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‘ Sata denies PF’s involvement in ECZ impasse

Headlines' Sata denies PF's involvement in ECZ impasse

Patriotic Front President Michael Sata has refuted claims of his party’s involvement in the impasse at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Mr. Sata said the PF has always been against dismissed Director Dan Kalale and at no point has the opposition party been involved in the operations of ECZ.

The PF leader said in response to the allegations labeled against his party by former PF member Samson Zulu.

Mr. Zulu has alleged that the PF has a hand in the differences at the ECZ which have seen chairperson Justice Florence Mumba resign.

The former PF member has further said that the fact PF has only commented on the matters at ECZ after the resignation of Justice clearly shows that the party is involved and challenges the leadership to come out in the open to clear the party’s name.

Yesterday, Global Justice Advocacy Campaign manager Samson Zulu on qfm mid-day news accused the opposition PF of having a hand in the impasse at the ECZ.

[ QFM ]


  1. Agreed with #1 give us specifics not just making wild and unsubstantiated allegations. What would be your response Mr.Zulu if I said I am your father because I had a hand in your conception?

  2. This governmet is scared stiff of Sata. They could even blame floods or drought on him. Whatever they try and pin on him to discredit him is not working. Zambians are not daft like this.

  3. if is true pf had hand in ECZ mmd could have come out forceful to parade that issue mr zulu you are cheating.
    it true this is year of election mmd has of money to pay people to make stories against opposition all these are fruits of chiluba who left all these evil tricks in politics.

  4. The state media could help by giving us balanced coverage but instead they have choosen to be sweet coating whatever MMD’s GRZ claims to have achieved…look at EGYPT despite the state machinery people have decided that enough is enough

  5. If i may ask u supporters of PF, what does Sata know? What issues has he ever talked about? Dont you think he is just an empty tin trying to make the most noise? Sata and Mmembe will soon plunge our beloved Zambia into chaos…mark my words.

  6. When Kabimba is asked to comment on any allegations by officals of UPND, his answer is always that the offical is too junior to respond to. Surprising that the whole Mr Sata can respond to one “nonentity”. The only difference is that this is one nonentity who knows Mr Sata very well, isn’t he the guy that was dragged from that hotel, beaten up and abducted? Like I have always said the confusion at ECZ suits Sata’s agenda many times more than anyone else so he must be connected somehow…..we shall know soon enough when it’s time to spill the beans.

  7. Some reasons why the Pact could not work are beginning to emerge. One is that Sata realised that he could not share his tactics with UPND/HH because he knows too well that UPND/HH is too decent for such behaviour. That is what he meant when he refered to his Pact partner HH as underfive.

  8. But zoona!!i will never understand the reason why these mmd dogs are so scared of SATA,whats the problem kansi,everyday we read sata this sata that.If this year we wont have enough rains,it will be sata tempered with the rain circle,if it will be very cold,it will be sata did something to the weather.Africans are very strange people.#7 that question you should ask kunda and RB they should have a better explanation because they harass SATA which implies hes a threat to their useless wicked govt.Anyway this reminds me of a proverb in high school-MUTU UKULU SULEWA NKONYO..

  9. SATA can not be threat to Government of zambia. MMD knows very well they will win these elections hands down…!!! who is fearing sata man…!!!? if you look very closely, PF may not win in Mporokoso by elections. if he looses, I do not think he will be a factor in these comming elections…!! If the pact still exist, they must put a different man a their leader honestly not sata…!!!!!

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