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The Ncwala ceremony in pictures



A group of Impis (warriors) wait for their turn to dance the Ngoni feet thumping action


Young Impis (warriors) leading a dance party


Some Impis (warriors)


Some Impis (warriors) prepare a fire for braiing beef


Some Impis preparing a fire for braiing beef


Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya and her Indunas going to make a speech(corrected)


Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya braves the rain after making a speech


President Banda going to greet Paramount Chief Mpezeni


Paramount Chief Mpezeni on the royal seat


Ngoni dancers prepare to dance


A Ngoni wise man dancing in the main arena of the Ncwala


Ila dancers make their way into the main arena for the Ncwala


Ila dancers from Namwala dancing at the Ncwala


Chief Mukuni and his wife dancing at the Ncwala


An Ila dancer in action


A tired Impi (warrior) getting some rest


An Impi (warrior) takes a nap after a tiring Ngoni dance


Angela Cifire (l) and Catherine Namugala following proceedings at the Ncwala


Former Inspector General of Police Ephraim Mateyo in the audience


Former Finance Bank director of Corporation services Noel Nkoma


A ZNBC outside broadcast van capturing the ncwala live


A group of Ngoni women follow proceedings during the Ncwala


Senior Ngoni Chiefs led by Senior Chief Nzamane


Some half naked Ngoni women dancing


Paramount Chief Mpezeni clears his face after watching a dance of half naked old women


  1. Abantu balemoneka kwati ni fikolwe in the name of preserving culture, but twaliba primitive zoona. These outdated cultures have no place in modern society, I mean with an increased awareness and knoledge in human health, there is no way people can be drinking animal blood (to pay homage to the ancestral spirits – which spirits, demons?). Also no need for our old women to be parading half naked, yes it might have made alot of sense in the 18th-19th century, but not today. There is no need to preserve such cultures – lets move on people, we can do better.

    Pic #6 and #7, Ba LT, I guess U meant Chieftainess not chief. you might need to take some refresher classes in English Language.

  2. It is a good thing that our traditions are being upheld. People like anti-politics should just shut up if you don’t appreciate the richness of our culture. It is important that we honour our ancestry and never forget where we came from.

  3. You LT, even in civilized world they is a task called “editing” and censoring. Even movies some parts are cut-off when transfering on DVDs for retail sale. Why on earth can you throw mothers’ breasts on internet? DELETE those pictures, they were only for the traditional ceremony.
    But journalism ya pa Zambia lisambi sana.

  4. Please napapata some one confirm there was no flash used on the camera for picture # 1. Kufita ba mambala !!

  5. Wont RB call these pictures as Porn… I agree that half-naked women pictures should not have been put up on the net. Most Ngoni dancers seem drunk that is why they were caught dozing off. I like picture 18. Tourism minister wearing skin from a poached animal!!!

  6. People , i wonder why you are not so proud of your traditional ceremonies. I bet you ,you haven’t seen anything on these photos. Take a trip to Brasil and any other spanish speaking countries and see if at all you would coment negatively on ours.Pay some respect.The westernershave brainwashed you so much that even the modeling standards you follow their views of beauty forgeting the Traditional African Beauty. S.H.A.M.E

  7. I agree with 6, what modernization are some of you talking about. If you go to Brazil, they walk naked on their beaches, some of their bikinis leave nothing for imagination, so what is primitive about Africans expressing their culture. Because you climbed on a plane came to the USA your tradition has become primitive, thats where you get it wrong. I salute those grandmas for exposing their breasts in name of culture. That which some of you do not hold. Thank you LT for the pictures, there is nothing pornographic and disturbing about this. These i d i o t s complaining watch more pornographic material than grandmas breast. Am very disappointed that a Zambian can be proud to embrace modernization in a world where he is considered second class to the whiteman, ifyabupuba

  8. #1 you are actually the primitve one and so is your father. not to mention your mother is retarded. its simple.TRADITION AND CULTURE

  9. Why the obsession with skin tone. So what if people in pic 1 as as dark as represented. Aren’t we Africans after all. WE ARE BLACK PEOPLE. Its such a shame that some people regard lighter skin tone as superior so many years after independence. The coimments should be restricted to poor photography.

  10. These are tame by comparison & these kind of things happen all over as per each country’s culture and traditions.The Swazis,Ethiopians,Sothos,Himbas,Papua New Guineans,Brazilians have alot more showing than these and its on the net.This is about celebrating culture whereas in USA its done to satisfy some perverts fantasies and for the “employee” (mostly young women) to earn money.There’s always a double standard that if Africans do these type of things it is “primitive”,but if the “civilised” west does it then it is “art” or “entertainment”

  11. Awe sure, What is the point of showing one’s sagging breasts?????
    #6,9 and any Ngonis brother/sister, Answer me!
    Just because things were done in a certain way doesn’t mean it has to be done forever, Preserving one’s culture is important but getting rid of crazy stuff should done too.
    Even the chief had to cover his eyes coz he didn’t want to have nightmares…lol

  12. This ceremony (culture) is (very) primitive not because its not western (or whatever), but because of the practices, viz (1): drinking (raw) animal blood -absolutely not healthy
    (2): It is cerebrated to pay homage to the ancestral spirits – which sprits? what did the spirts
    do? why shud people in the 21st Cent. pay homage to the spritis they dont know?
    so it doesnt matter whether Brazillians, or pehalps any other country has similar cultures, but practices do.

    #9: You are jst confirming how primitive you are, to hell with your primitive ceremony – we cilishilu we.

  13. Ba Anti-politics naimwe, shussh. Mwaumfwila utuma televanjelist naimwe ati mwatumpuluka. Spirits, don’t you pray to the holy ghost in the christian context? Did you know Christianity is besides you while the spirits to which these ceremonies pay homage to are within you? UbuChristiani mulebusenda bwino. Ubuntu bwesu kukonke fishilano fya fikolwe fyesu, tkukope fyakukopakopa in the name of this day and age

    Let me tell you, there is a movement in the western world to explore African spiritual practices. Before you wake up, these people whose behinds you are so eager to sniff, will have taken over. They are calling it ALCHEMY. Faraday was known to have tinkered with Alchemy and got good at it but never wanted people to know. Mwalashala na mufyenu. Galamukani!

  14. Pic #1, black mambalas. They are really black these Ngoni pervets waiting to drink cow blood mixed with umutoto to enhance their sexual apepites so that at night, those old grand ma’s breasts will be sucked.

  15. While most of these traditional ceremonies are meant to celebrate our culture I at times get concerned that we really do not know what we are about. In this case for instance one just has to look at the outfits that some of the senior cheifs are wearing. What is traditional or cultural in the Zambian context about the robe that Chieftainess Nkomesha has over her chitenge outfit? She would have looked far better dressed for the role without that [graduation] gown. Same goes for chief Mukuni and his wife. I cant see what about those white chitenge drapes can be said to be Zambian or indeed Tonga. For a senior chief of his stature I would have expected a more distinct traditional outfit.

  16. @20 Kadobi, I agree. Chikwela Makumbi ceremony in Chongwe is cool. Angela Chifire in pic n.No. 18 should also have lined up.

  17. I prefer to be referred to as a person of colour and not necessarily a BLACK person. There is nothing like black mwabantu – and nothing like a white man either; those are pale faces as the American Indians refer to them. Let’s begin to unshackle our chains from our minds so we don’t indirectly accept that because BLACK = EVIL therefore we are implicitly disadvantaged to that score! Meantime, Pic #1 shows what you would typically find in South Sudan as the predominant complexion! Cheers to the African!!!

    • You are the master of your destiny. Black white yellow or whatever
      Rich or poor

      Study socialogy

  18. @20 Kadobi, I agree. Chikwela Makumbi ceremony in Chongwe is cool. Angela Chifire in pic No. 18 should also have lined up.

  19. These old women should start dressing up! This is the 21st century and people must respect their private parts especially the old. And why is it that Cifire’s and Namugala’s and other few women’s breasts are concealed yet the old women who are old enough to be their mothers have their breasts exposed? Someone should intervene in this primitiveness and madness. Ngonis should also wake up. Culture changes according to time. You cannot transplant the 18th Century into the 21st century. I was going to say this is pornography but judging by the ugliness of the breasts, I should say this is enough incentive to see someone vomiting. Ubu bushilu, do something educated Zambians!

  20. How much money did we take from tourists and Anthropologists? Hon Namugala can we apply to UNESCO for recognition of this event as a world heritage? The amaNgoni have made a significant contribution to the politico-social climate of 8 African countries from uRundi in the north to South Africa in the south, including Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania in between.

  21. and yet they call our sexy city girls sluts just because of the skimpy clothes, what’s with those ugly floopy yacky looking tube like things they call breats?

  22. Kwena mulifipuba all Bembas since you are a using your language to comment. Be proud of your own culture primitive bloggers .

  23. We chipuba niwe Heifit’ just read your comment!
    Talking to ones ancestors is not a bad thing, its better than a prayer to a greedy muzungu god who demands 10% of your hard earned money and never get things done!

  24. #22 finally someone who thinks the same way I do on this issue.Its nonsense that we have allowed people to call us BLACK. some rascists thought we were less human and evil and called us black.I prefer you refer me to the colour of my skin which is brown or a person of colour, African or Zambian.

  25. Traditions & culture is supposed to be dynamic and not always backwards the way we see it in Zambia. The British have culture around their Queen but while our Lozis still wear the 19th century gear handed down by the British (and call it Lozi culture with Victorian time dresses – musisi(sp)), the British have moved on but still maintain the culture but appropriate for the times we live in, not this degrading stuff which from the look of these photos, nobody seems to be enjoying it at all.

  26. All you commenting negative things about our ncwala ceremony are dull,the best you would have done is not to watch the pictures than writing bu.ll about our traditional ceremony.You think that when you are in diaspora,everything in africa is primitive,typical of lazy bembas,a galu imwe.We ngonis are the most diverse tribe in zambia,our language is spoken in about 7 countries.Zambians are the most u.s.e aficans have seen,especially these lazy good for nothig bembas.Ati primitive…,i will be ngoni forever .ahhh nipita,nipita kwatu kumawa kumawa nipita aye…

  27. I’m loving the debate on this subject of Culture, very lively.
    #5 Dontcare, you may sound humourous but could be dead right, ‘Tourism minister wearing skin from poached animal’.

  28. Mbeba 32 the Scottish still wear Scottish skates, visit Scotland and you will find all their traditional costumes on display in various outlets and shops. So there is nothing wrong for Lozi to also wear there traditional clothes. The British still attach lots of importance to their cultural heritage, change of Guards at Buckingham Palace is a major tourist attraction, whilst we are busy shooting out own traditional heritage down. Some condemn the dress by the Litunga as being copied from the West whilst they themselves are donning trousers, dresses, bow ties, shoes all from Western culture. It is called, “spite”.

  29. meant the male Scots still wear their traditional skirts, so don’t see reason why the Lozi’s should also not wear their Lizibas’ and Misisis’

  30. So the Ngonis call this culture? My foot. What kind of culture exposes old women’s nudity? Do you mean Nc’wala cannot be celebrated without these bare-breasted women? Yes, you may call us Bembas dogs because even a dog puts a tail between its legs to conceal its nudity. Shame on you Mbuyas you have shown us that you have not moved from your primitiveness. You see our Ukusefya pa ng’wena pictures and tell me if you’ll see those unappetizing breasts. Even Kuomboka, women don’t reduce themselves to that level. Its only mweba Ngoni. Wake up cousins!

  31. Yes, the debate has now reached boiling point with the Bembas and Ngonis having a ‘go’ at each and it looks like the Bembas are playing it cool so far.
    #42, Don’t worry maybe next time you will luckier to see those items.

  32. # 15 VJ Rigger, ama neck tie, oweee! LOL. A Ngoni ambuya are very dark skinned and celebrates half naked, while Mukulu Mpuno is very adept at defining pornography! Anyway, culture is very good and should be preserved with least changes. Once you start removing certain important aspects then, you distort the ceremony and deny future generations of the correct experience. It is also important for historians to carefully document these ceremonies just in case some of the bloggers here become government leaders, our ceremonies would be distorted.
    There is nothing wrong with these half naked elderly women as this is how they dressed during wars and the day of the ceremonys’ dress code is symbolic and educational! What is pathetic is an African male orgling pictures of Play Boy magazine.

  33. This is a chance for those sisters to show off their boobs! You go girls! If you don’t like it don’t look. The only problems here is Mpezeni with his scrawny legs.

    If you are not proud of your Zambian heritage at #15 then dont come to this site. We cishilu niwebo!, ta!

  34. #46 Flawless – You have crossed the line here. Why don’t you let your mother be the first to show hers?

  35. Bembas are the most useless,lazy zambians,no wonder their women are dealing in drugs embarasing our country,u will never read any bloging from an easterner when there is your ‘UKUSEFYA PACHINYO’ so have some decency when other tribes are celebrating their traditional ceremonies.

  36. please people mind your language and respect older women even if not your own mother. bonse abo wasanga in ba wiso bonse niba noko.

  37. #48 if bembas are dogs you are dog scum, they’ll always be better smarter wiser than you, you think you were born of a ngoni when infact it was a bemba who spread his scum in your province at the chinyenge nyenge ceremony!If you check your DNA you will find it out to be a bantus.. you dog s h i t!

  38. It is simple truth. This is why we have lagged behind the rest of the world, bcoz of some meaningless old practices. To be honest, some practices should have nothing to do with culture, they are just barbaric. Even the West had practices/cultures whatever u call them, which were abandoned in the light of knowledge.
    We have remained with wizards crash landing on roof tops in Kalikiliki ( no one benefits from that technology), but our friends are show casing REAL spacecrafts exploring how better to improve human lives, and u are busy drinking blood. U drink blood and U get sick and u complain that in Africa twalikwata ama disease? Yaba!!!!!

  39. Pic 2 – Lol, how cute are they!

    Pic 18 – Angela Cifire (l) and Catherine Namugala look like they have been forced to attend; miserable cows!

  40. Drinking blood is not a tradition or culture. It a sin and God strongly warns against it both in the Old and New Testaments. If a tradition violets the word of God, you repent of it in the fear of God. You may argue that the Bible applies only to Christians; remember this, the God of Hindus or Moslems is not the Creator or Savior. There’s only one Creator (Universal God) and He says drinking blood is a sin.

  41. ANTHRAX, Anthrax, Anthrax!!! We have cases of anthrax in Zambia. Movement of animals from Western Province can easily spread anthrax to Eastern Province. Birds can also spread anthrax. What’s my point? The day Chief Mupeshani and his impis drink blood from an anthrax infected bull then they will surely know that times have changed and archaic traditions should follow suit.

  42. # 25: Looks like utwantutu would be more interesting than ‘dry milk bonitas’ in pic # 24 uh!

  43. In isiZulu impi means war/battle not warrior. And mostly only maidens expose their breasts during the ncwala not GRANDMOTHERS. Clearly this tribe has lost its roots. You can hardly discern their Nguni connections. They might as well call themselves Nsenga. After all they ran away from this culture, they are notoriously clinging to, many years ago! Might as well be Kunda intead of copycat Zulu!

  44. PIC#1 ,did they just paint themselves this black or what is it mwe bantu ??

    Angela chifire yeve ayaka everywhere…go girl goo.
    Those sagging breasts in pic #22 and pic# 24 could have been spared.. those things happened in the old stone age…

  45. I just like the valuable information you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and test once more here frequently. I am moderately sure I’ll be told many new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the next!

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