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Government demands apology from Shakafuswa

Sports Government demands apology from Shakafuswa

File: Jonas Shakafuswa kneels before President Rupiah Banda during the Chakwela Makumbi traditional ceremony

GOVERNMENT has demanded a public apology from Katuba member of Parliament (MP) Jonas Shakafuswa for alleging that President Banda is running a mediocre Government.

Lieutenant-General Ronnie Shikapwasha said it is unacceptable and unZambian for Mr Shakafuswa to call Mr Banda ‘a monster’ and to incite Zambians to rise against a democratically-elected Government.

The Chief Government Spokesman was reacting to a statement in yesterday’s Post in which Mr Shakafuswa was quoted as having said Zambians must rise against President Banda because of his ‘mediocre’ leadership.

In the same article, Mr Shakafuswa called President Banda a ‘monster’.

But Gen Shikapwasha said it is ridiculous for Mr Shakafuswa to disrespect the decisions Mr Banda is making pertaining to the governance of the country.

He said Mr Shakafuswa must refrain from inciting Zambians to rise against President Banda by alleging that the President is a dictator and that he is refusing to listen to the concerns of Zambians.

“It is very unZambian for him to insult or call elders monsters. Mr Shakafuswa’s statement is very alarming and disturbing to Government and the MMD. It can cause anarchy in the nation because President Banda has supporters who have been provoked by the statement.

“Government is demanding that Mr Shakafuswa apologises unreservedly for the lies he has been perpetrating against President Banda and his Government because that is the correct and honourable thing to do,” Gen Shikapwasha said.

He advised Mr Shakafuswa to refute the statement if he was misquoted by the newspaper and stop sowing seeds of hatred for political gain.

Gen Shikapwasha also appealed to the media to help Government promote peace and unity in the country by not publishing stories which have the potential to breed anarchy.

Gen Shikapwasha said journalists are the eyes and ears of the public and they belong to a noble profession premised on the dissemination of truthful, reliable and accurate information to the public.

He said the conduct of some media houses leaves much to be desired.

“In their desperate campaign against President Banda’s Government, they have continued to peddle lies pertaining to the affairs of the nation,” Gen Shikapwasha said.

“I will call him to explain what I was trying to say in the story I gave to the Post. The impression created that I called President Banda a monster is wrong,” he said.

Meanwhile, ZANGOSE CHAMBWA reports that the church has condemned Mr Shakafuswa for insulting President Banda and has called on him to show remorse and apologise.

Independent Churches of Zambia president David Masupa said President Banda deserves respect while Bible Gospel Church in Africa Bishop Peter Ndhlovu has described Mr Shakafuswa’s remarks as irresponsible.

Meanwhile, DORIS KASOTE reports that Mr Shakafuswa said President Banda is like his father and he could not call him a monster.

Mr Shakafuswa said in an interview that he may have political differences with Mr Banda but he cannot refer to a head of State as a monster.

Asked if he would make a public apology over his statement as demanded by Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha, Mr Shakafuswa said he would personally talk to Gen Shikapwasha.

“I will call him to explain what I was trying to say in the story I gave to the Post,” he said.

“The impression created that I called President Banda a monster is wrong,” he said.

Mr Shakafuswa was reacting to a story in the Post edition of yesterday in which he was reported as saying Zambians should rise against ‘this monster’.

He said the monster he was referring to was the ‘system’ and not Mr Banda.

He said the system that the President was operating under was the same one allegedly created by Mr Mulongoti and others.

[Zambia Daily Mail]

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  1. so then is it okay for one elder to insult the other? We have seen how The president has insulted Mr Sata. What a good a example!

  2. But Shakafuswa was telling the truth. The government is not managed professionally. The president isn’t democratic. Corruption is everywhere. Why should he appologise?

  3. Shakas, you’re a hypocrite! The cabinet you call mediocre is 70% the very same one your late uncle appointed. Your uncle Levy, fished RB out from his farm so what you’re indirectly saying is that LPM was a mediocre president with poor judgement! I’ve no respect for jokers like you who suddenly condemn the Govt once you lose your job. A chap like you, who once bragged about his ability to ‘slaughter’ prostitutes @ parliament motel, is surely not the right person to be lecturing us on mediocrity!

  4. Shakas is right. The government system is like a monster. The rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. You don’t need anyone to tell you what is happening, you can just see it for your self.

  5. If you know you’re telling the truth, there is no need to apologise Shakas but if you were lying, plz apologise.

  6. #1 and #2 are not being objective, they cant see what is on the ground, shakas is a frustrated man he knows he will not be adopted to stand on the mmd ticket during this years ticket. You guys a shame and not fit to be called citizens of this country.

  7. shakas kraal is a cow bcos he is already saying he didnt say that. he must have been drunk or had smoked weed from katuba were they grow hard stuff. jonas you have even failed to run your kraal pa 10 miles. Tanza nite has taken over business and all your customers bcos each time we come to your kraal you are very drunk and insulting. your young brother ephraim is on police wanted list

  8. How I wish we could have many more of Shakas courage! Not people like mulongoti who created a monster. This is a lesson to Mulongoti-What goes round comes round!

  9. How I wish we could have many more of Shakas courage! Not people like mulongoti who created a monster. This is a lesson to Mulongoti-What goes round comes round!

  10. What hypocrites we can be this Jonas is a boy who told the world that Parliament Motel is a slaughter house for women and that if a woman accepts to be slaughted he wouldnot hold back….it took his uncle Levy and his wife to quel a planned march by women…he is the same boy who threatened to beat up UPND carders…..a boy who ascended to deputy minister because of the family tree and then threatened workers at the Ministry….His father was a humble Govt Printer from Malawi he must wonder what he raised

  11. A monster will remain a monster naimwe ba Shikapwasha it scares people thats why Shaka is concerned, you cant change that just because you want to keep your job.

  12. #18
    I wouldnt have put it any better than you! This Shakas boy was arrogant and quiet a nuisense when his uncle was President.He was untouchable,but now tables have turned and we are making him look like a hero,he used to condemn almost anything the Post used to report on but now he is quick to rush to them at any opportunity to discredit the same people he used to dine with.Same goes with Mulongoti,now that he cannot get any media coverage from the government contoolled media,he goes to the Post to try to win some sympathy,after all he is the same chap who advocated for RB to go unopposed.Today he should come out and defend democracy! what hypocrisy.We Zambians have a short memory.Lameck Mangani also,was in trouble,he ran to the Post to get his side of the story

  13. Rupiah is really a MONSTER and HIS MEDIOCRITY CAN’T CONTINUE,RISE UP AGAINST THIS MONSTER. whether you prepare an apology speech for Hon.Shakafuswa like Red Lips and Amusaa did for Hon.Mpombo,the message is clear and the TRUTH IS HURTING Rupiah,so vuvuzela shikapwasha has to protect his god rupiah.kekekekke Shakas nibamuna kekeke.

  14. Rupiah is a pre-historical monster running a mediocre govt. Look at shikapwasha himself? Shakas was right and must never appologise.

    Why is It okay & respectful if MMD calls Sata, HH & others disparaging names. They have just had a taste of their own bitter medicine

    The trouble is that Rupiah & his cronies just like the concept of democracy but cannot practice it because it is ponderous and demands debate and compromise which they don’t like.

    Why do MMD leaders have short memories?

  15. Jonas was very right! Y should u blame him 4 telling the truth? Thing is RB is behaving like a monster! Y don’t these same clowns starting with Big Nose Ronnie start by admonishing RB for the bad and degrading language against Sata?
    Children learn from the parents and RB’s example with regard to language is very unZambian against his fellow elder statesman

  16. That ka Jonas guy just lucks respect,i remember the way he used to call opposition MPs when he was D/minister.
    He is more of a Katondo type of guy

  17. Typical of every Zambian once he/ she lose a job. But it is true that RB is feared like a monistor. Do you remember English reader for grade 4 where there was a monistor and the goat. That was in 1991 hahahahahahahhhh that is RB.

  18. the truth hats!!! kwapwa!! It’s true.. Mr Shakafuswa don’t even make any apology, let you heart say what it feels. you are a free man you can only fear one person and that person is God… Aba bashala!! Ni ba mala y*****b… Zebige eka!!! go on Shakafuswa we are by your side!!!

  19. I thought that we had managed to rid this site of dull, non-reasoning bloggers whose most intelligent arguments are insults. But I see that either there is a new breed or they are back with different names. More like the former though, because we systematically and permanently converted the previous breed successfully to civilised behaviour and language.

  20. There is an article on inflation but it seems no one is interested in it. All we want is to discuss rubbish like this useless propanda by MMD. No wonder we are wallowing in destitution and poverty

  21. # 29 Mwanya bane, I really do recall that drawing of the goat and the monister in English reader for grade 4! Oweeee, kekekekekekekeke!
    If you behave like a monister you will be refered to as monister. Bythe way the greatest leaders use demonstration, coaching and guidance. So for RBish and Shikapwasha, they should practice what they preach. They are the ones teaching young ones to insult, the case of trying to decampaign MCS in Chipata by refering to him as, ‘urgly maambala’ is foolhardy and poorly timed as this happened at the same time Shikapwasha is castigating Shakafuswa!
    Rbish is president, he is an elected topmost official of the Zambian government and we expect better language from him, but alas! The whole president using language in public is LACK OF LEADERSHIP AND SHAMEFUL!

  22. Sorry last sentence was suppose to read;
    The whole president using BAD language in public is LACK OF LEADERSHIP AND SHAMEFUL!

  23. Shakas misquoted? Doesn’t make sense, just accept the blame. How many times have we told him and his ilk that anyone who courts the Post has accepted to have their statements twisted and be abused by the Post? There is no intelligent person who does this, so we know the mental calibre of those who are “misquoted”.

  24. Only ‘fools’ like the same Shakas who once claimed that his main job as an MP is to slaughter prostitutes will really support what he said. But then many Zambians are above Shakas and his lot’s calibre and mediocrity. Why people who want to be served send such buffons to parliamnet to sleep with prostitutes at the expense of the development of their areas is beyond me. For MMD they must never adopt such useless characters in this year’s elections. They are the ones denting the image of MMD and President Banda.

  25. Is it zambian to insult elders who are putting young people’s lives at risk? Yes it is!!

    Banda’s mismanagement of the zambian economy is just beyond belief. These elders deserve to be insulted and kicked out their positions. It is time for the young to take over, please mwebatulo, wake up and rise to this monstrous GRZ!

  26. Rev. Shikapwasha, don’t attack your relatives just for political gain. You will need them in future. Even if Banda wins this year , 5 years isn’t far. And money is like dew. Don’t think that the money you get as Minister will last you for ever.

  27. You can force an apology out of that womaniser but it won’t come from the bottom of his heart. Shikapwasha you should be more concerned abouit his soul and not on just wanting to hear what pleases your flesh. What sort of a Reverend are you anyway?????

  28. There are numerous wrong decisions and actions done by the government over the years that the majority of Zambians including myself do not accept, for example George Kunda’s report to parliament this morning on the shameful handling of the Mongu protest is hollow and insincere. Despite all these shortcomings by the leadership the president does not deserve to be called a monster. I will never vote for Mr Rupiah Banda and the MMD in its present form but to call the president a monster is total lunacy.

  29. #3 tawakwata amano,so ninshi ichinutwe chobe tachitontonkanya nokumona?yes its the same people that LPM left but not the system.People can change to suit situation in which they found themselves.ALABI is as dull as yourself coz he saw how Kunda supported the London high court but today he is against,a man with proper brains would have fired veep en not mulongoti.All in all its the system that has changed

  30. BANDA ,.Zooona it’s just yestaday when you said SATA is Urgly lik a monister;’so you are the only one who’s fit to call your friends ugly monisters? you shud also Apologise for saying Sata is URGLY
    because the bible says no one is urgly in the eyes of the LORD. God never created urgly pipo in his own image,.GO & APOLOGISE NOW!!!!

  31. BANDA ,.Zooona it’s just yestaday when you said SATA is Urgly lik a monister;’so you are the only one who’s fit to call your friends ugly monisters? you shud also Apologise for saying Sata is URGLY
    because the bible says no one is urgly in the eyes of the LORD. God never created urgly pipo in his own image,.GO & APOLOGISE NOW!!!!

  32. Viva Patriots. yes we shall revolt against this disfunctional govt. Shikapuba should know that your bootlicking will not make Zambia a better place. We shall follow your a.ss and freeze you damn accounts.
    Viva youth, Zambia is for all

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