A freedom fighter Henry Nkonde Kalulu has bemoaned government’s lack of commitment to take care of those who labored for the country’s independence from the British colonials in 1964.

Mr. Kalulu who has traveled from Chinsali district in Northern Province to attend the African freedom Day in Lusaka today told QFM in an interview that government has not done enough to ensure the welfare of freedom fighters in the country.

He says a number of people who fought liberation struggles for Zambia have died without recognition from government adding that this trend should come to an end.

Mr. Kalulu who was blocked from meeting Republican President Rupiah Banda at the freedom statue by security personnel says he is seeking an audience with the President to explain the plight of freedom fighters in the country.

The 76 years old freedom fighter says leaders should recognize and respect all those who fought for the independence of Zambia.
[ QFM ]

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  1. Greetings. We are blogging today freely because of this man mr. Henry Nkonde Kalulu. Its only right our Heritage and real heroes are at least built little shelters.


  2. Firstly blame ba KK
    Secondly blame ba FTJC
    Thirdly blame ba late PLM
    Lastly ba BRB
    Ba HN Kalulu that is a good observation Ba BRB do somethind no hiding no excuse


  3. Sorry mwebafyashi! you are not alone. I thank God you had some cash to travel; hope you have money to go back. The guys in power have time for freedom something; if you were coming from china with dollar, it was going to work. Keep well and God bless u. Atleast you got us the freedom.



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