Friday, February 23, 2024

The PF rally in pictures



PF cadres line up along a red carpet as they wait for party leader Michael Sata


A PF cadre hoists a placard against the Mongu killings.


A PF cadre hoists a placard against the Mongu killings


Father Frank Bwalya selling his red cards at the PF rally.


Father Frank Bwalya selling his red cards at the PF rally in Lusaka


PF cadres with alcohol in their pockets


Part of the crowd that attended Mr Sata's rally in Matero township


Mr Sata and former MMD chairperson for Lands Judith Kapijimpanga when they arrived for the public rally


PF cadre only indentified as kampengele with MMD memberships cards for defectors


Expelled MMD MP Maynard Misapa talks to GBM at the PF rally.


A defector from MMD only identified as Chomba talking during the PF rally


A child waves at PF leader Michael Sata


An Anglican Priest who wants to contest the Kankoyo parliamentary seat speaking at the PF rally in Lusaka


GBM addressing the PF rally.


GBM addressing the PF rally


Father Frank Bwalya addressing the PF rally


A PF cadre raises a banner headline from the Lusaka based Monitor newspaper


PF cadres raise the red cards


PF national chairperson Inonge Wina addresses the rally


Mandevu MP Jean Kapata places a red ribbon on Guy Scott


PF cadre with the party symbol, a fist


Father Frank Bwalya places one his red ribbons on former MMD chairperson for Lands Judith Kapijimpanga when she defected to the opposition PF


Former MMD chairperson for Lands Judith Kapijimpanga addresses the PF rally when she defected to the opposition party.


  1. rally is full of children and kaponya’s. iye ba GBM, what a horrible structure bushe paliba ne ntweno yalondoloka palya. I think money talks for him mwe

  2. With all the suposedly PF big guns that is pathtic looking crowed. could it be that mature sensable non kaponya Zambians are too busy taking advantage of the development RB is bringing ?. Now all dought should be wavered as to the role of PF in sponsoring that genocidal deveil in a prists robe. Were are all those who were saying Frank bwalya is a voice for the masses, non political ??. Sata was using the church is cause an uprasing against a ligit GRZ.

  3. Good to see that the opposition in ZED is getting strong. We need people like SATA in our country otherwise RB might think he owns Zambia. Nice pictures though anyone who looks at these pictures can easily see that LT is trying to paint a bad picture on the Opposition. The good news is that we know that the opposition is important in our country. And no matter what agenda LT has the truth will come out

  4. As much as I despise Chilufya Sata, you have to give it to him; he can surely pull a crowd (especially in the urban areas). Only question is, where was HH, their so called PACT partner?

    Pic #14/15 GBM’s body structure is downright hilarious! nangu ni good milile ni so shuwa?

    Pic #4/5 People are actually buying pieces of red paper from Frank Bwalya?

    Pic #13 Anglican priest; dude, pls stick to what you do best, the pulpit. You’ll get bruised in the political ring mwana.

    Pic #19 Mdm Wina, lame duck Chairperson! Your hubby is turning in his grave.

  5. still getting them numbers in lusaka, i like all the pictures its good that all those guys registered as voters!!!

  6. Shikapwasha is a reverand,a clergyman and a politician, i dont see anything (morally or ethically) wrong with the Anglican Priest from contesting either,he is simply exercising his constitutional right.

    With all the propaganda and venomous hate campaigns going on about Sata one would think by now he was dead and buried,boy was i wrong

  7. We in the MMD are not in any way moved.We started seeing these crowds way back in 2001.The probability of registered voters in this crowd is 1 out of 100.Besides, our base is in the bigger zambia, not zingalume.


  9. Last time i was near elections Inonge Wina was declared MP for Nalolo under UPND.what has happened?I did not know its her untill i saw that picture.I had a brief encounter with her when she was in the Nothing Going On (NGO) world

  10. This time MMD is done, people like Kapijimpanga the strong Catholic woman defecting to PF? And comparing the Mansa MMD public conference with 1,020 people in attendance with the PF rally without even ka shade from rains. And PF rally can be called a public gathering because Pres. Sata allows everybody to be heard, even youths are given mic touched by rich people. RB can’t do that for sure.

  11. #21 The big factor you have missed is that those 1, 020 in Mansa are registered voters, I doubt the kid in pic #12 is a registered voter and that is where it matters.

    This was just a Chibuku party for Kaponyas and the cameraman tried hard to portray that the crowd was huge, pictures don’t lie.

  12. They are all the same. Just trekking from one cold party to the other hot party (Ba muselela kwakaba). Pic14WTF that GBM man is going to bust open one of these days

  13. This was supposed to be the show stopper for PF. The PF leadership must be very worried by the attendance. Sorry, but this is indeed good news for the realists. PF is still a kaponya crowed puller. Let them continue with these kaponya rallies full of lusaka beer were red cards is all that is talked about, while MMD continue talking and delivering development. One of those strategies is certain to be a vote winner.
    one vote, only one RB

  14. PF please go RURAL where MMD dribbles you by cheating, rigging and buying the electorate hammer mills (by Vasco da Banda’s daughter) and mobilize there! Don’t rely on cities! Ignorance is in rural areas where chiefs are receiving cars from MMD! You may not beat that again!

  15. But what is that BLUE colour in PIC #1. I almost thought it was the MMD until I saw the UBWATO on the T-shirts…

  16. Hahahaha scared little people on this blog going about how small the crowd is blah blah blah. Hypocrites! have you seen RB’s crowds these days not to mention ‘foul mouthed ARV guzzler’ George Kunda’s rallies, you would think its Siulapwa addressing the kids. Only a blind person wouldnt notice that them self proclaimed RB dogs are pissing in their pants. They call PF a Kaponya party forgetting that their chief consultant Kafupi is a top top kaponya.

  17. By my reckoning i think Luapula would be a battle ground for MMD having lost massive support they always enjoyed from Lozis. I only hope Sata’s men have learnt a lesson and will put in measures to stop rigging in the rural areas. If it means having agents at least 10 polling agents at every polling station especially in Luapula they should do just that, or that would be a dead end for PF. VJ’s rigging pattern so far is he identifies a province where MMD is not very strong so watch out PF. He cant go to Western, Southern, North Western or Northern. Forget Northern, C/B and Lusaka he wont get a vote that leaves Luapula as there only hope of bouncing back into power. I have deliberatly left Eastern out but dont ask my why.

  18. I’ve been an opposition supporter for the past 5 years but I’m beginning to see that the MMd is actually not too bad.Theres alot of things going on in Zambia which shows a somewhat good leadership structure.PF is full of thugs,kaponyas etc.What exactly is Mr Sata offering?I would rather vote for new breed like Chipimo or the ruling MMD. The ‘devil’ you know is better than the ‘devil’ you don’t know

  19. People are more inclined to accept something false, presented to them in a compassionate way, than something true, presented in non-compassionate way.For example, think about the salesman that attempts to empathize with you about whatever.Do they honestly (truthfully) care? Of course not, it’s just one tactic of many that salesman use to convince you to buy, so they can get paid.Politics is not any different.
    In politics, the salesmen are MMD or PF/UPND, and the potential buyers are the voters the populace.

  20. Picture #14, GBM should try his luck on The Biggest Loser South Africa, although he does not need the money, but he definitely needs to lose weight if he expects to live longer to see himself in MCS’s cabinet.

  21. #35 Good saying (The ‘devil’ you know is better than the ‘devil’ you don’t know ) Lets try the so-called cleaner Kaponyas, who are looking better than Ka Chiluba in 1990, he was always smelling akashimbi (dobo) and only combed hair on Sunday. And that VJ now your chief president advisor was always in trouble with Mandrax-drug trafficking.

  22. The MMD bootlickers balwala shiki polomya bane. They are now pissing in their dirty pants not knowing what to do. This is just ka dyonko of what is at hand….MMD is going out whether you like it or not.

    Luapula people are not fools as some dull MMD think. Chiluba did nothing for Luapula not even at his own village..he failed even to build a ka musakuta at Musangu village but he continued stealing our money.

    Did he steal with the people of Luapula, no he stole alone so he has to die with RB.

    MMD kuyabebele bane.

  23. You tell me that women battering is allowed at a raally.Judith is she could have battered.Oh save Zambia these are not fit to run the country.

  24. LT will you please also give us the speaches, verbatim, that were given at this gathering. We want to know what is it that draws Lusaka people to Sata’s rallies. This will also help us understand what kind of people these are.

  25. LT you have a tendancy of blocking my comments. For your own information Sata is not winning the elections. Book yourselves in advance at the Lusaka district Hospital for heart problems after the elections.

  26. GBM …. until now, I always thought the FAT ALBERT cartoon structure was just for a joke! Like somebody has said here ‘HILARIOUS’

  27. …..LT will you please also give us the speaches, verbatim, that were given at this gathering. We want to know what is it that draws Lusaka people to Sata’s rallies. This will also help us understand what kind of people these are.

  28. All PF Kaponyas vulnerable to emotional scenes, retrieve pictures of the 2004-2008 PF crowds at Mandevu, Matero, and Woodlands stadium rallies then you will become better analyzing campaign and elections strategists. Emotions and entertainments are not convertible national aggregate voter results. Political rhetoric is a source of entertainment among loafers. It does not convert unregistered ballot legible citizens into actual voters.What has really changed over the years in registered voters in the country especially Lusaka communities that throng political rally but most apathetic on the ballot which would alter aggregate national results?

  29. Dedication from Mrs Chama Mwamba to her hubby, plump madumbo GBM; ‘Chipuba Chandi’ by Dandy Krazy.

    “chipuba chandi, ndekeni nemwine, chila nsunga bwino…..chalina, nachena chaume!”

    At this point, Regina Chiluba joins in with;

    “ka vwipi, nakena kaume…..inkama kuku sunga bwino”

  30. Number 35, Am I missing something here? what good has the the MMD under RB’s leadership brought to the people of Zambia? If you’re struggling, I’ll help you. Under RB’s leadership we have seen investors shooting fellow Zambians, we have seen indiscipline police shooting youths during peaceful protests, all these liberties which you (there in the US) and I (here in the UK) enjoy. We have seen corruption government officials, ministers and a presidents who has accumulated more air miles than Donald and Ivana Trump. So I’m afraid your argument that the “devil you know…” is better doesn’t hold water. I would like to invite any Zambian resident and blogger to tell me what good the MMD/RB have brought to Zambia please??

  31. In a growing dynamic issues inclined politics, political Parties comes with their own political predispositions of cadres but always the challenge comes in converting the majority there entertained bystanders into voters that would find themselves tracking in ballot booths in droves. Can insults, emotional outbursts and rehearsed none issues driven rhetorical bluffs drive bystanders into registered voters that can line up and cast their votes for rhetoric? Can they be convinced to cut the reason for ballot apathy with mere individualistic rhetoric devoid of institutional direction and capacity building?

  32. Pic # 13

    The so called Anglican Priest who wants to contest the Kankoyo parliamentary seat speaking at the PF is US based fake self dressed Bishop Edward Chomba of the Orthodox Church in the USA. He is a known con-artist who has lived scamming unsuspecting people since his school days. Here in the US he is known for repeatedly scamming unsuspecting Americans that he needs help to travel to Zambia where his mother has died many have since known him for.

  33. Pic # 13

    This what Americans says about this fake self dressed Bishop Edward Chomba of the Orthodox Church in the USA:

    Million Dollar Con???

    The following email is being circulated among various clergy and laypeople in Massachusetts and throughout the U.S.A.

    Beware of giving money to this man and any of his organizations.

    We have discovered that he has left every property that he has rented or attempted to buy, owing large sums of money and in many cases taking contents of the building that did not belong to him or his “church”.

  34. His former Springfield Bible College left one downtown property owner holding the bag for some $20,000.00 (yes twenty thousand dollars) in unpaid rent.

    One congregation member commented, “I just don’t understand it! Everywhere we go we have to move because he don’t pay the bills.”

    One would think that a metropolitan of an international church with over FOUR MILLION members (as he claims on his website) would:

  35. 1. Be too busy to pastor a local congregation made up of less than twenty people.

    2. Be given a salary by his synod, as well a budget of sufficient funds to undertake the projects such as this.

    WHY would such a large church need to resort to such mendicant fundraising techniques?

    Call the toll free number in the email and ask! said the emails i have received on fake self dressed Bishop Edward Chomba of the Orthodox Church in the USA in Picture # 13.

    The chap has so much dirty to his name in public domains to sanitize himself from.

  36. Yaba Zambian politics its just a vicious circle same faces apa na pa its seems ukwalolo mwela eko twalola is what is happening now.Nothing is gonna change in our beloved mother Zambia the poor will always be poor and the rich getting rich on their expense by bribing them for more votes and when they win the elections they are nowhere to be seen.They know how to survive jumping from one part to the other ALAS it makes me sick when I read about politics in Zambia.Zambians please wake up do what is right for the future generation.Ndamana nde DEDE.:((:((:((:((\:d/\:d/\:d/

  37. I hope Chomba has documents to the effect that he is an anglican priest. Sounds a dodgy claim, if you think about it.

  38. Senior Citizen
    Who said he’s Edward Chomba, until a normal human being confirms we’ll take this as one of your many episodes of hallucination. You slowly losing it mate.

  39. ba judith ka ministerial post mwalolela mwanaka ati awe ni defection fye apa nomba! ninshi bu chairperson tamwaba ukulyamo?pic#19 ba chairperson ba pf nabo, bushe kwena ba pf can’t u put kamayo akalemoneka eyefilyako than this dirty looking woman?ba national chairperson bafwile balemonekako eyefilyako, huh?! maybe chi judith ico cilemoneka ko beta but maybe chikopo mumutwe coz why bena rb tabacisoveleko ka ministerial post?elyo iyo red carpet ninshi niba pf presido ebaendelepo nama shoes yalukungu?ngabafumine kwisa ninshi?coz red carpet yabalefuma mu car or plane nomba ninshi umo mu car emwali ulukungu lwamusango uyo?elyo ba fr father bwalya naimwe ifya bu thug tafyamikonka pantu imwe muli bakamunshi fye napamenso palamoneka.

  40. And the PF leader has challenged Luapula Member of Parliament Peter Machungwa and former Afronet Executive Director Ng’ande Mwanajiti, to report him to the police instead of the media if they feel he is behind the fracas and the subsequent death of two people in Mongu, Western Province who were rioting over the Barotse agreement.

    Mr. Sata has advised Mr. Machungwa and Mr. Mwanajiti not to be childish just to buy favors from President Rupiah Banda especially when dealing with national issues.

  41. Judith Kapijimpanga is looking for a job. Would she have left the MMD if she was still a minister? That is the problem with our politics. We’ve just got too many opportunists full stop.

  42. Useless opposition stroking their ego’s by preaching & lecturing to drunkards & kaponyas who likely dont vote but just show up for the free booze. The opposition is filled with loosers, bums and tired old men who should be in retirement homes. Zambia needs rejuvinated & vibrant young leaders with a vision and fresh ideas. Enough of all these indepence era/freedom fighter generation, we appreciate what they did, but its time for them to take a back seat and let the younger generation take the helm. Developing countries need to take a page from developed nations where most leadership is in the range of 40’s – 50’s. You cant teach an old dog new tricks!!!!!!

  43. Nice crowd. However majority of them are not registered voters so the MMD is not moved.

  44. #50 chisha mwamba are you for real? You have picked events that occured on two separate days to judge the MMDs performance over the last 20years? Come on mate! I guess we are on two different levels.I can not argue with emotionalism.However, there is alot of construction going on in Zambia.theres a new hospital,new oncology unit etc we have new stadiums being built,airports are being upgraded,theres broadband now in Zambia,economic zones coming up… lets argue on those points not some anarchist who was shot by police in Mongu.A riot that recorded just 1 or 2 dead won’t even make CNN headlines so you know the Zambia Police controlled the situation pretty well.Lets here your well thought out PF points now

  45. #63, If Chisha mwamba is a pure PF type he will discount all the examples you have given him. These guys are so deluded they believe anything mr Sata says or does without running it through their neurones.

    Picture #20. guy scott does not look too happy with what he is seeing. He is the only experienced and educated guy on that rally who can face reality without being blinded by his loyalty to mr Sata.

  46. # ala, spot on- PF should focus their campains in the rural areas. MMD during election time tend to take advantage and exploit the illiterate masses in rural areas and sadly the majority of our brothers and sisters are easily won over by the MMD’s tactics of showering them with alot of various items bought using GRZ funds. PF, UPND its time to de-campaign the MMD in the rural areas other wise RB will still be smilling come election day.

  47. I will pass tonight, got more serious developmental matters to attend to than watch father walya who tried to hide behind the pulpit until he was disgracefully exposed for what he really was.

  48. MMD cadres, you never cease to amaze us. Already you counted voters and non voters from the pictures. I really need that formula. Soon you will tell us that all PF voters lost their voter cards at this rally. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Mwailasha.


  50. Number 35/63. I think you missed the point I was making. I did not discount the MMD’s full record, but merely the period that RB has been in government. I was not suggesting for a second that PF or UPND are the answer. Yes stadiums are being built, etc. But you and I know that all of that is useless if people do not have freedom of speech, if there is no free press, if basic necessities such as water and electricity are still luxuries for those remote areas of our country. “airports are being upgraded?” if you have been to Lusaka or Livingstone lately, you will know that, that is not the case (I wish they would upgrade our airports; because we’re so behind). “just 1 or 2 dead ?” Anarchist or not did they deserve to die? what would you do if those that were shot were you family…

  51. # 36 my brother 1984 it’s nice to see you also are not bought of by political hoopla of the MMD/UPND/PF vultures. For we all know the people that should be leaders are not given the spotlight. Africa the wealthiest continent on the planet in all aspects of the word natural to wildlife; but deprived of leaders of Valour.

  52. # 58 msana wanzili

    About Chomba in Pic # 13:

    I have known this kid calling himself Bishop Edward Chomba for many years. He came to the US when I had already in my 7th year. I have been aware of his shortcomings with fellow church members, the community and the law. Young as he is under 40 he has so much garbage to fight.

    Countercheck with your Post tabloid at the link below or google the headline quoted:

    www [dot] postzambia [dot] com [:] 3128 [/] post [-] read_article [dot] php [?] articleId [=] 13382

    “MMD must pack its bags – Bishop Chomba”

  53. #72 Chisha I think there is press freedom in Zambia.We can say how crap anyone in office is here on LT.The post covers mainly the opposition and its agenda.I don’t think we are oppressed like say North Korea. I think things are getting better.We always think people back home are suffering but you take a look at the expanding middle class in ZAmbia.Everyone is fat/obese, they are all buying houses, they shop in Joberg..I’m sure most of your friends own blackberrys back home if not Iphones.I’m not discounting the rural areas but things are slowly improving obviously copper prices and china play a role.Zambia still has a long way to go but people like Sata,GBM,Wiilie Nsanda are those the people you want to steer the Zambian ship?If a man can not manage his home how will he manage the…

  54. # 58 msana wanzili

    About Chomba in Pic # 13:

    I have known this kid calling himself Bishop Edward Chomba for many years. He came to the US when I had already in my 7th year. I have been aware of his shortcomings with fellow church members, the community and the law. Young as he is under 40 he has so much garbage to fight.

    Counter check with your Post tabloid by Google the headline quoted:

    “MMD must pack its bags – Bishop Chomba”

  55. Fellow Zedians muliche bwino bonse. One Zambia. One nation. Abash BRE …………
    I ‘ve not seen Given Lubinda among da photos or read about him recently. Is he around?

  56. I agree with Senior Citizen, in picture #13 that is Edward Chomba, just google the name and you will get a lot of information on his activities.

  57. Good morning

    At least something different from the MMD pictures which have satturated the site for a long while. Let’s hope this journal balance is maintained. It is only fair that PF, being the largest opposition party also be given a space in the limelight by the media.

    Having said that, may the people of Zambia choose for themselves who they want to rule over them in 2011 and beyond. Good leadership can only be provided by leaders whom people trust and trusted leaders are the ones that are close to the people. Once people notice that their leaders have lost connection with them, they will revolt – as we have seen in Tunisia, where the president and his wife have fled the country with tonnes of gold.

  58. Larry,

    If you a hallucinating kaponya is here freely under the democratic MMD, what will make LT an initiative of innovative Zambians delivering to you free news and barking space disappear under your imaginary PF Government????????

    Just keep blogging here freely though ignorantly.

  59. I am sick and tired of Bandas ruling. Who is Chiluba? a thug, people should open there eyes this year and vote wisely by putting PF in power, I for one I am sick and tired. Including his press Secretary who is a big headed and can do any thing to push people at State House, just because he is Press Secretary. What has happened to issue in Eastern Province concerning the buying of the farm { the so called Press Secretary} trying to get farm from the M.P. Banda hasn’t commented on the farm Issue.He is such an embarrasment to MMD. Do not count on my vote MMD.

  60. Be careful Zambians, picture #13 is Chomba the wanted priest in USA for serious charges of child sex. Ask anybody in Dallas and you will know the truth why that guy fled the USA.

  61. Chinalila uku! There’s a lot of momentum with PF at the moment. For Judith to jump ship she must be having a good idea of where MMD is heading….defeat! Elo kuli tugelo mu crowd twabwino yessis! Tulina brazilian mu mutu damn it!

  62. BUSAKILE@86. For once why cant you grow up! The structure of GBM has nothing to do with leagership qualities. For you own information KAFUPI is as short as chanda beu but thats far from what is important. The obvious colours of a rich man is his stature no doubt. LT kwena namu lasa apa! If taking pictures of kids and you leave out abakulu all over this rally ment to downplay the efficacy of this show, then you will regret because next yr, you will be writing about PACT. For those calling on UPND, please, these are still individual parties and thats why UPND decided to field their own person in Chilanga.PF and UPND will have an MOU on presidence when time comes. Thanks to Kapijimpanga for the forsight for showing that after all…..PACT will scoop presidential election next yr.PEACE.

  63. Picture 20 bo Inonge kafenshi!! What are you crying for like that?Many false priests seem to be attracted to what maestro refers to as Serpentine Sata. I wonder why.

  64. Some of you bloggers are saying the people who attend Mr. Sata’s rallies are not registered voters, then who votes for him?

  65. Number 74 “Zambian”. You have completely missed the point again. I wish you and I could have a phone/skype conversation to properly debate this, owing to limited characters availed to us by our beloved free LT medium. I’m not pro PF, UPND and neither am I MMD…but simply for a government that is keen on serving its people and not its own agenda. We’re definitely not like North Korea, but are not far off as our journalists are harassed all the time and taken to court each time they voice the people’s concerns (challenging the government is the job of a free press by the way, it makes the government accountable), etc. when was the last time Times of Zambia or Daily Mail’s editor taken to court on bogus pornography charges or harassed merely for reporting on corrupt political…

  66. …practices? Blackberrs, building houses, LOL. If you have hustled like many a Zambian have, you will know that anybody can get a nice phone, in fact mobile phone usage has been there since 1998 before RB. Zambians have been buying house, getting fat and shopping in Joberg, Thailand, the US and UK and using the internet (albeit dial-up) since before RB. I’m afraid RB has not stimulated this and should not be given credit. How can you praise a president who is always on a trip away from his desk? Not even Obama or Cameron is away from the White House or Downing St. that often.

  67. Number 74 “Zambian”, speak to your friends and family on BBM, facebook, twitter or whichever medium you use and ask them if RB is doing anything remotely good for them or the country? Better still, visit Zambia and you will see for yourself what’s really going on. By the way GBM is a self made man (legit)and employs many Zambians and that’s admirable and very enterprising of him. What he does in his private life(or his own time) is non of our business. This is not to say that I condone him abusing his wife or support his political aspirations.

  68. #96 chisha mwamba. In support- Roads are gone, Hospitals are just buildings, TVZ has blacked out all opposition parties and human rights ngos. TVZ is on 24/7 full campaign for MMD and all there is is RB RB RB RB. Those who are not here in Zambia are either fooled by the ads or they are direct beneficaries of the MMD.

  69. People turned out in numbers to have a good laugh, not that they went there to listen to real issues. Among those were MMD, UPND, ULP, FDD and many Zambians without political affiliation. Sata is a political Jubox or Jokebox in this case. No seriousness at all his rallies and I wonder how people even play his numbers. This nation does not need a political jubox for president, it requires a serious young man to take the nation ahead. KK was young when he propelled Zambia to prosperity after independence but steam run out of him and things collapsed. We need another young man

  70. Picture#13 That Anglican Priest is a corn man, his name is Chomba. I remember him stealing some dollar’s from a woman when i was in grade 12 at Butondo Secondary School in Mufulira. He was our head boy and a crook at the same, he used to defraud people!

  71. For all those who think that these pics mean a thing they don’t. All u peeps in the diaspora need to come home and see the development. Thank god most of u are illegal immigrants abroad and cannot vote. The rural areas vote means much more than the vote in the urban areas. Sorry pabwato

  72. This GBM creature! It seems ntweno is only possible to him when he begs his wife to sit on him. And how is the magnitude of his thing- like a finger? all the flesh is on his belly and bum.

  73. And those are the leaders Sata is bringing to cause the changes that will feed our people and prepare Zambia for the twenty-second Century. Please let us be sober and treat the business of governing Zambia with the seriousness it deserves. I have confidence that the Zambian people that they can tell whether a Party has capacity to govern credibly. I don’t see the seriousness in the pictures above.

  74. #97 Chisha You praise GBM- come on!a persons character is paramount.Think of Benard Madoff.I’m sure people like you would think he was a great employer but the guy run the largest ponzi scheme and how many people lost everything because of him. RB is not popular because its easier to criticize him than praise him.hes not the best president we’ve had but certainly not the worst.( no prizes for guessing who the worst is)

  75. 104 Zambian. I said what GMB does in his private life(or his own time)is non of our business. This is not to say that I condone him abusing his wife or support his political aspirations. In work or business we come across people we’d normally not choose to have a drink with after work, but if we have to work together or do business or they get the job done; then so be it. How can you compare Madoff and GBM. 1 borrows money from punters, uses the same money to pay off others in snippets and the other simply sales maize meal from a chigayo plant that he started in Kasama with no borrowed or dirty money, LOL. Credit should be given where it’s due. I’m not attacking RB’s character but his record or lack of it-lack of performance in office.I think we’re just going to agree to disagree.

  76. #100 are you sure of what ur saying? Why dont you blow the whistle on “the run away pedophile” back in the US, we need to report such evil men, he is a threat to zedian granddaughters daughters sisters and nieces… So, bala ipailila ichisungu ati cha kuamerica, kanshi baleti putu, emwaku zembelekelamo utwaiche!! Ba mambala

  77. imwe mwe bantu we all have our own hidden characters, but do not use it to criticise others, just because they are in the lime light. There is a big difference in the way we live in Zambia compared to other countries especially in our marriages no matter what is said in the press about GBM ultimately its the wife to decide and describing his matrimonial capabilities is trully geting it all wrong and out of order. If she still wants her husband who are we to judge GMB capabilities .Iwe JP no 102 you are completely out of order if you are unable to blog sensibly stay away. mambala

  78. Just by looking at the pictures, I can surely say that the will be an up hill battle this election period in Zambia. Hope for the best but always prepare for the worst.

  79. It is just a matter of time,people will know the truth. RB OYEEEE. I can tell you that marure citizens are keeping qiuet and waiting to cast the vote. Governor Katumbi said it for us – empty tins make the loudest noise. Sata – na is just a noise maker just like his followers.

  80. I like the valuable info you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at again here frequently. I am reasonably certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the following!

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