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Stand up and be counted, Orlean Moyo urges women


First Lady Thandiwe Banda and Indo Zambia chairperson Orlean Moyo

Indo Zambia Bank Board Chairperson Orlean Moyo has said women should not be allowed to be marginalized by the male folk. Mrs Moyo said women have a right to stand up and be recognised in society. She has also called on women to take advantage of equal access to education policy to further their education.


She was speaking during the Indo Zambia Bank international women’s day breakfast in Lusaka on today.

Mrs Moyo has also praised First Lady Thadiwe Banda for inspiring women to stand up for their rights. On Monday, the First Lady called on Zambian women to work extra hard so that they could be recognized on merit. Mrs Banda said women should not seek sympathy when aspiring for jobs, but compete on merit.

Mrs Banda also advised women to encourage each other to work harder in whatever they do. She said although women had achieved a lot in various sectors, much more could be done to achieve the required levels of self actualization in society.

Earlier in the day, thousands of women from all walks of life gathered at Lusaka’s Show grounds to celebrate the one 100th anniversary of the International women’s day.

The anniversary is being commemorated under the theme “Equal Access to education, Training and Science and Technology: A pathway to different work for women”.

Women Religious groupings, including the three mother church bodies, the labour movement and freedom fighters were among thousands of women converged in the Show Grounds main arena to celebrate their day.

Members of the diplomatic corps, Ambassadors and High commissioners accredited to Zambia were also witnessing the celebrations of the anniversary.

Vice President George Kunda was on hand to deliver government’s key note speech to the womenfolk. Women from major political parties including the ruling MMD, United Party for National Development -UPND, UNIP, Forum for Democracy Development and Patriotic Front PF were in attendance.

And the show ground’s main arena was fully packed and a hive of activity as excited and joyous women commemorated the anniversary in style.

The marchers who gathered as early as 07:00 hours on Tuesday started their procession from the ZESCO headquarters through the Great East road to Show Grounds where the celebrations climaxed into performances and speeches.

Gender and Women in Development Minister Sara Saifwanda flagged of the marching procession at around 08:00 hours.

Earlier, Vice President in the company of dignitaries and several other ministers found time to look at various exhibitions at the American Dome.



  1. Ms Orlean Moyo Indo Zambia Bank is the best Bank in Zambia. I salute you for what you are doing and what you have already done.

  2. Well said Madam Orlean Moyo

    Thandiwe Banda – you are an example to all us women that have always setteled for less. Maureen Manawansa and yourself graduated at same day from the Australian University in 2009.
    You achieved an Advanced Diploma in Inforamtion Technology and now doing your Degree program. Keep on speaking for the woman. I worked in PTC when your father was a Director in Post & Tele Communication now called ZAMTEL.

    I also know that your brother is a Senior IT Person working an for an Investment Bank in UK. Is this a family thing or did your brother inspire you to go the IT Profession…

  3. Women are the worst enemies of women. Perhaps women’s greatest weakness is covetousness. It is in the muddy pools of covetousness that they swim. All there achievements and desires stem from being better than the Joneses, better that Mary and to that end they ingratiate themselves to men. They will slander and gossip in order to be number 1. The lioness in the woman wants to protect its offspring and control its mate. This is the result of the fall when God said, ‘You shall want to control your husband, but he shall tyranise you.’

  4. Atleast mwndi ba Tandiwe ba oneka more Zambian than a ba benangu bamene baoneka monga ni ma Aborigines baku Australia. GOOD TANDIWE AND CONGRATS FOR MAINTAINING YOUR ORIGIALITY.

  5. No2# Tamala.

    Abena Tamara.. why bring the family. Do you fancy Thandiwe’s elder brother. He is a handsome, cool guy and not married though!!! Plus working in a UK Investment Bank. Mmmmmmmm.

  6. The only thing that hold women back are men. I know many women who have lost their bearings once they get into a relationship especially with the wrong dude.

    Remember girls, a man is not your life but part of your life. Never ever give up a piece of yourself for anybody.

  7. # 5 You don’t talk about Aboriginal people like that. They have beautiful hearts i work with them and they are loving people. Your comment is very disrespectful. You have to appologise.

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