Thursday, February 22, 2024

MMD suspends Masebo


Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo
Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo


The Movement for Mult-party Democracy (MMD) has suspend Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo who is alleged to have plans of defecting to Patriotic Front (PF).


The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) reports that MMD’s National Secretariat said Ms Masemba has been suspended for giving false information to the party.

Major Richard Kachinggwe said in a press release that Ms Masebo who is also MMD National Chairperson for women will remain suspended until her matter was addressed.

Yesterday Forum for Leadership Search Executive Director, Edwin Lifwekelo says his organization had information that Ms Masebo is likely to cross over to the PF on Saturday or Sunday.

He says Ms Masebo has betrayed MMD members who voted for her as chairperson at the MMD convention.


  1. Silvia doesn’t care about your suspension. She has foresight. Chiluba is dead. MMD is deader. Hello!!

  2. This MMD party is really rubish. How can they suspend Masebo based on lies from discredited people like Luwekelo? This woman is above that and am sure she will succeed in whatever she want to do. With the political engineer now gone, MMD kuyabebele sana.

  3. Masebo is a mole who has been leaking party information to The Post. The Post always quote ‘inside sources’, they actually mean Masebo! She was planted to specifically get out confidential information for the PF and Post. They should never allow her in the MMD inner circle again. The suspension is very much welcome.

  4. Ha ha ha ha… Do you have to suspend Masebo for not wanting to stand on MMD ticket? This is total madness from the secretariat. She has not even said which party she will join or maybe she wants to retire. No need for such hurried decisions. With FTJ gone, MMD is in trouble now.

  5. Masebo must be desciplined!!
    These are the people who will be selling out Zed if allowed close to the trappins of power!!

  6. Only a bafoon will buy this suspension. MMD knows Masebo was going to resign tomorrow and now want to save face by claiming she was suspended. No no no … Masebo has just decided to resign from MMD and so are all other right thinking Individuals. MMD KUYA BEBELEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  7. What are the contents of the said suspension letter? Ba MMD mwapena. How do you sispend some body for refusing to stand? Really crazy!

  8. She looks like a man, manly features all over her. What man would marry a woman like that, no dress code, nothing. It bad looking women like that that makes some of us refuse to say we are zambians because it is disgraceful that not only she is zambian but she had held higher positions in the government.

    She disgusts me. Pass the puke bucket someone

    • Mushota be careful with your comments. if i were you i would keep my emmotions quite. beauty is not just on the face but the in the heart. You comments clearly show how urgly you are. i fell sorry for you my dear

  9. Mulupenga of the Post has been banging it ask him. We dont care how she looks its the mishino that matters

  10. You do have to suspend Masebo for refusing to stand on the tired MMD.
    Good stance Masebo. This MMD has failed us, they brag about development which we can’t see.
    Development has to be seen not explained. Nakonde kapiri Road is in a very bad state, it is as if we don’t have a government in place.
    Viva Michael Sata and PF. Masebo don’t even try to reconsider your stance. If it is true you want to join PF do so fast. We need you.

  11. iwe ka mushota you are ****ed up,can you compare yourself to Silvia,shes a woman of integrity.just continue bitching where ever you are.

  12. Right on #6 the MMD don’t know what Masebo’z nekst move will be, and so in order not to caught napping, they done a quickie to suspend her. But they will gain nothing since parliament will dizolve about tomorrow.

  13. Mushota be careful with your emmature comments. if i where you i would keep my emmotions out of a pulic forum. Beaty isn’t just on the face but in the heart. Your comments clearly show how urgly you are. Masebo is smart as for you, you will keeping crying out loud for your frutrations. we are not responsible for your frustrations. stop beaching

  14. The guilty are always afraid, shows that MMD has failed the Zambian people. On what facts would a party suspend someone? Thought this is critical time for them to make such moves. Really sad that MMD behaves like the Old UNIP.

  15. The list continues. Soon the red-butt/ock-monkey-humpty-dumpty clown Rupiah Bozo Banda will be performing a solo act in his own Circus. What a fuocking retard! The f/ool is going nowhere

  16. MMD kuyabebele coz we need a government with good leadership qualities with no corruption.
    congraturations Madam Silvia Masebo and excellent work keep it up.
    I hope others in MMD will be like Masebo

  17. Mushota when you talk about someone being ugly or looks like whatsoever you think of, first of all you are suppose to look into the mirror yourself. Masebo is pretty, clever and smart more than you. She does not need someone to make decisions for her or depend on a man like you. If you meet her you will be shocked. Your insults to your fellow woman is a disgrace and a typical of miss I know it. If Zambia can have women with cabres like Masebo we will be think one day we will have a woman ruling Zambia. Mushota I don’t know what time do you work? You are always blogging ZWD/LT. Living and Working in UK, I know what I’m talking about. Dont blagg about Scotland or your Scottish partner coz I have lived and worked in North East of Scotland for more ten years and I know Scottish people

  18. lelo lelo, RBish ta waishiba ifya ku papata tu gelo?? lelo wa sangwa ko!!!
    The REAL HOUR HAS COME!! At least for FTJ!!

  19. Maasebo is just going back to Kabimba’s loving arms. We
    know the history Ba Sylvia!!
    Sylvia was once very close to king Cobra. Same male minds……….both aggressive and love to mate!!

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