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Mazabuka United Chairman fired for withdrawing the vote of no confidence

Sports Mazabuka United Chairman fired for withdrawing the vote of no confidence

Mazabuka municipal council has dropped Mazabuka united football club chairman Evans Mushiba after he and his secretary Moses Njobvu withdrew the vote of no confidence with out the consent of the committee.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS sports, yesterday, Mazabuka Town Clerk Ekan Chingangu said that the council was concerned at the way the vote of no confidence was withdrawn.

Mazabuka United were the movers of the vote of no confidence against the Kalusha Bwalya led FAZ, which they withdrew hours before the annual general meeting held in Kabwe

Mr. Chingangu said that the council being the sponsor of the club and having appointed Mushiba to chair the club had the power to drop him.

He said that the council appointed the executive positions of the club and that other positions were open for elections.

He said that Mr. Mushiba and his secretary made the decision to with draw the vote of no confidence without consultation from the council and the rest of the Mazabuka football club committee.

Mr. Chingangu said the decision made by the two was contrary to that of members of the club committee and that of the council.

He said that he felt that the chair did not exercise his duties responsibly and that his conduct was unexpected, as the decision should have been made collectively and agreed on as a club.

He said that as the sponsor of Mazabuka united football club the council would not allow for confusion in the interest of football in the district.

The town clerk said Mr. Isaac Mwale has been appointed Mazabuka united chair with immediate effect as the investigations of the no confidence vote motion withdrawal goes on.

And speaking to ZANIS sports in a telephone interview , Mr. Mushiba said that the he could not comment on the matter.


  1. It’s quite clear this chap received some kind of consideration to withdraw the motion and we don’t need Albert Einstein to tell us who gave it.

  2. Why can’t we all just let Kalusha continue running football affairs in Zambia for life. That is what everything is beginning to show to me and there is no point wasting resources and time trying to challenge him. Kalusha seems to have support both in Zambia and at FIFA HQ. My only worry is that FIFA is also headed for a split. The Minister of Sport in UK only today announced that if FIFA does not clean its house and explain things the UK may split from FIFA, which effectively means Europe may pull out. It just goes to show how corrupt football administration is the world over. For this reason, Kalusha should just continue running affairs until he retires.

  3. What happened to the idea of keeping people based on performance? Are you saying that he should continue even when he does not deliver? He should be accountable to someone or some group otherwise this confusion in Zambian football will continue. I have always said that we should stop glorifying individuals and focus on things that go beyond personalities. As the saying goes and I quote “What you sow today will visit you tomorrow”.

  4. Kunta Kinte, UEFA has stated its support for Sepp Blatter’s re-election. So UK will be a lone voice. If I were you, I would ask whether the UK’s reaction might be a case of bad eggs, remember that they are hurt at FIFA awarding Russia to host the World Cup.

  5. Can someone answer this question: who in Zambia has ever delivered as FAZ chairman/ president? I mean only peolpe who understand the history of zambian football can answer this question not the blaaa blaaa blaa politically oriented guys we normally see on LT blogging with no substance whatsoever.

  6. They withdraw the motion on wednesday, yet the ****er waits till saturday to claim that he withdrew under duress! Let him just grow some balls and admit he ****ed up

  7. I feel sorry for people that still think that football in Zambia is at a level that is even worth mentioning in public. Since the demise of Z.C.C.M. our football has been going down and down. Think back to the days of Kalampa, Power Dynamos , Mufulira Wanderers e.t.c. These teams benefited from the mining infrastructure and resources. At the moment the football power house has shifted to the midlands and the copperbelt teams have suffered irreparably. I feel that Kalu would have won had he allowed the vote of no confidence to go ahead. This would have put this issue to rest once and for all.

  8. If there are Labour Courts in that country the guy will win his case. The council must be drunk with ethanol from the sugar cane fields to fire him over such a case.

  9. #13 Read the article carefully before jumping to conclusions. He has been fired as chairman of the club and not from his job at the council. In my opinion this is in order so that he does not hinder the ongoing investigations. It is also an issue of unethical conduct because he did not inform the other board members when he made the decision.

  10. Well you have to read the article very very carefully to see what Shaka #14 has seen. The article says nothing about him retaining any job. it just says he has been dropped. You who is priviledged enough to know the razzzmatazz of Mazabuka Council seem to understand the report differently

  11. Maybe the Sports Council of Zambia’s Chifumu Banda can learn a lesson or two from Mazabuka council. It’s about time someone put some bullocks on Chifumu to give him some spank to for once bring the insanity characterizing the administration of football in Zambia by the administration of the rabid Great Galu FAZ to an end.

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