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Sata fumes over poor UK meeting attendance

Headlines Sata fumes over poor UK meeting attendance

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) leader Michael Sata has condemned the organisers of his meeting with Zambian residents in London when it was clear that only few people would turn up for his address.

The PF leader, who is in London, was expecting to address a huge crowd but was disappointed that only a handful of people attended his meeting.

The meeting almost flopped following the decision by many Zambians to shun the gathering at Oxford University, forcing Mr Sata to sound verbal attacks against the organisers.

The meeting was attended by former Kafue member of Parliament Bob Sichinga and former Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum secretary general, Kasuka Mutukwa.

Sources in Mr Sata’s delegation said the PF leader was in London to raise money to hire a chopper and other campaign activities apart from medical check-ups during his tour.

“On Saturday, two days before the meeting that took place on Monday, Mr Sata was asked to address Zambians in the UK but only met less than 20 people and sounded his displeasure to the organisers,” the source said.

Former MMD and ZADECO member Mbita Chitala, who is also in the UK, addressed the Oxford gathering to explain why he was in support of the PF leader.

Mr Sata is alleged to have been invited to give a lecture on how to build a strong opposition party in Africa by some UK-based Zambian students who are said to have been researching on opposition politics in Africa.

The source said Mr Sata was also planning to meet Zambian residents in Manchester and London on unspecified dates and unknown agenda.

“It appears Mr Sata also wants to be exposed to possible sponsors and partners in the UK as Zambia draws closer to the general elections.

“Mr Sata is also expected to meet Zambian communities in Manchester and London on unspecified dates,” said one source who attended the meeting at Oxford.

The seminar was about populism and opposition politics in Africa and was called by the department of politics and international relations at Oxford University.

Other topics discussed at the Oxford gathering included ‘Popular politics and resistance movements in South Africa’ by William Beinart of Oxford, ‘Opposition politics in Zambia and the rise of ethno-populism’ by Miles Larmer of Sheffield and ‘In search of the populist vote’ jointly done by Nic Cheeseman of Oxford and Rob Ford of Manchester.

Mr Sata was invited to Oxford University to speak at a workshop entitled Democracy, Populism, and Opposition Politics.

“We invited him simply because he has been a successful opposition leader and so we asked him to speak about how he has improved the performance of the PF from its inception to the last presidential by-election,” said Nic Cheeseman, who is head of the organising team and also a lecturer at Oxford University.

And when asked about his support for gays and lesbians, Mr Sata tried to backtrack from his earlier position, saying he did not support or advocate gay rights.

Recently, Mr Sata told a Danish media crew that Zambia recognised homosexuality and that laws were already there although what was remaining was to implement them.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. This is just propaganda. My sister and friends attended the get together meeting where Mr. Sata addressed them and confirmed that it was well attended and neither did Mr. Sata complain to the organisers. This cheap government propaganda should be discarded with the contempt it deserves.

  2. Of course the so called public government controlled media will try to puncture holez in Sata’z UK vizit, az oppozed to the pozitives the whole trip haz on the PF leader. What a shame! 

  3. Every issue has two sides and every occasion has good and bad moments. Obviuosly the POST is SATA’s media and they will just report the Good side and the TOZ is RB media and would report the BAD things.

    And this is where the power of blogging comes in. We have heard the two sides of the opposition camp. Can we now hear from those with an independent mind that attended?

    It vital to be objective at listen to all sides , lets do that Bane than praise the POST PF Newspaper and dis Times of Banda Zambia. Both those papers are equally biased in their own respect.

  4. No amount propangada will stop the wind of change, Dissolve parliament and announce the election date.



  6. Irresponsible media at its best. Perhaps Mr. Sata should have invitied one or two Lusaka Times editors/employees to get a short course on the importance of unbiased and responsible reporting. First of all, the Tujililili article should not be reporting with the insinuation that remarks made by a William Banda are factual and not simply allegations. Further, they should be able to call out his flawed reasoning, in this way detaching themselves from the nonsense. Secondly, desist from inserting your own, feelings, conclusions, assertions – sort of allow the reader to come to the conclusion by equiping them simply with verifiable facts. It is a disgrace that someone pays you to display mediocrity. Lastly, you have the power to do what one Anderson Cooper successfully does at least 80% of the

  7. Sata was even lucky to get 20 Zambians attend his meeting. Let Sata come to California and see how many Zambians will attend his meeting.

  8. If Sata thinks he can fool us Zambians abroad the way he fool Zambian in Zambia this must be a wake up call for him. We discussion issues not market politics. I would not waste a penny to go listen to a police constable who has no logic thought or recollection of what he said 5 minutes ago….

    • YOU STUUPIT IDIOOT you are there on our tax and all you can say is rubbish….he may be a constable but is brain is sharp than you educated chap through leakages and favours from you political relatives… come back to zambia and see how uneducated people are successful than you maggot out there

  9. all you PF lumpens check UKZambians website.it confirms that the meeting was poorly attended.The reason given ist hat maybe people didn’t want to pay £10 to listen to Sata so stop your hating.even if Times of Zambia is a govt vuvuzela they were spot on on this one y’all

  10. #7 you are very correct. The photos on UKZambians also show the poor attendance. Who was going to pay £10 to hear Satan read a speech wrote for him that he does not understand? The ka hall they hired was tiny, somewhere in deepest darkest Essex but they could not find enough Bemba tribalists to fill it. 

  11. time which is keeping people honest. Take pride in what you do and think of achievements that serve beyond your personal and inner circle gains. I have always believed that great achievers set themselves apart by a grounded belief in doing right, even when, as often is the case wrong is much easier and more lucrative.

  12. What rubbish from Times of Zambia. The fact that they even care what happens in UK means RB has run out of ideas COMPLETELY. Finished

  13. Hahahaha! this is a big joke i mean after seeing all those people packed in that hall on you tube one still goes to the length of saying that it was a flop! come on guys we can do better than that. Event though it’s a campaign to discredit someone simwamene tapapata please. Please fellow bloggers i have those picture sent to me and i can confirm to say the hall was packed. you can also check the image out on the watchdog.

  14. Mr sata will lose this elections.he should stop spending his cash for something which is not going to work for him. Boma ni Boma. RB is coming back as head of state

  15. I thought by going to Oxford he would become slightly intelligent. He expected a rally in the UK? He should not compare with the crowds that attend JKs shows in London. He is not yet a somebody! The students who invited him were very clever. Instead of the hustle of coming to Zambia, they just donated a few pounds, bought him an economy air ticket and booked him at a cheap hotel and they collected their data cheaply as opposed to them coming to Zambia where the cost of living is high. Even the picture in the Post showed that the attendance was poor there as well. The faces of those listening were like, “when is he going to say something sensible so that we can take down notes.” If by going to the UK he wanted to test his popularity, then he has flopped. Back to plan A….Taiwan

  16. many Zambians shuned the gathering at Oxford University to be addressed by sata and so will it be during general elections. Sata, if u think u can be president of zambia, ur jokin…… Zambia wants new blood not dented dwambo

  17. If I may add, for a nation that has been making calls for issue-based debate one can only be disappointed that there is no mention of the substance filled speech/lecture given. I think at some point a light bulb will have to come on in the heads of the “eloquent/educated” folk that will allow for us as Zambians to ask ourselves some insightful questions. For instance, if we recognize that Sata as at least popular enough to have the support of a third or more of the nation then shouldn’t we be engaging him on the issues and not petty stuff? Is the attendance more important than what he claims to be his vision for the nation? Come on citizens, get it together for crying out loud, no one cares if you are an engineer/doctor/kaponya if you do not have the substance to back it.

  18. Going by the photos in the Homo magazine & UKZambians website,that story can not be disputed.Let Sata visit here we will show him that we are not kaponyas,he was lucky to get 20.People are just too busy up here for his populist rhetoric.

  19. bafikala ba times,why dont you dont you report facts,you arenot telling the truth pantu naine eko nali ku meeting and we were a lot of us there….20 pipo kwisa malitumpa sana ba shinka manyela…he addressed a larger gathering than you have reported naimwe ba LT report wat you know.

  20. Come now, bloggers and ToZ.  In this day and age the main audience is the information highway – somehow people still think that physical presence is a deal – not any more if you have moved with the times.  There are few live occasions I care to attend because I can surf and attend, or switch on TV and watch.  What is the problem?  As one blogger has said, I wish our reporters could do the Anderson Cooper thing of reporting without emotion and letting people draw their own conclusions.  I wish more people did some literature studies or at the very least deductive reasoning studies.  Then again, we get what we deserve, going by comments here that have already gone personal and tribal – yet again!!!

  21. very cheap propaganda indeed…MBITA CHITALA never went to UK. He was in Mbala and as i’m writing this he is on his way to Lusaka…ati wenye bamambala !

  22. it shows how MMD thieves are hurting to the fact that sata is internationally recognised way before he becomes president fo zambia. very articulate article in yestaday’s post. the man has a vision for zambia. very wise and intelligent. it is a rare combination!!!!Viva mwamukolo!!!!!!! MMD keep on hating. it will notb help u. the bst u can do is to accept that Banda aint taking us anywhere. MMd claim sata was invited by students reserarching on how to run an oppsition party in african. Why didnt they invite HH or Nawakwi or some oppostion party leader elsewhere in africa. If Oxford can see substance in the man, why cant you!!!!!!!!!!!dull chaps at the same time hypocripts!!!

  23. Low attendance means that our colleagues there have to work hard 4 to 5 jobs cant blame them if they cant find time for Sata in Zed we have plenty of time the lecture hall would have been filled to capacity others would have been outside.

  24. If they cn shun his meet there, zambians will shun him in the voting both too…………………………

  25. Sata, should be shun everywhere and so are all tired and finished politicians in zed…………

  26. And in the end I wonder how hurt he would be that pipo who most probably wont be able to vote didnt flock in droves to see him.It has been a PR success of massive proportions back in Zed.And remind me if am wrong,but didnt the Times and Daily mail run a story that he was in the UK to solicit funds from Pro Gay groups?How is it possible for them to run completely contradictory stories without retractin one or at least making reference to it?

  27. Attend sataz meetin does not mean you support him. I always tune off my Dstv to watch chanda chimba yet i disagree with him

  28. why didnt the a.s.s of daily mail and its brother dick times report what sata said at the special lecture at oxford? they just report on things that make sata look bad or politically bad for him. 

  29. PF Kaponyas please stop cheating this old man and making him so excited believing he is going to State House. Old man please ikate omutima, this is the game of politics, its on and soon it gets hot. Mind you MMD is full of strategists so, you are never sure of being Republican President until declared one. No matter how many kaponyaz sing your name, better you take your time than embarrass yourself even before global spectators.

  30. RB thank you for mobile hospitals. Its likely one Mobile Hospital will be heading for a votes counting centre, just to help BP patients.

  31. I saw Sata putinging his shoe on the sofa. See Post photo. What does that tell you of the man and his manners. Did anyone tell him to watch his body langauge in the UK?

  32. who would come to listen to such a lunatic..?hahahahaha..chawama it flopped..those should ba laughing at you..let him just go for check ups..his heart should be bleeding..

  33. There are so many halls in the UK where he could have held a meeting. Why did he choose Oxford University? To scare us that he is also educated?

    • You point being? He was invited and did not choose (see the difference?) Why get scared if you have been to school?

  34. please, give us break, this whole meeting in uk was a flopp as we have seen pictures on uk zambians and please sata supporters stop making the man look as if he is popular when in the real sense he is not. By the way if he thought he could come tu UK think people will pay £10 pounds to see him read a piece of paper, he wasted hi own time. people here are way too busy trying to make ends meet and he actually thought they would pay. old man if you are reading this, just know that your time is up, you dont need to embarass yourself further.

  35. Sata made his day, his presentation was well received and Oxford University is one of the good great universities in UK and the world at large, currently Oxford is ranked number one or two ahead of Cambridge , so it helps President Sata alot to give a lecture to well learned people. He is game and we are sure that this time around, he will be leading Zambia. No amount of propaganda will derail PF from winning this coming elections.

  36. #45 If I recall correctly didn’t snake man make a speech at Oxford uni in 2006? What were the results of the subsequent election? Being ‘well received’ at Oxford does not win votes. Oxford University is an august institution, just because people dont throw insults like your kaponya friends does not mean that they agree with you. In fact Sata got it wrong, instead of talking about opposition political parties and populism in Africa, he went and read a prepared party political speech that he does not even understand. The reason he was invited is because he is known to be a populist. To me being known as a ‘populist’ in political terms is actually an insult. It has connotations of at best naivety and at worst playing to the gallery and duplicity.

  37. If the trip to the UK was not a flop, am sure satan would have been bragging about the amount of money he managed to raise. By the way, are there still some buff.oons out there who still believe that this nincompoop has two degrees?


  39. doesnt matter whether there was like 20 or 20,000 pipo, this moron is NEVER ruling this country! Capisce? 

  40. Indeed the crowd was not as expected as admitted by UKZambia on line and I quote :- “London: Zambians in the UK had a rare opportunity to interact with Zambia’s main opposition Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata. In his introduction text, Mr. Sata told a surprising small crowned that gathered in East London that:

    “If we have to build Zambia we need all of you. I want you to know that as the leader of the most popular party and second biggest party in Zambia, I am quite mindful of you citizens living in the Diaspora”.

  41. I was at the Lecture at Oxford and there was no Mbita Chitala in attendance.This is a blue lie. And Times of Zambia neeed to realise that this was an accademic lecture and not a political rally so you didnt expect to find loads of Zambian cadres. And if you have ever been lucky to set foot in a lecture theatre you ll realise that they are designed to accomodate on average about 100 students. This was about the size of the lecture theatre at Oxford and it was full. Apart from the students there were Zambians like myself who were there and some were outside. Ubufi ba times mulenashako

  42. MMD and its propaganda machine, always s[eaking negative of whatever SATA does. When you the picture in the post does it show 20 people? When will MMD wake up hate reporting of SATA

  43. People, honestly how do you expect alot of Zambians at the meeting when the truht of the matter is that the Zambians that side ran away from starvation at home and are still suffering that side by working four jobs in a day!!!! WHERE DO YOU THINK TIME WILL CAME FROM! WAKE UP ZAMBIANS……

  44. it good how you expose your ignorance do you expect a crowd of people in UK like in Zambia. zoona ndimwe bakuludadzi

  45. You Zedians you all make me laugh. Now this times reporter, was his/her trip paid for by sata just as RB moves with post reporters?

  46. People, People, Sata never went to UK to fundraise, he was invited to give a lecture on African Opposition Leadership, the difficulties and challenges faced by the Opposition. And he boldly mention hate speech and malicious propaganda by the Government through the Public Media, like the situation is now with this article, and use of other state departments, ZP, ACC, DEC, ECZ, Judiciary to oppress and destroy Opposition leaders.

    It does not matter how many people he met, as long as he met the right people. His presence there will make a difference after he visited high profile offices that shape policies on African States. Learn to be objective.

  47. Hey you lot, stop mixing up issues here. Sata had a meeting at Oxford University(outside London) which was attended by the crowd shown in yesterday’s Post Newspaper. PF UK branch organised a fund raisng meeting in East London(which is hundreds of miles away from Oxford University) where Sata addressed Zambians and you can check the attendance on the UKZambians website. Usually Zambians attend such meetings especially on a four days holidays as they use it as an occassion to socialise. I am also supprised that the meeting was shunned. Could be poor organisation or people here just don’t like Sata. The event was advertised on the UK Zambians website.

  48. I personally cannot attend sata’s lecture. What can he lecture people on? Yea, the faces of those who attended his lecture clearly show that they were wondering whether the man has the brains. The stuff was written for but he could not deliver it coherently. Real shit!

  49. @46.Chimunya..You ask wat happened after the lecture he gave in 2006.He gained an additional 25% from his 3% in 2001.He then gained an additional 10% in 2008 to get 38%.The MMD has stagnated at about 40% in the last 2 elections.But you right,oxford lectures dont get you votes.Talking bout the crap that besets the masses does.Like unemployment,70% to 80% depending who you ask ,massive taxation of those who do work and the criminally negligent under taxation of the mining houses reaping supernormal profits,check out an article on mopani onthe zambian watchdog.and of course illtreatment of zambian workers by some of these investors,or infestors as sikatana used to say,with the knowledge and possible connivance of our government.Sata has been talkin about all that for years.thats why he popula

  50. Times of Zambia and Daily Mail are a BIG JOKE.
    One must be out of one’s mind to buy these papers. It is not the papers one can even put on a CV are having been a reporter for. Working for them is like blacklisting oneself.

    Lies have now become so plain that even a kinder will ask whether their stories are written by grown ups. The lies have become to immature and plain open. How can professionals sink so low in behavior to the extent of turning into a dog. Though some dogs resist their master’s orders if they are meaningless.
    We wont listen to these empty drums. We are still for SATA.

  51. SATA is always annoyed, or at least he always looks and behaves so. Even in Mongu,last elections, I dont think he had the crouds that were being shown by POST. If iot was true that SATA had such huge crouds in Mongu, then the crouds he has in his rallies, conferences, and lectures are meaning less; how come he got less than 100 votes in Mongu after mamoth rallies? I will tell you something, it is very expensive to watch high calibre commedians live. But Sata does not charge anyone for his commedy; actually he is one of my favourite commedians in Africa, in the range of Ukwa, Jabulani and the like. But for him he offers it free. The guys who did not attend at Oxford University missed a lot, next time I urge them to attend; its free!!

  52. What lecture can Mr. Sata give to someone normal? I wish he also talked about the the type of democracy that prevails in his party. Failed trip

  53. How many Zambians live in London? You expected the whole Kabwata or Chibolya? Of course numbers may be less as there was a royal wedding as well. Fact is the man addressed a prominent University and had a Chance to Meet and talk to Zambians.

    Of course MMD thieves, could not sleep especially after publicity of Sata’s photo signing the Royal wedding visitors Book. Some UK Zambians are Just big Mouth for nothing, Jus keep quite. Big Man Sata, Well done.

  54. Dr.Neo Simutanyi says if elations were conducted today pf would win. This man is very accurate in his opinion survays

  55. 1.Chimunya @ 47 – I’m not a fool and I believe Sata has 2 degrees, he bought them in Bangladesh via the internet. I think you have at least a degree but you can also buy more were he got his.
    Sata was invited because he’s a successful opposition leader – like a successful grade 7 drop-out is one who continually fails and always manages to get a place to repeat the following year. Says a lot about the man doesn’t it. 3.
    Another thing, that speech was made by Bob Sichinga read for him by Michael Sata. MCS did not need to understand what he was reading hence him saying things that contradict what he actually did in the past – pity there doesn’t seem to have been a question session at the end of it all. Can he also come to Botswana?!

  56. This is cheap propaganda check yesterdays post and count the people in the picture if you went to school we wont say the people are less then 20 may some if you need to go back to grade and lean how to count .

  57. For somebody who attended the meeting, I must say the attendance was was indeed very good. For those who do not know, Sata was invited by Oxford university and at short notice the UK PF committee arranged for an opportunity for Zambians to meet the PF president. The community hall was full and his address really represented any sane Zambian’s view on the future of our country. ‘Time of Zambia’ brings shame to the journalism in Zambia as whole by reporting untruths.

  58. This LT will be shut down in no time, no regular customers such as Nine Chale, Senior Citizen, Nostradamus, Chief MMD Bootliker etc, if it was business I would change selling this MMD products.

  59. # 65, It is SATA who wanted the whole Mandevu at Oxford. That is why he was annoyed when he saw less than 20 people. It is SATA who is amazing all of us by getting annoyed because Mandevu audience which he expected was missing. He is not used to places like Oxford, so he thought he was still at Mandevu and those whites he saw there, he thought they were Guy Scot.

  60. The own should be happy to have had such a gathering. Us guys in diaspora are not Kaponya’s to be so easily hoodwinked to believe what Sata is preaching. We know his past enough and cannot be lied to like the Kaponya’s who blindly follow him. If he is trying to raise money for a chopper, let him go to Taiwan. Where are the Taiwanese he was dealing with at the expense annexing Zambia? Let him try other countries we are living in – he will get zero attendance.

  61. #66, Dr. Simutanyi’s surveys are always impaired.
    The man amazes me because he selects samples as iff he has never done research before.

    If I was Dr Simutanyi, and I was told to assess the voter strength for each party, I would not go to Southern Province because I know what the study would show, HH, i would also not carryout the data collection in Lusaka or CB because SATA would show positive.

    This is how a research is done:
    1) get an unbiased sample by sampling each segment of the population especially when you know distribution of public opinion is uneven across the geographical population distribution.
    2)take note of the population ratios (of voters) in each of the population segments.
    3) work out your analysis, factoring in your ratios. You will get a likely outcome.

  62. The guys in diaspora ran away from politics and poverty . They will never attend political meeting.

  63. I really shudder at the level of our understanding and politicking in this poor country of ours. i thought the purpose of sata going to oxford was to give a lecture on the hustles of african opposition. a lecture is a lecture, to those who have never been in a lecture theatre or hall. you dont expect thousands in a single lecture, so the one who concocted this story is a cheap propagandist and hence not surprised that it is in the TOZ or MMD Vuvuzela. A lecture is not a rally and i think sata knows that and can not complain on that. the picture in the post is clear, it was fairly attended as per kind of meeting he was addressingor lecturing.whats the fuzz!

  64. @27,well articulated observation.That was an auditorium at Oxford with limited sitting capacity and dull MMD cadres expected to thousand listeners squeesed up there.That was not an open space.What a shame!Should every thing be reduced to cheap politicking.

  65. why does he get annoyed due to the low turn out of people?.he should even thank the few who attended.England is a western country and people there are very busy..who can attend his functions there anyway????.he thinks its in mandevu were almost the entire people in the compound are just loitering the streets thereby making his rallies there fully pact..he has now met the reality..

  66. Times of MMD or of Zambia whichever one choses, should try to get back to Northern News under Dick Hall when the paper had a lot of credibility. Even at the shortest notice, there is no way Sata’s meeting can be a flop.

    Stop lying Times of Zambia MMD.

  67. Sata did a marvelous job. MMD/UPND supporters must stop showing their petty jelousness. If Sata was not a factor in Zambian/African politics, Oxford Uni.would do not have bothered to invite him. My food for thought to the MMD is that Sata lost by less than 2% when he was invitually unknown in Western,Southern and North-Western. So what will happen now that he is likely to get at least a quarter of the votes from these provinces? Mind you Sata does not need to come tops in these three regions to win-just a partial well improved performance will do the job.It will be a miracle if MMD survives this year and they are slowly realising it-they had thought, with the demise of the PACT it was going to be a walk over but I am sure they are now realising that their celebration was a bit premature.

  68. Com on zambians. The old man has no vision for zambia. Listen to his speaches, all what he toks about are weakness and failures of banda. He does not articulate issues and how he intends to save zambia. We are nolonger interested in politicking, we want someone who will improve our economy something that sata has no crue with.

  69. Those who support SATAshould advise him to stop looking annoyed. If he was not annoyed why was he pretending?? Any objective for doing that?
    Lets show happiness when we are happy.

    If SATA was happy with the attendance why look annoyed? is it necessary to do so.
    I have told you, the man is a commedian who knows no nature of audience. He was not annoyed am sure he was just performing as usual.

  70. The Times of RB/MMD! No wonder the MMD newspapers are only being bought for wrapping dried rations at our markets! The Editors are scared stiff. They fear Lord Shikapwasha. 2011 , its year of CHANGE. Vote SATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  71. #27, “SATA is recognised internationally”!! Yes i agree with you, but he is not as popular as Bin Laden. This shows you it is not only the good you do that can spread your name. The bad you do has the tendency to popularise you faster in fact.

    I am not in anyway saying that Sata is a bad man. All I am sasying is that there is not need to celebrate that you are widely know, but celebrate because of the good you do, whether known or unknown.

  72. thumbs up for the incoming President Sata. I read the speech it was great.Times of Zambia am challenging u to Report about what Sata said in UK and not about attendance.Do u honestly believe that Sata can go all the way to UK just to worry about attendance come on u guys, let us be more issue based than always barking.Times of Zambia, Daily mail ZNCB LT they cant report anything positive about Sata.viva Sata and Donchi kubeba we gona chase those crazy out of govt.

  73. Well attended or not, does it change the fact that back here in zambia no credible person will vote for this long time political joker.

  74. first and foremost Dr. Chitala is not in the UK, he is in Zambia northen province. oxford and london are not the same place,have you people ever been to England? get your facts stright mwe bantu,muletusebanya mwa

  75. # 73 You seem to be such an expert on research ,what makes you think that all that was not done by Dr Neo Simutanyi.Just because the results did not go according to your master you dispute them,its like all the guys in the diaspora or most of them anywhere are just shooting in the dark without really knowing whats happening at home in zambia.Just becasue the post reported something positive about sata ‘s visit to london yesterday,the times of zambia also had to report a counter attack to what was in the post.Thats how journalism in zambia is at the moment the post state the agenda by reporting on what is happening in the country and the government Vuvuzelas ,times of zambia ,daily mail and ZNBC produce a counter,they have no ideas of there own these government journalists very dull chaps

  76. Dear Diasporians, did you know that Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, the President of PF is opposed to ‘dual citizenship?’
    If he becomes President, you can kiss goodbye to ever legally holding 2 passports. At the present time, many Zambians commit a criminal offence when they enetr Zambia on a Zambian passport but exit on another country’s passport. If and when yo will be caught you will be jailed. The Zambian constitution clearly states that ‘anyone who takes up the citizenship of another country, ceases to be a Zambian citizen immediately.’

  77. Opinion polls, that’s what they are ‘Opinion polls.’ No one should ever lose sleep on them. Wait for the Real McCoy on 22 September 2011.


  79. Firstly, this article has a lot of contradictions about who invited Sata. Please read the article carefully.Secondly, i conquer with most of the educated bloggers who state that a lecture is not a rally,it doesn’t matter if two people showed up,a lecture is a lecture because those are are students not cadres.My emphasis again is on the contradictions in this article.let Times of Zambia be consistent with their reporting,Tell the people one purpose and state who invited Sata to the UK. In any case Times,Daily and ZNBC should be spending their time marketing rhupia and his programs,coz every time they mention Sata its a plus for him cos somebody out there gets to know about him.

  80. There might have been two pipo,the question is, who was lecturing? Its Sata not Rhupia,where has Rhupia been invited to lecture? FTJ school of corruption and underhand methods,next to Arcades.For those of you saying PF is a Kaponya party,be realistic,most of those Kaponyas are atleast grade nine dropouts if not grade twelve graduates who understand simple Economics, its sad that you the MMD take pride in calling other citizens Kaponyas when you have failed to give them means of becoming the apamwambas,and if PF is a Kaponya party,what do you call William Tekele Banda? i think he is worse than a Kaponya cos he is a criminal.


  82. “It is the charismatic aspect of Sata’s personality that is simply so irresistible. People came all the way from Cambridge and Sheffield and even South Africa just to listen to Sata speak.

    It is clearly evident that they are absolutely delighted that the PF leader came and more importantly delivered such an excellent speech in which he highlighted a number of crucial factors that militate against opposition parties in Zambia and Africa in general, and how he and the PF have attempted to deal with such obstacles,” he said.

    Sishiwa said it was the hope of most people who attended the lecture that regardless of the outcome of the elections, Sata would be able to come back to Oxford and share his reflections of the aftermath of the forthcoming elections.

  83. A bemba movement is spreading wings in the UK.Lets be fair and straight PF is a bemba party. Can someone here convince me what this lunatic called Sata can do for our country, I think he’s a good opposition politician period. I doubt if he would outgrow this situation.

  84. #100 You are dreaming or people are bored … How many are these people? Or its just dis-oriented bemba chaps, if they were many they could have pleased Sata, but hes pissed coz they lied that there is alot of people. What charisma do you find in Sata?

  85. Oh poor Sata, he travelled to UK only to expose his obvious lack of intellectulism. A wake up call for donors who fund populist political jackals .Indeed the donors had a close upfeel of Sata’s temperemental mindset.

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