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ILO and IMF to dialogue on employment creation in Zambia

Headlines ILO and IMF to dialogue on employment creation in Zambia

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have joined hands to support a broad dialogue on polices for employment creation in Zambia.

The two international organisation say apart from Zambia their support for broad dialogue also include Bulgaria and Dominican Republic.

The organisations agreed at a meeting conference to held in Norway to work in three key areas. The areas are cooperation on defining social protection floor policies in low income countries, among others.

This was contained in a press briefing made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

The two organisations and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, employers and trade unions met in Lusaka last month to prepare for a tripartite social dialogue to be held later this year.

IMF African Department Senior Advisor, Sean Nolan said the meeting was an important step in preparing for in-depth dialogue on employment policies in Zambia.

“We look forward to fruitful discussion later this year and we hope we can help contribute both to innovate thinking and to enhance development of shared perspectives on how employment expansion can be accelerated in Zambia, “said Nolan.

And ILO Director Martin Clemensson said the themes discussed during the meeting included the poverty reduction, provision of decent employment opportunities, better social protection, economic diversity and the need to reduce the country’s dependency on cooper.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Zambia Federation of Employers, Zambia Confederation of Trade Unions and Federation of Free Trade Unions in Zambia were among the organisations that were present at the meeting.



  1. A Welcome move!!. These two Organisations have for sometime been on a Fact Finding Mission and monitoring Zambia’s economical strives and efforts.

  2. Thats a tough one that will need a whole generation for realisation.Decent employment for zambians will remain a dream as long as the current setup prevails.All upper echolons of management from shoprite to mines remains in foreign hands and zambians are not attempting to learn in order to take over or set up their own competing firms.We have to learn to be our own men if these goals are to be realized but,alas we’re busy distracted by politics ,tujilijili and the English premmier league.

  3. The English Premier League Indeed. I am so obsessed with the EPL that I do not miss a goal for all the games played in the week. A good investment of my time, eh? And somebody taught me that time is a critical resourse. Invest it well. I don’t take alcohol tho.
    Like Independent Observer has mentioned – and I always enjoy his debates – I hope Zambians are not fooled that the good governance and economic climate that is attracting investment from international companies and organisations is a given. It could all be wiped out just by a stroke of the pen on the voting day. Do not vote for populists!

  4. #2&3, those are wise words. This country has many ignorant people who are easily hoodwinked by deceptive politicians, and the ignorant include people who have been to school but either have selfish motives or simply cannot tell good from bad. However, i have been amazed to discover that the greater majority of pf cadres are easily converted once you take them on one-on-one and show them that their so called messiah is actually a charlatan. Our task now is to convert that group of pf members. As for me, for the past few weeks I have been on a door to door and one-on-one campaign on the Copperbelt and the results are sweet, and amazing too!!

  5. #2 speaks sense, #3 and #4 too obsessed with RB. Having sleepless night ka? This year is pabwatooooooo! 

  6. And what wil happen after setting their “policies”??? Nothing. Zambian politicians dont follow any policies , they just do as they please. There is chaos and disorder in every sector. These guys are just out to pay themselves hefty monies during those discussions. Its nonsense. Total rubbish.

  7. We cannot develop our country when its leadership is a captive one, unable to think of solutions to the problems of the country because of being ill-equipped, corrupt, poorly understood democratic principles, and unable to understand what makes nations become great ones. The IMF/WB ideas are completely useless when unchallenged by local intelligent minds who should be able to know better. Foreign conceived ideas will always place citizens last on their ladder of satisfaction. Foreign capital will be more important than the local starved kids and unemployed adults. Blessed with a corrupt regime like RB, nothing can be achieved. We are our own saviours, and not foreigners.

  8. Imf & world Bank are the last standing demon the devil is using in destroying other countries economies. In the early 1990’s these the same croocks who advised Chiluba to sale zambian companies senselessly in the name of privatisation, commercialiasation and other useless ‘words’ immediately Chiluba took over,millions of Zambians where shown door into the streets and thats how poverty and street kids started in Zambia? What advice can these guy give us? They should ask me. I have a paper on what should be done to restore zambias’ economic status.

  9. 20 years of MMD phrural politics and privatisation has made these two greedy organisations with their monitoring devices like ILO and other UN agencies make more money in Zambia and now they are coming in their renewed Bid to decive our Government with the issue of Jobs. BAD STRATEGY! Imf & wabufi bank have nothing to offer. All their advice comes with preconsived ideas! Ideas and solutions that will develop Zambia will not come fr east or west but within Zambia. Pipo like me have very brilliant ideas that can change the Zambian Economy but we have no forum where we can sale them. Its a shame!

  10. Only those citizens who are mentally dead like the ruling MMD would follow the IMF/WB advice on anything. Our people MUST come first, and we must be able to resurrect our employment issues by electing into office new leaders with the sensitivity Zambians deserve. We are currently being led by mercenaries, whose loyalty is to foreign interests.

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