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Weekend in Pictures



An overloaded light truck overturned along the Lumuba road in Lusaka. It was carrying fish and Kapenta from Tanzania


The crew of the overloaded light truck wait for tow services after their overloaded vehicle carrying fish and Kapenta from Tanzania overturned.


First Lady Thandiwe Banda about to receive a book on HIV AIDS and Youth in Zambia from author Wilfred Chilangwa at State House


Some entreprising youths engage in carpentry at Mandevu market in Lusaka


Some entreprising youths busy at work at Mandevu market in Lusaka.


Th drainage in the Kulima Tower bus station has remained bad even weeks before the facility is about to re-open to the public after major rehabilitation works. Car washers fetch water from the faulty drainage system.


The major rehabilitation works at the Kulima Tower bus station has not resulted in a good drainage system though a few weeks remain before the facility is about to re-open to the public. Car washers fetch water from the faulty drainage system.


Youths and Lusaka residents watch sports events at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka


Judokas in action at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka


Judo players showcase their skills at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka


Judo players showcase their skills (by Jean Mandela)


Olympic Youth Development Centre director Clement Chileshe(white top) with British High Commissioners to Zambia Tom carter and Carolyn Davidson (l) and sports deputy minister Brian Sikazwe (r) at the OYDC in Lusaka


Sports deputy minister Brian Sikazwe (r) with British High Commissioners to Zambia Tom Carter (c) and Carolyn Davidson at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka


Zambia national soccer team players in training at Independence stadium in Lusaka


Under 23 national soccer team coach Keegan Mumba giving tips to team players during training at Independence Stadium in Lusaka


A rare real gentleman washing the feet of his "friend" (by Jean Mandela)


Samantha is Miss Unza 2011( By Jean Mandela)


  1. pic16 W.T.F. seems like his a garden boy..but washing the feet?awe..he needs to ask for his job description.

  2. Wish we can go back to the days when a large crowd of fans like pic 8 watching local soccer premier league games,those were the days!!!!!!

  3. LT-Zambia like no other country must be very very important to be assigned two British high commissioners.One must be the high commissioner and the other maybe an attache,a counselor or a first secretary.

  4. No.6: There are currently two British High Commissioners accredited to Zambia, on a job-sharing basis. They are Ms Carolyn Davidson and Mr Thomas Carter. A married couple, both are career diplomats in their own right. They rotate in the job every four months. The High Commissioner currently in office is Mr Thomas Carter. Ms Carolyn Davidson will take over the job again on 1 May 2011.

  5. No. 6 – Enka Rasha: LT is correct. Zambia has 2 Joint High Commissioners from the UK. They are a married couple and alternate between the 2 of them on who is High Commissioner for periods of 3 months at a time. When one is High Commissioner, then the other gets the title of “spouse of the high commissioner”. This is the usual diplomatic practice, though very rare, when a married couple have the same rank, i.e. of ambassodor or high commissioner, and are assigned to the same country, as is the case with H.E. Tom Carter and his wife H.E. Carolyn Davidson, UK Joint High Commissioners to Zambia.

  6. Mpundu @ 9. I was wondering too but thanks for the enlightment. Does it mean when you’re ‘off-duty’ you don’t get a salary until you’re back after 3 months?

  7. Pic 17-Wow just the right chick with the right assets scooping the crown.I like her posterio morphology awe nizi.Pic 16-Indeed Mwale should re-ask his job description coz apa yioneka madam ali na plan b.But ni bu garden boy chabe and kutilila manzi like that.Awe ni zed ziko lamutendele :-D

  8. Pic # 16 You guys are jelouse of the guy. His job description comes with the Madam.
    He should be working for the one in pic # 17.

  9. Eiesh Man

    The landings must not have been pretty. And 16 garden boy, have you gentlemen seen the caressing manner inwhich he holds the leg? Without cameras, that hand slowly goes up and down in an upward general motion until it go no further. The boss has to be concerned

  10. Pic-16 ndye mwamene imayambila from a chibeleshi level to touch and go…then finally before you know it ,it is catapillar two by two.

  11. On pics# 9,10 &11 in white is that Zambia airways planes midflight and back in business or could it be Zambia Airforce flying low to avoid radar on a bombing mission?Someone please educate me.

  12. Interesting pics.

    Those Judokas look rather scared to death as they fly over their fulamaling training mates.

    Pic# 16 is a sensation. Why not? They both seem to be having a good time and that’s what counts.

    Pic #17 is that the only pic of Miss UNZA? It would be interesting to see her in full profile.

  13. Pic 16, the while smudge on their faces an attempt by LT to hide their identities. If is the case then I am happy that LT has the capacity to be sensitive to peoples privacy. Just wish it would practice the new found discretion more widely.

  14. Nice pictures, but you should ensure variety in your selection of pictures. As seen above there is too much focus on the sports development centre. Pictures 9, 10 and 11 are almost the same. This is boring ba LT. Nevertheless, you are doing a good job and there is room for improvement.

  15. Actually, i have noted something funny about your pictures. Picture 1 and 2 are showing the same scenario. There is not so much difference between pictures 4 and 5. Pictures 6 and 7 of the events at Kulima tower are almost the same. As already stated pictures 9, 10 and 11 are dipicting the same events. Pictures 12 and 13 are almost the same showing the same people. Further 15 and 16 are also showing the same scenarios of the footballers. All in all the pictures are boring. They lack variety. Poor jounalism!!!!

  16. Number 22 Nina Chale – the use of the word ”fulamaling” is funny …I may not be an expert in aerodynamics but I’m sure the chap in Picture number 10 did not mke it over the hurdle of backsides

  17. @ Picture 16 I feel for our black sisters cause white girls and ladies are getting married to brothers like we are manna from heaven; scooping brothers in vasts lol.

  18. #6 and 7…..Results of power workmanship. The contractor Tomorow Investment was Black listed in Mwanawasa’s reign. Dont know how they found themselves back with a contract in the Central Business District of Zambia’s capital City. And true to their reputation with poor works. Pa Zed che!!

  19. Picture 17 “you know what they say about the wide mouth/lips are always in direct proportional to the punani”


  21. LT pls try to differentiate between a sewer drainage line and a storm water drainage line. Which of these is blocked?

  22. Good on you L.T. long time since I saw Thandie appearing on your site…

    oh boy!! I miss zambian chitenge attire.. lovely…

  23. I know that volunteer American student. She has been addicted to the real back d……k since her arrival in the country. Once you go black, you never go back to white!!! She just wants to utilize her time in Zambia FULLY!

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