Milton Phiri ‘ attacked’ by his family


Former Zambian High Commissioner to Botswana , Milton Phiri’s family says it is saddened with their guardian’s remarks alleging that President Rupiah Banda is not a Zambian.

The former envoy’s young brother Frackson said Mr. Phiri’s remarks against President Banda embraced the entire family because he was an elderly person of high standing in society as a former envoy.

He said it was strange for his elder brother to attack the Republican President in an immature manner saying he was not supposed to allow himself to be used to fight cheap political battles aimed at discrediting the Head of State.

Mr. Phiri stated that it was shameful that Mr Phiri who once lived with President Banda in Chikomeni village in Lundazi could make such allegations when he knew Mr Banda’s roots.

He said that his family was shocked and stated that it was a way of discrediting President Banda to re-contest the Presidential seat in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Mr. Phiri advised his brother to apologize to the Head of State and the nation for the false allegations.

The former High Commissioner was recently quotated in one of the tabloids as having accused President Rupiah Banda of making a false declaration during nominations ahead of the 2008 Presidential election.


  1. There’s no telling what hunger is capable of doing. For a few kwacha notes this gentele koswe is prepared to stick a knife in his brothers back especially now that he’s not dishing money to them scroungers. Ever wonder how Black Americans found themselves in America or Jamicans in Jamaica? No sweets for guessing right. Umusheto

  2. Whether one of RB’s parents originated from a neighbouring country or not, he will contest. How about Sata who hails from Tanzania? and not so long ago. Kaunda’s parents were both from Malawi. Chiluba’s case was in courts. Mwanawasa’s dad was said to have come from Mozambique etc,ect…….Let us not waste time on retrogressive issues.Mupombo, Phiri,Chitala and now Mulongoti are all petty politicians who cannot stand on their own. Look at what is happening to Magande and Sondashi ! Are they anywhere? All these will fall into oblivion soon.Do not overrate yourselves.

  3. Your elder brother did not say RB did not live in Zambia!!! He said one of RB’s parents is not a zambian. Can focuss on that instead of telling us where the two once lived together. In fact that in itself is enough evidence that your elder brother knows something about RB which you yourself may not have been exposed to.Respect your elder brother!! that is what tradition expects of you!!!!

  4. If he wrote to the CJ he must be serious or was it just posturing? In any case this is a dead issue. From 1900 to 1953, we were all British. From 1953 to 1963 all people domiciled in Northern, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland were British protected citizens in the Federation. Up to today, you could claim British citizenship if you didn’t take up Zambian citizenship on 24 October 1964. From that day on, all in the territory of NR became defacto Zambians. Please, you madalas, leave this xenophobia behind and embrace a ONE Zambia, One nation spirit without pointing fingers and disadvantaging people because of their parents. This ‘racism’ is worse than in Europe. Did we fight apartheid to replace it with this?

  5. He lived with RB in chikomen so he must know RB roots and definitely he said the truth. Let RB come out in the open and produce evidence to dispute the allegations.

  6. #6 wila bepa ubufi, ok send your grandfather to London claiming he is British, nga taba ka mweshe mudala wobe pa Gatwick!!!

  7. If half a Zambian plays good football, Zambians want him for National team, If an original, indigenous Zambian wants to rule Zambia, people say he is a foreigner


  9. What do you expect from a former envoy? He is probably bitter for being left out of employment thus his rantings against our good RB. Shame on Milton Chi Phiri phiri

  10. Milton Phiri is not a credible man, how can you listen to a man who was bonking a married embassy official official when he was boss?

  11. The Post and Sata appear to be setting the news agenda in Zambia. Anything, as long as it is seen to be anti- Post and anti-Sata qualifies for news these days in the public media. Now, even petty family squabbles are newsworthy!!

  12. Well I’m PF according to the civics I learned in school, anyone can claim citizenship by virtue of being born in in a certain country. So if RB was born in Zambia, then he is Zambian. Let him contest because but the red card still stands. He’s definately going to . . . .

  13. Actually this clause doesn’t do us any good in any case. Can someone articulate the real logic behind this so-called “both Zambians must be parents to a Presidential candidate” nonsense??? We seem not to question some of the hangups we have inherited from countries that practice them no more… Yaba! I am sure a performer will be reviled just as much as a non-performer at this rate of our attitude in this Zed country…

  14. This clause “both parents must be indiginous zambians” was put in by CHILUBA, SATA< and NAWAKWI, in the 1996 constitution when the MMD policies started failing and the economy was collapsing….and people wanted KK back. To bar KK from Standing a wrong 1996 constitution was put up and vehemently defended by Nawakwi and Sata, and told Dipak Patel to go to India and stand as President. This saw Zukas quit MMD including other members in protest of this. SATA told the nation that 1996 constitution was the best and will stand the test of time. Now the question is 1996 to 2011 hw many years. Thats hw the PF leader is myopic. He can not see beyond his personal interests. If we got the constitution right from 1996 the NCC would not have gotten our money, 51% plus will have been there,

  15. Thanks Political Think Tank #21. Now I realise why it doesn’t do us any good at all. I think the ‘African’ leaders’ mentality (I have witnessed this in various countries I have stayed in on the African continent) of protecting what they have failed to do is quite a novelty. We need to weed out this ‘dog in a manger’ syndrome that has slowed down progress of our societies…

  16. If Milton Phiri is to be believed, what do we now say of Willie Nsanda’s claims back then in 2001 that Sata confided in him that he was from Tanzania?

  17. The Phiri’s are playing a very lucrative game. Milton gets money from the ‘press freedom committee of the POST’ , makes wild allegations then sends his young brother, Frackson to get money from RB to refute his allegations. The more cycles they make the bigger the loot. Very ‘clever’ plan indeed…..

  18. If you know some one very well, it is wrong to tell lies about him. So my brother Milton learn to be respectiful to other pipo. If you are broke, just say so.
    VIVA RB you have already won. Keep it up. Do not listen to failed pipo.

  19. The chiluba indiginous clause at it again. There will never be a time when zambian courts will ever rule that a sitting president is not zambian, never. that clause is contentious for nothing.

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