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NCZ study concluded

Economy NCZ study concluded

A study on the status of the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia -NCZ, has been concluded.

Agriculture Deputy Minister Allan Mbewe says once government concludes studying the report, a decision will be made on whether or not to sell NCZ.

And Mr Mbewe told Parliament Wednesday that the total assets of NCZ currently stand at K5.8 billion.

He added that evaluation of the Fertilizer plant has not been conducted since the plant was established.

NCZ is the country’s’ biggest fertiliser manufacturing plant and it is Located in Kafue district some 45 Kilometres south of Zambia’s capital Lusaka,

It used to manufacture explosives, Ammonium Nitrate, and Sulphuric Acid but most of the plant is now non operational.
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  1. My fellow PHD student who was part of the study says it would not be advisable to sell the plant but instead, the Government should look for ways to revive the operations at the facility.

  2. So this time the value of a government owned company has been made public. One wonders why powers that be are still holding on to the valuation report of ZAMTEL.Any way NCZ has already been offered to the Egyptians…let Muhabi Lungu deny this.

  3. These two opposing stories speak volumes and make one question the credibility of our Govt.

    Story No.1.) Thurs, 19 Agst 2010, “Government says the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) is on course of producing over 20 000 metric tones of Compound D fertilizer in readiness for the 2010/2011 farming season. Lusaka Province Minister Charles Shawa said government has since funded the company in order to revamp its operations and produce the fertilizer..”

    Story No. 2.) Today, Thurs, 24 Feb 201. “…the plant is now non operational.”

    So which is which now? Did LT error in its reporting or was this a premeditated lie last August from Govt? If it was a lie, then what else is a premeditated lie from the many promises Govt of the day has made? Why should I trust the current Govt’s word?

  4. It has been proved that companies only become viable in Zambia when privatised e.g ZANACO, Mines, and soon Zamtel. Government has tried to recapitalise parastatal companies including NCZ but money end up in paying allowances for directors, a case in point is NCZ itself where Chiluba and Levy tried to recapitalise NCZ but what were the results? money was pocketed. Potical interference and greed coupled with bad management among the people appointed to head these institutions are the main causes of failure by companies to tick. Allow Zesco to be privatised, you will see how effecient they will become.

  5. Double standards. The same should have been the approach on Zamtel. Well, let the government give NCZ contracts for fertilizers and put and ban on imported ferlizers to protect the local industry. It was done on cement we can use our forex for something. We can even export. NCZ is not about fertilizers they are materials for explosives etc. . . KTZ was sold to some shop owners in Kamwala. What do they know about manufacturing. , result was stripped the company of its machinery. . Failed to maintain the quota of fabric exports which the firm had with the European Union. . . . All NCZ needs is sober and sane management plus government will. Problem we pick relatives to be Directors. Scater brains without sound exeperience they buy luxury vehicles spend millions to furnish their homes.

  6. #1 &8 you amaze me.all that scrap has been done before. you love to waste tax payer’s money. a new idea has to take off. stop this constant bail outs. sell the dam thing. its good for us all

  7. These guys in power have become professinal liars. If you compile official statements from the time NCZ was poised for privatization to date, you can write a book wih 5,000 pages.There conspirance between politicians and technocrats to reap this country of its public assets. We have small fertilizer manufacturing companies like Greenbelt in Mazabuka how are they managing to sustain their operations. If GRZ has failed to sell NCZ then its should be offered to Universal Chemicals for scrap.

  8. imwee bantu ask us people in kafue. the industry is worn out to the bone, rehabilitating it is as good as constructing a new and better one.to make matters worse only a few people are involved in production but when it comes to salaries ,everybody has to be paid,the company is running at an unbelievable loss in terms of labor costs and profits made.may be the new buyers may have better plans.the only sad thing is that ndiyeche ka property ke tasala nako as a country. shame…………we just need wisdom from above

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