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Kuomboka ceremony in pictures – part 2



Lealui residents show respect to the Litunga when passed by on his departure for Limulunga


Vice President George Kunda with the Litunga at Lealui


Vice President George Kunda draped in traditional lozi ceremonial attire called Siziba at the Kuomboka ceremony.


The Nalikwanda leaves Lealui.


The Nalikwanda is accompanied by other boats during Kuomboka ceremony.


Mongu residents gather at Limilunga to witness the arrival of the Nalikwanda during the Kuomboka ceremony.


Mongu residents witness the arrival of the Nalikwanda in Limulunga at the Kuomboka ceremony.


Vice President George Kunda welcomes the arrival of the Litunga in Limilunga after the Nalikwanda docked.


Vice President George Kunda with the Litunga on arrival in Limilunga after the Nalikwanda docked.


Vice President George Kunda listens to the Litunga at Limilunga.


Fishermen cash in by selling fresh fish to visitors and tourists at the Kuomboka ceremony


Traditional dances in action when the Litunga arrived in Limulunga.


Traditional dances in action when the Litunga arrived in Limulunga.


  1. I’m loving picture 1.nice to see children showing respect to the Litunga. Children should be taught to respect elders regardless of color, creed, political affliation.Bloggers can take a leaf from pic 1.Even if you don’t agree with someone you don’t have to insult them.
    pic3 – the VP looked hilarious.The price you pay for being in leadership!

  2. Number 1 you start of very well by advising us to respect elders then finish of by ridiculing the Vice President of Zambia……duh dude!!!!! Guess you the type who canr make a decision on any matter

  3. #3 I am not ridiculing the Vice president.I think he looks funny in that tradition attire.Thats not ridiculing him.I’m sure he also felt weird being clad in a skirt. Any man clad in a skirt looks funny because we are accustomed to seeing men in trousers in this part of the world.Haven’t you ever worn a costume for the fun of it and your kids laugh at you.Well you are entitled to your opinion and I’ll respect that.

    • People want to creticise even when it is not suposed to. I read my home home news on the internet and i see a comment againist the Vice President being in a skirt. what is wrong with that. the write of that comment is not exposed at all because that attaire is meant for the lozi tradition and the Vice President being a leader had to show appreciation and dress the same. Infact its not the first time that a national laeder dresses like that. That is how it is supposed to be. so dont pass comments if you dont know what to say or rather what you are saying.

    • For some reason, I sense an element of you looking down on non-Lozi’s BUT no one can take away here is the magnificence of the picture. If I were part of BRE I’d have it enlarged and and employed in marketing of the great Kuomboka worldwide!

  4. why are the pics dripping in like 2011 election results? i guess plenty photoshopping is taking place.

    • The other boat, with a pelican on top, is the Mbolyanga, which carries the Litunga’s senior wife whose title is the Moyo.

  5. “Vice President George Kunda welcomes the arrival of the Litunga”. Why not just “Vice President George Kunda welcomes the Litunga” or better still “Vice President George Kunda welcomes the Litunga on his arrival…..” 

  6. Wonderful to see the pictures. With my wife and three very young sons, I saw the Litunga’s arrival at Limulunga on six occasions from 1969 to 1974 during the time I was headmaster at Kambule School in Mongu. The Nalikwanda did not have the elephant on top then. This is indeed a never-to-be-forgotten ceremony

  7. Pic#3 – Kwati kapuba. look at that expression. The man has no presence whatsoever! The litunga is standing up tall and confidence like a real leader not that worm beside him.

  8. Red liped serpent! You stole the constitution from the Zambian people including those from the BarosteLand. Shame on you. George Bush did well to Zambia to assist with ARVs through PEPFAR because some of these leaders could have been off camera by now.

  9. Pict 11
    Why is this man picking on little fish?
    He should go for his agemates! Ashukila tu bafana tu nsomba. Tuleke tukule iwe.

  10. #16, thank you for sharing your experiences. i hope the elephant does not get any bigger or heavier as it will eventually tip the centre of gravity…

  11. So it did take place after all? I mean the kuomboka, didn’t the Post “dig deeper” and “reveal” that the ceremony had been cancelled? So it was lies from the Post’s deep pit again?

  12. pic # 3 people just want to die in office so they use tax payers money for everything till they are burried and some of it goes to their survivors.

  13. Awesome event by world standards. Very colourful and the Litunga looks the part alright. The Nalikwanda looks superb in pic. 5 and 7. However, the Elephant looks bony and malnourished. It needs to be improved upon, i.e. re-build it and make it look like a robust African bull Elephant without adding weight and having to contend with higher center of gavity and reforcing the cabin its standing on etc. Its very doable with modern materials, and I know there is an abundance of engineers and sculptors among my Lozi cousins who would offer their services and come up with a serious elephant befitting the Nalikwanda. Awesome event and a big tourist attraction.

  14. The litunga looks like George Kunda’s body guard. Who designed that attire, like Idi Amin or Mabutu Setseko’s attire. Lozi people sure bwafya mwe

  15. That dude in the Colonial Police Constable’s uniform should swap it for a traditional Lozi attire coz it reminds me how these folks a~~licked the British hence being given an agreement that none of them understands !

  16. #11 VJ Rigger,
    The other boat is called Notila,It carries the Litunga’s wife and all the females.Traditionally women are not allowed in the Nalikwanda.

  17. I really feel bad for red lips. Even if you look like a fool in that attire, you just have to wear it. Inchito ni nchito- sebana wikute!

  18. I was still doing my grade 6 at mongu’s kanyanyo primary in the 90’s when my late dad took me to see the Kuomboka. Having been born & brought on the copperbelt, that was my first experience with true Zambian culture in it’s purest form. Today in Capetown I have Sotho friends wanting me to one day bring them to the Barotse kingdom. Hope they will experience this.

  19. People should never bow down to another man.. dont get on your knees for the Litunga he is just another man…

  20. #35 Exodus 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

    And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

  21. Yela kona koli simuluha kwa scotland. Bo inonge, kanti mina hamuzibi cwalo nji? Hakuna bunde bo bu cwalo mane litabisa maswe.

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