Thursday, February 22, 2024

Rejects will cost the PF Victory


By Daimone Siulapwa

SO, it seems the Patriotic Front (PF), a party which is championing change and hopes to form the next government after this year’s general elections, is only for those who have been rejected by their respective parties. Or else, how do you explain the way MMD rejects like Mike Mulongoti, George Mpombo, Mbita Chitala, Judith Kapinjimpanga and others have aligned themselves to the PF?
Maybe, the problem lies in the way the PF was born.

For the uninitiated, and also for the record, the PF was born out of desperation following the failure of its leader Michael Sata to be chosen as the presidential candidate for the ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) in 2001. Apparently, Michael Sata as the chief executive officer of the MMD had hoped to be chosen by Frederick Chiluba as his successor. This was after supporting his third term bid, and also getting rid of everyone who opposed it and seemed like capable of contesting the MMD presidency at the convention.
The list of these person include former Vice Presidents Gen. Christon Tembo, Gen. Godfrey Miyanda, former Legal Affairs Minister Vincent Malambo and a few others like Edith Nawakwi, Ackson Sejani, Newton Nguni, Samuel Miyanda etc.

Unfortunately, Mr Sata had underestimated the engineering skills of his boss FTJ who instead of picking on him, went outside and woke up one Levy Patrick Mwanawasa who been almost forgotten in political circle as his successor.

With that scenario, how could the “King Cobra” possibly remain in the MMD? Worse still, there was no love lost between him and Levy Mwanawasa.

At the time Mwanawasa served as Vice President, he had tried to get Mr Sata arrested for alleged corrupt activity but was saved by FTJ who publicly reprimanded Mwanawasa while touring the stand of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) at the Trade fair in Ndola.

This is what led to Levy resigning his position as republican Vice President and also made him challenge Chiluba for the MMD presidency at the next convention. With the bad blood between them, that is Levy and Sata, the fiery “king cobra” was forced to jump ship and form the PF with barely months to go before the general elections.

He first started with one Edwin Lifwekelo as his general secretary before ditching for him Guy Scott, another reject in the MMD who later on went to found the Lima Party with Ben Kapita and also the Liberal Progressive Front (LPF) with Rolf Shenton.

Having performed dismally in the 2001 elections which drew about 12 presidential candidates, he never rested, and went on a campaign trail. In modern politics, once elections are over, the opposition is expected to give chance to the victor to implement his policies while providing the usual checks and balances, but Mr Sata never gave Levy Mwanawasa that chance as he hit the road with populist messages of putting more money in people’s pockets without explaining how. As the majority of our people are poor and desperately looking for hope, most of them believed him. The result was that in the 2006 elections, Mr Sata emerged as the main opposition leader.
But again, he was joined in the party by many members who were rejects in the MMD and also those who had lost elections on the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) ticket in the 2006 elections. Almost anyone who was not adopted as a parliamentary candidate in the 2006 elections by the MMD stood on the PF ticket, not that they so much believed in the manifesto of the party, but because they wanted to have a way of getting or remaining in Parliament. The result of this is what we saw with the so-called ‘rebel’ PF MPs who refused to be dictated to by Mr Sata. These MPs such as Dr Peter Machungwa, Ernest Mwansa and Elizabeth Chitika among others, clearly believed that they were brainier than Mr Sata on many policy issues and could not be dictated to by the man known for bulldozing his way.
With that, one would have thought that the PF leader would have learnt a lesson about accepting any member who has been rejected by their respective party. But clearly, Mr Sata has not. He has now welcomed the likes of George Mpombo, Mike Mulongoti, Judith Kapijimpanga and Mbita Chitala to his fold.

Not long ago, these were die-hard MMD supporters who would go any length to defend the MMD President. They only turned against the party after their personal aspirations were thwarted in the ruling party.

For George Mpombo for instance, he expected Rupiah Banda to appoint him as Vice President by virtue of his position as Defence minister. Call it over-estimating one self! Mr Mpombo was not even among the names going round as possible Vice Presidents and his appointment as Vice President possibly owed more to the fact that he was Lamba than that he was competent.

In any case, we all remember how he was fired at the height of the fuel crisis when he served as Minister of Energy and Water Development. Anyway, the names that were going round as possible Vice Presidents were those of Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika, Kabinga Pande and Michael Chiti, who are far more competent than the former Masaiti governor.

After failing to get the position, Mr Mpombo grew increasingly frustrated with the President that he had to resign his Cabinet position after which he started attacking President Banda while all of a sudden became Mr Sata’s number one supporter.

But Mr Mpombo had forgotten that a few months before, he was busy calling Mr Sata a political demagogue who the people of the Copperbelt would never make a mistake of voting for.

As for Mike Mulongoti, who was earlier expelled by Mr Sata from the MMD for opposing the third term bid and had briefly joined the FDD, it is clear that he does not believe in any of the PF policy positions. He is MMD through-and-through. Had RB supported him for the position of MMD vice president, he would today be praising the President and defending the party manifesto.

Simply put, it is the habit of welcoming any politician to the PF that is the party’s most undoing. Most of these people do not agree with the PF and are only there for personal survival. Unfortunately Mr Sata does not see it that way as long as they can help him to get to State House. Yet, signs are already clear that these characters he is welcoming in the party will bring more problems than solutions. For a start, they are likely to alienate old members. In fact, already, there are signs that senior members like Given Lubinda (a far more capable leader than Sata) and Wynter Kabimba are being sidelined in preference for these characters.

If the PF was serious about change, then they should reject these ‘chancers’ who are joining now. In fact, it is time for them to retire and leave room for fresh brains and personalities.


  1. My dear brother, this congregation of political failures is a “ppolitical cul-de-sac for PF unless they find a leader” This is not what Zambians would look to for progress.

  2. But nipabwatofye, mwamukolo fela, mungalaba waka. You can write all you want. We have already made our minds baba.

    • Boss I know most of us woulkd rather see another party for the sake of change. But to be honest,it is not PF that is going to change anything, it is you the citizen the entire GRZ is corroded from the inside out, so eve if Sata comes in, we’ss still cry the same old song. lets seek a more sustainable solution.

    • Dont say ” WE HAVE CHANGED OUR MINDS ” say ” I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND ” because i havent changed mine, learn to trust your vote.

  3. Ba Daimone, Find a decent way of making money. You tried all sorts of business in RSA now you seem to have seen some loose cash from MMD. Zambia is a democratic nation and ALL its citizens have a right to choose which party to follow at any given time. Show me one politician who has never changed parties. Do not paint a wrong picture. PF has done well without those characters from MMD.  

    • yes he has ever remained stuck to his traditional Up nd down party for southerners. Shame on you you can’t even be supported by your fellow mbuyas, the lozis.

  4. They had 10 years at most of goodwill from the local and foreign supporters, what did they deliver other than their personal transformation from poverty to riches? What do they have to pitch against a 2 year tenure pro development president? What do they have to pitch against exponential food security records, private ownership growth, national and regional security, national wide infrastruture development of schools, hospitals, public housing, bridges and power stations?

  5. People from border to border are seeing and experiencing a transformation in their lives never seen before in over 45 years plus until now a pro development internationalist has presided over national affairs. Then what message do tell people when the smae people vividly know that these scumbags have been pathetic failures with nothing to point at. The worst days for every Zambian were under these criminals congregating with impunity in PF.Members like Lubinda must be gravely worried and scrumbling on what to tell their base on this dilemma.

  6. PF is in a dangerous quagmire at a point of irrelevancy. There is absolutely nothing to run on or thread to hold them together but shortlived delusions.

  7. Mr. Siulapwa I agree with what you’ve said but one question Sir. At a time mwanawasa was VP he tried to arrest mr.Sata for corrupt activities but was served by FTJ. when the same mwanawasa became president he arrested chiluba for corrupt activities but failed to arrest Sata whom he earlier wanted to arrest. How can you explain that? I think Sir, you are another Chanda Chimba III who is on the MMD payroll

  8. Senior Citizen just go to sleep. What development are you talking about when 60% of Zambians still do not have clean drinking water, when people are wallowing in abject poverty. Just enjoy your ill gotten money

    • Lady Gaga, well said. Development should move people from one undesired stage to another in real terms, meaning access to clean water, proper shelter, adequate food, employment, etc. The mushrooming of stryctures alone cannot be said Zambia is experiencing development. If fact, 60% is an under estimation, over 90% of Zambians are wallowing in abject poverty, so where is development here?
      Take a look at our road infrastructure, it is in a pathetic state. Town roads are fast turning into gravel roads with so much dust!! Ba senior citizen……

  9. Mulongoti canes Sata

    Former MMD chairman for elections Mike Mulongoti now a Sata protege says it is hypocritical for Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata to claim that the ruling party is taking long to develop the country when he failed to deliver meaningful development to the country when he served as Cabinet minister.
    Mr Mulongoti was reacting to Mr Sata’s statement that the MMD has overstayed in Government and that it has run out of ideas on how to effectively run the affairs of the nation.
    Mr Sata also said at a rally in Lusaka on Sunday that President Banda has introduced Zambians to poverty by allegedly failing to run the affairs of the nation.

  10. Chanser, Daimone is an opportunist with an IQ of a monkey like Senior citizen and the boot liker, From selling fish and katapa in Randburg to politics, *****.

    • So what if he sold fish…….??? does that make you any elavated than him?? Most leaders come a long way thru the ladder and i bet you wouldnt talk down at Madiba considering his background.

  11. But Mr Mulongoti said Mr Sata should desist from commenting on the way President Banda is running Government because he (Mr Sata) failed the people of Zambia when he served as Cabinet minister.
    Mr Mulongoti said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Mr Sata should stop boasting that he can effectively run the affairs of the nation when the opposition leader made a lot of mistakes when he served in Government.
    “The MMD is trying to correct the many mistakes that Mr Sata made when he was in Government…why is he distancing himself from the wrongs that he made?” he asked.

  12. Mr Mulongoti dismissed insinuations that the ruling party has run out of ideas on how to run the country, saying it has initiated a number of development programmes which have helped to improve the living standards of people.
    Mr Mulongoti said the people of Zambia cannot continue to be cheated by Mr Sata that he will develop the nation within 90 days if he is ushered into office as president when he has allegedly failed to deliver improved service delivery in some PF-controlled councils.

  13. Zambians have seen for themselves how the PF-controlled councils have failed to provide improved social amenities to the people, but Mr Sata is again politicking that he can deliver development to the people of Zambia.
    “People should not be cheated by this type of cheap politics because they are coming from politicians who failed to deliver when they were in power, and just a reminder, the 90 days they promised the people has passed but we have not seen any development in the PF-controlled councils,” he said.

  14. Mr Mulongoti said the people of Zambia should stop listening to Mr Sata because he has shifted his concentration and attention to unnecessary issues at the expense of development.
    He said Zambians should stop listening to Mr Sata because he has worsened the status of the country’s social sector because of his incessant attacks on President Banda and his administration.
    “Mr Sata should not be trusted because he failed to deliver because of his inability to set the right priority for national development when he was in Government,” Mr Mulongoti said.

  15. Mundiya Sikatana dont tell lies. Mwanawasa arrest MCS on car theft charges and he stayed in jail for 30 days until the courts acquited him on these charges. There were no other corruption charges leveled against MCS and in any case Mwanawasa would have done everything to shut up MCS if he had corruption hanging over his head. Think of something else but what you have said is a lie

  16. He urged Zambians to support President Banda and his administration in the 2011 tripartite elections.
    “We are advising all well-meaning Zambians not to waste their votes by voting for the opposition. The only candidate we have to support is President Banda who has demonstrated remarkable leadership from the time he became President of this nation to date,” Mr Mulongoti said.

  17. Disclose Your Sickness, Sata Challenged

    GOVERNMENT has challenged Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata to make public the results of medical tests he underwent on September 8, 2008 before he can continue to malign others.
    But Mr Sata said the diseases which were detected after the tests had been treated and declared that he was ready to disclose the type of diseases in the presence of Mike Mulongoti.
    Mr Mulongoti who is acting chief Government spokesperson said in Lusaka yesterday that he had been forced to challenge Mr Sata after observing careless talk on the health condition of Government leaders.

  18. Mr Mulongoti said the Government was in possession of all medical records for Mr Sata mainly carried out at a medical centre in Lusaka.
    He said after Vice-President George Kunda’s trip to South Africa for medical reviews, Mr Sata talked ill believing that the Government was merely threatening when it continuously said it had results of Mr Sata’s medical tests.
    Mr Mulongoti challenged Mr Sata to deny that he conducted medical tests in September 2008 before he can start talking ill about other people’s health conditions.

  19. “As Government we want to respect the rule that medical records are a private matter between the patient and the doctor and we want it to remain like that. I will not disclose anything further but let him continue, he will see what we will do,” Mr Mulongoti said.
    He said details of medical tests should be disclosed to the public by Mr Sata to allow people make their own judgment on his fitness in comparison with the people he was maligning.
    Mr Mulongoti, who is Minister of Works and Supply said the Government was ready to debate the matter until Mr Sata accepted that it should be rested and asked him to disclose the status of his health so that other leaders could do the same.


    So Mr Siulapwa wants to become a member of parliament? and this is his strategy? God forbid. Try to do something as an individual that will set you apart from the rest,be your own man,reflect on what you intend to do,tell us what your plans are instead of wasting time writing these articles
    [email protected]

  22. This Diamone has the same tone as his useless brother- Humphrey. Nifi sebana wikute fyonse. These are unprincipled monkeys who can use any means to earn a living. I cant even begin to reason with such blogs. If this is the crop of younger people we have, then we are doomed; but I know there are a lot of upright Zed boys doing it all over the world. Never loose hope guys despite ifisushi ifi.

  23. Lady Gaga! You’ve are correct that There were no other corruption charges leveled against MCS and in any case Mwanawasa would have done everything to shut up MCS if he had corruption hanging over his head. and the courts acquited him because they found nothing against him. The man is Clean give hiim chance to rule, and not them that are just interested in themselves.

  24. Pipo we need to be serious with certain issues,we have seen Lifwekelo,Mumbi and Peter Machunga and others who have rejected by the PF and they are now dinning with MMD. To you the so concerned MMD PR its good becoz it benefits you but when it benefit PF its a problem.For your own information it will cost MMD more than the PF becoz pipo dinning with MMD are dirty,plunder and thefts. Zambian pipo are able to tell who is who.So Mr. please go to bed if you have nothing tell the nation.

  25. I am not quite sure why a certain group of finished politicians are venerating Mr Sata. Chitala and the Post are literally pleading with prominent people to give Sata an iconic status, but for what?

  26. #22 Donchi Kubeba-Reloaded, you are living in dilusion. What are you doing to ensure that your PF wins election. Your party is filthy in every way and you expect Zedians not to see this filthy? Look for a clean decent party with an agenda for Zed.

  27. One question for you Mr. Siulapwa, what about the PF rebel MPs who are supporting the MMD? Aren’t they rejectees of the PF? What about Mr. Mumbi who defected from PF and is now “spokesperson” for the MMD? What about UNIP fellas like William Banda? The problem with you Siulapwa is that you can’t remove a log from your own eye before you talk of others. Has the MMD “Chanda-Chimba-red” you with money that you can openly show that you don’t know anything? As far as I am concerned, these people you call rejectees will haunt the MMD during campaigns. Mind you, they were once close to Rupiah and they know a lot. Wait for the campaigns!

  28. Halt! Stand at easy……All those jumping from one party to the other must be careful. My free advice is that they should just keep a low profile. Look at what the youngman (NAMULAMBE) did after being dropped. What next? He was humbled, MINISTER OF WORKS AND SUPPLY.
    Mpombo and others are like empty drums as Katumbi Moses (DRC) put it.

  29. Too many petty minds here attacking the messenger and not the message. I wish we have more Zambians giving us writeups on all prospective candidates. We need to know the truth about the characters we want to put in charge of our money. I don’t doubt the fact that PF under Sata has incurred a huge debt that will have to paid if they get into power using our money. And with all these members of PF coming from all walks of life, you can imagine the chaos once they start fighting for the cake! Who will be for us then? Which one of these chaps do you think will have time to listen to you?

  30. That is why inteligent Zambians dont see any sense in this so called “change” This change in name only sucks. Why should we still have Mpombo, Mulongoti,Winter “council” Kabimba, Sata, Guy “swine fever” Scot, Derick “mbala mafia” Chitala,Wilie “johnny bravo” Nsanda, GBM, and these other parasites for another 20 years? And hope to develop? We might as well cancel the elections, save our little kwacha and change the name from MMD to PF today.


    • How can one attack an article without hurting the Author? Let him just find some other means of making money period!

  32. The gymnastics that propelled Sata’s Party to be the leading opposition Party have their limits, as he will soon find out. The dynamics have completely changed. What in fact he has done this time around is brew an internal combustion which will scuttle all his hopes and at this stage it is too late to tame.

  33. No one is to blame except themselves, those who give respect to a grown up man who fancies and actually calls himself a snake. If there is any slightest reason to suspect why Sata should not be trusted, it is this: that he prides himself to be a snake.

  34. #35, Is it possible to attack the article without attacking the person behind it? Are the ideas of Mr. Siulapwa apart from himself? I think common sense can see through this article. You don’t need to go to Oxford University to see the meanness of this “article”!
    I challenge Mr. Siulapwa to show just how these people he calls rejects can cost PF victory. I stand by the point that these men and women will instead cost MMD victory. We know why they were expelled. They tried to exercise their democratic rights. They may be rejects in the eyes of the MMD but believe you, they will do a better service to the PF than Mumbi is doing to the MMD.

  35. Demon Silly apwa you are making quite a name as the Chanda Chimba of LT. Job well done, people should not forget where some of our leaders are coming from. We can surely do better than using recycled politicians who are jumping from wagon to wagon like prostitutes. These old crooks coming into power under a different name are not the way forward and definitely NOT the CHANGE we need!

  36. No, the only thing that Given Lubinda Can beat the Cobra at is adultery.Thats why we are told that he is now sick because he dived straight into viruses .GO SATA ,GO. This article must have been sponsored by Ka Lubinda.Lets hope he didnt forget to take his drugs this morning!

  37. Zedian,

    You say ‘They tried to exercise their democratic rights’

    But has your Cobra even attempted at all to allow his own people to exercise their rights to vote for their representatives? It is clear that you wish others to see things through your eyes, which unbeknown to yourself, is a view that is highly biased.

  38. In my humble and lowly life I have held to heart this unwritten law that anyone, more so a grown up old man, who fancies to call and be called a snake must be an evil man. Over the years God has granted me breath, I have taken it for granted that everyone else held the same view/belief not until I came across pf people.

  39. I was walking down the street one day and a Jehova’s witness approached me. So I started making fun of them like I usually do and I posed the important question: Why are they not into politics and why don’t they vote on election day? She said No matter how many times you vote, you will never find a politician who’s perfect. Which is very depressing, cuz if you remember, in 1991 the PEOPLE hounded the old man KK out of state house and allowed in that little rodent FTJ Chiluba. 20 years later everybody’s crying ‘why oh why did we let him in, that little rat!’. Bring in Sata or HH or indeed any other piglet from Animal Farm and you will still be frustrated, upset angry and disappointed as has always been the case in Zambia.

    • no. 44! You have made my day. Ati ‘why did we let him in, that little rat’ Anyamata umakamba! Eish am scared.

  40. PF supporters are a disgrance. How do you attack an individual before you even read the article? I got atleast a point from the article. Do not welcome empty tins to your party otherwise, they will cost you. How do you even know if the MMD are not scheming an attack on you by offloading these guys to confuse you and get back on board soon after they win? Can someone tell me if Mulongoti has been striped of the state resources…….

  41. No.  38  (Zedian)

    Am sure you have never been to Oxford University. Thats why you see everything democratic about SATA.
    Where is the world have you seen a party without membership cards of register.
    Never have a party  convention with elections
    Never had its finances shown to anyone and held in the party presidents personal account.

    In your Oxford thinking thats democracy….
    Thank GOD i never went to Oxford University

  42. Talk about being shocked, it is an understatement, when to my horror I found out that it is not just a dozen or so people who shamelessly pride in aligning themselves with such a heartless man, but many. Talk about calling evil good and good evil, a perfectly match. And I rudely came to terms with the fact that men are like sheep gone astray, any wolf that dare pretend to be one of them could easily take advantage of them. But the wolf in Cobra has his mask thrown off, and yet the sheep, sheepishly follow.

  43. Judging by the response from most PF supporters we will have a thousand William Bandas to deal with if by any mistake Sata wins! Why can’t you people deal with the issues the author raised instead of insulting him? It appears Mr Siulapwa has striked the right nerve and you are feeling the heat. The truth is some of these people rallying behind Sata have questionable pasts and your competitors will tear you apart by exposing their past deeds. Also even if Sata was not convicted of any corrupt deeds the crruption stigma will stll hang on him because he was linked to Chiluba, period! Moreover, not all criminals are ever caught. Remember, they don’t call politics is a dirty game for nothing.

  44. This article must have been written by someone using testicles to think,Siulapwa.I say so coz he doesn’t understand what he is writing.He is doing this coz he’s being corrupted.I challenge all MMD boot likers to answer this question.If Sata was corrupt how could Mwanawasa and RB fail to convict and throw him in jail.Does it mean they wouldn’t like to do that..??? But instead managed to find Ka Chiluba and others wanting.Do you think these people could let SATA free if at there was something wrong with him??In all cases Sata has been accused of He comes out cleans.And now you RB is waiting BILLIONS of dollars on useless project,and you call that development.U must be using testicles to think just like your CORRUPT STINKIN RB.Answer my Questions!!! VIVA PF.

  45. All may be to put it in a rhetorical manner, why should anyone who prides himself to be a snake deserve any respect from anyone at all? If anything, such a man only expects fear from them, not respect.

  46. All will finally give account for every careless deed done whilst in the body, including the act of willfully endorsing a man who prides to call himself by the very same title and name of the arch enemy of the souls of men and the Christ.

  47. @50 SerialKiller

    A smart General does not fight numerous battles at once. You go for the key battles first, win then then move on to the next. This is exactly what Mwanawasa did. He went for FTJ first with the hope of nailing him down before moving to the next battle. Unfortunately he died before completing his mission. I can assure you Sata would have been next. Sata knew this and that is why he defended FTJ through out till Levy died.

    • 1Zed patriot.. I thot Chiiluba, 1Chungu and the others who are now behind baz where being investigated simultaneously….?

  48. As for me, let him first renounce the name he prides himself by, before I can begin to consider to respect him. Before that, forget, I would rather be a martyr!

  49. This article is very health and speaks the true about this old Zambian politicians. Just the other day some politicians were saying we defeated Roy Welensky, this was 50 years ago and we are no longer in those days times have change and we’ve gat to change. We don’t need Sata, HH, RB or Edith we need someone new with good politics and with a charismer that will change the Zambian people way of leaving, give them that sense of belief that they can do it. People have done it and Zambia can do it too. Find us some new I beg!!

  50. #38, (The Engineer), I am sure God prevented you from going to Oxford because you can’t manage. I never went to Oxford, not that I can’t manage but because I never had the chance. First of all, I am not talking about Sata when I mention Oxford and democracy. In case you are so impoverished in understanding what let to the expulsion of Mulongoti, Magande and others. Please try to go into the archives of our newspaper websites and understand those issues. And in case I support Sata, what have those parties (especially the MMD) which have held conventions achieved? Don’t they already choose their leaders before they even cast a vote? What led to the expulsion of Mulongoti? I pity you if you believe that those parties that hold conventions are democratic!

  51. Mulongoti, did not leave MMD but was pushed out of the party because he attempted to stand as vice president of the party. in other words, he was pushed out for attempting to exercise his rights. Mpombo resigned on his own because of the corruption that RB had started enshrining in the party. If he had no principles, he should have continued enjoying his ministerial portfolio. Mbita Chitala, was victimised because according to RB he had suggested that he, RB, consents defeat in the previous presidential elections. What normal person would remain in such a party except those who throw their principles to the wind? I Find these gentlemen and lady more credible than the chuff that has remained in MMD

  52. I am glad because most of the bloggers are defranchised and so may not represent the views of the voters, especially our brothers and sisters in rural Zambia who do not even know that such debates are going on and that all print media in zed have become politically aligned.

  53. Where does this Senior Citizen and all the mad dogs bootlickers live?Surely, you call this development when so many people are suffering in the compounds…whre you do you live, Mr. Citizen shyte?Come to Mandevu where I come from and you’ll see what I’m talking about.You can even be ashamed of yourself you toothless being.grrrrrrrrr


  55. It is neither here nor there to analyze political affiliation if principles are disregarded. Put simply, if what motivated Mpombo to resign is his contempt for corrupt acts, how come he has quickly jumped onto Sata’s ship despite full knowledge that he has previously condemned PF on the very same basis he inow claims as his basis for leaving MMD? Why did he not stay aloof or better still join another unspoiled Party? Who is fooling who?

  56. Siulapwa or whatever your name is….you are a prophet of doom.. How can any politician who does not support MMD become a political reject? PF is winning with or without your so called rejects. You are not somebody able to perceive the political temperature with the voters on the ground. Sorry, your article is based on personal feelings instead of facts

  57. @53 Zed Patrio,
    Mr Zed Patrio,you are haven’t answered my questions,thats what people say when they fail.Lame excuses.No No..coz he died…bla bla bla.Let me tell you ,SATA got release along time,long enough before even Levy died. Are you telling me that there was’t enough time and calibre  to deal with them simultaneously,thats what Smart Generals do(Killing two birds with one stone).And right now RB is still in power,why he is not pursing those case??.Becoz He knows very well what will happed,when Sata takes over.So let him do that before His time comes.So what you are saying is an answer to questions.Take your time,analyse your RB well(Even monkeys know him well,thats why they can urinate on his head).VIVA PF

  58. Well analysed. But please don’t advise Sata to be careful. Give him enough room to hang himself with the help of these MMD rejects. I end here!

  59. @Zed Patriot.

    There are many legitimate criticisms of Sata,but corrupt just is not one of them.As serial killer said,LPM had enough time before his death to get his conviction.if my memory serves me well wasnt he the first to feel LPM wrath.30 days in remand before the states case was rightly thrown out.That is probably why sata for along time viewed LPM’s crusade against corruption as a vendetta.But he broke with FTJ long before Mwanawasa’s death.Please get your facts correct.

  60. And people always talk about how close Sata was to the centre of power during Chiluba’s reign without realising that they are indirectly vouching for his probity.The later days of FTJ’s reign was as close to kleptocracy as we have ever been.(I fear RB is intent on outdoing him though).Everyone,including the tea boys were stealing.the fact that someone who was as powerful as Sata and had incredible access to public resource and was probably aware that everyone around was stealing and didnt steal too is a mark of his honesty with public resources.

  61. Mr. Siulapwa where ever you are please answer my question. What about Mumbi, Chimumbwa etc what value have they added to MMD. 2) Is Chitala & Co not Zambian? Just this two simple questions

  62. I’am not going to argue with you children but am going to tell you one thing, Sata and the opposiotion will not win any election because of simple reasons: as long as the some paper exist no opposition political party will win election in zambia. It have divided the opposition and frustrated the electorates. this is my opinion don’t argue.

  63. Firstly,what is the meaning of reject in the context of this article.The writer should have started with RB himself,from UNIP,now MMD,Chiluba fli-flopped from MMD to PF then back to MMD.The article lacks a balance view and critical analyses of why these politicians left.Mazoka was part of MMD but left coz FTJ spannered him,he formed UPND and become victorious though they robbed him victory.Leaving a political party is not synonymous to being a reject.Daimone himself is a societal reject maybe that’s how come,he is venting his rage on people similar to his character.Daimone is a crook per digree!!


  65. Change is invertable and its for sure coming PF the gallant of change for many years now are gaining ground roots. dont kubeba.

  66. The irony about this article is that the real reject is the MMD government. We have rejected them in the cities and I’m sure by now, those in rural areas have grown fed up of him. This article misses the point. ITS A REJECT TOO! If you follow the argument of those who think Siulapwa is an excited for nothing twin brother of Chanda Chimba the third (maybe he is a Chanda Chimba the second hiding behind a pseudo-name!).

  67. @65 SerialKiller

    When Sata was locked up for car theft one of the excusses he brought up was that Levy was persecuting bembas. In that way he successfully turned a legal battle into a political battle. Levy realised that pursing Sata was going to make him lose support amongst the Northerners so he decided to let him go and instead concentrate on the Chiluba issue. But Sata knew that if FTJ was found guilty in a fair way he(Sata) will be next in line, that is why he defended FTJ.
    @67 Ali mwana wa Afrika

    Sata only decided to breakup with FTJ when he realised that Mmembe(Post) would not support him

  68. Mwiponta Mukabwela,

    Ha ha ha ha Change my foot! don’t Kubaambila! Let me grab some cimbwali and cibwantu as I prepare to go to the fields to harvest mapopwe! Have a great day bro but hey I know you don’t wanna be told this – chang through that vehicle will never happen in this life time.

  69. WINA AZALILA,JUST A FEW MONTHS BEFORE WE SEE THAT.COME WHATMAY WINA AZALILA.I and u know who will cry because it is documented.

  70. Ignore this crap from this useless failure called Daimone Siulapwa. Anataba nkonkole kuno ku South Africa. He owes more that he owns.

  71. pudn pu? ?.? ????.pno?d ?q o? s? ?uo????? bu?????os o?u? ??q??z ?bu??? u?? o?s???u?? pudn ??? ?o?? s|??p? ???? buo|? s??u??o?d ||? u? ?u??do|???p ??b?????s pu? spun? z?b ?o ???|?q??uno???.?u??o? ??? ?? un? s? ?u??u???ob ??? ??? ?bu??? pu? s???? u??po? o?u? ??q??z p??| o? ?.? ?u?? no? ?ou? no?.??o? o? ???? s??? u? ??uu?? ?uo ?q ?|uo u?? ????? os ?|n? ??o??q ??p ||?? ???s |?????? pu? suo????|? s???? s??? u?? ?ou ||?? ?pu?q ???dn?

  72. Just got the guy Daimone Siulapwa. So he wants to run for MP? I bet he wants the MMD to adopt him, lol. Now we know him. follow this link and know the culprit!

  73. no. 55 reflect before you write.did u hear him caling himself cobra or is you popi call him so. rb is nyama soya levy was cabarge these are names given by pipo

    • its you who should reflect before you write. pipo wil nick name you according to what you do. example great kalu and king cobra. This chap will die a dreamer, he will never rule this country. dont associate me with any political party am just a voter who will vote wisely

  74. Yaba the man with the blackened lips at it again I wonder what flavour of matuvi he has eaten this time that is confusing this bootlicker.I have always said it don’t trust men with thin blacklips am sure due to desperation this guy is gay parttime coz he uses his mushindo to think

  75. LT this is from daily mail and times of Z. You specialise is in ……. What about Lifwekelo, Chamumbwa, Samu Zulu etc. You like refering to them as ex PF and they are always shouting the loudest so that they can receives their cheques for slandering sata and PF……… Atleast PF has now the backing of fromer MMD ministers and these are big guns whose influence no one can dispute. No amount of propaganda will stop change this year. Call sata all the names you want but my vote is still for him.

  76. Pafwe insofu kalulu, nipa bwato fye. We are tired of developmental projects taking shape during the times of elections. In Copperblet, for instance, Mopani has been cheating on payment of tax and the govt knew about this. Now they have gone all the to work on the roads which are in very bad shapes using the same money they were withholding. OK let them do so but this will definitely not buy votes for MMD. I agree with MC Sata when he says Zambia is reach.

  77. Misapa was rejected by MMD but went on to retain the Mporokoso seat on PF ticket. Waja say we Wapwa(Siulapwa) the finished one. You have failed to answer my questions

  78. @ 76 Zed Patriot.
    Law is law.When you break are supposed to be dealt with regardless of tribe,race religion.No Northerner support theft.Who did you see doing that??Not even in other provinces.So if LPM let free Sata so as to retain the support in Northern Province,then he was the one corrupt.In the bible, Pontius Pilate approved the crucifiction of Jesus coz he wanted to retain the people’s support for his political position.If he went for ka chiluba,does it mean,he lost support in Luapula?Better do right,that do wrong in order to please People.
    This time,all i see is RB legalizing Corruption of all its sort.And there you are defending such PIPO,what for?Why did he even change the act in the constitution if he is innocent? WHY WHY WHY ?? Comom’ Guys lets be serious.VIVA PF

  79. opness #81,

    Then explain what that ‘curving’ of a snake/Cobra does on his office desk if not an approval of his name tag? I am sure you have seen the photo I am referring to. Thousands and thousands of people have seen this photo. It is really sad.

  80. Nsingo,Don’t worry my brother we shall have a great 2011 Christmas after the serpent loses the election for the fourth time! If you don’t wanna go to hell then you know who not to vote for.



  83. Hi, The problem PF is facing is the MMD. There is no way SATA is going to get votes in western province which he is banking on. However, Voters of MMD can only for UPND not SATA. So MMD needs to eat in SATA’s strong hold if they want to win the elections. This year, we will see the popurality of sata decreasingly badly than increasingly. There is no way sata who was in politics for along time to think that he can get votes from western province, he knows well that he can not pull through. RB is assured of victories in Luapula and part of nothern provinces. HH can be benefit from this political spectrum now…!!!

  84. @88 SerialKiller

    Unfortunately what you don’t seem to realise is that Sata built his support base on the Chiluba prosecution issue. Sata presented himself as a champion against the persecution of Northerners and as a result he scored good results in the 2006 elections in Northern Zambia and in areas that are dominated by people originating from Northern Zambia. With this political muscle, Sata managed to keep Levy at bay. It is no wonder that even RB decided to work with FTJ as a way of neutralising Sata’s influence.

  85. The problem with PF kapo.nyas on this site and indeed anywhere else is that they cannot handle the truth. To be a true supporter, u must see beyond blind support. I support MMD but I have my issues with them. For me , the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Your blind loyalty is why u have closed yourselves to the fact that without a PACT, No individual can unseat the MMD. Very sad state of affairs. PF accepts anyone just as long as they can are able to insult the ruling party.

  86. Zambia just needs a total overhaul of its politicians. We need to make way for a younger generation. Its the same people in a different party, they came from UNIP to MMD now there in PF.
    When Sata losses, his so called followers will quickly move back to MMD.

  87. Ba LT, all you lead stories have something to do with supporting MMD, you look like the Times or Daily Mail. Anyway, ba Siulapwa, just like your brother Humphrey you are a let down with your myopic one-sided analysis. What do you have to say about the PF-rejects like Machungwa, Sinyangwe, Mumbi, Chimbaka ental..???? Are they the change MMD or the people of Zambia need?? Is BY, Kavindele and FTJ (the little devil himself) change enough to move us forward??


  89. This article is bogus. We all know how Mbita was recalled from Libya by LPM. He wrote a scholarly article about Africa which LPM viewed as political. Mpombo was actually the third in command when he personally resigned on principle that he did not want to be conduit in corruption by RB and Sons. Mulongoti, though hated in many circles was also enjoying prime time schedule when he was dictatorially kicked out of MMD for asking what is right in a democracy – vying for a position he felt fitted his popularity. Kabijimpanga saw that MMD was in a funk and its growth was only in one area, Eastern Province. So she jumped ship. What this failed article seem to be saying is that only MMD old dead woods like Daniel Munkombwe, VJ, William Banda, Rupiah Banda, Mukondo Lungu can be vibrant.

  90. Pa Bwatooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Viva Panji and the PAct!!! You have done your job well and your message is now like bush fire. Donci kubeebaa!!!

  91. Pa Bwaatoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donci kubeeba!! Kasama Sata’s last rally was marvelous to watch. What a mammoth rally………………….!!! Donchi kubeebabbaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Ba LT, please give us news not UBUWELEWELE fye ati ni news,is this Siulapwa president of that fake,non starter party or a relative? We nsamba we,kindly use the language properly,,play that song for PF” lekeni Sata ateke” get how this great leader was described,one of them the singer said “takwata cipwiu,tasungilila filubo “etc, even chaps like Chimba,Chifine ,Lifwekelo,Mumbi all those that are throwing mud at the President in waiting are in the boat,watch carefully RB is left alone finally enroute to his farm if lucky or Chimbokaila next to the other bunch of ba lazo wife and husband,.

  93. I wish you illegal immigrants or economic refugees in diaspora understood politics. You just come to this blog to insult. Come home and help change the economy. Well meaning Zambians with responsible and gainful employment contribute something to our country.

  94. This guy is MMD. The so called rejects are weakening the MMD and in many respects stealing votes from the Banda. We need them to win. That how it works. 

  95. the writer of this article i advise you to move please you have shallow scope of life do your reserch in every country where democray is function any time you reach you may think election will be the following day there is no such time for parties to relax in campaigning they continue to push for policis and indentify weakness in the ruling party. Cheak news for kenya and Ghana. mmd has worked this time because of strong oppositions.

  96. sata (nyoko) is a failure.his party was born out of frustration.all its supporters are frustrated ,thats why intelectuals like winter and yellow man lubinda can not fit.a party without a manifesto

  97. @9, that is very easy to explain. levy had a larger target chiluba and he knew that by tackling chiluba mr sata would automatically fall into place. unfortunately he died, and his death is highly questionable if you follow the events preceding his death, no further comments.

    • So, who do you want to blame for LPM’s death? FTJ, Sata, RB (to take over position) or just that it was his time. My take is that it is either FTJ (due to prosecution of said) in coercion with RB for his position hence the forgiveness on the corruption. FTJ got magic from Luapula and told RB that if he does it, RB must not continue the corruption cases. This is just a theory. But I do not have Sata in this loop at all. Innocent Sata.

  98. No need to be this sarcastic to the author of this article. Gentlemen, he is entitled to his opinion, just like everyone else. He may be pro-MMD, but what he has written is what really transpired if you can really remember your Zambian political scene. And check the Post archives to see what they wrote about Mbita, Sondashi, Chongwe, Mpombo, Mulongoti, Kapijimpanga and others when these politicians were high-ranking MMD ministers. The Post used to trash them left right and centre. Today, they are being portrayed as the wise politicians. Misapa resigns from MMD and joins PF and retains his seat, is that change really?

  99. ‘rejects’…….. lol, naya nwinepo na ka donchi kubeba. My cousin brought some from zed last weekend, i can now rest my martini….

  100. Number 2 dont say ” We have chaged our minds ” say ” I have changed my mind ” who knows maybe last elections you voted for the same party and lost, my dear learn to trust your vote why thinking for others thats why you dont except defeat BUT I have not changed my mind.

  101. WARNING: Let me warn u all PF supporters and followers SATA is not a man you can trust to be president of zambia just look back and think of what he did 2 HH. SATA says he is going to change zambia in three months. do you know what he means? what he means is that he is going to change zambias consititution by bringing laws that will suit he and his fellow hypocrytes. MCS is not a new man in the field of politics,he was in UNIP, MMD and now his party PF where he is a dictator and I wonder what you pipo think he is going 2 do 4 u. just work hard 4get about SATA he will never rule this country LESA nao alamona. and those of you who are talking about chanda chimba 3, you are forgetting that PF members feel good when this fomer man of God FRANK BWALYA is insulting the president Mr RB.

  102. One less vote does not win an election but one more vote wins you an election. Need I say more?

  103. Iwe Dimon Siulapwa, I think you have a mental problem. Everybody in Zambia has the right to freedom of association. It must not be a problem to you why these people are joining the great party PF, cos you already know, but you keep on writing nonsense, like you did in your last publication. Learn to proffession like the post newspaper. So if you have nothing to write about just shut your beak and eagle eyes.


  105. I have tried to be quiet on politics of late but it makes sick when I see people get to the media in their poverty and do all charactor deformation in view of informing the people of Zambia…

    1.Chanda Chimba III, 2. Lifwekelo 3. Siulapwa and all of you who are paid for such…….kindly spare our time,tell us development not charactors, people of Zambia are in poverty….we not interested in saying RB is what, HH is that, Sata is not that…..NO NO NO………………………we know someone maybe funding your poverty but you not the only one in poverty all of us needs that share in full view of everyone..LETS GO ZAMBIA AND MAKE A MOVE TO DISAPPOINT SELFISH INDIVIDUALS LIKE CHANDA CHIMBA AND SUCH PEOPLE BEEN USED BY ANY POLITICAL FALCONS

  106. A Nation without history is like a tree without roots. Anyone aspiring for top political leadership should have their past record/history scrutinized because their past behaviour gives an indication of what their future behaviour will be like. In countries like America or Britain a person of Sata’s past record can never be allowed near the presidency. As a nation we need to learn from the best for our country to prosper.

  107. # 124 you seem 2b very mad and primitive which party are you saying is great? PF is a party 4u thugs like you just look @ your fellow supporters three ouarters they are thugs including your so called President. your President is one man who forgets what he says, just look @ what he has done suing chanda chimba 3 for what? chanda chimba is just trying 2 tell pipo that SATA is not a man you can trust let SATA sue the post news paper and not chanda

  108. pa bwatooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mwaka wakwa SATA VIVA PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  109. Imwe…!
    There is no change, what change. People are really dull, who can beat MMD. We have seen more support than this..Mazoka’s support and Sata’s 2006 was more than this….everytime u say ‘this time is different ..Kuti?. kazisakilani chabe money and shut-up. No Pact- MMD continues….learn to accept and face reality…u live longer and happier that way. Get this free advice.

  110. Imwe…!
    There is no change, what change. People are really dull, who can beat MMD. We have seen more support than this..Mazoka’s support and Sata’s 2006 was more than this….everytime u say ‘this time is different ..Kuti?. kazisakilani chabe money and shut-up. No Pact- MMD continues….learn to accept and face reality…u live longer and happier that way. Get this free advice. Daimoni…mayb right and RB isnt too bad as compared to Sata afterall.

  111. Imwe…!
    There is no change, what change. People are really dull, who can beat MMD. We have seen more support than this..Mazoka’s support and Sata’s 2006 was more than this….everytime u say ‘this time is different ..Kuti?. kazisakilani chabe money and shut-up. No Pact- MMD continues….learn to accept and face reality…u live longer and happier that way. Get this free advice. Daimoni maybe right and RB is better than the 3rd term supporter SATA. At least RB shud finish up the projects better than another old fella who will just make us even more poor. Am supprised that even the working class is easily carried away by ‘putting money in your pocket’ explain how? wake up…..

  112. Opinions Opinions Opinions> why are people getting so waked up with Siulapwa’s opinion. When he wrote about RB, MMD supporters were busy just like the PF are in this article. When he wrote about HH, UPND supporters were also busy. Lets be objective and not bring in emotions like most of these guys who claim to be doing well in countries like SA when they have selected places to go to because of their fake IDs. The majority cant not even afford to come back home to see their relatives coz they can not afford to, as they earn peanuts. An opinion is an opinion period. Was reading thru some of Siulapwa’s past articles, people were praising him. But this opinions of his has led some of his friends to insult him and spoke about him selling kapenta & fish in randburg. Shame on you fools.

  113. To You Siulapwa, you can write what you like. This is your country and we are talking democracy. People will call you names. But thats Zambians for you. I have never voted in my entire 40 years i have lived. But this time around am casting my most important vote in Kabwata. Mr MCS i have your vote because i would like you to sort out the corruption going on in this country. HH u could have had mine but sorry you do not have the numbers like Shi Chilufya. You can not win an election with 2 provinces. RB your time is up. You had your chance and you have messed up. It about time i tried MCS so that we know what he can do unlike just talking and talking. Prove us wrong like LPM did. If you dont deliver naiwe ninshi watukwa. Abena Zambia balyafya elyo no ku concluda fast.

  114. Lastly, for your own information, none of these so called rejects will be appointed by Sata if he takes over govt. You are in for a big surprise. The people you least expect will make Sata’s govt. Even the people rubbing shoulders with him will shocked once they are left out. He is too smart than most people think of him. He has already identified a lot of intellectual to surround him. WAIT FOR HIS PRESS CONFERENCE IN OCTOBER. BAMO NABAKOSA NOKUMUKONKA ELYO BAKESA SHALAFYE NGO MUMBU WAUMA. ATI MPOMBO WIBILIMA, IYIBILIMA TAIKATA. >>>>>>TIKALA EPOYABAMBILA BATATA EBA SATA BALYA. AM LOVING YOU KING COBRA

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