Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a, mid-size four-wheel drive vehicle in the Toyota Land Cruiser range.The Prado redefines the rugged 4WD, with exhilarating performance, ground-breaking off-road capabilities and breathtakingly bold new looks.Even if, Prado has had several facelifts in its production years, the process to replace the fuel filter is the same throughout.

The Fuel filter also has the power to clean fuel of particulates before it reaches to the engine. Fuel filter must be altered every 42 000km. This job must not take you more than 20 minutes for completing. Fuel filter replacement is rather an easy task for Toyota Prado. Below are a few easy to follow tips for fuel filter replacement.

Toyota Prado makes use of a fuel filter to eliminate rust as well as debris from reaching the engine. If debris or rust in the fuel stream gets through to the engine, there are chances of damage to several components. The fuel filter, which is positioned in line between the engine and the fuel tank, plays a major role to prevent damage to the components. It removes all rust or dust particles from reaching to the engine. Suggested intervals for replacing fuel filters may vary slightly depending on the automobile model. It can be beneficial to change the filter after every 30 000 to 40,000km or 18-24 months depending on the usage of the vehicle. This is a standard recommended interval. However, you should determine when you need to change the filter. When you find the filter dirty during vehicle inspection, replace it. Never neglect a clogged or dirty filter. Failure to replace fuel filters may hit hard on your pocket later. Changing the filter at regular intervals will help you get the best out of your Japanese vehicles.

There is no need to seek for an expert aid for changing the filter. You can save your hard earned money by changing it on your own. With little efforts and some knowledge you can do it in an easy and effective manner. If you do not have knowledge or do not want to waste your time, then it’s better to seek expert aid for this. Otherwise, you can start the procedure with few things.

Things that you will need for fuel filter replacement include replacement filter, vehicle jack, tube pliers, disposable towels, screwdriver, plastic gloves, and crescent wrench and tube pliers.

Instructions for fuel filter replacement:

  • First you need to turn off the engine.
  • After that, open hood with hood support rods
  • After this, you need to loosen the negative battery terminal nut.  You also need to lift negative battery cable off the terminal and then set it aside
  • Raise the vehicle on the side of passenger with vehicle jack. You should even locate fuel filter below your vehicle beside rear wheel. Remember you need to put on plastic glove.
  • Clamp both of the tubes feeding fuel filter with tube pliers
  • You have to pull both tubes off the fuel filter, which they are attached to
  • Now, you need to remove screw tightening fuel filter bracket across fuel filter.
  • Pull that fuel filter out of the bracket.
  • Insert the replacement fuel filter into fuel filter bracket.
  • You also need to plug two fuel tubes into the stems of fuel filter.
  • Tighten bracket across new filter with screw you removed previously.
  • You have to even release tube clamps too.
  • Lower your vehicle and reattach negative battery cable.

With this step, it completes the replacement procedure for fuel filter. So, when next time you find that there is need to replace the filter, you can change the filter easily on you own.

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  1. Good article unfortunately most kids on the blog don’t even know how to drive, hence the luck of interest. Please keep them coming, i’ll follow your instructions on my Avensis and save a few makutas.


  2. A good “how to” but as you know LT, a picture is worth a thousand words and would make the task seem less “technical”.


  3. 1# msana wanzili. Please do not expose yourself. I know a lot of young bloggers who drive better machines than your Avensis. Avensis is not a bad car but DO NOT expose ubututu talking about cars you own to strangers. To some people Avensis is SO yesterday. Give us something else the next time you want to show off!


  4. At 5: Its so simple!!!!!! just get the screw driver or the spanner, unscrew, remove it and put in a new one.


  5. very useful indeed unfortunately most bloggers here are passengers or pedistratians i own a peugot 404 and this helped me alot..peace



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