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Headmen calls for speedy crowning of Chief Mweemba


Sinazongwe headmen

Some traditional leaders in Sinazongwe district in Southern Province have appealed to Government to expedite the installation of Senior Chief Mweemba who died in 2007.

Headman Matambo who spoke on behalf of other traditional leaders told ZANIS that the delay in installing Senior Chief Mweemba is contributing to confusion among subjects in the area.

Headman Matambo said the local people were happy with the development that Government has brought to the area such as building of schools and construction of Namafulo border post but that there is no coordination of developmental activities owing to the vacuum that the late senior Chief Mweemba left.

He added that settling of disputes, affecting locals in the area was also affected.

Two people in the same chiefdom have so far declared themselves as acting Senior Chief Mweemba and both have mounted the national flag at their homes.

The headmen in the area are also divided with one group supporting Ephraim Syatambika, while the other group is backing Lason Syasokwe.

Both have taken the matter to High the Court to seek redress over the matter.

Two weeks ago, Mr Syatambika declared that he will support the ruling Movement for Mult-party Democracy (MMD) in this year’s general elections because of the developmental activities that have been brought to the district.



  1. Sorry there is no food in Zambia, look at our headmen to me they look as if they dont eat , but what is the govt they support doing about their problems. unfortunatetly they still continue to sing praises for the poor governance of our land

  2. Don’t ponta too much on the looks of these people, u their children in diaspora are to blame , u dont assist them, u expect RB to buy them matoloshi…sha

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