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The Week in Pictures



Victoria Falls from the Zambian side( Sent by LT blogger)


A zebra grazing by the roadside in Livingstone(sent by LT blogger)


The sunset over the Zambezi river at Livingstone(sent by LT blogger)


A tradtional welcome onto the "African Queen" Zambezi cruise in Livingstone(sent by LT blogger)


The famous Mukuyu tree market in Kapiri (sent by LT blogger)


The "Dung Beetle"(Katunkamafi) running off with a chunck of elephant poo.(sent byLT blogger)


Children from Mighty M Nursery school in chilenge visiting the Kabwata Cultural village as part of their Cultural day activities.(sent by LT blogger)


Energy Minister Kenneth Konga is declared winner of the MMD chairmanship for Energy at the just ended MMD convention.


Newly elected MMD national Youth Chairperson Moses Muteteka is lifted shoulder high by his supporters at the MMD convention.


Tourism Environment and Natural Resources Minister Catherine Namugala is lifted shoulder high after she scooped the MMD tourism chairmanship at the party convention


Newly elected MMD chairperson for health Lumba Kalumba is lifted shoulder high at the just ended MMD convention.


Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha is lifted shoulder high after being voted MMD national chairperson for Security at the MMD convention.


Defense Minister Kalombo Mwansa is lifted shoulder high after being voted MMD chairman for International relations at the MMD convention.


President Rupiah Banda talks to journalist shortly before he left Kabwe for Lusaka after the close of the MMD convention.


Newly elected MMD Chairperson for Agriculture and Cooperatives Eustarckio Kazonga is lifted shoulder high at the just ended MMD convention.


Newly elected MMD chairperson for Legal affairs Bwalya Chiti celebrates after declaration of results at the ended MMD convention.


Newly elected MMD national treasure Goodward Mulubwa is mobbed by his supporters at the just ended MMD convention.


Newly elected MMD national secretary Richard Kachingwe is lifted shoulder high at the just ended MMD convention.


Education Minister Dora Siliya is lifted shoulder high after she scooped the MMD chairmanship for Information and Publicity.


Newly elected MMD trustee Evelyn Mwanawasa is lifted shoulder high after announcement of results at the just ended MMD convention


President Rupiah Banda with newly elected MMD National Executive Committee Members at the convention center in Kabwe .


President Rupiah Banda with newly elected MMD National Executive Committee Members at the convention center in Kabwe .


  1. The devil you know is better than the one you dont. As long as these chaps are keeping peace in zambia. We dont want another zimbabwe with Sata!!!

    • Well, Sata has been around a while… He too is “the devil we know…” I wouldn’t go for him though, because in spite of what anyone says, for me he is not presidential material!

  2. Just waiting for the usual and predictable myopic bitterness to start flowing from puss filled (pf) party supporters on the photos of our very successful and confidence building convention. Great to see MMD is not dominated by members of one single ethnic group!

  3. It really feels great to be back! But I hope 2011 wont be a repeat of 1991 – 20 years is a long time for people to forget lessons!

  4. #1. Thats is a useless proverb. We thought KK was a devil, but now we have seen a real devil by the name of RB.

  5. Pic#19. Dora has nice legs. No wonder RB talala. Kuti waumfwa bwino sana ichi chi gelo. Ba monk bamwimishe baliumfwa bwino sana. Why didn’t they lift RB.

  6. And this is the group leading zambia. Awe sure mwe. Can you expect good next 5years. I hope I will remain in Aussie for long or forever. Why cant we be like Aussie? Rule of law, a constitution that protects and inspired by people. This is posible even in Zambia. We lack ethics mostly. We surely can bring sanity to Zambia as zambians if only we had a person with a passion to lead with respect of law. In the name of Christian nation the president is hero worshiped. This is what they mean when they say worshiping other gods in the bible. “Rb did this and that, or the Rb brought rain, farmers had a bamper harvest becoz of Rb. What about God the giver of wisdom and riches. Lets honor God for the peace we have instead of Rb we will see favor and good leaders in future. Viva Africa

  7. George Kunda is conspicously missing from the pictures of elected NEC members. Ooops! forgot he was just appoinetd into NEC by his benefactor The Great Leader RB.

  8. hahahah ba siliya mama!!!! how could they let men carry women up like that?ieeee nakambako chabe mama……..pu

  9. The calibre of people in MMD newly leadership elected at just ended MMD convestion is suspect to lead Zambia in the next five years, all i see in the pictures above is a bunch of selfish individual who are not patriotic to lead and serve the massive poor Zambians but have selfish gains. Why cant we have poeple with more leadership qualities? Am sure there are people within MMD who can deliver than some of the people i see in the pictures above. If this is the way our country will be lead in the next five years thus if MMD win this years elections Zambia will go Libya way.

  10. Yep, pathetic fo.ols (pf) supporters as predictable and as boring as usual. 10 years na ba Satana kopanda convention koma ndimwe number 1 kutukana anzanu! Simuzangenamo mu state house. Ka HH kanabakanila ba Satana ku kadyela masuku pa mutu! Kekekekeke! Ba Maureen and Evelyn Mwanawasa will ensure that we get CB rural and Central rural. Western putrid flesh (pf) can forget. How you hope to get Satana to state house with a shrinking support base kaya?

  11. What the f….is that white powder and what does it symbolize?? DORA SILIYA! yaba! Nichibelo chija mamamamama basop!!!

  12. Well i just admire those guys lifting chi Dora. If i were there i would have been among them. Kucitonfya-tonfya sana.

  13. The first few pictures are really lovely. What are those other Vinyau looking like dead bemba chief going for burial eek

  14. Pic 19-Ha ha ha i won`t be surprised if Dora Siliya sues some chap for abuse.Some dude has his hands in some unchartered territory what about Shi Mpundu (RB) ? Were the cadres afraid to lift the outgoing president ? Maybe it is coz he was unopposed.Nice pictures

  15. What was there to celebrate when the results of these shameful elections were predetermined. Zambian democracy, only in Zambia!

  16. Stop hating! Llet’s see how the PF convention conduct will be like, if ever they will be one (convention) in the near future.

  17. It’s good that LT is likening these MMD chaps to cow dung which they showed from first to last.
    That’s why Kapembwa Simbao withdrew,Katele and his wife are popular.

  18. Every well meaning Zambian has seen none sense in this party. I was listerning to the PF manifesto and the approach towards national issues. This MMD is useless. We need a different party

  19. Not seen in the picture, a Folk Lift helped lift Dora.What a waste of white corn meal,it should have been donated to some kids in gwembe valley or where ever

  20. Uluse kuli Dora Siliya, mwati kubipa kwamusango shani kanshi uku, even if babikako ppwder elo aba worse… Could KK choose any of those MMD bachimbwi to be elected a MCC in UNIP ero?? Noways, Zambia twasebana.

  21. Ala #37 wanjipaya pano pakati kabushiku. LMAO. Please translate that in English so that everyone can understand. You are too funny

  22. Dora is too heavy, hence no lifting shoulder high. Itanta kwati ni n’gombe. A lion can feast for a week.

    But again, if you put too much fertilizer in a cucumber it can look very big but no sweetness “you know what l mean”. It is just big with water.

  23. Someone would have to pay me a lot for me to curry that Big Fat woman with a very big back side awe mwe what Hunger can do!!!

  24. Why was Chi Lupiya not lifted shoulder high? Is it a sign he is going back to his farm in December? Can’t wait for the final vote result from the PVT. Long live Zambia.

  25. Just thinking if ba Dora basula it will be an atomic bomb – and remember in Malawi it’s a crime uku sula now. This lady needs to shade some pounds, i pity the folks who sleep with her. I mean how can you enjoy her like that, its a full day’s job lifting her legs.

  26. #1 kwata amano! Do you think there is peace in Zambia? Don’t pretend, people have been shot and killed in Mongu and Mazabuka, whats the difference with other countries? People are being beaten by MMD cadres! Do you call that peace?!


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