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Chiluba, a man who walked tall: Life and Times of Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba (1943—2011)


The late  Dr Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba
The late Dr Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba

By Elias Munshya wa Munshya

Biographers differ about where and when Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba was born. Even his names have raised controversy. Chiluba’s background had been such a thorny issue, that in the 1996 case of Lewanika and others v. Frederick Chiluba the Supreme Court of Zambia was invited to make a ruling on who was Chiluba’s father and where Chiluba himself was born. Before the court were three possible fathers: a Mr. Chabala Kafupi (a Zambian who claimed Congolese descent), a Mr Zahare (a Mozambican), or a Mr. Chiluba Nkonde (from Kawambwa) whom President Frederick Chiluba himself statutorily declared to have been his father.

As for his place of birth, the court heard several conflicting accounts. According to Dr. John Mwanakatwe, Chiluba was born at Musangu Village in Luapula Province. Another account declared that he was born at Wusakili in Kitwe. Some petitioners in the case of Lewanika and Others even claimed that Frederick Chiluba may have been born at Chibambo CMML Mission Hospital in what was then the Belgian Congo. When called to testify about Chiluba’s background in the same court case, William Banda told the court that Frederick Chiluba who was then known as simply Titus Mpundu lived in Mufulira and spoke a Congolese dialect of Lingala.

The court dismissed William Banda’s testimony and ruled in this case that regardless of who was Chiluba’s father, or where he was born, Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba was still a legitimate Head of State and was a citizen of the Republic of Zambia.

This background is necessary in this article to point out how, a man without a clear family history rose up to become President of the Republic of Zambia. And in mourning him, we should all remember, that there are some qualities that made him stand out and made him gain the confidence of the Zambian people to elect him to the presidency in 1991. If there is anything that the life of Frederick Chiluba should teach us is the fact that regardless of our background and our limitations, destiny does not delude those who work hard. The story of FJT Chiluba is a story of how a man in our time lived to overcome his limitations and soared to lead the nation from dictatorship to a democracy.

Clearly as shown above, Chiluba had no rich family history. In death, his father still remains as mysterious as when he was alive. His place of birth is still subject to speculation. The fact that as a young boy he was expelled from a Kawambwa School also shows the kind of limitations that the young Chiluba faced growing up. In a society that looks down upon short statured people, it is clear that his height too could have one of those drawbacks. But the story of Chiluba is a story of inspiration in spite of limitations.

Here a man without High School education worked hard as a bus conductor to read a few A Level courses which he later admitted to have flanked. Additionally, not to be outdone by his many challenges, Chiluba went as far as Tanzania looking for opportunities. When he came back to Zambia in his twenties, he translated the knowledge he acquired while working in the Tanzanian Sisal industry into good use. He used his courageousness and his fearlessness to become a defender of his fellow workers. Through the trade union, a diminutive Chiluba had found an opportunity to talk and walk the tallest.

When Kenneth Kaunda legislated that all trade unions would be amalgamated and controlled from one umbrella body, little did he know that one of the leaders that would use this umbrella body to oust him was Frederick Chiluba. Indeed Chiluba used and enjoyed the visibility that his stature gave him. And as an outspoken member of the unions, it was just natural that the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions would appoint him its leader. The leadership position he held until 1991 when he was elected president of the Republic.

During Chiluba’s tenure at ZCTU Kaunda made several overtures to have Chiluba appointed into Cabinet. However, to his credit Chiluba refused. A man from a poor background was not quick to jump into the opportunities of richness. He did not want to abandon his fight for the workers in order to eat noble bread at Kaunda’s table. Chiluba, a figure of modest history demonstrated to Kaunda that he was a man of steel, and not even Kaunda could bend him. In 1990, Kaunda wanted to exploit Chiluba’s history. He claimed that Chiluba’s history is questionable. To this Chiluba simply responded, “I am surprised that President Kaunda claims that he does not know me…I am surprised that Kaunda claims that I have a questionable background…I am the one whom he wanted to make Minister of Labour, but I said no, Sir!” With these words, Frederick Chiluba demonstrated to Zambians that he had not been dented by Kaunda’s corruption and therefore was ready to lead the Third Republic.

In 1990, choosing a leader for the MMD was not an easy feat. But all sections of the MMD united around Frederick Chiluba. Even many academics in the movement acknowledged the intelligence and brilliance of Chiluba. Chiluba acquired this brilliance, neither in the walls of the classroom nor in the decors of laboratories but rather on the street. It is this courage, this education, and this street wisdom that made Frederick Chiluba fit to lead Zambia’s new political party.

And in consistency with his predecessor, one of the first acts of the presidency was Christian commitment. For Kaunda, three months in power in January 1965, he launched the United Church of Zambia, calling it a “national edifice.” For Chiluba, three months in power he addressed a prayer meeting at State House where he renounced corruption and witchcraft and declared Zambia as a Christian nation. This 1991 declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation is perhaps one of the most far reaching decisions that would long linger in history.

Chiluba was a fighter for worker’s rights as a union leader. He was incorruptible. He refused several of Kaunda’s overtures at corruption. He stood for principles. But history will ponder when he started entertaining excesses. The fact that, after his presidency in 2001, he was found to have had hundreds and hundreds of custom made suits, shoes, and underwear stands contrary to a Chiluba of the 1980s. In death, Zambia should continue to reflect on what may have gone wrong and on how a champion of the poor became so excessive.

If Chiluba defined himself as a political engineer, this was true in practice as it was in theory. A man who failed A’ Levels could still make it in academia. It was Warwick University that saw the potential in Frederick Chiluba and gave him a chance to enrol for a Master of Philosophy Degree. In his dissertation entitled “Democracy: The Challenge of Change” Chiluba explained political theory and committed himself to leave the presidency after he had served 2 terms. He was critical of the “President for Life” syndrome. But a few years before his second term was to expire, it appeared that he too was falling prey to the African disease and a Third Term started to infect a few of his close associates including his party secretary Michael Chilufya Sata.

To his credit however, Chiluba kept his word and left office after ten years. His political geniusness led him to sidestep his popular former vice-presidents Godfrey Miyanda, Christon Tembo, and national secretary Sata to appoint a political nemesis Levy Mwanawasa as his successor. This decision would haunt him for years to come.
Chiluba, a 1980s champion of workers’ rights and a 1990s champion of liberal democracy was under the Mwanawasa administration answering charges of theft. His six-year trial is as much part of his legacy as his other years. No doubt that some Zambians will remember Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba for the charges of corruption he faced more than for the good things he did while in office. The pain of those charges and the embarrassment they brought against his personal integrity has been discussed by many.

Chiluba’s only redemption came in 2008, after the death of President Levy Mwanawasa. Mwanawasa’s successor, Rupiah Banda refused to call Chiluba a thief such that when the courts of law acquitted Chiluba of theft, Banda called him a damn good president. The Post Newspapers felt insulted by Banda’s words and continued to call Chiluba all sorts of names.

In death, however, Zambians should put their political differences aside and unite in mourn the passing of an extraordinary man. A diminutive man who walked among us with extraordinary courage.


  1. Great piece. I have read all comments in the blogsphere and some comments and editorials by some papers are shocking and jaw dropping. How people can repeatedly stab the dead who can’t defend themselves is beyond me.

    It reminds me the death of Ceaser. Ceaser was a great leader and towards the end of his life he became brutal and so was murdered by Brutus who thought he did people a favour. At the funeral Brutus stood and made one line speech justifying his action.

    But the big event of that time was the speech Mark Anthony, Ceaser’s Friend made on that day. That speech has gone on to become the greatest speech of all time and here is the extract of that speech from the Shakespearean rendition and you can just google Mark Anthony speech to read the full speech and context


    • Why do you forget so easily. The same man never felt sorry for Late HE Levy P. Mwanawasa SC. Why should people feel sorry for him?

  2. Continued from 1#

    And I put this speech to all the that can’t stop for once and let the spirit of humanity triumph over greed , vengeance, anger, jealousy and pettiness


    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him; The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones, So let it be with Caesar …

    Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral … He was my friend, faithful and just to me:

    You all did love him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then to mourn for him? O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason….

    Bear with me; My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, And I must pause till it come back to me.


  4. “Chiluba kept his word and left office after 10 years…” Elias, you are being economical with the truth. He was forced to scupper his *****ic ambition to overstay. The kaman was just a common thief who accidentally got to the top of the pile.

  5. Chiluba a good example of “Hard work”. He walked through a difficult route to become a President of Zambia and yet he made it. May his soul rest in enternal peace.

  6. But do yourealise that now all the MMD or so called 3rd republic leaders are going?
    may be UNIP has come back in another way.

  7. Munshya wa somthing can you please tell us about your back ground we do not have such funny names in Zambia I’m sure you must have Congo blood in you I think I have heard a line in one Kofii’s songs which say munshya please we need to see your birth certificate paste it so that we put this matter to rest otherwise we will call upon wiki-links to dig deeper!

  8. Its a fair article. The man was determined to make something of himself. GOD works in mysterious ways. MHSRIP

  9. That is a good naration of the life of FTJ. You can be whom you are with great determination and hardwork. FTJ is good example.Lets not dwell on his mistakes but also on the good things he did.

  10. After reading some of the comments above… I can tell you that people complain of SATA not attending Chiluba’s funeral.. According to the inside source, SATA has been feeling aware for some time now for the past three weeks. Even the time when Clinton was in zambia. She saw that the old man is unwell. She advised him to form alliance to have any chance of unseating the government. This is why, he is talking of reviving the pact, PF supporters are just politiking but the truth, he is unwell… PF hierrachy are trying to see how they can work with UPND because some dought capability of winning on their own. Some are even trying to tell him to be vice president to HH just to make sure opposition form government…Inonge, sichinga and lubinda have already advised him…wait for more newss.!

    • I thought the PACT is dead and intered in the grave.In the first place grand papa SATA and the young man HH were not committed to the Pact because all this time the Pact was not documented but only existed on the lips of both parties.No wonder it crumbled with bruises for both Leaders.The piece of advice by the visiting US secretary of State may has come at the right time,but are the leaders able to come together and start the journey to PLOT 1 wIth the remaining 90 days to go before the elections day.The BIG MAN is sick and its high time he started to groom His successor and HH is better placed, but the JAWS of Lubinda,Guy Scott GBM, Willie Nsanda(Who looted UTTA treasury ) ,Winter Kabimba and other big wigs of in the PF will not allow the MAN to commit such a gross mistake as they see.

  11. Awesome article…………………………………. The Don is gone…………………….. We thank God God for the time we had with you,i totally believe you are in the hands of the master! This day, you will be with me in paradise!

  12. Chiluba was a by-product of the UNIP rule. His position in the union is what made him be an attractive candidate. His educational credentials are questionable and are an insult to those people that pursue real degrees. His belief that an economy can reach some form of sustainable growth by ‘market forces’ was flawed to say the least and a major cause of the current hardships. In future Zambians must be careful when electing leaders: This man had no experience at executive level and had never managed any big venture, except fighting with managers. He was simply a populist figure. Mwanawasa was just the kind of crop of leaders Africa needs. Solid education, experienced in the law, not charismatic or well spoken, honest . Chiluba would make a good case study for Napoleon Syndrome

    • Shame on you maria.Chiluba did what he could best for this nation.Zambia has been in slumber 30 years .THe introduction of liberal economics opened the eyes of Zambians including your self.right now i can see you engaged in some meaningful venture to make ends meet.TWILAPONTA NGA TWAIKUTAAAA.Remember tumorrow it will be you.

  13. He also helped people who were sitting tenants to own houses. I happen to own a house I bought from ZCCM through Chiluba. Amen.

  14. Jesus did not come to judge the world, He also cautions, “Thou shall not judge” therefore I judge him not. I know though from scriptures that whatsoever is bound on earth is also bound in heaven. How I hope Kafupi was free on earth. I hope he did not die like Judas Escariot. I Hope no blood was spilt because of him. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us – I hope Kafupi had a forgiving heart. Confess your sins one to another – I hope Kafupi did confessed; it may not have been to the nation. He will be judged when that BOOK IS OPENED IN HEAVEN no matter what everyone says including captain Solo. If the dead meet, chiluba, mwanawasa, Nkumbula, idi amin, Paul Tembo, Penza and bin laden have met.

  15. All in all Chiluba was the best president & a good person i have ever seen.Although politicians wantd to tarnish his legacy & dented his image.corruption charges he was facing to me didnt change how i felt about him.MHSRIP

  16. Jesus did not come to judge the world, He also cautions, “Thou shall not judge” therefore I judge him not. I know though from scriptures that whatsoever is bound on earth is also bound in heaven. How I hope Kafupi was free on earth. I hope he did not die like Judas Escariot. I Hope no blood was spilt because of him. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us – I hope Kafupi had a forgiving heart. Confess your sins one to another – I hope Kafupi did confess; it may not have been to the nation. He will be judged when that BOOK IS OPENED IN HEAVEN no matter what everyone says including captain Solo. If the dead meet, Chiluba, mwanawasa, Nkumbula, idi amin, Paul Tembo, Dean Mungomba, Penza and bin laden have met. I can imagine them sharing a light moment.

  17. Of all the good FTJ did, he undid them by destroying the labour movement. To day you have imbeciles like Mwaba, Hikaumba etc masquarading as leaders yet they are just bread seekers

  18. 18 Peter- Had he allowed democracy take its course in MMD, all the persecution agains him were never going to happen.He shot himself in the feet. Indeed it is a pity that a man whom we all looked up to(down too?) could end up like that just by making one simple mistake- getting someone from his sleep to be your successor

  19. I was and still am an ardent critic of FTJ and I must say that I felt nothing when told of his passing on…however after seeing KK on news weeping like that (for more wrongs were done to him than me), and reading some blogs like this one, my heart has softened a bit. So, with all the wrongs that you did to so many people (and they are a lot!), some even sent to the other side way before their time, I say rest in peace FTJ. For only God knows how to find some good in every man, no matter how little or insignificant.

  20. This article is good on motivating people not to mind how bad their back ground may be. God always makes way…..on grey areas of this article i choose to be mute and only say may FTJ RIP.

  21. I prefer to leave it to God who knows everything.we must learn from Chiluba story.we pray for a leader remembers they are appointed by God. Even Chiluba was appointed before he was even a boy that one day he will lead Zambia. You are allowed to talk your views but mind your utterance you will be judged with the same measure. Yours yes is a private family life but you have this judgement pending before God. Who is our next leader???

  22. Good morning

    A well written epitaph. The emphasis lies in the last paragraph.

    #1 Bootlicker, you reflect my sentiments and thank you for sharing that piece of lecture. The heartlessness in some comments really make one shudder.

    Hate is a poison meant for others which we end up swallowing ourselves.

  23. The burden of hate is upon the one that hates, because he or she hurts inside. The hated knows not that he is hated and is at peace. What would one gain from hating a dead man? Only he who is a witch is capable of hating a lifeless body. Lets mourn the dead man like Zambians whether he did bad things or not. REST IN PEACE FTJ.Remember the good things he did and forget the bad ones, for he will not be there to correct the mistakes he made.

  24. FTJ is gone,some are happy whilst others are sad.But the question is,isnt this man the only presdo who gave so much to citizens than what he took(stole)from them??Convert all the houses he gave pipo(sold at low price) into cash and subract what he’ll discover than what he got is peanant compared to what he gave you.Just think about this one so deeply. MHSRIP

    • he gave people the Bible to read while he stole from them. Look it is ok for leaders to paid themselves a salary, a high for that matter is they look after their won people. children died in hospitals under ka chilubas rule. he sold houses cheaply but who got those houses? many people with connections got them but the majority remained homeless – hence the high numbers of street kids in Zambia for the first time. Now houses in Zambia costs thousands of dollars, why? What id this short man give?

  25. All I can say is as a politician Chiluba excelled very well. He was a class well above most of our politicians. He was really a political engineer. Practised alot of Niccolo Machiavelli’s political tactics. Aside from politics he had a number of short comings top of which was his kleptomanic habits. But then if we are to see him as a politician I must say he was a damn good one.

  26. our bemba brothers are hypocritical and selfish.when chiluba supported Sata,he was a clean man when he shifted camp,they called him a devil.God Jehoval will judge everyone of us, kaunda, chiluba mwanawasa and banda.Sata knows already the verdict,he stands condemed for his hypocricy and selfishness.Rest in peace the bigge,until we meet again

  27. Chiluba Was president of this country not for free he was on a salary and earned a retirement package for it. The atitude of praising someone when he is dead is very deceitful. When he declared this country a christian nation power and money were not yet in his heard. thereafter he was the devil ‘s target and failed to recist temptations, then what he did we all know. it is pity he never asked 4 forgivenss from zambians and i hope God did forgive Him.MHSRIP

  28. Sorry he is no more. He offered houses to some Zambians at affodable prices. So what, he is even stole from Zambians. MHSRIP.

  29. Hi Man of God, Munshya. I miss you. its me you know be President.
    You used to call me President. Your article is excellent. Its well balanced. I have learnt more about this ariticle about issues of life. We have no excuse, if Chiluba made it, then we can all make it. Countrymen lets differentiate ourselves, let be unique different, lets explore our gifts etcccccc

  30. Munshya wa Munshya you write well. Facts are facts. I don’t like William Banda but when he was quoted as knowing ‘Chiluba’ as Titus Mpundu he was telling the truth which can be confirmed by his farmily and his former classmate at Kawambwa secondary school B.Y.Mwila.
    Secondly, if you coin or make synonymus street knowledge of Titus Mpundu with cunning and manipulation I will 100% agree with you.
    Yes he was a shameless and manipulative thief. The Post was right all the time.

  31. Chiluba was great indeed despiet his many weakness like divorcing his first and second wife. He was was a good friend of Sata. Chiluba was great. No doubt about it. He wanted third term and Sata was busy pushing for it. The two were good friends. Many bad things that you find in Chiluba are also found in Sata.MHSRIP

  32. We all are making these different comments because of our late president Chiluba
    I like this article! I mourn you my president. RIP

  33. Very good article and wouldn’t want to add nor subtract anything. But i would like to disagree with commentators calling others haters etc just because they have refused to turn Chiluba into a saint now that he’s gone. Bad people must be made to realise that their bad deeds will follow them into their graves, we called Chiluba a thief when he was still with us and we’ll continue to call him a thief even in death because he never thought a good name was better all wealth in the world. He earned himself a bad name and we have to respect his wishes.

  34. My deepest condolences to the Chiluba family though i do not agree with everything that JFT or FTJ did.I hope now we are going to have less monkeys captaining our maize fields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This must be a lesson to RB and future Presidents, death will not cleanse your soiled past if you choose to engage yourselves into dodgy arrangements at the expense of our poor people. Even after they are gone their families will continue to carry the heavy load of shame. Chiluba will for sure be buried in a gold coated coffin and sent off to whereever with pomp and stuff but in real terms he’s going to his grave a despised and disgraced person.

  36. MHSRIP….Chiluba we will always remember you as the Most Democratic Leader Zambia has ever had. we love u,u still live in our hearts. i personally forgive u,for whatever u did,i understand u were just human prone to mistakes just like any other human!!!!
    Am crying,till u meet again…

  37. If you want to see how Zambians feel about the passing of FJT, go to********** edited. This was an eye opener contrally to what one sees on LT. Are we on the same planet.

  38. The author makes it sound like Chiluba left office willingly …. there were demonstrations all over against 3rd term and the country was becoming almost ungovernable. It is this s.t.u.p.i.d.i.ty among us Zambians of not wanting to show determination that when someone is wrong it doesn’t matter whether one is dead or alive, they are still wrong. We are not saying it is good Chiluba is dead, NO. What we are saying is dead or alive he doesn’t deserve our sympathy. If we go on praising him just because he is dead now what does that show to the current leadership?? The current leaders will behave stup.idly knowing they will still be praised when they die. Stop this stup.idi.ty please…some people suffered terribly under chiluba, don’t insult them.


  40. Chiluba incorruptible lol yeah neh… I will give him credit though for his rise to power despite his background. That was a great achievement. But other stuff written are lies. He wanted to go for a 3rd term its us that denied him that. 

  41. its really sad for bashi CASTROL to die…If Castrol was around, he cud have shared most of chiluba ‘s property with ba REGINA…shame he also died a despised bloke chap!! rest in peaces!!!!!

  42. Blogers Chiluba’s mistakes are a lesson to the living souls, you are also leaders in your homes, families, residetial areas, work places etc. How is your leadership like? Do you steal what God has blessed you with to feed your family to other things like fees for prostitutes, beer? we can be small Chilubas in other ways, today, God has given you another chance to reflect on your life. Be Good leaders wherever you are, whether you are alone or in public. RIP Chiluba

  43. Congrats Lusaka Times! Chiluba’s biography is indeed one that can separate two people that are deeply in love with each other. It touches me to the bone and even the marrow. However, being diminutive is not a disability to achieve great heights. Yet, even in death, our works (call them deeds if you like) shall follow us. So do all things as if you are doing them to God and not man. Let the wise learn.

  44. Yes, he’s was an achiever! From a bus conductor to a Union leader to a Republican president then to a professional theif and finally to a wife grabber.

  45. This is a damn good article.Standing ovation to the author- Munshaya. For the last 10 years I have really despised Chiluba for his selfishness in acquiring excess wealth at the expense of ordinary zambians but reading this article has shown me a side to Chiluba I had long forgotten.Indeed Chiluba a short man, overcame tremendous limitations to become the Second president of Zambia.From call boy to President- that is a remarkable achievement. If we could all emulate his courage,vision and purpose we would be great citizens of zambia and the world.He did bad things too but I think we’ve focused too much on them.I salute Chiluba and thank him for the good things he did for Zambia and forgive him for the bad things he did.

  46. Chiluba dribbled his way to the top, but one thing he could not dribble was death.And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:(Heb 9:27)

  47. It’s life. One man’s hero is another’s thief! However, not even death can change the pages of life that we individually write, though men in their s.t.u.p.i.d.i.t.y some times try to do that.

  48. The sad part is that nobody knows where he comes from. How can you have three people claiming to be your father. He was at Kawambwa secondary school. Did’nt he have contempories at that school who can remember him?

  49. Should he have beeb president if up to now we do not know where he was born?

    Should he have been president if up to now we do not know his real names?

    Should he have been president if he was in the western world?

    I am surprised this plonker called Munshya is happy to write this. But hey niku Africa.

  50. A politicians death will always be received with mixed emotions others will be sad and others will still remain critics even in death. As we are giving our condolences/comments lets respect each other s views and not insult those with different comments. Its a pity that those who are calling FTJ a saint today did not even tell him when he was alive that he is their hero. As for the critics even in death they still criticise though they have toned down their rhetoric.

  51. 53 John – He was my senior at Mambilima, when I was in my Sub std he was doing std6 at the upper section, now school for the handicapped. You can still contact our Head Master then, Mr Songwe or former class mates the Katongola brothers, Mr. Peter Mayane. His class teacher if my memory saves me right was Mr. Kabange. Infact you can also ask former minister Chikamba whose father was also a teacher at that school.

  52. My advice to peace loving Zambians is that,”No one the personal relationship that Dr.Chiluba had with God.God can save someone at the last second of his life and he can be forgiven genuinely regardless of his past sins, like the thief on the cross whom Jesus told that today you are in paradise with me. Secondly, according to the law of Zambia, when the courts declare someone to innocent then who else can say otherwise? Because the Bible says that, What is bid on earth is bound in heaven.” Therefore, let us not be spokes persons for God who even created Dr.Chiluba. He is the one who give him the reward that befits him, not you and me, never. Some of us, its only that we are not in the limelight for all to see what we are and do. We are even worse off than him.

  53. FTJ Meets Levy @ Pearly Gates
    Angel: Ladies n Gentlemen, we have a new arrival standing and just 5 foot with two hundred designer suits and also responsible for plundering Zambia and later coining it a christian Nation.
    Levy: Oh no Nkani ya lula, Kafupi is back (as he hides himself amid the crowds)
    Angel: Present you credentials young man and why are you here so soon?
    FTJ: Bakalamba, here is my Galaxy tab and you will find all the relevant info required for your perusal, twali kwata ama records. Im here to settle a score! I died because of a wrong prognosis same fye kwati ba Michael Jackson Bakalamba!  We have backstabbers among us, have you seen Bakalamba ba Levy by any chance, ninkwata ka message kabo!
    Angel: Dont worry there will be a lot of time for that ..

  54. We will miss the man. MHSRIP.  His first five years as presido is memorable.
    FTJ’s image was tented by the ill handling of privatization, and the alleged corruption practices.
    The article above is objective taking into account limited space. 
    All the same he is a hero [if you are not educated and can achieve that much!].

  55. Lets hope Sata will go to the funeral. We are Africans and the least we expect from anyone is vengeance to the dead. Am not head counting at a funeral but I’ve so far not seen Sata there. Of all the Presidents, B. Y Mwila was the first, followed by Godfrey Miyanda. KK, HH and Sakwiba went there yesterday.

  56. We must learn greater lessons from both sides of Dr. Chiluba’s life on earth.God gives every single leader for a purpose.To teach us something out of that leader.What have we learnt out of Dr. Chiluba’s? Is it just being critical of him, that is all? Any good citizen must reflect over about what he or she has benefited from Dr. Chiluba’s legacy and see how best it has helped you to become a better citizen than him.If you look at the hatred which is in Zambia today, it is all about selfishness.Instead of realizing that we can contribute more meaningful even without being at the top most level of the country.We must have the spirit of humbleness and humility then whatever that we say and do will be a blessing even unto the future generations.Mourn Dr.Chiluba with dignity.

  57. I can’t stop thinking…if Chiluba had developed good hospitals, if he had not fired all those doctors….He would not have needed to be running to South Africa every time his heart skipped a beat….I can’t stop thinking….If Zambia had better health facilities….would it have been possible to save his life…and of course other lives….I mean could it have helped….Man….Sad he is dead…but I just can’t help thinking about the mess he created….

  58. How can he walk tall when he was an extremely short man.

    You mean he walked tall on the extended heels …of 300 pairs of custom made boots on Zambia’s dime?

  59. Very good and factual article. FTJ was a damn good President whose legacy was tarnished by his hand-picked man LM. I have no doubt that FTJ’s death came early because of the six years of torture that he endured which came unexpectedly from a man he rewarded with roses but repaid him with disrespect. Indeed, if there be any failures in the man of the people, an eloquent, intelligent and brilliant president was that he failed to read the man LM, a catalyst to his oblivion as a great President not only of Zambia but Africa as well. You were a man among men! We shall miss you!.

  60. How come this article does not mention the $40 million that Chiluba bragged and used to buy suits and a dozen cameras from Europe. Its okay for politicians to be sorry over him but when ordinary citizens that should have benefitted from this money feel sorry for him its such a shame. The people that deserve our sympathy are the countless women who die giving birth because there are no hospitals close by or the countless children who sleep in the streets because a president was so selfish and thought only about himself.  

  61. I am sure Chiluba must be looking down at each person who is calling him a good leader and sending MHRIP messages, asking “where were you when I was being persecuted” hypocrites! 

  62. FTJ was not the article says..he was just an opportunitist who found himself heading ZCTU at the time people were willing to vote any jim and jack to power to remove kaunda and his oppressive regime..though they are already back “RB and that william banda”..Chiluba’s presidency was characterised by negatives rather than positives and this sums up why so many zambians are not bothered by his sudden death. the guy was a fraud and we should learn from past mistakes never to vote out of anger but vote wisely come the elections..

    • Looks like you started reading the Outliers and stopped before you reached the 2nd Chapter so you could begin postulating the contradictions!

  63. Am dissapointed with some you my fellow zambians, This man you are writting all these negatives about took care of you peacefuly for 10 solid years even at a time when most countries in africa where inverded in civil wars. Why are you making his way difficulty. He is a hero and shall always be remembered. Came on! lets be zambians and mourn our late presidend with dignity, he was a human being and can make mistecks just like any. if i may ask who has never made a misteck. Came on zambians lets have concious. Dr. chiluba rest in peace

  64. I totally agree with Kunte Kinte above that Zambians are stupid. Thats why poverty continues, someone has raped your daughter you stand by hold the guys hand and pray with him. How stupid! Its behavior like this why colonialism happened and why the developed countries including China come and step all over us.

    They come with food in their mouths and spit in infront of us and we eat it and say thank you master for the food. That is what Chiluba did blinded everyone that he was bringing democracy in the name of christianity at the same time committing a sin stealing and lying. Today we are thanking him for what? for the food he spit and we are still eating because of his greed. I for one refuse to continue eating this bullshit, while my relatives die from UNNECESSARY poverty.

  65. oh! 1 week national mourning..?mmmmm..or is it RB mourning in state house for losing FTJ…the charmer who should have put him back in state house.. now you have to work harder mate..

  66. The article left out the Honourary Doctorate conferred on the late Mr cHILUBA fjt by the Malawians.

    Anyway, good article there.
    Matt 6:33

  67. FTJ was like damn good father who managed to perfectly raise his daughters, giving them all they desire and can ever dream for. Just when they are ready for marriage, he rapes them off thier virginities…..All his good deeds were over shadowed by his crafty acts….never the less, Great man he was!

  68. ONE: An illiterate piece of writing, made even worse by trying to be a skillful writer. For example, there is no word like “courageousness”. TWO: It fails to give the right perspectives and in some cases contains outright lies. One of many untruths is that Chiluba voluntarily gave up his third term ambitions: He was forced to….by massive protests!!!

  69. as an obituary this article is a good read. it says all the nice things you would say about the deceased person at a funeral. otherwise it is not a true and critical piece about the man and was probably not mearnt to be. maybe after the funeral we shall read more objective works. we all knew ftj well and it matters less whether you say he was good or bad as long as you stay truthfull about it. may his soul rest in peace.

  70. I see, a lot of crocodiles tears here then again? Pathetic.
    Anyone who is feeling sorry for the Man will think that Gaddafi should be at the helm, they will defend Bin Laden, and they will defend Hussein. They do not know what it means to lose a dear one. Well I do!
    If you want to forgive or praise a devil continue doing so. I am not judging Mr Chiluba and I have no right to do so whatsoever. If you love your country so much, How do you defend someone that doesn’t love it? Zambia is bigger than one Man. If you elected in a position you are there to serve the peoples and not serve your fantasies. Do not mention democracy in the same sentence with this man, because if he respected it, He would not have wanted to go on for the third term would he? Is that democracy? Thanks

  71. An autocrat is never a democrat
    That is mocking you. It’s like someone who tells you they love you and they go at your back and cheat on you.
    Even when a pawn becomes a queen, It is merely just a playing piece, he is no more different to a Child that is dying of hunger as you are reading this. There a lot of people that have/will die with more credibility than this Man. If you want to remember him, well remember the London Judgement too, remember the Imprisonment of Mr Kaunda for no reason, remember the assets acquired illegally, remember the Millions stolen from you If you will do that as a balance then I shall understand your tears. Thanks

  72. I just do not get my fellow Zambians, a man that kept us poor while stuffing his pocket with our money was a good man? get real, this fool should have died a long time ago; news! he is going straight to Hell because he was and will always remain a crook… RB you next….

  73. 83Ba Chimaga Changa
    typical of zambian mentality towards other pipo’s success.
    Learn to advise and correct constructively

  74. He stole money and countless people your relatives died giving birth because of no hospitals your children were denied an opportunity to learn and you call this a MISTAKE? the audacity to even ask which person has never made a mistake.

    I do not have hate in my heart for him but my heart bleeds each time I think where Zambia could have been, while someone I voted for, trusted as a Leader to make my life better thought it was more important to buy expensive suits and cameras. When you choose leaders you are not hiring a maid therefore if they steal bread it is okay, a president who steals, steals dreams and opportunities for your children. 

  75. The Good Lord is cleaning out all the crooks, from him you cannot hide… Chiluba took 42 million US$ from the poor Zambians that are still suffering… I wander what good is all that stolen money to him now? The pine box he got only cost about 2M ZMK and he cannot use the stolen money to buy his way in heaven… let this be a lesson to all the crooks in politics, you will not live to enjoy ill-gotten gains. RB the mighty one is watching you… be very afraid because the wrath of God against thieves is at hand. Amen!

    • well said and tell them some more – I am with you. Chiluba was just a common thief. Zambians died during Chiluba’s era due to lack of proper medical care while he dressed himself in baby size suits and high heeled shoes like a cheap prostitute

  76. There is time for everything in this world. Who has not lost a relative, beloved friends, brothers and sisters before? Chiluba had his part when he was alive and is no more. What name has he left? what name do you intend to leave when you are gone? It is immatetrial to me to start praising me when am dead, unfortunately in our journey on this earth there will be people who will love you and those that will not love you for whatever reason. That’s life; when KK left office that was his time and I remember he was called all sorts of names and accused of embazling 2 billion kwacha from pulic funds; Levy also had his share, people called him all sorts of names and only showed love after his death. MHSRIP

  77. @70 Nubian princess – Have a heart my sister, the man made things right with his maker and zambians.There will be 3 suprises in heaven,(1)people you dont expect there will be there eg FTJ,(2)people we expect to be there wont be there eg Bishop imakando,(3)you will be suprised to be there eg vj rigger.


  79. Good riddance. You Zambians why waiste your time and energy mourning this thief. He is gone period. Too bad we might not get our money back.

  80. I know Zambia is a christian nationa but surely is every death to do with God. life expectancy in Zambia is about 38 years and chiluba dies at 68 for sure he has outlived his life expectancy and no one lives forever. Think about it

  81. The smallest thief Zambia ever had! The chap does not deserve any sympathy he brought too much misery to the Zambians with his mediocre leadership and its shitsytem!

  82. #96, well put and like I said on #23, my heart has softened and guess what? It feels much better than having a rock solid one. i hope people like Mushota ant the Jackal could have it in themselves not to forgive but to simpathise with FTJ. The man is gone for good, its over and all his long dedication to plunder and wealth accumulation was in vain. This is a lesson for all of us for “what is it worth for man to gain the whole world with all its riches only for him to lose his soul?” but this does not mean that you avoid honest and gainful work to feed and clothe your family, for it is also said “Live Clean and let Your Works Be Seen, Stand Firm or You Are Going to Feed Worm”……Loathe him or Love him FTJ’s time is over, it about you and me now.

  83. I am a youth, but I would not like my grandchildren to be haunted by peope like FTJ who managed to put Zambia into a political, economical and social disrepute and chaotic state to be seen alive. My grandchildren can not be allowed to face a man who managed to literary undress and humiliate Zambian forks through poverty. They should only live to see such people in archives. For the future leaders have the right to feel let down by the state of affairs. No amount to good writing will give chiluba a good legacy from the one we know. Yes people leave legacies, even bin laden left one. I see my grandchildren condemning the current generation to hell. We are a let down. If he was innocent then PEACE.Latestly- ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country.. JFK

  84. Chiluba was a COMMON THIEF – Ka kabwalala chabe. Let him go, many Zambia children died in hospitals due to lack of right medical treatment under is leadership. What are you all mourning about

  85. We are all going to die one day. There is no need to be shocked or to feel guilty like some people here.Just because someone dies we are supposed to sympathize with them, then why even have laws. Then we should all steal, kill etc because when we die those left behind are obligated to forgive us. The whole point of laws is that people should be held accountable for their actions. What message are you giving to your current leaders? Basically what you are telling RB and his ministers is steal now and enjoy yourself, when you die we will forgive you. But guess what I am the one who is left behind to struggle finding food, a job, a house. If you choose to be a Leader know that you will be held accountable for your actions, that is the agreement you make with the people that look up to you.

  86. Mariella Furrer for The New York Times
    Mr. Chiluba was accused of stealing to support shopping sprees, said to involve suitcases full of cash, for items like shoes. Mr. Chiluba spent more than $500,000 in a single clothing store, Boutique Basile, in Geneva. Its owner testified that garments were sometimes paid for with suitcases full of cash.

  87. “Live this day as if it will be your last. Remember that you will only find ”tomorrow” on the calendars of fools. Forget yesterday’s defeats and ignore the problems of tomorrow. This is it. Doomsday. All you have. Make it the best day of your year. The saddest words you can ever utter are, ”If I had my life to live over again. ”Take the baton, now. Run with it! This is your day! Beginning today, treat everyone you meet, friend or foe, loved one or stranger, as if they were going to be dead at midnight. Extend to each person, no matter how trivial the contact, all the care and kindness and understanding and love that you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.”

  88. So much vitriol wherever I read about FJT! Amazing. Reminds me of the run up to the liquidation of Zambia Airways pre-1994. Then it was almost treason to admit working for the airline. Now, several years later, we hear how we “made a mistake” to liquidate a “national airline”… I am wondering now what the landscape will look like in a few years’ time… ummmm perhaps this vitriol will slow to a drip, or perhaps there will be a gashing of venom!!! Meantime, FJT, rest, rest wherever you are, old chap.

  89. I never accepted that Chiluba was the best man to lead Zambia in 1991. He was chosen purely by mob influence, having led the unions. That aside, he did his best and his worst. This article is an obituary, so it is too soon to make judgments. I await the reading of his will, could it be that like Caesar, he will give to every Zambian $3?


  91. Rest in Peace and God bless you for the following things you did and gone through:
    1. decalraing Zambia a Christian( many people do not know what circular nation, islamic nation( extreme islamic;) entiles, you protection for this nation lives on. 2. liberazation of the economy, yes the process might have been fast and that in the process many suffered, today a zambian can own a house. 3. gabon air crush experince; you were the only president i know faced two draughts but managed to feed the nation.4. As a man to run the nation that was at crossroad from one party thinking to a multiparty was not easy to be in your shoes; that is why many can write all good and bad things about you; it is the freedom speack you spearhead without civil war or forcing, MYSRP

  92. We need to come to terms that a leader is always viewed in different percespetives. we have buried two Presidents in Zambia; the successor and the predicessor; in the principle of leadership, we lost knowledge that we should have been asking on how to avoid the mistakes the made and how lead a nation.
    i am concerned that young zambians are busy joining and being used by adults who know that there time has come to confuse them. i am asking Zambians to be friend our first President and our current President to sap as much knowledge as the can about leadership. please take time also to ask Micheal Sata and HH on what it means to lead opposition parties before the depart the earth. All what l am seeing on the net are insults and abuse words.

  93. i remember having time with the late first Education Minister; i call him Dr.Mwtanakatwe; i got substance and hudge knowledge in just few hours with him. if this was to be accessed now it would millions of kwachas. we see these old people walking or driving or staying in the neighbourhood without releasing that before you there is a hub of knowledge, skill and experince. we simply go to the dark part of their lives and confuse ourselves with words that may be one day used against us. People like the late Elijah Mudenda; i took time to inquire of knowledge and problem solving; how that this generation has Gold before them but the do not know; how that gold or copper is always covered by clay ( human skinn with its mistakes ). we have massive opportunities to use as Zambians.

  94. 119; how do you move on with such an approach, you may have lost your money through Meridian but that does not became you stepping stone to move on; you see, life has many lessons during the same period of Meridian, some people investing in fixed assests and they are now enjoying their investments, some people invested in a bank and things did not go well. the late is not just like any other person, he was a leader and i am sure you are one of those who voted him in power the first time. the best we can do is to respect all the presidents of Zambia from Dr Kaunda to Rupiah Banda, i am not saying we should not speak when the go wrong but there is a way we speak to our fathers. today people are still insulting Mr.Banda, even if he wants to make amends, the reason is said becuase of elections

  95. Let’s remember the good ones, and hope time will relieve us of the bad ones..
    Some like me are still hurting from his regime, I guess that’s the true meaning of democracy. Some people say ‘Yeah’ and others ‘Neigh’. I am sticking to mine, and I hope history will reflect the true picture of his regime.

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