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China offers to help in digital migration

General News China offers to help in digital migration

A Chinese media and technology company has offered to mobilise funds to help speed up the implementation of Zambia’s digital migration programme.

China Communication Services company executive vice president Liang Shiping says his company has a financial facility of US$10 billion with Exim Bank from which Zambia’s digital migration programme can be funded.

Mr Liang made the pledge when Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha met him and his management team at the company headquarters in Beijing today.
[ Times of Zambia ]


  1. Awe Chachilamo, why is it we dont seem to function without help from outside? We always need help from left right center! If all the foreigners packed their katundu’s and left, i bet we would be reduced to worse than Zim in a blink of an eye.

    • No, it’s a rlvtaieely small number of people who appear to be having troubles. We are watching tens of thousands of people hit our server as we speak. The issue is that some DNS servers or local machines have cached information and they’re sending people to the old server. Who provides your internet connection? You may want to look at OpenDNS to avoid being held hostage to out of date DNS servers.

  2. # Naked Truth

    Thanks for putting it as you have. it couldn’t have been said any better

    will be good to see how the next few blogger’s view this new development for Zambia.

  3. @ Naked truth
    Zambians are just too lazy to do anything by themselvea…the chinese are not helping zambia just for the sake of helping they have a hidden agenda aka no taxes plus cheap copper for them

    • I’m still not gitteng a connection to check out the main site or the TRMS help site. Is it on my end, or are you still in a maint window? ThanksTom

    • : J’ai fait une mise a jour de mon deinrer billet pour ajouter des liens vers mon serveur et j’ai garde le tien aussi ()Si ca te derange je peux le supprimer.

  4. Ce sera plus partique pour s’exprimer ici ! cool.>> Moyen les pubs adsense qui sont sur le planet . alors qu’elles sont invisibles ici bas..

  5. strenoo123 on December 24, 2008 i agree with muriness1 my mother has a 03Spectra..its very realiable and the public is accepting Kia & Hyundai way faster then Toyota & Honda was a long time ago, giving time Kia’s reputation will be on par with Toyota’s, the Korean comp. resale value are now on par & better then some domestic companies

  6. fjcral on February 20, 2010 This car isn’t that great. LIttle things go on it and aren’t covered by warranty. Outside mirror got unhinged cost $400to replace, inside vanity mirror broke, back storage pops open, power mirrors drop down a bit letting cold air in. And the drive is so so.

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