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Pictures this Week- Portraits



A boy at a community meeting in Sinda


An elderly Ngoni woman


A man with sun glasses in Lumezi


A middle aged man at a public meeting in Sinda


President Banda in prayer mood


An old woman in Sinda


An Ngoni wiseman


Works and Supply deputy minister Lameck Mangani


Paramount Chief Mpezeni


A Mother's tender love...A mother kisses her baby in Sinda


A woman at a public meeting in Sinda.


An elderly Ngoni cheer leader


A man in Lumezi with a million dollar smile!


A leader of an Ngoni batalion


An Ngoni cheer leader


A woman at a public meeting in Sinda


An Ngoni Impi - if looks could kill


Home Affairs minister Mkhondo Lungu


A woman breastfeeding while sipping what looks like an illicit jilijili sachet in Sinda


An Ngoni warrior gives a smile


A woman ululating in Sinda


A young woman at the Ncwala traditional ceremony


A youth at a community meeting in Sinda


An Ngoni warrior


Paramount Chief Gawa Undi


A youthful Ngoni warrior


Sinda Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma


  1. Abena chipata babi, kwati balesekeshapofye kanshi ninshi efyo baba!

    Ba LT, what type of english do u use? in both American and British english, u can’t say “AN NGONI..” thats madness. “An” is a definite article used before a vowel. u have used that in almost all your pictures. Obviously you guys need secondary school English classes

  2. Nice portraits.People is it easier to say an ngoni or a ngoni. Ngoni is pronounced ingoni so its okey to say an ngoni.
    #pic13- I’m not sure if thats a million dollar smile

  3. Do these people have no names? Were they talked to in the first? Namelessnes can be demeaning! A woman, a youth, an old woman, an Ngoni :o
    LT, please, recognising and naming people in your paper is primary. Not only does it give value, respect and dignity to the people concerned but also confirms the authenticity of your sourcce of information.

  4. pic #19 multi tasking woman. breastfeeding the baby while at the same time replenishing the depleted milk with akajijiljili. awesome! teti nomwana abumuka lol

  5. But Zoona abakumushi tula ba shupa, have you seen Picture number 4, the man would rather be somewhere chasing ka food on the run (Imbeba) than listening to endless speeches!

  6. Ok LT i love this, this so refreshing from all the political talk and stuff…can’t wait to start my relaxing but not a jiliiz!!!something cool will do some one come to my rescue!FRIDAY!!!!

  7. I would have loved to see HERB in the attire he wore at the reed ceremony in Swazi. Cool pic’s of my tribal cousins though.

  8. #15 Big Pipe – Yes its him! I didnt notice that he was the one till you mentioned it. I wonder where Haggai Chomba is. As for the pictures, there’s lots of sadness in my peoples eyes and as evidenced in pic#4, insala sure look at his lips. I am voting this year!

  9. The captions are laughable. Can you get someone to write better captions than these? And since when did Ngoni become a word starting with a vowel? Never! so it should always be; “a Ngoni” not “an Ngoni”!

  10. But who said that alcohol paced in plastic sachets iz illicit? Thoze who peddle illicit drugz like marijuana are arrested, but how come thoze dealing in alcohol in sachets are not persued by the law enforcerz? And can you drop this pathetic “tujilijili” term, thoze sachets have proper trade namez!

  11. we d not say ingoni we say impi meaning warrier.We also say Ungoni the related activity mungoni ( for a ngoni) Angoni for ngonis as in large numbers. Singular- plural

  12. abuse kuli banamayo.after dancing for these politician only to get akajilijili pa last surely umusebanya. ibele lyafota noku fota umwana tapali nefyo aleumfwamo awe mwandini pa zed

  13. Iwe # 39 ulekwata uluse tawishiba ukuti ni ZAZU ilimumutwe…anywho poverty levels yaliko rather!!!!

    but please napapata do not ruin this thread with vhokambakamba vama politikis iyi ni ya zwaaa!!! weekend sipesha!

  14. Pic 5 and 13:
    Now don’t you go calling people middle aged or old when they just look haggard. They have had hard lives. I bet you these so called elderly people have not yet reached 50. That is not old in my book.

  15. Yaba, but kwena, when you look at the pics for the leaders ie rb mkondo lungu, ugawa undi, baoneka chabe fine but come to the pipo who voted them into power aahhh, ni total global crunch!!!! But levy noma akota fast kwati naeve ali mu global!!!!

  16. @ POLITICAL PROSTITUTE, don’t label the whole province. These are Ngonis like your Bemba hard as wood women they compete for the unattractive award.

    Picture no# 22 that girl is Thumbuka cause she is too fine to be Ngoni.

  17. Since I am now provoked let me tell you where Zambia’s beauties lie. The far east Thumbuka, southern province, north western and western province. Bemba and Ngonis fights for most bizarre Zambian chicks, loud obnoxious, or are those chewa women too. Though Bemba women are annoyingly loud.

  18. Why do you Bembas always categorize eastern province as only one group of people, we are different. Don’t ever put me in the same category as Ngonis and there bizarre porno culture. Like I know northern is not only Bemba, learn that the east is vast too.

  19. LT. Can you please move into this century. You seem to have been left behind. All these people have NAMES. Have respect for your fellow human beings and treat them with dignity.

  20. Great to have some potraits of Zambian faces for a change.

    Among other fascinations at the Ncwala ceremony, pic #22 is a very good reason to take a trip to the East of Zambia.

  21. Please LT stop bringing pictures of half naked women in the name of honouring a traditional ceremony.
    And a word to Pramount Chief Mpezeni is that he should stop the evil practice of drinking animal blood. Only carnivores, i.e Lions, Hynas, Leopards drink animal blood. As for you Chief Mpezeni, you are a human being and not a Carnivor.

    Ati Ngoni wise man! Hahaaa, that man looks rather ridiculous to me……..
    Ngonis amaze me.

  23. Very ugly people, please ZWD spare us from such embarrasments in the diaspora, how can i show my girlfriend such pictures?

  24. Good morning LT, You should have only shown the beautiful Thumbuka girl at 22. @ DADA na mu-ona a dumbu Nimuweme mwana kazi. Otowa nadi.

  25. Ba Destroyer muli bakulu abashakwata amano. Muleya mulekota you need to change your mindset. When are you going to change kanshi?

  26. # 69-Tekanya mwaiche destroyer what i do here your government doesn`t even have the facilities.Only south africa can utilize my expertise.Otherwise if i can pa zed i will be under utilized.Never buy those stories of struggling Zedians in the diapora.Only those without proper qualifications are in those waters.So bola panshi wemwana.

  27. Way to go L.T.
    Abena Chipata. Typical, only Mbeba missing. Ha Ha Ha.
    We need a picture of them munching Mbeba. Especially that old man in pic # 5. Madumbo wa ku Chipata.

  28. Ba mambala are poachers. Where are the game rangers to arrest these people.
    No wonder Eastern power girls have a good heart because God had to give them something on top of their masks.

  29. Abemba kuyipa patumenso! Mungo kambax2 sha! Aba banthu booneke luweme tyala. It’s not un common to come accross these faces in America. As usual kungo zinvwa tuma mbala mweo. I see you agree bemba faces on FB. A bemba is equivalent to a redneck from Virginia that thinks only him as swagger- very dim-witted.

  30. I am utterly shocked at some retrogressive comments regarding our “very ugly people”Think how hard it was back in 1833 & 1863 to side with the “ugly” black slaves & free them in an age when the whites who did that faced extremely severe backlash.Come to the 21st century and it is our own who are ashamed of their brethren.These are our people and its ok to show them.If you’re ashamed of what others say of our folks then God is ahamed of you too as He is the one that matters.The wisdom of man is foolishness to God so nobody is “ugly” or is “a nobody” coz God doesn’t make mistakes

  31. I hear monkeys chattering in trees.

    Some of you have run away from your wives and children in Zambia and you are busy admiring the girl in pic #22. Stop chasing waterfalls.

  32. #82 Nubian Princess
    Nothing wrong in admiring sissy unless going beyond admiring (if one is married).I am sure you also admire 6pack loaded brothers?

  33. Please ZWD remove these pictures my white girl wants to run away from me after seeing her would be relatives SHA?

  34. NO# 68, Ba mwanawakwithu.. heheehe mwankumbusya pa kanele numbala 1, tunakazi tu towa nadi, nthowa ya ku kanele njitali chomene.. vithu vinangika chomene madazi…

  35. #8: is he intoxicated?
    # 13: best of all!
    # 17: Mukalowa mbuya!
    # 19: Kamwana kaingoyakilapo chabe!:-?

  36. A Bellar, pikichala inu ndiwemwe chomene. Namwe ndi mwe a ku towa, nadi. Uheni muli ku Australia, sanike mwangu ba pa Jozi, mbani na mi funbani kuti timweko kofi.

  37. An Ngoni Impi, An Ngoni cheer leader, An Ngoni wiseman, An Ngoni Batalion. Aha Lt yes for English Press 1 for Zambian language Press 100.

  38. Dada#90, wachitika uli. nadi msungwana Bellah nimuwene chomeni ine nazizwa umufumbenge yayi ngwakwinu wapulika? ufumbenge ba mukhwere baku northern and luapula.

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