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Tourism is key – KK


First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda says Tourism has the greatest potential to address poverty.

Dr Kaunda says unlike mining, the tourism industry impacts directly on poverty reduction in rural communities by providing job opportunities.

The former President said this at the re-opening of the Chichele Presidential lodge in Mfuwe on Wednesday.

He urged government, tourism board and traditional leaders to support sustainable conservation of wildlife by involving local people in tourism activities.

Dr Kaunda said Sanctuary Retreats, the new owner of Chichele have the capacity to promote Zambian tourism through its global tourism network.

And Tourism Deputy Minister Vera Tembo said government is determined to promote Zambia as a major tourist destination.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province Minister, Isaac Banda said government has invested millions of dollars in tourism by constructing roads and airports.

Tourism Board Chairman Timothy Mushibwe challenged the media to help promote Zambia as a tourist destination both locally and abroad.

Sanctuary Retreats managing director Anthony Post said over K2 billion has been invested in rehabilitating Chichele Lodge.

He said the sanctuary will invest more at the lodge and other tourist spots in the country.



  1. Becoming wiser in your ld age K? Or just a desperate ol’ vegeterian trying to atone for his meat swallowing days. You had all that time to mold a nation, aren’t you ashamed what it turned out to be? You are so Gansta!

  2. Only a potential and it ends there.Can we fix the wanting sanitation in our cities to fit the demanding standards for tourism,the airport and attracting more airlines for competitive pricing.Why must we always be “a potential”

  3. Shut up KK! Is this when you are growing a brain. This foolish man who made Anglo American be the mining giant it is today. For those who are still young to know. KK paid over 3 times for the assets of AAC when nationalising the mines. With this new found capital from this economic illiterate AAC spread from Southern Africa into North and South America. And today this old man is speaking of developing tourism my foot. Tourism to this economic illiterate was luangwa valley; may be because it was nearer to Nyasaland and that Luangwa is predominantly in Eastern Province the home of his wife and his cousins. KK why didnt you develop Tourism in the Bangweulu flats, Kafue National Park, Liuwa plains and Sumbu among others? Why did you find it difficult to develop Agriculture? Shut up!

  4. #4 and 5! Why do want to rehabilitate KK? He failed! Simples! I dont hate the guy. I am just calling him what he is: A total failure. An economic illiterate with his ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ nonsense. Rather than trying to be knowlegeable in the afternoon of his life the guy should sit down to write his memoirs. If he doesnt know how to write he can hire somebody to do it for him. Or may this guy is afraid to write his memoirs because he knows he failed. He inherited a middle income country which he drove down to be in the bottom twenty in the world. So #4 &5 dont forget the past otherwise you will be condemned to repeat it. KK is not a good role model in terms of economic management. This is not hate it is the truth. Better get used to it.

  5. DR. Kaunda should be ashamed of himself and not talk about tourism potential and poverty alleviation.

    If he recognised that tourism had the potential to contribute to poverty alleviation by now tourism in Zambia would not be what it is today. He is the only President who never showed any interest in tourism development how come today?

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