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Patrick Mwanawasa being used by PF-Gregory Chifire


COMMITTEE of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire
COMMITTEE of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire

COMMITTEE of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire has accused the Patriotic Front of using Patrick Mwanawasa to attack Government.

Mr Chifire said it is clear that Patrick’s disparaging remarks against President Banda’s Government originate from the PF.

Patrick, former President Levy Mwanawasa’s son, was quoted in one of the tabloids propagating PF’s ideals as saying Government is brainwashing Zambians into believing that it is bringing development in the country.

Mr Chifire said there is a lot of development taking place in all parts of the country, contrary to Patrick’s remarks.

He also accused The Post of working in collaboration with PF president Michael Sata to discredit Government.

He alleged that Patrick intends to stand in Kafulafuta Constituency under the PF.

Mr Chifire said Patrick is still young and should not allow himself to be used by politicians.

He said the PF is destroying the young man’s future by using him in politics of insults.

And Leadership in Development executive director Moses Kalonde condemned Patrick’s remarks and advised him to stay away from cheap politics that will never build the nation.

Mr Kalonde said Patrick should open his eyes before the PF leads him astray.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Patrick is not a kid and desperate like you chifire. The fact that you are being used by MMD does not mean that anyone who expresses views different from MMD is being used by PF. If at all he is being used , what crime has he committed?…Leave the young man alone

    • Mr chifire or is it chiyifwile you are right by admitting that patrick is young unlike you chaps who still claim to MMD youths ,from the time i was in grade nine you were a youth ,i finish school and now am over 35 yrs but yourself you are still regarding yourself to be mmd youths ,shame on you impersonators ,you are just playing politics of the tummy ,you even tell your wife that am going for work when all you do the whole day is being used as a tool of disturbing the nation.Shame on your finances too.Whatever you say we are blind and deaf to the fact that are our minds are already made up ,MMD in ZWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

  2. Chifire, I remember you from the CBU days; you were a clown then and it seems you’re a bigger clown today. We know you’re a hired gun but pls have some dignity. Your ‘sebana wikute’ traits are appalling to say the least.

  3. I really fail to understand this clown Chifire! Why does he bark at every person who expresses a view against Government??

  4. Leave patrick alone. No one condems u 2 4 supportin everythn dat the govt does, let it b mobile hospitals u open up yo mouth. 2 day’s politic is lky if u critism then u r considered an enemy.:-\”

  5. partirick mwanawasa will be next preisident after mr sata. so for those who want the young to rule suport PF and then you will see this country develop. how can a father borrow so much to build his house when its time to go? bwezani is borrowing too much for us to come and afford to pay. open youe eyes poeple. the money not budget and suddenly so much projects.and check how many zambians have gone out of employment then you can see that the se projects will be a long term effect on the zambian employee .

  6. “Patrick, former President Levy Mwanawasa’s son, was quoted in one of the tabloids propagating PF’s ideals as saying Government is brainwashing Zambians into believing that it is bringing development in the country.”

    Ba Daily mail please, your support for MMD is so open and its so embarrassing. we read the story in question, no where did Patrick mention any political party. So where has PF come in from? The man expressed his views on national issues, why is it that everyone who doesn’t dance for Rubbish Banda automatically becomes a hired gun for PF.

  7. chifire, chanda chimba, kalonde, mumbi, siulapwa, lifwekelo who USES them? greg do you want patrick to join the likes of you vuvuzelas ahh

  8. #6 thankyou. Ba reporter ba ku Daily Mail: Do you really enjoy your proffesion? I doubt. Why cant you mention the tabloid? It is the Post period. And you Chifi what is wrong if Patrick supports PF? Just shut up you MMD vuvuzela. You only see development in your fantasies. Mulechimona this year. Wait until parliament is dissolved!

  9. I am not surprised that Chifire couldn’t finish his studies at CBU. His thinking capacity seems to be severely limited. He can’t see the contradiction in accusing Patrick of being used by the PF when he himself is clearly a political stooge being used by the MMD! The advice he is giving to Patrick is the very advice he should also follow.

  10. Cifire & his dirt mouth again.patrick is galant of corruption lik his dad. Its mch easier 4 him 2b likd by yo corrupt rb & liv u blowin yo vuvuzela outsid bt cos he is geneticaly fighter of thieves thats wy.not u sons of cooks& yo muchele. Viva PM we nid youn true leaders lik u 4zed 2 develop!!

  11. Cifire, WHAT ARE YOU? This is a democratic country anyone is free to support any political party of his/her choice and that includes Patrick Mwanawasa. You’re are not a political referee..GO TO SLEEP DAMN YOU!

  12. CBU drop out Chifire I just have one question for u. How does it feel to earn yo living by licking someone’s

  13. There is nothing wrong with Patrick experessing his opinion in a democratic society.come on Chifire find something better in life rather attacking people with a different opinion from yours.

  14. Iwe Chifi, which citizen do you honestly represent? We know you are piece worker for MMD but it must be very sad for your family. A man worth his salt stands on principles of which you exhibit none. Patrick like many young men and women of this country need true empowerement through and serious PF Government and not a vuvuvela like you, Chimumbwa and Mumbi, only two months to go baba muzalia owe…The name this 2011 in August ballot is SATA period be it in rural or urban twalivota kale… Continue preparing the way for the genuine leader to be unveiled to Zambians this August.. Sata and PF chapwa…..epela, kwasila…

  15. Ba roomie mwaliwa…..3 times and you were declared untrainable….BS 140 tawapashilepo…what nonsense can you tell us you grade 7 failure…limbi na grade 12 bakulembelekofye…

  16. just like u chifire you have every right to support mmd and disparage pf, equally col. panji and patrick have every right to voice their concerns. u ve every right to be heard or covered in times, daily or on znbc, patrick has equally every right to be covered in the POST. where is freedom of expression and association. don’t belittle patrick he has a conscience just like you

  17. KaChifire , KaChanda Chimba, KaChimumbi, Ka siulapwa and KaLifwekelo are the ones being used by MMD. They even eddited a statement by SATA on gays remarks to impress their masters. They are so desperate to satisfy theirs sponsors. So since they are being used by MMD they think everyone including Patrick is being used by PF.Omorrow tye will say Chieftainess Mkomeshya is being used by PF. WHAT ABOUT THE MANY CHIEFS WHO ARE ALWAYS MAKING STATEMENTS ON BEHALF OF MMD. Are they not being used. Dora must be crying and panicking now due to remarks by Patrick and Chieftainess Mkomeshya

  18. Chifi-re,you oway comment shi t almost on everything,what type developmental issues do you talk about? If your father buys mealie meal or give you shelter then you ve two start praising him? That is his responsibility has father.If goverment builds schools hospitals thats there responsibility not development.

  19. This boy was given a nice advise in the other article, go see the current president, he might just post you in some of these missions. For the next five yrs, you will never be the same. You are just wasting your time, your opportunities. Uzachucha you spoiled brat!

  20. This iz an indirect admission by this Chifire that he iz being uzed by the MMD. I guess Patrick haz every right (just like Chifire, who comez in form of Committee of Citizens) to choze who “uses” him.


  22. Gregory chifire, chanda chimba, kalonde, mumbi, siulapwa, Edwin lifwekelo and ONE THABO KAWANA THAT GRADE 9 DROP OUT WHO WAS JUST A DRIVER AT YWCA CAN BE TALKING NON. SENSE!!! MW.AN.YA !!!!!

  23. Fellow zambians,what is democracy then,Patrick has the right to belong to any Political Party and as a zambian he has the right to say anything concerning National development as long as he is not Insulting any body.It is true our Economic boom and whatever the gvt pronnounces ,is not benefiting zambians,only a few are benefiting,even workers can’t few anything.So Chifire ,do you want Patrick be like you.Your NGO is just for you and your fellow thieves. Patrick fear nobody this is your country.

  24. Kansi Chifi was just a tourist at CBU mwebantu. I now understand his desparation but we should stop this nosense just like the old good times iin UNZA ruins. Even ka Chanda Chimba Chimbwi is a dropout slut. Twalivuvula ifwe ni pa Bwato fye and Sata 2011………………

  25. MMD Kuya bebele…Zwaaaaaaaa..Imwe mwe ba welewele Chifine ne nsamba shibiyo Mumbi,nomba ati Kalonde ,Mumbi,Chimba,Fwenkufwenku.From your faces hunger can even be seen,cheap propaganda,that chap is speaking for himself for he is Zambian,like you do even given state media coverage off loading UBUWELEWELE.and that Mumbi mind you call boys are also Zambians who are voters too,with rights to contest at any level for they are educated too only that you can’t give them jobs,hence,they have find something to do.

  26. I wish people knew chifire was a non- entity. As someone stated, this fella was declared un-trainable at C.B.U, is this the person we should listen to? He has no plans for his life apart from licking people’s bums. Get a life, one of these days there will be no Rupiah to lick.

    Go and sort your BS 140 with Tailoka, fool.

  27. UNIP part 2,,,you were told ba MMD “we shall bounce back” mwalekana look at who are the sinking big guns of the remains of that party…nomba na Muhabi Lungu back to the roots..Sata aleisa capa calo ala calamba,wakoniwako,nchekelako,umozi kumawa, pa bwato cabe.

  28. Ok, so gregory ‘chifi’ chifire, efyo kamoneka ifi. I think is recognise this face. No wonder his useless rantings. Hi face is directly proportional to his face. Kwati kantondi. I end here.

  29. Ok, so gregory ‘chifi’ chifire, efyo kamoneka ifi. I think is recognise this face. No wonder his useless rantings. Hi face is directly proportional to his rantings. Kwati kantondi. I end here.

  30. No. 20, Aha ha ha, this remind me of the UNZA days, so uyu cheekala aliwa ichinechine, was he a mojo? pantu bamojo balewa sana, It was nice to be a monk, lumpen and bungwe, 99% of the monks which included me twale clear fye bwinobwino fye despite ukujoba ifyakosa. Eeeh Chifire, I need a security guard at my house if you need a job.

  31. Declared untrainable?No plans for his life, Exclude CBU, declared not to be re-admitted into any school at CBU. Advise uyu mumbwe to apply at University of Kabwe or Mulungushi as a mature student

  32. Mr Chifire please let us know which special powers you possess that enabled you to deduce that Patrick mwanawasa is being used by P.F because it would seem your talents lie in being an investigator and not chief praise,who knows if you in the task force we would have caught alot thieves coz how the hell did you know? and anyway so what if he is being influenced by the P.F? its now a crime to have an opinion? whether the young man is a drunkard or not is not the issue he clearly raised some pertinent issues which should be addressed not that he is being used,being use for what exactly? raising serious issues? your inability to to objective is comically pitiful stick to the issues he raised if you have the capacity to that is.

  33. Dont waste time with Gregory Chifine otherwise you get a cold. No word written by those who were with him at CBU is a lie. This guy and Levy Ngoma worked hand and glove to dry the coffers of COBUSU!! They even started a kantemba within CBU called Lenzie Greens, remember? Both these chaps never passed an assignment! Thats why the senate of CBU declared Gregory untrainable in 2001and asked him to leave but the guy stayed on campus to do shushu work. Yamunyokola njala and he can say anything. His level of anlysing issues can not be compared to PM. Read the article in question and tell us if there was anything wrong in it.

  34. Just take a look of his face….this guy smokes marijuana………he is under the influence of daga from tha Dark city…he knows what am talking about……

  35. # 36 Spot on!!

    The senate chaired by Dr John Lungu declared that they should never be seen in any class on campus as they could not understand let alone pass an assignment for Mr.Tailoka!! The blue birds were informed of the university decision and gave them instructions never to allow these guys within the CBU grounds. He temporarily shifted to Chipata compound and re appeared again. Only in Zed can people like this claim to have a mandate to speak on behalf of Zambia.

  36. Who is this Chifire? It appears he has his under-pants twisted. On political issues MMD have $DOLLAR Silly (ZAMTEL), on govt, it’s big nose Shikapwa (indalama), so what motivates this chap to bark at anything anti-govt? If he had access to CNN or Fox News he can learn how these advanced democracies attack their leaders when they are found wanting. We will watch the space for Chifire vuvuzela II after the election if he will continue attacking PF. Icibemba chilanda ati Mumbwe nga abosa ninshi pali uko ashintile tako.

  37. These small boys that MMD use all look like they smoke too much marijuana,i wonder why the media houses sink so low to even give such chaps coverage!
    Patrick is an adult who has been to school and has his own home,he speaks for himself and he chooses who he associates with or what he comments on. The young man has a know surname Mwanawasa but that’s all,he speaks his mind and he’s not influenced by anyone neither does he need to consult his family when he needs to say something about the Zambian political circus so the media should not waste time approaching little chaps like Cifire,Lifwekelo to counter any comments made by Patrick. Patrick may have been a ”wrong chap” at university but that’s what most men go thru at uni or college so let he be judged on what he does today.

  38. What is wrong for patrick to stand in Kafulafuta under PF, u are just a pauper young man. Very soon you will be out of circulation

  39. Ba chifine naimwe what development are you talking about in all parts of the country? Have you seen how terrible is great north road, just from Serenje to Nakonde. If someone criticise the goverment is hired by PF, ameno kwati nofuko. MMD should learn to listen to what people are saying. Patrick is not kid, Imwe mafikampa you only become happy when someone praise MMD.
    There no develpment in Zambia. You can see poverty when you just land at whatever you call Lusaka city international airport. Lord have mercy on us and deliever us from these MMD MONKEYS

  40. Gregory Chifire is a failed politician, who is being used by the MMD. I was with this guy at CBU and he stood for parliamentary elections as an independent candidate and lost lamentably. I dont now why he is accusing Patric of being used by the PF when it is Gregory him self who is shamelessly being used by the government. Gregory get a life and stop bootliking. For how along are you going to shamelessly parade yourself in front of the Camera denouncing PF. What will become of you, Lifwekelo and Chanda Chiimba if PF wins the elections. Get a life and dont be one track minded

  41. PATRICK??
    John 9:21 But by what means he now seeth, we know not; or who hath opened his eyes, we know not: he is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.

  42. With the likes of Chifire Zambia is currently the only country where the bootlicking industry is booming. They are ever ready to spew any rubbish out of their mouths in order to have a share of crumbs and left-overs under the MMD table to feed themselves and their families.

  43. I have done a quick analysis of all the comments. If these were to vote for the opposition, it would give 100% to opposition (PF & UPND), and mmd 0%. Naiwama this year.

  44. I know cifire from CBU days. This chap cant even solve 1+1! He is just an I.D.I.O.T!!! And is a favorite to the VP. What a Shame!!!!!!!

  45. Why does my country have so many fools like Chifire,Kalonde, getting coverage if these guys where really important as they feel why is a president of a party eye Chongwe seat. Go there and we will show you. Chifire give evidence when you speak but fools are difficult to teach, remember how LPM answered when asked about his daughter alledged to have bought land. He said she was an adult so is Patrick he is not obliged to support anyone just like RB is close to FTJ who did nt attend state functions hosted by LPM but today he even dances. Shame on people.

  46. Chifire or what ever your name is you are a disgrace to the youth and you have no shame . you are a young man who has reduced him self to a carder what wrong has Patrick done ti air his views has has all the rights to speak for the voiceless . in fact he is not your match hi is more focused and principled than you .lets hear what you are going to say about her royal highness chieftainess Nkomeshya you cheap A.S.S O

  47. Stop belittling Chifire. At the end of the day if any of you that claim ignoranlty that you know this man, and he was this’useless’ man are nothing as well. Well he is the cream of power mongers in Zambia now, where are you? Nothing you are absolutely no where. His strategy maybe to get a position in the MMD, well what is wrong with dreaming?
    Why do you bring people that are flying high and assainate their character in Zambia? Why are you jealous? Why dont you grow up? Why envy? You bring the most succesull well doing people like me Mushota Chimfwembe, Chifire, Chiluba, Mpombo etc.
    Stop plotting our downfall, rise up and reach our level, when you do you are were we are, you will ralise and see people will be hungry to bring you down. Grow up!! Thanks

  48. #10 leta ilyashi, so this boy failed even supplementary examinations at CBU!!!! No wonder there cant be any subsitance in whatever he utters! God forgive him.

  49. Now we know Cifire is being used by the MMD. Apparently this bootlicker opens his mouth before he thinks. A typical “His Master’s Voice. Such people cannot make it even at “Matero University”. Cifire is a shame to human kind.

  50. You flanked and never UT CBU. Lenzie green and U were stealing COBUSU money. You recall that function at Dirt Dicz near the former zoo when MMD bought youths beer for Chiluba’s 3rd term or was it LPM’s campaign. U even hired buses U chaps. . . Sure monks from CBU recall………Chifires post on facebook 7 March 2011……….. is praying to study at either Oxford or Havard University next year….. Are you praying or dreaming….

  51. Failing or passing exams or assignments is not a panacea for success or symbolic of intelligence. Avoid arguments that expose your shallowness more. Who said your Boo S.hit 140 is a benchmark?

  52. Imwe have you not ever wondered I think Mushota might be Gregory Chifire!!!!!!,just a thought with her utterances,distorted english lack of intelligence when making comments and some weired contributions that lack substance that she pollutes this blog with?

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