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Barotseland Agreement 1964 Document



  1. What do our Lozi brothers and sister want? There is no clause in the document above which states Barotseland should be an independent state seperate from the rest of Zambia. One thing which is a fact is that Lozi’s and people from Barotse may feel hard done by as Western province has not produced a president in the 46 years of Zambia’s independence. Maybe that’s an issue the learned men & women from that part of Zambia need to address.

    • As a Namibia, Caprivian with relatives from Barotseland. Instead of Barotseland to be indepedent, more development must go to that side of the country jst to restore hope to the people of the western pronvince. Its awell known fact that african leaders won’t keep their promises. For the sake of peace and tranquility of africans, its high time you look for a leader from your area to lead Zambia.

  2. Good to learn about the article. Let us adhere and develop Barotseland. No need to politicise the issue. Develop schools, hospitals, roads, agriculture, etc. it can be done. There was a great neglect need to improve.

  3. No#1 and 2, we normally tell you to read the document, but you dont want. Its true there is nowhere it is indiicated abt cessesion. But the issue that you have to knw is that before that Barotseland waz a separated state. No# 2 good point,”What do our Lozi brothers sisters want? How can they explain this if they are not given platform to air their views but instead they are charged with treason.

  4. But the Government is building schools everywhere, constructing roads everywhere, am sure Barotseland is part of this development

  5. We need to be careful about this issue. Points:
    1. The general populace of Western Province is crying for development from Government. This is true for all the provinces. Lets face, Development needs to be applied to the whole country especially rural areas. Lets serious develop agric,tourism,manufacturing etc
    2.The Litunga and BRE seem to have distanced themselves from their people and the locals have lost confidence in them. The Litunga (by Lozi culture ) does not mingle with the common man, people rarely see him. People even under the current arrangement, the Litunga could have used his influence to bring investment to the province like Chief Mukuni.
    3.Some issues raised in the 1964 agreement may have been diluted by the 1969 local govt ammendments(some legal mind can help here)

  6. “The Litunga with is his council shall be authorised and empowered to make laws for Barotseland”
    Barotseland not Western Province.
    Among other issues, one may ask:
    Where is the Barotse Native Treasury?
    What empowerment has been done so far in line with the agreement?
    Above all was it even respected?

    Hope Barotseland shall smile again.

  7. Thankyou for publishing the document LT. I shall take time to study it in detail. Otherwise, as far as I can see in chapter 10, all parties seemed to have agreed to revoke all previous agreements in the time foregoing Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland for the common interest of building a single nation we now call Zambia.

  8. Kaunda is liable of the mongu confusion. this BA was even supposed to be in school books, why hiding it. It is shocking Kaunda has kept quiet on the BA without telling the nation the truth, and yet is the one who signed it. Shame to our leaders for not making the BA public especially in school books.

  9. The Litunga is far away from his people. Our brothers and sisters have been killled, many injured and many in custody. What kind of leader is he. Y is he silent and his minions the BRE, the kuta and the mulongwanji. The BRE doesnt represent our people but the afairs of the Litunga and his family. All they say is we are distanting ourselves. Our people need to be heard but not to separate. The Litunga is enjoying but few metres from his Palace people feed on mangoes that is y he doesnt care.

  10. 4. The Government and Litunga/BRE has not handled this matter in an open and honest matter. What has been happening is that the GRZ has appeased the Litunga and the Lozi royals with high level appointments, scholarships etc. The common man has not benefited in these arrangements hence the problems we are witnessing.

    This issue must be addressed in the national context other than Western Province alone. Suppose we were to witness rapid development in Western province. The other provinces especially where there are a lot of mineral resources shall complain.

    This isue needs to be handled carefully.

  11. Please, this is a non starter. Zambia is a republic! We are with One Zambia, One Nation!

    These agreements have been overtaken by democracy.

  12. Imwe sure this has proved that “If you want to hide anything to a black man put it in writting” Zambians don’t read except u who is reading. Imagine how many people have not read this in Zambia compared to 13.5 Million people. Lets create a reading culture please and let development be seen everywhere no only along the line of rail.

  13. I agree with you Namakau, but what i have just done is to phone my brothers and sisters back home not to involve themselves in this issue coz the Litunga is a puppet of the government as long as he is given money for Koumboka Ceremony, scholaship to take his family abroad, u think he can listen to what his people are saying. Youths you will just die for nothing you dont have a king, but the government rep.

  14. This is very similar to the New Zealand Treaty of Waitangi (1840). Queen Victoria’s government signed a treaty with the native peoples of New Zealand called the Maori. Fo many years, Her Majesty’s government in Wellington, carried on oblivious to its obligations, until recently I think. The mixed people of the Western Province of Zambia may have a bone of contention with the Lusaka government here. But, the question is: who manages the Barotse Native Treasury and from where does it get its income? In the days of UNIP, Lozi people were part and parcel of government, indeed some occupied the two most senior posts after the President. Why didn’t they develop WP? One Yeta was the most senior civil servant in Eastern Province! No one is blameless.

  15. Thanks Lusaka Times for the document. It has given a lot of insight to many people. Zambia needs development everywhere. We still have many places that are extremely under developed. It is also important for the natives of these areas to assist in development.Sometime back Kaunda had a phrase”Go back to the land” though he never did himself. I can imagine if all the retired people had to go back to their land. Zambia would probably have an even development rather concentrate in Lusaka and copper-belt.

  16. The Litunga of Barotseland shall be authorized and empowered to make laws for Barotseland in relation to the following matters, that is to say- the Litungaship – forests – fishing – control of hunting – control of bush fires – the supply of BEER – reservation of trees for canoes – LOCAL TAXATION from the afore listed activities. Yes, tax the local people and raise enough revenue to build Universities and fund other developmental projects. How I wish we also had copper!

  17. #13
    That is very very true. Right now, even as this document is before our eyes, I can bet my bottom dollar that there are some bloggers here who have started commenting even before they read it and some have just read the headline paragraphs and others have read but cannot make head or tails of it and will still go on to talk about it! But it is not an ‘black man’s’ thing, it is everywhere! The world needs intellectuals to bring out truths in small bites for the rest of us to understand. It would be nice if some lawyers can just distil this document for Zambians. LAZ or LAZy!!

  18. Look at the Lewanikas, Winas, Nakatindis and all those who have direct links are silent over the issue. What is the reason? The answer is simply, they are eating with any government that comes into power. Am Lozi, but am flexed by the stance of the so called BRE. Who are they representing if i may ask.

  19. The document is real and true. Lets keep on debating abt this issue, the truth will prevail. Nothing good can come out betweeen the meeting of the BRE and the Government, because the government funds the BRE.

  20. We know in our culture that the Litunga shouldnt tok, but we know that he speaks through the Ngambela and the BRE. But this so called BRE is very weak. People are really annoyed abt their relatives in custody. The BRE hasnt commented anything. At this year’s kuomboka the BRE will paddle the Nalikwanda, coz all those who are supposed to paddle are in custody.

  21. Are we sure this was the final document. None of the parties have signed anywhere. This copy seems like a draft to me. Another thing is that no map of the Barotse Land is given/attached.

    • I admit my ignorance too…can some post or provide a link as to where the map of Barotse Land can be viewed?Both sides are eyeing the copperbelt im sure.

  22. Whoever posted this document on this blogg, thank you very much!
    Hopefully we can all read, understand and then make comments informed with knowledge.

  23. My grandfather Mututwa is a hero,he has lost hope in the BRE, that is y he joined the youths at his age. Read abt what he said abt the BRE and the Litunga. Let us not fight the government , but we have to deal with the BRE first. We are tired with them. Time has come. Ke nako

  24. History of the Barotse (Lozi) Kingdom

    Located in what is western Zambia today, the Barotse or Lozi kingdom was a Bantu state. In 1838, the KALOLO invaders (from Lesotho) conquered it and superimposed their rule. DAVID LIVINGSTONE met their chief SEBITUANE in 1851. The Barotse regained control in 1864. The first English traders arrived in 1872. In 1878, LEWANIKA succeeded SIPOPA as the chief of the Lozi. In 1886 Lewanika permitted the establishment of a mission and school. According to Meyers Konversationslexikon, his state had c. 900,000 inhabitants;

  25. The two main places were Laroe and Neuschescheke. In 1890, 1898, 1906 and 1909 Lewanika granted concession to various applicants, which ended up in the hands of Cecil Rhodes’ BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY, granting it excessive mining and other rights, in effect recognizing the company’s sovereignty. However, Barotseland retained a certain degree of autonomy within the territory of the BSAC, which was to last throughout colonial history.

  26. Sebente, you dont have eyes. History cannot be changed. Continue reading the document. Dont worry abt the map. Home work find out, you are used to be fed.

  27. In 1900 the British South Africa Company began to refer to the region as Northwestern Rhodesia, in 1911 merged with Northeastern Rhodesia to form Northern Rhodesia. Within this geographical entity, early in the century, Barotseland was the most developed, had the highest population density. A map of 1913 shows that within Northern Rhodesia, mission stations concentrated in Barotseland

  28. So what is all the fuss about, even to the extent of saying any debate on the Agreement is treason? Thought Kunda was a good lawyer ( sometime back ), is he advising the gov’t correctly?

  29. After reading this document, I can safely say it has many contradictions. In one part it is acknowledging that KK and The Litunga agreed that Zambia will be a unitary state. In another part, the agreement is empowering the Litunga to have control and powers over matters relating to land, Litungaship, forest, fish etc. How could Zambia become a unitary state when some powers belonging to Central Government were given to The Litunga? This is where we as Zambians need to be careful with these colonialists. Have you noticed that wherever their presence existed, after they left, alot of fighting occured. We need to be level-headed in dealing with this issue.

  30. The Lozi’s have one of the biggest traditional ceremonies that attracts a lot of tourists. My question is what happens to all the money that comes in from that. Plus where have all these so called very clever Lozi’s been while their area has been bypassed for development? Sometimes people should take action and help themselves instead of waiting for government all the time.
    Rather then paying people to instigate violence, why not use those funds to help your people instead of damaging the same infrastructure you claim you need.
    Other provinces seem more developed because we help ourselves and invest in where we come from. Maybe if Lozi’s got off their high horse and did something for their area instead of just living it up in their mansions or in the diaspora.

  31. The Lozi’s have one of the biggest traditional ceremonies that attracts a lot of tourists. My question is what happens to all the money that comes in from that. Plus where have all these so called very clever Lozi’s been while their area has been bypassed for development? Sometimes people should take action and help themselves instead of waiting for government all the time.
    Rather then paying people to instigate violence, why not use those funds to help your people instead of damaging the same infrastructure you claim you need.
    Other provinces seem more developed because we help ourselves and invest in where we come from. Maybe if Lozi’s got off their high horse and did something for their area instead of just living it up in their mansions or in the diaspora. No more :(( we tired…

  32. The Litunga has to be careful. Times change. They should move with the times otherwise there will be a rude awakening. New generations have less patience with practices & institutions that don’t seem to add any direct value to daily life.

  33. #28 Please point to what I am not seeing. I have checked again, its not signed. I can see provisions where it was to be signed but no signature.

    • @ Sebente,

      You are right, this is sowing seeds of doubt as the authenticity of this document is now questionable. Please Lt, provide us with the real (authentic) document that can help us channel our thoughts properly.

  34. I think the Lozi’s first need to address the Litunga and royal council because as far as I can read the Litunga seems to have autocracy over the land,its not a democracy per say therefore Litunga seems to have absolute powers and he is responsible for development and so on in his region since he has been given authority. What has the Litunga done to help barotseland?We know that members of Lozi royal family are highly educated and have received numerous priviledges so perhaps the people should address the litunga and let him explain.

  35. ‘‘In pre-colonial times, it is said that Barotseland included some neighboring parts of what are now the North-Western, Central and Southern provinces as well as Caprivi in North-Western Namibia and parts of South-Eastern Angola beyond the Cuando or Mashi River for those who know their geography”.

    Barosteland is not just a portion of Zambia but Botswana Angola and Namibia too, why haven’t our colleagues gone to make some noise in these other countries kanshi?

  36. ‘‘In pre-colonial times, it is said that Barotseland included some neighboring parts of what are now the North-Western, Central and Southern provinces as well as Caprivi in North-Western Namibia and parts of South-Eastern Angola beyond the Cuando or Mashi River for those who know their geography”.

    Barosteland is not just a portion of Zambia but Botswana Angola and Namibia too, why haven’t our colleagues gone to make some noise in these other countries kanshi?

  37. I agree with no.2. What is all the fuss about? I think the Lozi’s more than anyone else have really taken this agreement out of context. I hope their cries for development are heard and the Govnt can do something but to kill people because of this agreement is totally wrong! surely this cant lead to civil war can it???

  38. This document has never been hidden, we know about it from secondary school. Even the maps of Northern Rhodesia from 1911 are available and Barotseland is shown as being the extent of the current Western Province. It’s a pity that the people who want to ‘secede’ have apparently not read this document and are causing this brouhaha. However, this is not 1890 and some other tribes living in Western Province will take issue with this agreement as they were not consulted at the material time. Whoever wants to revert to this should be prepared for the backlash from the Nkoya, Mbunda, etc who are educated enough to know what’s good for them.

  39. Ha! iam personally shocked to learn that such a document even existed!
    I was almost beginning to think that we are being unfair to our Lozi friends
    aspirations to have Barotseland as a separate country.
    We were busy learning about World War Two intead of our own history
    shame on us!!

  40. #23 & 38 & 44, You have valid points. The document at hand has no signatures and it is not valid. Our learned Lozi’s know that you cannot take a document with no signatures and claim that it’s claims are valid. Our Phd students and professors had known and studied this document and they believe that while it has some good points, it is not a valid document for people to use against other tribes or to agitate separating themselves from Zambia. Even the other tribes were not consulted about this BA. Our Phd students and professors supported the release of Mututwa on humanitarian grounds but they’ll not support his future freedom if he continue to disregard GRZ good gesture to him or to undermine the Litunga and the BRE. Everyone believes that WP needs to be developed like other…

  41. He said the late Mr Natala of a strong character, a unifier and a magnanimous person would be missed not only by his family but Zambians at large.

    Chief Mwanachingwala said he was happy that President Banda had shown fatherliness by attending the funeral. The traditional leader said it was sad that other politicians chose to shun the funeral and only wanted support from Southerners when it suited them.

    “President Banda has shown love for us by his coming here when we are bereaved; others have not come, they just want us when they are after something from us which is shameful,” Chief Mwanachingwala said. He appealed to President Rupiah Banda to restore the paramount status of senior Chief Monze which was revoked by the British Government.

  42. “We Zambians respected Mr Natala greatly because he was a loving person who we should learn from on the need to love one another.

    “Let me also commend all traditional leaders who are here for blessing and uniting Zambia as this year is a difficult one because of elections,” President Banda said. And Mr Hichilema said it was gratifying that President Banda could spare time to attend the burial.

    “Let me thank President Banda for being at the funeral today because I know that there are many things to be done and you are busy man,” Mr Hichilema said.

    He asked President Banda not to get tired as Zambians would continued to demand for a lot things from him as their public servant.

  43. Hmmmmm this is shocking. Its all very clear and concise if i may borrow that word. There is absolutely no need for Lozis to secede from Zambia as Barotseland is part and parcel of the country called Zambia and its all clearly stated in the so called BA.Infact if anything those young chaps deserve the charge of treason. They were misled by the so called learned people. If those chaps had taken time to read this document (which i doubt) well informed decisions could have been made. What i would advocate for is a well developed western province, developed up to the extent of say southern province. As for Se-cessation ma guys just forget its very impossible. I am urging all my Lozi brothers to desist from violence based on this document and advocate for development instead as we are one.

  44. Lozi pipo shud partly blame the Litunga for been so meek! He shud hav influenced development in the area considering that he has links wit the western world, namely U.K where he has been conferred with the title of Knight of British Empire(K.B.E). Shame on him!!!

  45. While this seem to be the true document that was signed, it doesn’t have any physical signatures of the aforementioned signitories. If this is what is on record, then it lacks authority. I am sure there’s a real signed copy lurking somewhere.

  46. For me, it is difficult to proceed forward because we simply do not know the level of support the protesters enjoy from the general populace in W province and those from the province living in other parts of Zambia. That is why it is highly irresponsible for politicians to rush in and make pronouncements on the issue. From what some bloggers have written above, it would seem that there is a rift within the Lozi nation itself. Added to this, the issue of the other ethnic groups living in the province who may or may not consider themselves to be ‘Lozi’ makes the situation rather complicated. Of course the province is crying out for development, but that is the same in the rest of the country especially Luapula which according to some statistics is actually the poorest province in Zambia.

  47. I won’t bother reading the whole of this cr-ap but will soemone be kind enough to point me to where the seccession paragraph is, i just want to read that bit. Please, i have no time.

  48. The Barotse have been assured, repeatedly that Barotseland is a protectorate of the crown ‘a sort of Basutuland’. That this status is preserved under successive Orders – in – Council and that they are only part of Northern Rhodesia as an administrative arrangement, with safe guides and the Governor representing the crown…. They have every moral right to be separated as a crown protectorate from Northern Rhodesia. They contend that that time has come!”

  49. The Document is clear and simple except some demands may be difficult to adhere to e.g That all Public Officers in Western province should be on Permanent and Pensionable basis. We know Town Clerks and PS are on contracts. The Litunga should make laws for Local Govt including the SUPPLY OF BEER. Regulating the supply of beer is important becos aba Lozi pali ka beer – Awe mwandi. They really hammer the stuff. On a serious note If we are one country should there be exceptions?.

  50. lady gaga # 49 no one was talking about what you are shocked about, what was there was that people are asking for the restoration of BA so that they can question the Litunga directly why there is no Development instead of asking these MPs who are voiceless. secessation was GVT propanga so that they do not talk about it all, so what are you shocked about? what you should be shocked about is that it was not put in school curuclum because it is the foundation of one Zambia people talk about. Kaunda will die shocked that what he thought is dead has cuaght up with him whilst he is still alive. those who want a signed one it is there asks GVT to show you the signed one I have it myself kk’s signature is there.

  51. Thanks LT. Alot of bloggers have been debating on this issue without having had a glimpse at this document. Also, alot of people think that Barotseland is just Mongu and a few surrounding villages – PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU BLOG!
    To my brothers in the Western Province, there are more civilised ways of getting attention. I am Lozi, i want development there, as well as every other part of Zambia.. follow correct channels & please vote wisely!
    To Govt: using live ammo on civillians promotes destabilazation of peace and with that comes anarchy. Please take heed to the people and act before people become restless.

    Overall, there is nothing that can not be resolved without sitting down to reason. Find out what the people want and meet there reasonable needs somewhere down the line. Eish!!

  52. The people have the rights to protest if they see No development. What we see in Barotse land is shocking, annoying indeed. There is very little development in this part of the world. just like Northern and Northwestern provinces….
    There is NO equity in this country…Shame to our leaders…. you have failed the people and you hide in sheap’s wolves (peace and christian nation) Cant you see the deplorable state of these places….???
    Mediocrity management………results into time bomb rupture!!!!!
    all this noise is not about the agreement, but poor EQUITY of resources

  53. Oops! I meant to say “their” not “there”

    …those of you looking for signatures will not find them because they have been ommitted for security purposes! of course the original document was signed.. i mean, COME ON!!!

  54. The resolve this issue, i think one of the senior member of the gov or RB should go there and adress them, so that they hear their cry. intimidation will not solve anything.Dora or shikapwashi let them go and adress them.

  55. I call for development to all 9 provinces.Please, no province is more equal than others.Some of you guz who are calling for one province to be developed just work very hard were you and go and develop were you come from.

  56. @ Way forward above me, Thumbukas have beaten you there you should see the beauty of a Thumbuka-Baby; infact Thumbuka-Thumbuka, Thumbuka- ( Any people group of the world) and the children are stunning intelligent and non tribal, for we were kings and queens not tribes.

  57. We have all read the agreement, but I am thinking the English being used is flying above some heads on this blog based news paper. Though mostly as Zambians do at times only read the first page. They governement should translate every document of national importance to the 73 tongues of my gorgeous people so as scandalous lazy and fraudulent minds are steam rolled over; allowing all peace loving Zambian citizens to exist in total bliss.

  58. 73 tongues
    People can LT please produce the full list of the 73 tribes in Zambia. Or point us to a resource online..I have googled for months to no avail..


    AM here wena nja tuwe(dog)…Was out in da jungle for preparations of da elections…talk u buffon!!!!!!!

  60. One hundred years down the corridors of time since the coming together of Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia to be administered side by side, Zambia is about to usher in a constitution that will be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back for Barotseland and indeed the ‘Barotseland Agreement 1964’. If what the politicians tell us is anything to go by, Zambia will next year, 2011 go to the polls under a constitution that does not in the slightest way recognize Barotseland or the ‘Barotseland Agreement 1964’ which gave birth to the Republic of Zambia as a unitary state. If it is allowed to be, this will be the last nail on the coffin that sends Barotseland into total oblivion. The question that one South African asked when he said ‘what happened to that country we used to pass through from…

  61. Western Province has been part of Zambia for almost half a century now and there is no indication of progress, let alone equality and fairness in economic development. At this time it looks like the only way Barotseland would get out of Zambian poverty is to have an autonomous provincial government that would control its economic affairs. This applies to every province in Zambia. We have poured every imaginable development in Lusaka. We are very proud of Lusaka, and we regard it as one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. Just yesterday, in 1950 Lusaka was a village. This author loves Lusaka, but our people will not eat Lusaka. Lusaka needs to start spreading the wealth back to the villages so that the joy of development can be shared.

  62. Dear BLOGGERS…the ARMY is Back on the the site…..had a poor network in da plains lately..Fools like VJ rigger think the army is dead..Am alive thief!!! plunderer !!!

  63. #71,72 Barotse Army, can the above document be used for seccession? Please point me to the critical paragraph,sir….

  64. On a light note, you and me can use the clause on ‘SUPPLYING BEER’ to form an alcohol distributing company and make some hard cash.

  65. Most of you Zambians don’t read things and shout before you know what is happening. The BA1964 cannot be a basis for what is happening in Western province. The BPF and BRM must be challenged to tell the nation what their real problem is. The BA1964 cannot be used as a basis for causing anarchy and advocating for seccession. Tell us the truth as to why you are making noise and forming all those clandestine groups. We shall help you if you tell us the truth.

  66. #56 You are obviously not liberated in your mind,and still very colonial.
    When you say crown what are are you refering to.PA ZED we no longer
    part of the British Monarchy if that is what you mean by crown,We are
    an independent Zambia and no longer have to pay allegience to the Queen
    of England.

  67. Hmmm, I now see what the issue is. The Barotse agreement will be swept under the carpet with the new constitution. This will mean that all the powers given the Litunga in this agreement we just read will be null and void. I think this is the issue that people are trying to point out. It not a matter secession or treason, it is in keeping with an agreement which I think would be the right thing to do. Engaging the BRE and Lozi people on this issue will save Zambia the pain of further issues… this stance of shooting people or using strong police presence is setting the stage for some really bad things. Though the current IQ of the Zed politician is comparable with that of raisin.. I don’t seee those people actually engaging in any intelligent conversation to solve this issue today.

  68. The writings are now clear in white and black, atleast we now know the contents of Barotseland agreement 1964.All the Litunga and his lozi people need to do is to mingle with our government and pursue development in the province, just like every other province in Zambia needs development.The slogan by Dr Kaunda”one Zambia one nation” was a clever one. Otherwise they should look to the British.

  69. One Zambia One Nation! Lozis are too intelligent to be used by opportunistic politicians. Vote the Pact. It is time for change.

  70. I always wondered why there was noise about the Barotseland. I thought some people were telling the truth, but after reading the article, I think no bwafya apa tapali. Lets just live and develop the whole nation. One Zambia One nation says it all. And the same Lozis are also divided, there are some who dont want to get involved into this fight and some who think they have the rights taken away.
    Anyway, good article iyi ka!

  71. this agreement called for co existence not independence from the soveriegn bane! All nine provinces still have local leaders who perform practically all the powers that this document was giving to the BRE! land is still governed by headmen etc. These people are asking for rights that they already have. This document was made just to please the litunga who from the british at that time knew that his influence had come to a natural end as Zambia was now an independent soveregn state. It was basically a policy of appeasment. Go to western province, even up to dat the litunga still has influence in the running of ths province. when donors donate things, it is usually via this local form of power that these resources are distributed. this is a good waste of time

  72. May i add on that this agreement was made in this way to facilitate a smooth transition of the so called poweful BRE from a so called independent kingdom to an establishment that was part of Zambia. The british here were only trying to ensure that this typical african problem of kindgoms did not lead to fatalities as had happened in other african countries which had similar kingdom based localities. It was jsut an assurance of peace for them. Nothing solid came out of this agreement. but i understand human beings especally zambians, who think that wenever there is an agreement or contract then one party is gaining. there are contracts made jsut to keep the status quo bane!

  73. Even if given independence, the Barotseland can not stand on its two legs unless one of the legs could be placed over the boarder with the Savimbi ruminants. Final I didn’t see any signatures at the bottom. Is it guinea????????????

  74. According to history the Barotse land extended to Angola and Namibia as well, so why dont the Lozi start by claiming parts of Angola and Namibia then end with Zambian parts.

  75. Thanks LT for publishing this doc, would you publish “The zambia Independence act of 1964” as well, so that we can have a more balanced view of this matter?

  76. I don’t see the fuss about this document.If anything I think the Lozis should question the Litunga.Being the local authority in western province what development has he facilitated in the region. I think its only the Lewanikas that benefit.We only see the Litunga in his skirts during the Kuomboko ceremony besides that he his basically unheard of.Perhaps thats why the govt forgot to add the Ba64 to the constitution.

  77. So what happens to Kuomboka? Are we allowed to go and spend our money there or we have to start one in Luapula Province?Two ceremonies by our Chief Kazembe. (Umutomboko and Ukuomboka). In fact both chiefs wear skirts during ceremonies, only that our Kazembe’s skirts is longer and fancy. It is money in the bank. LOL.

  78. Simply an autonomy issue , no part that says they are a separate country. No part that defines their borders. will we just forget this issue.

  79. So where does treason come in if we are to read this document carefully? Financial responsibility means that Barotseland should be developed by the government just like any other part of Zambia. The government leaders should be responsible to develop the country than going round threatening people that you will be charged with treason when infact people are just reminding the leaders to wake up and do their job.

  80. #23 has a valid point. I have gone through this document twice and not seen anywhere, where signatures are appended. If not signed, then it is as good as not having agreed in the first place. Or is it that I can not see between the lines where signatures have been appended? Document is also contradicting in certain places, and why is the BRE quiet on the issue when innocent citizens are being killed in Western Province? They also need to publicize what the Litunga is getting from Government! There is no way, they can keep quiet if they are not benefiting from this agreement!

  81. Sata was right when he said that he will honoure the contents of the Balozi agreement and you guys raised hell at his pronouncements. The agreement says that Northern Rhodesia and Balozi land shall exist as one country. All of you manyukunyuku misunderstood the man. Sata is a man of his words , he would have stayed with the contents of the agreement and not otherwise.

  82. #70 & &71. Rejoice, you’re not alone. The state revenues (taxes) collected in New York State, overwhelmingly benefit the city of New York at the expense of the rest of the state. Such was the case with Rome, Athens, Babylon….The list goes on and on. It’s called Bamba Zonke…Oops! I meant to say Civilization.

  83. ‘It was signed by Dr. K. D. Kaunda, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia….’

    When (date) did KK become PhD holder to acquire the title of ‘Dr’ before 1964

  84. The issue here lie with the Litunga. The treaty empowers him to protect Bulozi. If he is siding with the central government, then he has become irrelevant and should be cast aside. I am lozi and yes i say we respect him because of our customary duties but if he can not fullfil his duties of protector and provider then he can have his Lealui village and will shall have our Barotse land without him. Events in Tunsia and Egypt has shown us the way to go.


  86. #69 BAROTSE ARMY
    Good to hear that you are not part of the 23 terrorists facing treason.I hope ZICTA and cyber interpol hunts you down and throws you where you belong – Mukobeko.

  87. The question of seccesion, for the people who can not read between the lines, was brought about by the government of zambia declaring that the BA was not valid; that it was stale. The implication of this very miscalculated GRZ position was to break the bedrock upon which the Zambian nation was founded, and the need for one of the parties to seek restitution; bringing the parties to their original postions before they entered into this clearly binding agreement.
    Niti kin niti; this agreement must, and needs to be re-introduced in the Zambian constitution, if this nation should remain a unitary state called Zambia.

  88. LT has doctored this document or they have a fake from Matero.I have seen a hard copy of the same document actually signed by people mentioned.And just as #101 Prof: Tulu has noted, KK was no ‘Dr’ in 1964.So LT what is your STORY?

  89. coleone @ 105. When you sign a contract, you make sure all provisions are included plus what should happen in the event of a breach. We are not interested in reading between the lines because we’ll all have different takes on it. If you have a problem with the conduct of one party, take the matter to the High Court (of Zambia – if I may add), that’s what this agreement says.
    S’LU @ 103. Stick to the subject – where is there mention of a Barotse Native Treasury in this agreement? The £78m you are talking about is neither mentioned. But if you want to start this, that money was royalties fraudulently paid to the Litunga by the BSAC – it rightly should have been paid to the Lamba chiefs from whose land the copper came. You owe the Lamba chiefs big time!

  90. You chaps questioning the signatures of BA are real dull…do you real think that GRZ can publish a signed copy?? its only BRE and GRZ who have that right to publish the signed document…what you are commenting on is just a copy of the agreement…..get schooled hell fulz.VJ Rigger am fully alive report me to ZICTA if am a real secessionist,… ..otherwise am only scared of GOD my creator not small creatures like VJ.To all barotselanders,We need to immediately set out to put our house in order. The process of reorganization started by Mulena Imwiko I and the democratization that started with the reformed Barotse National Council of 1963 should be accelerated in the spirit of ‘Barotseland Agreement 1964’ which envisages a progressive Barotseland with a proper elective legislative council.

  91. S’LU @ 103 – Discount my questioning the mention of Barotse Native Treasusy above – though I don’t see how it would be any different from any council’s treasury department as it would only look after local finances. The rest remains true.
    Barotse Army – welcome back! Were you in rehab? Seems like you came back a bit more sober – or is it cause you have finally read the agreement and realized it ain’t all that?
    Anyone who claims the right to ‘secede’ without reading this document instantly removes any need to be taken seriously.

  92. Thanks RICKY, am back….The army is owz sober, its only that some few chaps like VJ and GAGA are trying to put their useless agenda forward. I have owz stated that BA was and is not for the idea of secession but decentralization system of governance UNLESS the agreement is abrogated without consulting the other part. the fact is that before independence these two states were governed separately. BA64 was and still is a glue to the union as long as Zambia remains a unitary state. RICKY I have known this agreement from childhood and I fully understand its content.Lets keep on watching and participating as everything surrounding this saga is unfolding. Note: that am unintimidatable fella..aint scared of anybody even GRZ itself…..We stand for what is right for the betterment of the next ge

  93. The signed copy is there #96 if you want to see it look around and you will find a hard copy with signatures. 102 and 105 Iám behind you because you seem to to know what is happening. for #88 the independence act still talks about the Barotseland Agreement in black and white 107 by the way the money did not come from royalties alone. Mukanyela mina baba lutoile minungu yamina am begining tobe upset I respect other pipo’s views but some views are so stupid iritating

  94. this protest by the barotse people indacate that,people are not happy with the government,zambian folks if we look the way the so called development is being carried out in our nation is so biased and a campaign stratege,development is just in LSK&CB and when look at the barotselandv agreement

  95. People who are asking to see signatures are being ridiculous. If you’ve ever worked in an office before you know that sometimes you maintain hard copies in files and you may distribute a memo with the word signed in the signature section to show that the document has been signed. I’m sure if you want to locate a hard to copy to see the actual signatures you will have a hard time finding the original document.

  96. According to History, Education started in Barotse Land. To my supprise, to date the is no university there! Why? When other parts of Zambia have many of such facilities! (eg C/B) Shame! Today we hear that the new gvt is in a hury to complete the university in Rural Northern Zambia. Why not in a province which was indipendant? Lets be fair leaders, lets give the people the freedom they DESERVE.

    • i think my brother you are confusing barotseland and western province.lozis say barotseland include Lusaka and copperbelt so in all fairness you should be happy as barotseland is the most developed.therefore it seems very clear to me that most people are misinformed on this issue.check your data base

  97. i think the real problem here is lack of understanding of the document.according to what i hear from the westerners is that barotseland is not just western province but western, copper belt, Lusaka,north western and some more other parts but what i dont understand is why the noise is just coming from western province and not the whole ‘barotseland’?
    the government should consider translating this document together with all major documents such as the constitution into the major local languages to enable all Zambians understand the current issues in the country.

  98. m not frm zambia but m next to zambia m ffm katima mulilo namibia, i dont c any development to lozi pple luk sesheke nd mwaandi nd gv results cynth no change they buy evrything in namibia nd hw do u feel wt that

  99. While we appreciate LT efforts in giving us this document, We are however doubtful if this is the real one as mentioned before. The fact that this document is self contradictory in as far as the authoritative power, is itself confusing too to the readership. It may be that this document has been Changed to hide the truth.

    We are all Zambians and we have Zambia’s interest at heart. Truthfulness is the best weapon that can help solve misunderstandings real or imagined. Brethren, I would urge you to hold your fire until the truth is known. I have a lot of doubt on this document.

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