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‘Intensify hunt for Luano Valley killers’

Rural News 'Intensify hunt for Luano Valley killers’

CENTRAL Province Minister Ackimson Banda has urged Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde to intensify the hunt for fugitive Mailoni brothers who have continued killing people in Luano Valley in Mkushi district.

Mr Banda said in an interview in Kabwe yesterday it is saddening that even after police officers were deployed in the area to hunt the serial killers after they murdered their first victims in December last year, they have to date not been captured.

“The IG should come out and let us know what is happening in Luano Valley. Police were sent there, and it’s worrying that the Mailoni brothers are still at large,” Mr Banda said.

He was reacting to concerns of Chief Chembe of Luano Valley, who on Monday appealed to Government to dispatch a combined team of soldiers and game rangers from the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to hunt down the marauding killers.

Mr Banda said Government is concerned about the plight of Chief Chembe and his people.

He said there are a number of technicalities that need to be considered, which include hearing the position of the police and the Central Provincial Joint Operations Committee on the security situation in Luano Valley before soldiers can be dispatched to the area.

The minister said he is waiting for Mr Kabonde, through the office of the Central Province commanding officer, to update his office on the operations of the police assigned to patrol the valley.

He also echoed the concerns of Chief Chembe and Mkushi district commissioner Musonda Chunga, who said if the elusive serial killers are not arrested soon, the turnout at polling stations during this year’s elections might be negatively affected as the electorate are living in fear of the Mailoni brothers.

Mr Banda said Government is concerned people living in Luano Valley are now living in fear.

“If they are not arrested soon,it’s possible that the turnout during elections will be affected. This happened during the mobile voter registration because the people were fearing the Mailoni brothers,” Mr Banda said.

He appealed to people in the valley to co-operate with the police and give them information on the whereabouts of the brothers.

In their latest attack, the Mailoni brothers murdered Chief Chembe’s advisor, Christopher Nyama Champe of Shimpupula village, and headman Mbalakawe Chipokolo of Shitambeni village last Tuesday, bringing to 11 the number of their victims.

Last year, Government dispatched over 20 police officers to Luano Valley to beef up security and to arrest the murderers, but the villians have continued to elude the security dragnet.

The Mailoni brothers are said to be taking advantage of their good knowledge of the forest to evade the law enforcement officers.

One of their victims is former Zambia Flying Doctors Service chief pilot Dr Modesto Masumba.
[ Zambia Daily Mail ]


  1. These Mailoni brothers are using charms. so to capture them we need someone with same tricks. Remember the Mushala days?

  2. So these the same criminals who murdered the Flying Doctors Service pilot last year. This has been going on for too long. MMD are just concentrating on illegal campaigns forgeting about real issues such as this one. Just assign 1 commando unit recruits and do there practicle there, i can assure you the place will be sparkling clean period.

  3. Game Scouts are well trained and experienced enough to hunt down the criminals and not those Kachasu drinking cops that want to be paid allowances upfront before and operation.

  4. The chaps need bullets in their heads……..how does someone resort to killing innocent blood like that of a doctor who only went there to help people-this is demonic to the highiest level….Govt send whatever wing capable to handle such stupidty

  5. Who are these Mailoni Brothers? What is there agenda? Eleven people dead is too big a number that the govt must move in and clear the area of such people. We say we are a peaceful nation while a pocket of our people are living in fear. One Zambia, One Nation! One Nation, One People!

  6. These are issues of national security which needs carefull following . Let the police do there work . It is not the issue of MMD or PF or UPND , let the locals work in hand with the Police I am sure anytime there will be results .

  7. Police alone cannot do much but the community has to move in to assist the police. It is the community that knows who the Mailoni devils are. I don’t think these killers hav bin living in the bush through out; what do they eat?drink? Community assist the police for you to be assisted.

  8. My Soli cousins wake up lets fight this vice by making our contribution as citizens.Police are doing their part but they need your contribution.

  9. Who are these mailon brothers. Are they whites or coloureds and how many are they? Really, government should do something to protect the lives of innocent people. A few selfish individuals cannot hold the entire community at ransom. If people can are restricted in their movements even their economic activities are reduced. They cannot to water their vegetable gardens, they cannot go to the boma to sell their farm produce e.t.c. Boma do something to bring the culprits to book.

  10. i think the best gvernment can do to hunt these rutheless killers is to deploy withdoctors to the area becoz it seemz these mailoni brothers are definitelt using juju to evade police.

  11. Police to ask their wives, mothers, brothers and sisters. They know where these killers are.

  12. I have a friend in the Police service who says the Mailoni Brothers use a very serious charms to elude them A witchdoctor from luapula offred to hunt them if given K15m but ZP cant raise it. Some withcdoctors from Lusaka were sent earlier but they ‘surrendered’

  13. Recruit locals to hunt them down, police or whoever should keep a low profile by going undercover to smoke them out!! You can not show up in a convoy of Land Cruisers and expect to ambush these fugitives. They are very familiar with the local Terran.

    One other thing, why not just allow a few locals to carry weapons so that if they come across these devils they can “pop a cup” in their heads?! That will save everybody’s time and money. I am sure we still have a few capable hunters in Luana Valley who knows how to use guns. This is their community and they deserve to live in peace. If they have to kill a couple of wayward chaps who are making their lives miserable, so be it!!!!

  14. i have just spoken to my friend obama,he has agreed to send the same group of navy seals who hunted down bin laden to fish out thiz cruel boys.they are currently on vacation after that illustrious mission as soon as the return leon peneta will call me.can mr kabonde call me on 0971202150 i give instructions

  15. No. 9 these are bandits or poachers who live in the bush that they know so well. Sending in in 20 in experienced police officers is not much.Combined teams of security wings need to be deployed ASAP to avoid another Mushala.

  16. Let the armed forces capture their closest relations i.e. Their wives, children e.t.c. torture them, they’ll reveal not only their hideouts but also how to neutralise their charms. If these beasts don’t care about their victims’ families, no one should care about theirs.

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  18. yaah juju z at work for thz chaps.But 1 wondering thing z let thoz who are thre get wat is due for them,this habit of misusing soldiers and commando who re there saddens me coz these Generals pockets there allowances and 1 cn loose lfy n such situations.plz,plz mmd z gone feel 4 apoor soldier for Gods sake.evil generals efyo mulwalila.

  19. There’re exactly what my youngster required and needed for his task outside the house. He adores the small situation he could just shared with up in the back pocket.

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