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Pictures from the internet of ‘How not to Leave office’



Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo captured. Is this the best way of leaving office?


Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo (C) wipes his face with a towel as he changes his clothing in a room of his residence in Abidjan, after being arrested, in this still image taken from video Picture: REUTERS / TCI


Simone, the wife of Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo arrives at the Hotel du Golf in Abidjan after her arrest Picture: AFP/GETTY


Simone Gbagbo is photographed with pro-Outtara soldiers after she was arrested Picture: EPA


Laurent Gbagbo and his wife Simone at the Hotel du Golf in Abidjan after their arrest Picture: AFP/GETTY


Former first lady Simone Gbagbo is surrounded by pro-Outtara soldiers Picture: EPA


  1. What a shame. RB if u lose learn from this just leave office respected. KK almost lost the respect in 1996.

  2. Unbelievable that they have been treated so poorly…..ripping out plaits is very painful and the woman was only married to the leader. What dignity have the soldiers? No wonder there is always retribution later on for the actions taken by soldiers in Africa

    • She was the Power behind the Throne. Not that the soldiers were right to do that, but she herself did worse.

  3. Prisoners of war deserve respect…..Africans disrespect the Geneva convention always

    As Quatarra said….there must be equal justice as both sides have committed war crimes

    • Exactly what am thinking, knowing the behavior of these so called soldier, they look like they even abused the woman. It is a well known trend by these soldiers committing such crimes. I really hope she was spared though. Both the former and current president must face the Hague as they have both committed crimes against humanity. This must serve as a lesson to other leaders to accept defeat and avoid squabbles!

  4. What a shame, eh.

    RB this is was awaits you should you refuse to leave office after the elections at the end of the year. Basopo!

  5. I strongly doubt if RB can stick to power after losing . He is a man that I see not to be power hungry … I pray that people surrounding him wont pollut him. This time we want clean elections.
    This also should let govt allow PVT to bring confidence to accept results by all stakeholders.
    I like this posting.

  6. LT why post such abusive pictures? Be selective, I will not be surprised if you posted your parents be abused for witchcraft abuse.

  7. Shame! Ggabo whatever the name is. There was no need to cling on for this type of shame.Kwena why don’t African leaders step down with dignity. Bush and Brown and indeed Blair would have never exposed their wives to utter shame, all for power!!!
    Please Bwezani, don’t put Thandie at risk. She is prettier than Lady Simone pictured here and something bad might happen to her if is she is made to lie down in that manner-0!

  8. It is a shame for these soldiers to treat the President this way. “Chimbwi ukukosa ninshi kuli uko ashintilile amatako.” They are acting like this because of backers. Africa twasebana.

  9. LT, I thought you always showed positive side of life. We shall not show negatives of other african countries while Zed is known to be an oasis of peace. let us concentrate on developmental issues and if possible remove these pictures.  

  10. Seems like people on this blog are drunk with the idea that this time Sata is winning… Just in case it does not happen, prepare a heart attack medical package pa side for resuscitation. Lol!!!

  11. That first lady was a problem that why she was treated like that she was the one behind the husband’s refusiing to step down and mistreated a lot of people in her time in short she was running the country like Mrs. Mwanawasa I do not like RB but I do not think his wife is a bad person though I do not know her personly.

  12. sad pictures indeed, this is exactly what power angry and greedy can do in african politics, i hope RB has these pictures.

  13. This is the best way of dealing with selfish leaders. LT I salute you. Good precedent set by Ivorians. We should follow suite. Selfish leaders should know that voters are not less important than them and. This is a sounding warning to corrupt govts. Remember, a wave of change is sweeping Africa. Be wise.

  14. Rupiah wont leave office willingly with the Lozi’s he has killed and maimed. A dossier is been compiled as we speak. Mubarak has just also been told by Egypt’s Chief Prosecutor that he faces the death penalty if it is established that he issued orders to kill the protestors who died at the hands of the hated Egyptian police!

  15. The anger and frustrations these pro Outtara soldiers must have been feeling is understandable. But that is NO EXCUSE to humiliate and abuse the poor woman, Simone Gbagbo. Pictures like these will not auger well with world opinion. The best and only acceptable revenge is to properly interrogate and prosecute these people while upholding their human rights and dignity. Otherwise people will have difficult telling the difference between Gbagbo and Outtara.

  16. Sad how people are supporting an African leader who has been put into power by the French! Gbagbo enjoys the support of nearly half the Ivorian population, how is his mistreatment going to go down with them and what are the repercussions of lasting peace in the country? How anybody can support Sata and at the same time deplore ‘power hungry’ leaders is beyond me.

  17. These pictures show us that leadership is nothing to be taken for granted. Leaders are not there to serve their own purpses but to serve the purpose of the people that elected them – they must learn to accept the peoples’ decision when they get reprimanded by the people.

    Moral: He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. Proverbs 29:1

  18. What this obscession of linking RB to any evil you see? He has only been in office for two years for crying loud! The only mad chap I believe would never leave office if he was president is without doubt SATA! The guy is a clear dictator from all angles!

  19. Kukonda madyelelo kumaletelela. Especially African leaders are a big let down. I still recall how a bunch of African leaders went to Libya to give Gadaffi moral support for what I don’t know. ChiNzuma na pala yake could not have been president now if Mbeki was selfish like him.

  20. #15, LT is just giving an opportunity to people who did not have chance to watch the arrest on TVs and internet. So I don’t find any abuse in these pictures. I mean these are the Consequences of Gbago’s own actions, he asked for it! 

  21. People seem to have bought the propaganda of Gbagbo the bad guy and Ouattarra the good guy without any questions. How many people have Ouattara’s forces killed? Why didn’t the international community (the West) not agree to a vote recount and why did the French have to go in and use force and not let the possibility of a negotiated agreement come to fruition? Do we accept that only leaders endorsed by the French will be allowed to rule in the former French colonies of Africa? This outcome is only going to further entrench the divisions between the north and the south in Ivory Coast. Ouattarra now has a debt to the French king makers the real powers in behind the Ivorian presidency. I thought under Sarkozy the French were going to take a back seat in their former African colonies? 

  22. Conglatulations Nicolas Sarkozy.Obama you are a coward.Imiss George Bush for he stood on the truth.Gadaffi must go in the same manner Gbagbo has gone

  23. This is totally wrong. As a woman, I’m so angered by this. I hated Gbagbo but this has shocked me into hating Quattara and his allies.

  24. For crying out loud this chap was a rebel who came from the bush what did you expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. i saw some of thes are pictures on euro news. they are not doctored. The dota to the first lady even complained that the mothers hair was pulled by the soldiers

  26. The other person who can behave like this Ivory coast moron is Sata if elected in power. RB has a very good first lady and Zambia is blessed to have Tandiwe Banda at state house.

  27. #32 you have good points. Our professors believe that what these Quattarra forces have done is bad. A rerun election should have been encouraged. The French have brought deep division in Ivory Coast.

  28. This Gbagbo was adviced by Kenya’s PM and others to peacfuly and maturely accept election results.

    Now he has left unceremoniously.

    Its a lesson for those who can learn from other people’s mastakes.

    Shameless foo.l

  29. point # 1-its not easy for opposition to rig pt # 2-thank GOD the former 1st lady still has life in her pt # 3-May The Innocent Souls of The Departed Ivorians Rest In Peace.

  30. Infact Gbagbo was not even properly man handled. He has caused suffering to alot of innocent Ivorians. Why cling to power as if it is personal to holder seat! Let it be a lesson to all tyrant african leaders who think everything is for them and they can behave in any way they feel like. Alot of infrastructures, human life have been lost due to selfishness of one individual. I cant even feel sorry for such people. The wife couldnt even advice the husbend correctly!!! Shame.

  31. I feel pit especially for the but that wat happened to women who dont know how to advice their husband.and it wont happen to Bwezani rupiah Banda coz his wife wont let him.the only person who can do that is Sata after the loss coz is gonna lose badly

  32. He was even lucky it was Ivory coast. If it was Liberia they would have fed him to the dogs! Stupid man.

  33. Awe chabulanda sana mwa.I think those soldiers balitonya na ba former first lady amabele.I feel sad.Where is the respect for elders mwebantu sure ?

  34. The pictures are not doctored, they are all-over on internet and international media. Gbagbo should have listened to the numerous mediators that were sent to pump some sense into him! He has only himself to blame and no one else. Don’t even blame the French government. My PRAYER is that we should not let Sata EVER rule this Country because he will behave the same was as Gbagbo. (what ever his name is!).

  35. Iwe ka #48 Mwendanjangula dont bring ba SATA’s name in your dreams okay. Learn to have respect. Ba SATA is not a serving president of Zambia. It seems you are too scared of him and you and your MMD will do everything to deny us right to elect our popular man.

  36. This should be condemned by all sane people regardless of polical affliations. This is no way of treating a former head of state and above all, their own national. “Two wrongs will never make a right”.

  37. Thats a Mandela reversal:

    Mandela – Prisoner to President

    Gbagbo – President to Prisoner

    Are we going forwards or backwards? Any answers?

  38. This is very sad, and lack of respect for human life. But that said, it is because these calibre of misleaders deserve exactly this kind of treatment. Now about First Ladies: they need to overcome and override their men during these last moments and say—“Things have ended… lets take off”–And besides, if these same First Ladies are are really patriotic to their countries they should be the “First” ladies to finish or poison their men for the good of the country. Last but not least…..when will these kind of soldiers “visit” Mugabe, Museveni and all these thugocrats who have turned their countries to mamoth sewages?:)

  39. As peace loving zambians we should not cherish or entertain such things. Please let us not let our ambitions plus anxieties over ride the theme of peace. Could we please tone down and discuss issues that are directly affecting us. Let us not Politicise everything. I love my peaceful Zambia. Dont forget some innocent lives have been lost in this fracas. Let us not be self centred with our aspirations, Zambia is for all of us and we have only one Country we belong to.

  40. I feel pity for the former first lady of this some…country I cant recall.. Sad if it could happen to my auntie Thandiwe Banda…

  41. LT you shld be ashamed of yourselves for posting these pics as shld the people who took them,regardless of the grievances the opposing parties had with each othr this is wrong. You do not direspect ppl like this…look at how you are treating the poor woman…seriously that is uncalled for

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