to know now who you are. Selfish, SELFISH AND EVEN GREEDY AND LAZY PEOPLE who just want to be laboured for.

  133. Cash 168

    Thanks. Not worth it. 161 Zambiaunited has issues.

    He/She is a troubled human being, Bitterness, Sourness, Anger, Acrimony has no place in human kind. In most cases it steals our joy and waste our precious time in our life time.

  134. No 170 so if lozis are a minority why is RB and the MMD trying to buy their votes? ok we will see in 2011 since lozies are a minority as you say we will vote for the alternative.

  135. The Lozi people are nice people but these finyo’s are emarrassing us with their mbolo conduct.Goverment shoot these pieces of s h it

  136. The data I have gotten from the ground is that the Police heavy handedness is what provoked the riots that are going on in Mongu. One person has been confirmed dead and a number of people are in a critical condition as a result of gun shot wounds. Mongu council offices have been destroyed and the youths have taken over the roads and the Police have failed to contain the situation. The source told me that Mongu is increasingly begining to look like Sudan! Its my greatest wish that wisdom is used by the Government or all will be lost!

  137. #169 I get what you are saying ‘two wrongs make a right’. So if Nkoyas, Mbundas, Luvales are threatened with death that is ok because of one MMD thug? If that is the case, then why didn’t the opposition try and build bridges instead of instigating violence. How then can you claim that Sata and his ilk are better than MMD? As I have said before, do we know whether these extremists represent the majority of people in W province? It is sad that people like you would rather see the country burn than have rb as your president. Sata knows he cant win. So now he behaves like a baby – if i cant be president then I will try and bring chaos and suffering to the people who have rejected me. That is what I call the Charles Taylor type of African politics.

  138. Atase ba makaka this cant happen pa z.we are pieceful pipo its in the blood.Somehow akamwenso but its good for the country.VIVA UMWENSO!VIVA UNITY

  139. #175 What you are forgetting is that this demonstration was illegal. If people threaten the lives and livelihoods of other citizens based on their ethnicity then the law has to take its course. If the demonstrators had not said that all non-Lozis should leave the province then perhaps you would have a point.

  140. Chomba Malaila, the issue is is Baroste land and not whether sata is better than the MMD crooks. I am very sure if the govement had allowed the meeting to take place nothing will have happened. It is this crookedness of your MMD of trying to control peoples thinking that is going to break trouble in Zambia. When people are denied a voice the resort to violence. Sata lost by 30,000 votes and MMD knows that if the allow Baroste to think independently the can kiss good buy to power and that is why the want to control free speach in this area.

  141. No. 170 You seem to have high hatred and fear of lozis. If you remember i told you of how serious lozis could be on such issues and you even insulted and sweared the more. Now what are your words, seven people dead, property destroyed and 25 policemen disarmed and captured. The other thing you seem to forget is there are lozis in the police, military, commandos and even government. I guess you dont have a relative in western you have been shivering by now. The government, like you, belittled everything and now we are talking of blood shed.And you why, bitter person will become more bitter and fear no death if you kill some of his own. Obviously you are not a good problem solver. You are a dunderhead hiding behind the screen know you wont be fished out. Worn up man study documents n reason

  142. “Lubosi I acceded to the throne in 1876 but was briefly deposed in 1884. After he recovered the kingship in 1885, he took the name Lewanika and ruled until his death. Lewanika expanded Lozi control over the neighbouring Ila and Toka peoples, raiding them for cattle and slaves. His main enemies to the south was King Lobengula. Although Lewanika sought friendship with and the protection of Great Britain, he was led into signing the Lochner Concession in June 1890—which assigned mineral and trading rights of Barotseland to the BSAC—without a full understanding of what the agreement said or of its implications. He believed he was signing an agreement with the British government and was unhappy to learn otherwise” Encyclopedia Britannica

  143. We will also be beating and chasing Lozis from our own province since it has now come to this point. We will start with Livingstone, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Mazbuka, Solwezi etc. So Lozis leave our areas before we use force, I am yet to be the next minister of communication as Lungwangwa is to leave for another job as mayor of Mongu in their new Monarch. This Monarch will really be funny as only the Luyanas will be the ones enjoying the fruits of other people’s labour. Thank God Luvales, Kaondes, Tokaleyas, Tongas, Lenjes, Ilas, Lambas, Nkoyas etc will not be part of this dubious, selfish move of these lazy chaps. They lie to us that Lozi is a Citizenship and not a tribe, but why do they demand us to speak Lozi and forget our languages, which is not the case in Zambia. Indirect…

  144. #180 Definitely people should be allowed to demonstrate peacefully, but when those same people who wish to do so threaten other people’s lives on the basis of ethnicity, then am sorry the law enforcement agencies have to intervene. This is the same the world over. Even in the UK, USA, demonstrations have been banned if they are seen to threaten the greater good. Let the people demonstrate, but when they hand out leaflets stating that Mbundas, Nkoyas and others should leave W province or else they shall be killed then the situation changes. Do you honestly think the Zambian govt should just stand back when a certain group of people threaten ethnic cleansing or dare I say it genocide? No, that would be an abrogation of their responsibilities.

  145. @ Chomba Malaila, use of live ammunition on unarmed civilians has nothing to do with law and order, its actually anarchy! The police are trained in the art of crowd control. The meeting may be illigal but the police have no right to start killing zambian nationals. what happened to rubber bullets!!

  146. Well well. RB should have been proactive and rounded up the “ringleaders” a long time ago.What intel do we have on internal security ? The record of our police ( especially under Kabonde ) in handling unrest is hardly assuring.

  147. Zambia police Friday shot dead one person, wounded three and arrested several others in a riot that erupted in the law enforcers’ attempt to disrupt an unauthorised meeting of Barotseland activists.

  148. GRZ kill those riotious chaps, does it mean whoever is poor regardless of the cause of that poverty should seccede? CDF is the same everywhere and welcome investment in your province.

  149. #170 Honest.
    Please do not speak about things you have little knowledge about and claim to be honest. WP has 32 tribes non of which is Lozi. Mwanawina’s mother was Nkoya. There is always a blood lineage for all royal families anywhere in the world since the inception of this world. It does not mean that anyone can jump into a king or a queen even if he or she is from the same tribe. Please do not think that since the King speaks Lozi then he is not Nkoya, Nyengo, Mwenyi, Subiya, chokwe, Mashi or Kwangwa to name a few. For what I know he could actually have some Mbunda blood in him. Lozi is just language. So do not try to separate the tribes who speak it from the other tribes of Western Province.

  150. Its sad that some of people had to die in such an avoidable circumstance should the Goverment have used theirs heads to grant these people a permit to hold their rally..thats what democracy is all about..not suppression…now i am hate feel by what is going on..Government needs to stop this police madness by telling the police men to withdraw and invite the movements to discussion table…

  151. Now, I am convinced that a majority of bloggers in Zambia are ‘under 5’ with respect to Zambia’s history. We have had several upheavals in Zambia before from the anti-colonial cha cha cha s, through Regina Alice Bwalya’s Lumpa, to Kapwepwe’s UPP and Mushala gang in NW Province! All these were dealt with the extra-ordinary powers of the President and the State of Emergency carried over from 1962! Now, we have a President who has let reason prevail and he is called a joker! Reason will prevail in Mongu. The BRE and the Litunga have not sanctioned this rebellion. It is a faction among the Lozi that is formenting this unrest and this is not the first time either. All along they have threatened the Litunga again and again. Their day will come.

  152. #186 To be fair, we dont really have all the knowledge of what really happened as of yet to start apportioning blame. What we do know is that the demonstration was illegal. The facts we have at hand as of now is that certain people were threatened with loss of life because of their ethnicity. We dont know what actions the police took to try and simmer down the situation. If it is found that the police were excessive in their actions then the culprits should be shown the full force of the law. The demonstration we are talking about was deemed illegal. I therefore find it hard to see what the police were expected to do in dealing with a group of people who were intent on breaking the law.

  153. #184 Honest now i know you are a ‘half western’ hahaha! i mean mbunda, chokwe… bra bra. You are even dreaming of rotating Litungaship haaa that’s abomination. Royalty is God given and it flows in the blood not what you are dreaming of. Don’t mislead people about your own heritage. Claiming equality in western province when you know where you come from is being over zealous. Be appreciative. Get back to your own roots if you cant behave yourself. After all an olive brunch has been extended to you to get back to your land where you can go and claim ruler ship. Zwaaaa!

  154. #193 The person behind this insurrection is reported to be a rejected candidate for the Litungaship. If that is true then this problem is about internal Lozi royal family wrangles and not about the BRA or cessation. What Zambians forget is that peace in itself is such a valuable asset. I have met people from DRC, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Mozambique, Sudan who have been broke by war. I implore fellow Zambians to temper our language and always to fight for peace.

  155. Ndate Sicaba says:
    January 14, 2011 at 3:40 pm
    That is not the line taken by Sata and the Post on this issue.
    The latest is that some govt building housing the PS and Council have been stoned & damaged. Seven people have died five in Limulunga and two in town. Several have been injured from both sides some seriously including one policeman. Some shops and vehicles have also been damaged. The activists have insisted in having their meeting at Limulunga. However, right now they have been teargassed heavily and they are in hiding. There is relative calm. From three independent sources

    this isnt true bro…am just from that building ..that is where i work from…niboza iyo boi

  156. #34, spot on! The post is a PR wing of known political party that is trying to gain political mileage in Western Province. I have posted comments that have not really in agreement with some articles and they have never been published. Try posting something that is in line with their opinions and it will nearly be headline news!

  157. # 68, 84,86…you all suck. If someone tries to promote their region other than where you come from, its always called tribalism! But, when you try to force people to use you language, its not tribalism. You behave like you have brains with the same make up as that of a gnat!!

  158. MMD Bootlicker 34# and Headman-Copperbelt 199#

    Brothers !! It’s because M’membe is a coward. I have sent comments to The Post in vain. Most of the comments you find on their blog are posted by his own NewsRoom from inhouse. He knows everything that I have said about him are true. I know this chap and how dishonest and corrupt person he is.

  159. It is the Map that is used with this article that has misled many Lozis to think that Western Province is Barotseland. As can be seen on the map, the white British guy who drew that Map was clearly biased towards the BRE as the 1920s was perhaps the peak of British rule in that region.

    No consultations where made with Nkoya Chiefs when the maps where drawn because the Litunga and the BRE of that time had convinced the British that his Kingdom was as big as the Map suggests.

    However, the truth is, the BRE’s influence only went as far as Mongu district and some parts of Sesheke. So the map above was wrong right from inception, which is why even the Government today cannot honour any agreement because it was based on half truths and blatant lies.

  160. Yes, Mwanawina had dreams of uniting tribes, but we cannot respect someone’s chief or King (whatever you may call him)’s ideas and dreams and leave our own chiefs’ dreams. Lozis spare us your laziness or wanting to reap where you did not sow. Mbundas and other tribes are the ones feeding you and every shop or business in western province is owned by Mbunda or other tribes when you are just lazing around just looking for Government Jobs, as the Litunga can speak for you. Lazy chaps who are not productive, why can’t you look for something to do. We cannot accept secession because we do not want to be under a monarchy where only few benefit.

  161. You want me to read what history, who wrote that story you are trying to make me read? I know my history, I don’t need to read it and I have read that biased agreement, that is why you will not find not even one Nkoya that supports it.

  162. Unfortunately, the current Litunga has lamentably compromised his chieftancy. Wining and dining entertaining ‘matanga’ mwa ndu ya mulena! He has failed the Lozi people, and his ancestors must be turning in their graves. Sadly also the ‘children’ of Lewanika who are in the MMD today are not truly representative of the royal family, as they are children born from outside marriage of the chief, it is no surprise that they have accepted top positions in MMD, and are in the forefront corrupting the Litunga. I call upon all Lozi’s to unite and shame this family which has no cultural values, nor allegiance to Barostseland and its legal agreements. Shame on you, Judas Iscariots!

  163. Lets find out if GRZ thru ZNBC is giving correct information or they are trying to contain the situation. Whatever the case the situation must not be allowed to excalate. The Army must move in as ZP have no capacity..

  164. Whats with the Lozis. They wanted out of Namibia recently, now they want out of Zambia. And its all about money. Cant they live with other people? just like we live with them? If its the money they want, how is it going to help them? They have subsisted from the money from copper mined on the copperbelt and no one is asking them to pay back a single ngwee (You can imagine how small that is). Arrest the mothers and throw them in prison!

  165. If it’s true that 25 Policement have been disarmed by civilians, then it is prudent to punish severely those 25 Policemen. They are a threat to national security.

  166. have a look at what this artist is doing with black diamond titanium rings over on his website, the artistis really creating some superior work

    What i don’t understood is if truth be told how you are now not actually much more neatly-liked than you might be right now. You are so intelligent. You realize thus considerably when it comes to this subject, made me individually imagine it from so many numerous angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be fascinated until it is one thing to accomplish with Woman gaga! Your personal stuffs great. At all times deal with it up!

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