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Four Zambian U.N peacekeepers shot in Sudan

Headlines Four Zambian U.N peacekeepers shot in Sudan

Some of the Zambian soldiers at Arakan Barracks in Lusaka on parade before leaving for Sudan to participate in a peacekeeping mission.

Four Zambian U.N. peacekeepers in Sudan’s contested Abyei region were yesterday shot and wounded by unknown attackers, the United Nations said.

The oil rich Abyei region is another north/south flashpoint.

The attackers shot the Zambian peacekeepers in Goli north of Abyei town on Tuesday afternoon, Hua Jiang, spokeswoman for the U.N. Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) said.

She said one of them was seriously wounded, and all were evacuated to Abyei for treatment.

In a separate incident more than 80 rebels and civilians were killed when insurgents attacked a camp in south Sudan, the army said on Tuesday, in the latest violence to mar preparations for the region’s independence.

People from Sudan’s oil-producing south overwhelmingly voted to secede in a referendum in January, promised in a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war with the north.

Celebrations over the independence vote have been marred by a wave of tribal violence and clashes between the south’s army and renegade militias.



  1. Pole sana wazambia wenzangu ambao wamepata majeraha.Tunawaombea mtapona haraka na kurudi kuibeba bendera ya zambia juu hapo mnapofanya kazi hii ngumu lakini iliyo na maana sana.

    • Please, try to check the way you have constructed your sentences.If you are not fluent with the language, use the one you are sure of than to expose yourself.

  2. In Sierra Leon an entire Zambian battalion was captured and annihilated by Foday Sankoh’s rag tag. Now here we are again in Sudan four Zambian soldiers are wired by Janjaweeds. Zambian soldiers too much “kulimonesha ta kwahae”, busy shooting innocent and unarmed Loziz but kumiletela size zanu ku Sierra Leon na Sudan si malubilo tate!

    • You are an embecile, who told you it was a Battalion ? Who told you it was annihilated (Thats if you know what the word means), Who told you soldiers shot your foolish Lozi mates ? Get your facts right and contribute wisely sw!ne

  3. Good evening

    Too bad for our countrymen to be injured on a peace keeping mission. It seems a referendum and independence is not enough to finally put an end to the bloodshed that has rampaged Sudan for so many years. The UN peace keeping forces will have a lot of work to do as the tidal wave of political violence sweeps accross the continent. I pray that we shall never experience such civil unrest and tribal antagonism in Zambia.

  4. #3 typical kwahaye mentality. You know, you and your bululus can migrate to Sierra Leon and become Nationals.

    • Why should we migrate to another country when we have Barotseland. That is a foolish manner of looking at issues #5. Grow up for once.


  6. Our soldiers need a good party in power. They are less paid. They need to be well fed. Look in the picture surely these guys can be captured. Viva real change. For young and more food for soldiers. They need fattening food.

  7. Chomba No 2. youre a f.o.o.l. Who told you that they are dead. They have been injured yes and thankfully, they are not deceased. Dont you also know that every conountry has there obligations and commitment to the world through United Nations or any Humanitarian programmes. How many donor organisations are giving our people assistance? Man youre f.u.c.k.e.d up in the head. Yes other concerns need to be raised as with regards to equipement, security and strategies that can prevent such a reoccurance events. Go back and be re-born from your smelling mother.

  8. I think stupid comments on this blog will be the deciding factor for me and many other bloggers to continue on this sight. It will surely show what calibre of mongreals we are associating with.

  9. #3 Linaha my tribesman, we only shoot dissidents and rebels in Zambia. In UN we are not allowed to shoot otherwise we could have shot them too. It is hard Munyukunyuku fela here.

  10. My hat off to every Zambian soldier and great respect and admiration for these wounded heroes who are carrying zambian flag in Sudan you are our pride and joy. Wish you guys quick recovery.

    These folks are much more valuable and respectable to zambia in that they’ll easily lay their life on the line for mother zambia than some politicians i know.

  11. Disgusting #3 Linaha secessionist and hater remain in Zululand and continue to participate in xenophobia in RSA and killin since you are not fit to live in Zambia hater.

  12. Soldier on lads and complete your noble mission. I wish our gallant soldiers quick and complete recovery. You make us proud. God bless

  13. This blog has so many *****s. Who says the soldiers are dead? And what has party politics to do with this? B.u.l.l s.h.it!!!!

  14. Sad that such a thing happened. We put you in God’s hands and wish you quick recovery. We appreciate the good work you are doing and please continue raising the Zambian flag high. We at home support your mission and continue with your exceptional discipline.

  15. Sad thing for the family and the country. We pray that God takes care of the remaining gallants of the nation in thier work.

  16. Peace keeping missions sometimes become suicidal. My own brother died after stepping on a landmine. This has nothing to do with ruling government. Zambia is a member of UN and any leader of tomorrow will send soldiers whenever required.

  17. It is really amazing how some bloggers on here can sink so low. Honestly speaking the Zambian soldiers are doing a great job their protecting thousands of civilians and if such a thing happens we must really sympathize with our brothers and hope that the wounded get better as quickly as possible. Not this mentality of bringing in the Lozi and Mpombo issues, it is really F.O.O.L.I.S.H to say the least. Gentlemen or whatever you call yourselves please desist from your rubbish statements I know you can do better. 

  18. The whole things sounds like Sierra Leone all over again. This time, our men are not captured by hoodlums like it was in Sierra Leone, but shot. Real facts must be established. Were our men involved in anything irregular to be targetted by the gunmen? If Zambians were the only force in the area, why go for peacekeepers? What motivated the gunmen to shoot at our men? What intelligence was hot and available to our men in the region? We know that our intelligence is busy trying to get the unelectable be elected in Zambia, but the real game for real intelligence men is in the regions where our peacekeepers are working. Their effectiveness can only be made possible with accurate and timely intelligence on people who could be hostile to our efforts in keeping peace.

  19. Dont just cry fool consult other UN members like USA navy and seals how they fight in afghanistan and keeping peace in Iraq and parkistan, alot have died in such missions. So just exhibit your efforts to fight back in any attack as Zambian arm.

  20. Iam proud of all the bloggers who have not politicised the sad event. this is being mature and patriotic. I wish our gallant soldiers a qiuck recovery. God bless all our boys in uniform.

  21. if time is not shotten even the elected ones will be decived. these are the days that christ refered to in mathews 24. we can try as human beings to stop these wars but christ himself will finish them when returns to take his own home. I wish the wounded sodiers a quick recover. may God be with you. let us not just concentrate on political aguiments but we should pray for peace to prevail during and after the elections.

  22. Those saying the Zambians Soldiers died could be right. A Sudanese website i read yesterday said that the four were dead and 1 wounded. If it is true MTSRIP.

  23. We wish our gallant men a quick recovery and further wish God’s protection for the others inluding proffessional Police and Prisons officers servicing as Advisors in both Southern Sudan and Darfur Region under the United Nations. They are all there representing Zambia in the great globle noble cause of peacekeeping.

  24. We wish them a safe recovery. The problem with our Zambia soldiers is that they have not been exposed. One Zambian soldier in Sudan picked up a grenade which cost him an arm. He thought it was the African cucumber famously called ‘ichidunguza’, Another one thought that a bazooka was a water gun and blew up an entire building. The main weapons they are exposed to are the ancient M56 and M59 rifle which most of us were using 30 years ago at national service and earlier on as Cadets. Safe recovery nonetheless

  25. Lets not take for granted the condition of our men in uniform who were shot in Sudan. Gun shot wounds are dangerous and have long term effects. Lets all pray for their quick recovery and Govt should ensure that UN takes them to South Africa or India for specialist treatment. Those men and women are on tour of duty but back home they arebread winners. knowing how our Govt operates in case of loss of life there will be problems in getting benefits. Already there is a case of ZAF officer who died whilst on UN operation in Congo DR. and the widow is battling with ZAF in court to get benefits. We need those guys back home lets not hide in the name of international community to expose lives of our children to die in foreign lands. We lost some liberating Southern Africa we ve got nothing.

  26. ‘HIS MASTER’s VOICE’ Thanks for your concern but we are here to do what we are trained for and we will return when the job is done. Being injured or killed is part of our business out here and so far business is good. Ghost Rider google UN News and you will clear your clouds. “Allan Jospin Abdul Azizz Mohammed Fahez ‘ cant you be ashamed telling lies online ? ‘”I, the jury” Thats the spirit !

  27. Bravo Zambian Soldiers, You are doing a commendable job out there. Colleagues even when you have beef with the government, please lets be proud of our gallant soldiers who have carried out a lot of UN missions abroad. We should be proud. We helped in the struggle down south and we are still helping out. This is our obligation as a member of the international community. Their being shot at has nothing to do with them being paid lowly. We should continue being proud of our security forces, because they maintain peace, here and abroad.

  28. #28 Chi-color you are funny!!
    #3 You have data man, my cousin was among those ambushed by rebels in Serra Leon, There were more than 50 Zambians and rebels were less than 15, can you imagine that? Anywhere this is should be training, soldiers needs some friendly games too just like football players. Moreover, UN peacekeepers get some good allowances, K150,000 per day is not bad.

    • Iwe Chi Color dont lie online, you were not there. Bugger ! The rebels were over 500 ! Dont insult the army by saying just 15 we mwana wa mbwa , ba know call aka nio uku konyangila, stan your call !

  29. But did they shoot back? Being Zambians they probably didnt have bullets! Get well soon soldier blues…

    • Stan your call chi color, waba wiso itall lay ukongama. Who told you soldiers go for missions without ammunition.

  30. No. 29, you will be pleased to learn that the UN takes care of their treatment short of Post Stress Trauma Disorder (PSTD) although the Troop Contributing Country medicorps are also trained in this area by the UN. The guys are given Level 3 and 4 treatment in top hospitals in SA, Kenya, Dubai among others. They are medically evacuated to these hospitals using air ambulances. So, yes the Z army’s job is merely to rehabilitate these guys after physical treatment. My wishes for their quick recovery.

  31. #34 “Dojo Do” you are a Donkey. Period. We need mature contributions here and not like from some lunatic that has just escaped from Chainama. If you dont have anything to say just log off your father’s computer. Sw!ne

  32. A man once looked out of his window one morning. When he did, he noticed that across the street from him his neighbor was pointing a rifle barrel out of his window and toward the man’s home. Well, that was a little un-nerving. So, he got on the phone, called up the neighbor, and said, “You’ve got a rifle barrel pointed at my window!”
    The neighbor said, “That’s true. And the reason is to keep peace.”
    The man said, “To keep peace?”
    That’s right, this is to keep the peace. That’s why I’ve got that rifle barrel pointed at your house.”
    So the man hung up. He went to his closet and pulled out a shot-gun, and he pocked that out of his window. Now, there was a rifle pointing in one direction, and a shot-gun in the other.

  33. Well the man across the street then called him up and said, “What do you mean by this? You’ve got a shot-gun pointing at me!”
    “I’m keeping the peace, just as you are.”
    So the first man went down to the surplus and got himself an old army tank, and he brought that onto his front lawn and he pointed that at his neighbor’s house. And then his neighbor went down and got a used rocket-launcher and pointed it at his neighbor’s house. They kept building up an arsenal in front of their homes, pointed at each other.
    Then, one day, an old model T-Ford was driving down the street. Just as it passed by those two homes – it back-fired!
    And the rest of the story is history! . . .
    Isn’t that exactly what the nations are doing today? . . .

  34. This could have happened to soldiers of any country in that rebel infested country. Let us keep the wounded soldiers in our prayers for a speedy recovery.

  35. I am worried about the rehabilitation facilities (if any are available) they’ll have to come back to in our country. I hope that the UN will pay for their overseas treatment and rehabilitation at least. Those who are yet to be depolyed, a word of caution……..read your contracts before signing.

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