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Zambia has become a Police State- Bishop Mambo

Headlines Zambia has become a Police State- Bishop Mambo

Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has charged that the killing of two people by police in Mazabuka this week is a clear indication that the nation has become a police state.

Bishop Mambo has noted that the Zambia police have seen it fit to use live ammunition against civilians whenever people decide to protest.

He says from the time of the protest in Western Province over the Barotseland agreement were lives were lost, police have gone on the loose in shooting at people.

Bishop Mambo called on the government to ensure that sanity is brought to the police service.

He says turning of the country into a police state is worrying because it has long term consequences.

Bishop Mambo noted that Zambia has a lot to learn from what is taking place in North Africa.
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  1. If the Bishop has some of his followers in Mazabuka he should consult them for accurate information on what is actually on the ground. Information we receive is that thugs from Lusaka,Monze and Kafue are the ones stoning and stealing from the innocent citizens.

  2. RFed lips is not a professional lawyer, he is a flip-flopper! He moves to where his bread is buttered, has no gonads, and for a backbone, he has cheese! You follow him at your own peril!

  3. Hi Bishop John Mambo. You ve been quiet for sometime.Whats happening is it old age or ill health. I agree with you but those who are authority take pleasure at the acts of the police when they are in power. They should ask FTJ how some cops who used to slaute him made fun of him when he was facing his many cases in court. No respect. These chaps are there to please those in authority. They behave like mercenaries. What matters to them is the situation. They guys are frustrated. Mind you there cops who holding higher positions who joined in 70’&80 when its clearly stated one must be a from 5 failure. The training they under went during UNIP was bad and they behave as suc coz of frustrations. They know how to defend each other. ZAF, Army ZNS chiefs got arrested but not cops. Protect each.

  4. Trigger happy *****s have found sanctuary in the police due to inadequacies in their command. The Zambia Police command is only bent on protecting politicians in govt and not protecting the ordinary citizenry. The police are no longer maintaining law and order but create anarchy themselves. Lets for once stop these thugs from finishing the future generation through the copper bullets. Criminals are menacing innocent people and yet we have the police that the Red Lips claims are acting professionally. What a shame to the leaders of the once mighty Zambia?

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