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The new look MMD executive


The MMD has ushered into office a new National Executive Committee (NEC) for the next five years.


This follows elections conducted at the MMD second Extra-Ordinary Convention at Mulungushi University in Kabwe.

Returning Officer Christopher Mundia announced the results of the new NEC leaders Thursday morning.

President Rupiah Banda who went through an opposed will lead the party.

Lands Deputy Minister Michael Mabenga has retained his position as National Chairman while Major Richard Kachingwe is the new National Secretary, taking over the realms from Dr. Katele Kalumba who did not contest the elections.

Major Kachingwe beat Benard Mpundu to scoop the position of Chief Executive Officer of the party.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha is Chairperson for National Security while Education Minister and also MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya is Chairperson for Informational and Publicity.

Lieutenant Shikapwasha was being challenged by Southern Province Minister Elijah Muchima while Ms. Siliya beat Webby Chipili and Mwata Chikumbi to scoop the position.

Others are Bwalya Chiti Chairman-Legal, Defence Minister Kalombo Mwansa for International Relations, and Local Government Deputy Minister Moses Muteteka as National Youth Chairman.

Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo is the new Chairperson for Women and Development, while Works and Supply Minister Gabriel Namulambe is the Chairman for Elections.

Others are Energy Minister Kenneth Konga, chairman for Energy, Tourism Minister Catherine Namugala as Chairperson Tourism, labour Minister Austin Liato Chairman for Labour and Dr Brian Chituwo Chairman for Local Government and Housing, a ministry he heads.

Goodward Mulubwa is the party’s National Treasurer, Science Technology Minister Peter Daka Chairman for Transport and Communications, and Agriculture Minister Dr Eustarckio Kazonga Chairman for Agriculture and Cooperatives.

The new National Trustees are Evelyn Mwanawasa, Grace Njapau and Clever Silavwe.

Lumba Kalumba beat Dr Patrick Chikusu to scoop the position of chairperson for health.

And President Rupiah Banda has nominated six members of the MMD to the National Executive Committee-NEC-

They include Vice President George Kunda, Parliamentary Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga, Sports Minister Kenneth Chipungu, Suresh Desai, Margaret Musonda and Anne Chungu.

The President convened the first NEC meeting in Kabwe shortly after the close of the MMD convention where the nominations were passed.

According to the MMD Constitution, the party president is mandated to nominate up to 12 members to the Party’s top organ.

President Banda was speaking to journalists shortly after the first MMD NEC meeting in Kabwe.

And President Banda says the just ended MMD convention has proved that the party is democratic and transparent.

President Banda says the convention is testimony that the MMD embraces the tenets of democracy.

Mr Banda was speaking when he officially closed the second MMD extra ordinary convention in Kabwe on Thursday.

And the President has warned MMD members who are in the habit of double dealings that they will not be tolerated in the party.

President Banda says disciplinary action will be taken against any party member playing double standards.

The President has also warned that any National Executive Committee member found leaking information to the press or the public will be expelled.

President Banda says NEC matters are confidential and should not be leaked to the Press or the general public.

Mr. Banda has called for continued unity and love among party members to ensure victory in this year’s tripartite elections.

The President also urged the new NEC members to be humble and serve the party with humility.



  1. This is awesome. Forward with H.E.R.B. and MMD. 2011 ni landslide victory chabe.

    Viva MMD.

  2. don’t talk about democracy which isn’t there..its a mockery to democracy..however..those that won on merit ..congrats!

  3. The nomination of GK into the NEC by the president does not bode well for the Vice president. This move does not allow the VP to flex his muscle and power base within the MMD. VP, is probably the highest office he will attain.

  4. #2 Leave them alone. We should now look at getting PF convention in order. This was their right to hold and we did not disturb them and they should leave us alone to hold ours in peace.

  5. The MMD “true blue” of 1991 are all gone except for 4: Michael Mabenga, Vernon Johnson Mwaanga, Suresh Desai and Richard Kachingwe. This is the beginning of the end of the party that defeated me in 1991 and I am very happy to be back! What this means is that MMD may not survive beyond 2011 but if they do, then, 2016 will be the end of them. Who will lead Zambia after 2016? Hakainde Hichilema, Bwalya Chiti, Kalombo Mwansa, Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika and Enock Kavindele are all posible contenders but who knows, maybe, someone not even on this list?

  6. @ Mpo 2007,

    I also picked that up. Not how the man in the second most powerful office in the land should enter his parties NEC.

  7. I was just reading John Mwanakatwe’s End of the Kaunda Era. One thing struck my mind. In 1969 Kapwepwe stood as Party Vice President a position which automatically made him Republican Vice President. This angered Kenneth Kaunda because he had wanted Reuben Chitandika Kamanga to win that position. What followed thereafter was that Kaunda scrapped both the Party and Republican Vice Presidency replacing it with the post of General Secretary(Party) and Prime Minister(Government). This was the start of problems for Mr. Kapwepwe and his supporters. Kaunda’s explanation was that since he was a Bemba(sic), it was not right to have another Bemba as his Deputy. Now Kaunda attended the opening of that fake convention, so would he have played a role in MMD’s abolishing of the VP position? Evil men

  8. Magande,Mpombo,Mulongoti Expelled and kavindele feared for his life.What Democracy is this.More over only Minsters went thru is this Democracy.
    Democracy is dead in zambia.If we are not carefull the same people can bring civil strife becoz they are selfish all they want is power ,including some opposition leaders.So Zambians let us wake up.
    God help our Nation

  9. wow lets wait and see, as we wait for P F and UPND also t do the same but i have also learn something one thing for any organization to go forward you need loyal people not rebels this apply to political parties.

  10. Democratic tenets my foot. Just because Patrick Musonda refused to back down on the V/presidency he was hounded out like a dog and you want to say you are democratic. Who do you think you are fooling. This is as good as not holding a convention. The results of the elections were predetermined. This convention is just a sham.

  11. The wind of change is blowing across Zambia this year. MMD has failed Zambians in so many ways, the constitution,windfall tax,abuse of office,violence in bus stations and markets,soaring poverty and unemployment levels,dubious acquitos and interference in the judicial system,stubborness on matters of national interest and abuse of public resources without any action on the auditor general’s reports to mention but afew. The only solution is change of government and only PF and SATA are better positioned to rescue Zambians from the paws of Rupiah the Monster. VOTE SATA AND PF

  12. I like the mutual understanding and consensus on #2,6 and 7… positive contribution indeed…this is the Zambia we should all be proud of building not insulting making Zambians really not living up to Christian Nation we all strongly are defending…. That said PF will winning change is evitable chibechibe

  13. Where is the democracy in having no competitors to challenge the president?

    MMD removed from the party anybody who wanted change from Rupiah with a simple line of “Not in good standing with the party”. Poor George Kunda never even got to enjoy the trappings of a legally elected V.P of his party. George now gets out ranked by a secretary.

    A Real Dictator was born today

  14. # 6 Bongobongo, you are absolutely correct, we should leave them alone as whatever they have done is to affect only themselves. I also want to echo your sentiment, no one disturbed the MMD during their convention, they should stop instigating violence like they did for the PF during the Lusaka Provincial convention.
    We hope all danderheads like William Banda have understood the president, once and for all about this violence nonsense!

  15. #18 I totally agree……. Banda is heading towards Mugabe regime type and people should see that…. Banda is dangerously

  16. This is an MMD convention. I wonder how the PF campaigns come into play. Let us learn from their mistakes and do better ourselves. We should rise above petty jealousies. I think the other parties should work on their manifestos, conventions and make huge improvements compared to the MMD. They won’t hold another one this year if they find the PF or UPND hold theirs exceptionally.

  17. Bravo MMD, with this team, we are definately slashing the opposition with a wider margin

  18. That is MMD NEC,we zambians that is not our interest, our interest is to vote against MMD…viva opposition, viva sata….

  19. #12 Deja Vu, your question is very simple and here is an equally simple answer to help you answer yourself.
    The Veep position in MMD has been frozen for sometime now, from Levy’s days in fact and that was before RB.

    So leave the old man alone. Some things just require taking as given and not ALWAYS wasting your time imagining useless things like brown envelopes, he is a bootlicker, KK has influenced the MMD etc.

  20. #25 H.H. Sata _ I dont expect anything else from a son of a sitting president. Just keep on defending your father just like Gaddafi’s sons are doing. You over look the background I have given and opt to drag a dead man’s name in. Typical UNIP mascrading as MMD.

  21. Mr Deja Vu, as you should know by now, the characteristics of UNIP are much more pronounced in Mr Sata – wamuyaya no elections etc. You don’t notice it in RB, all you know is that he was once in UNIP together with Mr Sata.

  22. How regionally balance is this NEC? I notice that some regions have no representation whilest others have between 1 to 3 only and yet others have 7,5,5.

  23. The corrupt MMD had a peaceful convention electing or sharing their spoils (posts). They made sure all those that planned to challnge His excellency the P.I.G (Party & It’s Govt.) Boss were hounded out or prevented from attening the feast.

    In my Polictical Vocabulary, I have added on “Those Not In Good Standing With the Party” terminogy. Aaah thanks to MMD.

  24. #9 u have 4goten 3 names on yo list namely mama mwanawasa,mutati and katele kalumba populary known as kaka.

  25. Tailor-made elections are over with no one to disturb you. So when PF holds theirs we don’t want these ‘Fake Blues’ to bring confusions please. ZNBC was full of this rubbish ‘Fake Blues’ gathering and now it’s over, can we have some proper news from ZNBC now. Nway it’s too much to ask with shikapwasha @ the helm.

  26. politics is not dirty people like william banda are making politics dirty.only if he can stop wat he is doing 2 party membes.coz is dirty.

  27. #28 H.H. Sata – You are exposed. We know who you are. To you it is not about Zambia, but your father running government no matter how badly.We founded MMD but due to the foolishness of our first 2 presidents, a small hole was left unsealed and Unip used it to grab power.Forget about Sata, he is not the issue here.

  28. Bloggers, lets not waste on this corrupt MMD party. We should start looking at how to remove them from power. All those who can manage to go home and vote please do it in numbers.

  29. Deja Vu with due respect, this has nothing to do with PF or yourself.i suggest you let MMD people do their thing its their convention right?

    Leaks from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) indicate that despite extending the voters registration 3 to 4 times in a bid to catch up with PF strongholds, the final voters registration figures still indicate an upper hand in the Northern and Urban provinces for the Patriotic Front. The informer has indicated the latest figures to be as follows:
    Copperbelt 869,406
    Lusaka 776,866
    Northern 658,902
    Southern 655,380
    Eastern 654,204
    Central 482,571
    Luapula 409,754
    N/Western 310,398
    Western 389,609
    The total number of registered voters is 5.2 million; an increase of almost 100% from the 2006 cast figures of 2.7 million.
    The ECZ informer stated that a strategic analysis of the above figures gives PF the upper hand on both MMD…

  31. all factors being equal. This can be illustrated by the following summation:
    Copperbelt, Lusaka, Northern, Luapula ;total: 2,714,928 representing 52.1%
    Southern, Eastern, Central, Western, Northwestern;Total: 2,492,162 which is 47.9%
    The informer stated that probable factors in favour of PF could include:
    • The Panji Kaunda factor will slightly cut into the Eastern bloc dominated by MMD and a relatively fair share will swing to PF.
    • UPND and MMD will share bigger parts of Central Province with PF taking the Kabwe Urban votes.
    • Western will be shared equally between all four candidates with PF making late inroads arising from the Inonge Wina factor supported by the Barotse detainees issue. Milupi will also get his quarter from the Province using the wako ni wako factor…

  32. • Northwestern will be shared between MMD and UPND with the PF getting significant votes in urban Solwezi town.
    • Loyal votes in various strong pockets of MMD in Northern and Luapula will be superseded or compensated by PF gains in the Western and Eastern Provinces.
    Given the above, the informers at ECZ predict PF carrying the day with a significant simple majority.
    Courtesy of Zed leaks.

  33. Western provice will be a bitter pill to swallow this time round for MMD. I cant wait for elections, these smiles we see now will be replaced with shock…and words like “this cant be!”

  34. Opinion Poll
    Who will win the 2011 Presidential Elections?
    Michael Sata (53%, 210 Votes)
    Rupiah Banda (28%, 112 Votes)
    Hakainde Hichilema (16%, 65 Votes)
    Dr. Cosmo Mumba (2%, 8 Votes)
    Hamphrey Siulapwa (1%, 5 Votes)
    Total Voters: 400
    Courtesy of Muvi TV

  35. In real democracy a president should never be allowed to nominate any member. Democracy is about people choosing their leaders. We should also make sure that wneh we finally amend the constitution president should not be allowed to nominate MP’s, what kind of democracy is it.

  36. President Banda voting for himself at the convention yesterday – Picture by Collins Phiri
    I was anxious that somebody could turn up and challenge me
    PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda says he was anxious someone could challenge him at the last minute during the MMD convention.
    » Full Story please read the post

  37. Nos. 38 & 42: these are the bloggers I respect – basing their analysis on statistics! I may not fully agree but I always respect a person who uses numbers. Will Rodgers once said, “If you cannot express anything in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.” Let us debate issues with numbers and facts!

  38. #42 MMD DECAMPAIGN 2011
    I cant wait for the book how Sata beat RB at the election…the struggles, the insults the campaign the strategy etc. RB is very beatable ni strategy chabe!

  39. George Kunda is again on a political life support machine courtesy of RB. What Mpombo said that he is the bigest loser as the position Vice President (MMD) has been scraped. Those who are holding ministerial positions and contesting the same in NEC are jokers. Suppose tomoro one is dropped by appointing authority what will happen next? I remember Judith Kapijimpanga contested Lands position in NEC when she lost her parliamentary seat it became difficult for her to assert her authority in NEC as she no longer served as Lands Minister. However I say well done to all those whoscooped positions in NEC.

  40. We are all UNIP originally, it is just that some of us could not continue pretending and decided to form MMD.Disgruntled and power hungry THUGS hounded out others over FTJ’s 3T bid, and these formed FDD,UPND etc.The thugs were later dribbled by the FTJ they championed and these formed PF.So cut the crap of saying UNIP is back.

  41. This line up of pragmatic patriots is the most balanced ready for a sweeping victory. Bravo to MMD and the country. When MMD wins, Zambians and their democracy wins. Democracy has outrightly won again.

  42. this is not any leak this story came out two days ago. anyone can go to ECZ and collect this info. also the analysis is very flawed. sata’s problem is that he only gets significant numbers in four provinces out of nine provinces. and in those four provinces MMD always comes out second in the urban constituencies and first in the rural areas like Chongwe in lusaka and masaiti in CB. But where MMd comes out tops in eastern, northwestern, western, central and north east zambia MMd gets big numbers while sata gets very little. in 2008 for example sata got 162,107 votes in lusaka province while rb got 90,125. then in eastern rb got about 148,197 while sata only got about 38,000. so when you add up RB gets a total of 238,322 and sata only just about 200,000. this is why he always loses.

  43. no 40: This analysis is flawed. You are assuming that for example the whole Northern Province will vote for Mr. Sata when everyone knows that is far from the truth. Mr. Sata has never beaten MMD in any province by a large margin because MMD always comes out second where it loses, and by a small margin too. As for Mr. Sata, where he does not win, he comes out a distant third. That is why he loses and that is why he is losing once again this year for the 4th time. and inonge wina a factor in western province? oh my God please be serious. While Panji is useless and thats why he is even afraid to stand as MP. RB was the main campaigner for MMD in 2006 and he is the reason Eastern province turned around and supported MMD

  44. even Post newspapers commended MMD for holding a peaceful convention. it was headline news today instead of the normal PF amafi. Membe is beginning to realize he is fighting a losing battle. Even Maureen was singing bika banda, bika, pankoloko bika!!!! heeheeheee twalya again 2011!! even masebo is in NEC now and she will change malupenga’s mind very soon using bottom power and will obtain all the data about PF

  45. Asked why the MMD, which had traditionally been associated with violence at its conventions, had been relatively peaceful this year, President Banda attributed the turn of events to the banning of alcohol at the event.

    He claimed that since the MMD had been preaching peace, they had to set an example by practicing the same at this year’s convention.

    “We have been preaching peace and obviously this is leading to the main event the country’s general election. As a ruling party we have been preaching peace, and so we must lead by example so that the rest of the Zambians can emulate us,” said President Banda.

  46. # 39 I was almost blown away by the weight of your argument, but remember since 1991 lusaka has failed to draw a voter turn out higher than 45% . Voter turn out is one varibale you have not considered that may well have an impact on overall results. there you have it. you have two jobs, the first one is to get people to vote, the next one is to get them to vote for your party.

  47. MMD DECAMPAIGN 2011 that information brings joy to my heart. I hope this year we vote wisely enough and convincingly to replace this bunch of criminals.

  48. #55 The Real Truth don’t forget that Sata was only beaten by a paltry 35pin votes by RB in the last election dispite him getting almost zero votes in some provinces. Now looking at the recent happenings ba RB ni kaya. Wina azalila

    482,571 261,094 127,847 90,239 3,390
    869,406 280,469 535,981 47,567 5,389
    654,204 487,089 122,738 38,048 6,330
    409,754 114,054 288,773 5,564 1,363
    776,866 235,218 423,560 113,656 4,432
    658,902 216,171 431,603 8,552 2,575
    310,398 178,747 13,807 115,206 2,637
    655,380 136,237 31,571 478,287 9,284
    389,609 266,419 38,637 80,332 4,221

    5,207,090 2,175,498 2,014,518 977,451 39,623

    42% 39% 19% 1%
    You will notice that in six provinces outside Southern, Westren & NW, Sata beats RB by 336, 407 votes. The big question is has sata made inroads in these provinces by more than 5%, 10% and 4% respectively. Well you bloggers can answer that.

  50. 38 zuma – If you were part of that group which risked their jobs to found a democratic movement like the MMD you would understand how hurt I feel. PF is not in this equation. It is sad to see these joy riders misusing the MMD

  51. In heaven god in Zambia Banda – UNIP is back ladies and gentlemen how can this nonsence that we ftruly fought for be allowed back? no people vote this thugs out!

  52. I really would love to see a change of government during this year’s Presidential and general elections. However with a split opposition no matter how much I would wish that Sata wins the election it just won’t happen. The only hope we had was a united opposition and that is now shattered. MMD has a national representation adn encumbancy on its side. I was going to travel all the way from South Africa to and vote for Sata, but now it is a lost cause. As things stand there is no way PF will beat MMD. We just have to be realistic as opposition supporters and look to 2016 with renewed hope

  53. 2006 elections
    Sata was again the party’s candidate for the presidential election held on September 28, 2006. He came in second place to incumbent Mwanawasa with 29% of the vote. In the parliamentary elections the PF gained 46 out of 158 seats.
    2008 elections
    In the 2008 presidential by-elections, Sata came second. Rupiah Banda won the elections with 41% against Mr. Sata who got 38%
    Please take note of that stead climb of 9%

  54. Your Excellency H.E.R.B. and MMD, that was a massive show of magnificent organisation and democracy. Impressive is an understatement!

  55. @ #70 H.H. Sata

    You have said it all. I like reading your posts because they are very factual and are filled with truth. Continue exposing the lies of PF. Viva MMD 2011 and beyond.

  56. My country
    My leader
    My Vote.
    My leader is his Excellence the President Rupiah Bwezani Banda. My vote this year will not be misplaced.

  57. There is no need for PF cadres to vex their minds over MMD’s successful Convention. The way forward is to place emotions aside and analyze issues objectively.Arithmetic projections by “# 69 MMD DECAMPAIGN 2011” is a reflectionof PANIC. The PF die-hards must learn to cultivate civilized approach to political issues if they have to attract more voters into their camp. Sulky & scornful language will scare off potential voters. To prevent any heart attacks, it will be therapeutic for PF bloggers to persuade Sata and Scott to go for a Convention where young Turks led by Machungwa can contest for top party positions. A new PF team will give a clue on credibility of a shadow cabinet to people’s expectations.

  58. #35 Deja vu, here is to you “…..#28 H.H. Sata – You are exposed. We know who you are….”.
    If that is supposed to be a threat, hahahahaha hehehehehe hihihihihi kekekekekeke kikikikiki atase.
    You have no principles, Sir. On the one hand you condemn anything UNIP, on the other you try the very same tactics of intimidation that UNIP was infamous for!
    Don’t go to bed yet, Sir, I have a few more words in the following posts for you and your fellow foxes in sheep skins. Follow me for more if you wish.

  59. #35, let me give you a lecture:
    1. I do not care whether you know me or not, all that matters to me is that tyrants must not be allowed to come anywhere near the corridors of power in this lovely country. For the attainment of that, I can sacrifice my life.
    2. I care about the future of my children and YOUR children in this country, even though you the father is irresponsible.
    3. I do not hide my stand on whom I think is the best Presidential candidate among the many contenders, most of whom are charlatans and liars.

  60. no 69 you forget to mention that levy got 43% of the vote. MMD has an inbuilt majority of just above 40% of the vote and for sata to win he must get at least 45% which is impossible because amongst the new registered voters most of them are rural based even the ones registered in Lusaka and CB are from the rural areas of the provinces. while sata was busy making noise mmD was busy in chongwe, rufunsa, masaiti, kafue, chibombo, mwembeshi, and many other rural areas close to the cities. thats why masebo has bounced back, she has been campaigning very hard in lusaka rural

  61. cont’d from #77,
    4. I am not shy or afraid to debate anyone who approaches me for my opinion. In 2008 just before the Presidential by elections, I personally converted a few PF cadres by using the truth, that the 90 days miracle was a myth designed to steal their vote. Those cadres could only say “what you are saying makes a lot of sense, so Mr Sata is just telling us lies….”. When I was done with those cadres a week later, none of them was wearing a PF badge any more. And I can imagine how far those cadres carried the message. I hope that was part of the 35,000 votes that made a difference in 2008, or that “rigged” the elections if you are into PF lingo.

  62. no 77 tell them like it is. Sata is a total buffoon who never be allowed anywhere near state house. even the pf supporters know it. its just the normal kaponya attitude ati mudala, ni never say die otherwise the guy has a mountain to climb. there is no one in the whole PF central committee who can match up to the MMD NEC team. even VJ has said this the best organised convention. it was peaceful with no fracas. PF and their vuvuzela are shocked they are not even sure what to say. Further seeing maureen singing for banda made a lot of PF people have nightmares as she has now put all doubts to bed, she is mmd and will stick to RB like a leech so all those chaps who thought CB rural and lenje land was lost think twice. we are scooping votes in every corner of the country

  63. indeed if you explain to the young men in kanyama and all the compounds that sata is a big liar they will change their minds

  64. cont’d from 79,
    5. That gave me a lot of satisfaction, but MOST important of all it taught me that PF campaigns are weak simply because they are based on lies. Those lies collapse like a house built on a foundation of sand in the face of the truth.
    6. Mr Deja vu, the other day you said that you support anyone (anything) that can beat MMD, which means regardless of any good or bad. Now if there are people without integrity you are the ultimate, and remember that voters on LT are watching you carefully, and making up their minds. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.
    Now don’t pretend to be asleep, I expect you to read this. This is the second time that you have attempted to intimidate me. Now I challenge you to follow me, with your party cadres if you so wish.

  65. Rupiah is a waste of ballot papers. Is he UNIP, MMD, political prostitute, football administrator or a peasant farmer. Things just get more and more confusing. And how old is he?

  66. #84.
    You will do us a lot of good if you take your lunacy somewhere else. My five year old boy is more sensible than you. We all know that most of our politicians today are from UNIP and then MMD – RB, Sata, Magande, Nawaki, all the Kaundas, Chirwa. Maybe except HH, but Andy before him was from MMD. All they are doing is just changing the model of political vehicles. That does not mean that all our politicians are as senseless as Sata or yourself. I for one has definitely seen something good, mature, stable and more progressive and productive in RB. If he is good, having belonged to UNIP does not make him bad. God’s hand worked in fishing out this shepherd from Chipata to come and hold us together and lead us to prosperity. The least we will do this year is to thank God by voting for…

  67. How would one miss a penalty when there is no goal keeper in the goal? Bunch of cowards scared of challenges! What an easy way to get away with it….

  68. Hey, hey, chill, chill, chill, UNIP chiiiill, PULEASE WOW! we fire three warning shots and the entire UmNmIdP is scampering for cover whilst firing blanks.

  69. It is this stinking lack of rage against passivity and complicity to mediocrity in leadership at all levels from Football House to State House, more than anything else, that poses the gravest danger to Zambia today. I doubt there is any country in the world today that would allow a lazy goofy monkey toilet like Banda prone to dozing off at all meetings especially his cabinet ones run for office unopposed. This is a very sad indictment of the lethargic nature of Zambians and I cry to the good lord god almighty sometimes why he had to en-dower my people with such an unacceptable wealth of complete s.t.u.p.i.d.i.ty, why lord why us?

  70. We had one of the highest growth rates in the world last year and we are looking forward to yet another bumper harvest this month – I am very much behind HIS EXCELLENCY RUPIAH BWEZANI BANDA – Mr President, Zambia needs you at the helm so that Zambia keeps moving forward.

  71. What a democracy, by MMD!

    And the President has warned MMD members who are in the habit of double dealings that they will not be tolerated in the party.[.. RB] Banda says disciplinary action will be taken against any party member playing double standards
    I am glad that RB has started scaring the MMD NEC members so that MMD can move on nicely.

    An important thing RB has done is giving Vice-President George Kunda a position in the MMD NEC. I hope RB will appoint the remaining 6 positions to MMD NEC soon, where it could be nice if he can appoint former first Lady Maureen Mwanawasa to one so that she can be groomed and not gloomed for the 2016 MMD presidential candidacy to enable her stand for Zambian President election under MMD ticket.

    I wish MMD well as UPND works.

  72. No.87, dont take away the fact that MMD actually held a sucessful convention. Running unopposed is not a new phenomenon in Zambia, if you remember your politics well. You may call it undemocratic, but the fact remains that the MMD held a convention and voted and chose the new MMD team, its legitimate. Other political parties like the PF have never known how democracy works. They have never held a single convention from 2001 when PF was formed. It would be interesting to see if the PF would hold a convention, becoz i bet the same syndrome of running unopposed can pertain with Sata running unopposed definitely. He has never been put to a vote to taste how democracy works in intra-party politics. Would PF fathom the idea of, say, Given Lubinda challenging Sata for presidency? Who can dare?

  73. There is no chairman for JUSTICE? Is it because the possible candidate George Kunda could have lost again? What a useless government.

  74. #91 Nchimunya, I hope your family’s economy grew more than any Zambian, congratulations. Look yourself in mirror, you might be RB’s son, he has so many children.

  75. Great NEC – where the Nominated will almost equal the voted ones eventually!! Will the voted, have balls enough to vote against the nominated?? Well, even those voted for, had everything sorted out for them, so it is a forgone conclusion as to who the puppeteer is!!!!

  76. I have to wonder and question the mental capacity of my brother Bernard Mpundu who time after time since his “full back” Mwanawasa died (MHSRIP) has tried everything humanly possible to get on the good side of the “new MMD” and still does not get it that he is not going to get anywhere with Rupiah in control. Give up already and rethink your strategy. This one is not working!!! Geee!!




  80. Mulongoti said any leader of a political party should have foresight, not showing undemocratic tendencies towards other members when the party was heading for a crucial election.

    “Sometimes it is a useful thing to start thinking about the consequences of your action. If you are dividing the party at the time of going for the elections you will reap your consequences,” Mulongoti said. “It will be a very sad thing; there are too many good men in MMD who might end up suffering because of irrational decisions made by people who are selfish.”

    Mulongoti said it was a shame that people like President Banda, MMD national chairman Michael Mabenga and party deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu could take pride in going through unopposed at the convention.

    He said people who were…

  81. #100 you are right, what new look are they talking about? is vj new? they are good at selections! anyway when the time is ripe they will be shown the exit, viva zanbia and praise be to GOD.

    Leaks from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) indicate that despite extending the voters registration 3 to 4 times in a bid to catch up with PF strongholds, the final voters registration figures still indicate an upper hand in the Northern and Urban provinces for the Patriotic Front. The informer has indicated the latest figures to be as follows:
    Copperbelt 869,406
    Lusaka 776,866
    Northern 658,902
    Southern 655,380
    Eastern 654,204
    Central 482,571
    Luapula 409,754
    N/Western 310,398
    Western 389,609
    The total number of registered voters is 5.2 million; an increase of almost 100% from the 2006 cast figures of 2.7 million.
    The ECZ informer stated that a strategic analysis of the above figures gives PF the upper hand on…

  83. Iwe HH- SATA who is interested in threatening a boot licker like you. You have your rights, but deep inside you you know the reason you are ready to die for MMD is because you are directly feeding on the MMD gravy train.

  84. The ECZ informer stated that a strategic analysis of the above figures gives PF the upper hand on both MMD and UPND, all factors being equal. This can be illustrated by the following summation:
    Copperbelt, Lusaka, Northern, Luapula ;total: 2,714,928 representing 52.1%
    Southern, Eastern, Central, Western, Northwestern;Total: 2,492,162 which is 47.9%
    The informer stated that probable factors in favour of PF could include:
    • The Panji Kaunda factor will slightly cut into the Eastern bloc dominated by MMD and a relatively fair share will swing to PF.
    • UPND and MMD will share bigger parts of Central Province with PF taking the Kabwe Urban votes.
    • Western will be shared equally between all four candidates with PF making late inroads arising from the Inonge Wina factor supported by the…

  85. VIVA RB VIVA. No matter what you say, this year 2011 RB and MMD will win. That is the reason why Mulogoti is saying he will decampain RB and MMD. He knows that MMD HAS 98% chance of scooping this years elections. VIVA RB VIVA GK VIVA Kachingwe well come back. I can see you are still populor

  86. Am I the only one who smells a rat with the immortality of Vernon Mwanga? He who has VJ is assured of Victory. please abash rigging!

  87. #110 Deja Vu, so you don’t think when you write your blogs? You have already forgotten what you wrote? Or denying what you wrote like some leaders that we know. With no direction or knowing where you are, or where you have come from, how do you hope to win elections?

  88. I did not know that all the PF members combined including Mr Sata who was with VJ from the UNIP days are no match for VJ’s brain, even in its old age. He just makes them shiver like dry leaves. Makes one wonder, how come Mr Sata since independence has failed to learn and thwart VJ’s alleged tricks?

  89. Thank you very much ba MMD. Thank you for delivering the presidency to PF. I have officially moved to PF because i can no longer lift my head and say that i am a die hard MMD. I am embarrased to be associated with with fake democracy, fake president, fake brains. Your excellency MC Sata, forgive me and allow me to come over to the winners and true leaders.

  90. the hand picking process continues. Can’t we see we are going backwards. UNIP is fully integrated in MMD now. Sorry to the founding fathers for this party, MMD. We need to get rid of this type of politics, we need real democracy and not this madness of abolishing things to suit some, expelling some, it all started with Chiluba, where will the buck stop? at the ballot. Viva Zambia vote wisely and not 40 years backward. Most of the political leaders we have belong to the stone age.



  93. I feel that is among the so much vital information for me. And i’m satisfied studying your article. But wanna remark on few common things, The website taste is perfect, the articles is in reality excellent : D. Just right activity, cheers

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