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KK weeps over Dr Chiluba


First Republic President Kenneth Kaunda on Sunday wept when he visited the funeral house of Second Republican President Dr Frederick Chiluba in Kabulonga.

Dr. Kaunda openly shed tears when he conveyed his condolences to the Chiluba family.

Dr Kaunda, who visited the funeral house in the afternoon, first went into the funeral house where he sat briefly and consoled the widow Regina and former first lady Vera Tembo Chiluba and other mourners before he joined other senior Government officials who were seated outside.

“We are here to mourn with the family of Dr Chiluba, both mothers are here, it is actually good to see that they are both here to comfort their children, we have also done our part,” Dr Kaunda told journalists.[pullquote]Government has moved the official funeral house for second president of the Republic of Zambia Frederick Chiluba to Belvedere Lodge[/pullquote]

He said Dr Chiluba had died at an early age and that his death was not by his own choice but God’s and asked for God’s guidance during this mourning period.

Dr Kaunda said the country had lost a great trade unionist who fought for the rights of his members, regardless of the situation and that his contribution would always be remembered by everyone.

Dr. Kaunda said Dr. Chiluba contributed immensely to the strengthening of the labour movement in the country.

He said that Dr. Chiluba’s death is sad for the country.

And First Lady Thandiwe Banda, in the company of Vice-President George Kunda’s wife Ireen, also visited Dr Chiluba’s funeral house around 11:30 hours and consoled the widow Regina before leaving.

And the Lunda Royal Establishment (LRE) has said the death of Dr Chiluba was not a small issue and did not only affect the people of Luapula Province but everyone in the nation.

Speaking on behalf of the Mwata Kazembe, his representative, Lukwesa Mumba said at the funeral house that Dr Chiluba’s death was a sad development and urged all the people of Zambia to mourn Dr Chiluba peacefully.

“On behalf of the Mwata Kazembe, his message is that the death of Dr Chiluba is not a small issue. It does not only affect the people of Luapula Province alone but the nation as a whole, let him be mourned in peace,” he said.

United Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota also visited the funeral house in the morning.

Meanwhile Government has moved the official funeral house for second president of the Republic of Zambia Frederick Chiluba to Belvedere Lodge.

Secretary to the Cabinet Joshua Kanganja announced in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that the official funeral house had been moved from the former president’s official residence on Sable Road to BelvedereLodge on Leopards Hill Road in Lusaka.

Dr Kanganja said mourners wishing to visit the bereaved family may, therefore, go to Belvedere Lodge as from today, June 20 to June 27, 2011.



  1. he is a cry baby. I wonder how many times he has wept in public but we know how evil this man is

  2. Interesting choice of words from KK- ‘we’ve lost a great trade unionist’ and not a great president/leader…….

  3. Interesting how KK points out that FTJ was a great Labour Leader, with no mention of the fight he led to end One Party rule in Zambia!

  4. KK is right – Chiluba was a great trade unionist but not a good president. So KK has focused on Chiluba’s positive attributes.

  5. He cried because of happiness that the chap who imprisoned him on Christmas day is ka-put. Kaunda should also be a little considerate sometimes. Did he think that anybody would take his tears seriously , after all that went on between him and chiluba? Or is he becoming too old for wisdom!!

  6. KK, FC and RB were all colluding to steal the 2011 elections; I supposed the passing of Chiluba, has sent a message that as they plan to defraud the Zambian people once more in 2011, a greater power is saying ENOUGH! Each of these men will either stop their folly or they will all drop like flies… GOD don’t like ugly and the actions of these so-called leaders are despicable to say the least. They all managed to enrich themselves while the Zambian people suffer.

  7. By their collective actions; they are all stealer of dreams, stealers of one’s future, and stealer of one’s human dignity. There is nothing to mourn here, because God is mealy ripping the diseased from the land. Fredrick Chiluba and RB are the cancer of the land and God will continue to do his work of ridding us of the cancer.

  8. KK was reading from the bible ”’do not weep me’ weep for yourself…being that old..it make logic..lol


  10. This is why KK is a great statesman – he has the capacity to forgive. For me he is also a great advert for a diet of raw vegetables, non-smoking and not taking alcohol. KK , though much older is certainly in more robust health than a certain contender for state house who shall remain nameless.

  11. Chililalila KK. This is a man of wisdom. Midgy threw him in jail and he still acts decent at his funeral.

    Like someone mentioned above KK’s choice of words sums it up. The nation has lost a trade unionist and nothing else. Go figure!

  12. A very normal thing to do. After all, the two have quiet some history together from way back.

  13. Those were proper crocodile tears. What happened to the small house this man used as a sacrist when he was still in plot 1?

  14. Politics has taken over the funeral again. How can one conceive the idea of shifting mourners from the funeral house to a lodge? We will not be surprised to hear that the cascade carrying the remains of FTJ is in Livingstone for body viewing like they trivialized Levy’s.
    Zambia’s so called leaders lose focus very easily. What devil is operational in Zambia who is different from the rest? Sometimes I  wonder If their brains contain the same matter and substance as the rest of Zambians. Their actions are usually strange and unwanted. Y? Does one of them own that lodge? I sniff conspiracy here?

  15. Read not into other people’s tears! The sense of loss hits without warning. One day each one of you scoffers will realise that your perceived “enemies” built you up more than hypocritical friends.
    King David wept over his “worst enemy”
    2 Samuel 1:17, 19 And David lamented with this lamentation over Saul and over Jonathan his son: …… (19) The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places: how are the mighty fallen!

  16. If were to lay down any comparatives: KK exhibited his innermost nature of being easily touched on matters that affect the human plight. On the other hand SATA is too barbaric to be affected by death of a perceived political enemy. We still rembered how he mocked Mazoka till his death; we know how he wished George Kunda dead when the Vice President was receiving treatment in South Africa. Indeed most sarcastic bloggers that flood this website are Sata’s disciples. The salient question is that, if the majority of blogers who post terrible insults on Lusaka Times are PF followers, how do they expect to attract supporters from descent and morally upright potential voters?

  17. good trade unionist, helped labour movement lol No reasonable person is saying good president. interesting.

    • Tila Chizule perhaps all the people who are only talking about Chiluba the Trade Unionist are not reasonable at all coz, this man was a President for 10 years and in SOME cases he did a damn good job. He had his weaknesses granted but he played his part. Let us mourn the man with the dignity he deserves.

  18. And the government has miraculous powers to move the official funeral house to another location… ba minister?

  19. One good thing about Zambian funerals is that you cry loudly for a just a few seconds and there after you start laughing, just like that! As if all is just for fun! It is a comedy! So I imagine KK shedding a few tears like some sort of prostatic drizzle!

  20. Let us not treat death like mere comedy, Chiluba affected us all negatively in the nation on many family levels, but he was also God’s creation. What he did let us discuss after the mourning period. It’s a rule of God that in time of mourning we mourn let us criticize his stealing and plundering after th official mourning period. We are the golden children, from a continent that still bolsters the remnants of moral dispensation on this planet.

  21. Ba KK crocodile tears stop pretending.. Most likely you are mourning for yourself you know your time is not too far….

  22. I think KK cried out of humanity….he might not really care that Chiluba is dead but maybe he felt sorry for the people left behind. Sometimes people shed tears even at funerals of people they don’t know or even at an accident scene. Its human to feel and express oneself that way.

  23. Mwanawakwitu Chiluba did not only affect us negatively but positively as well, just like other Presidents he had his strong and weak points. Let me remind you that it is under him that liberalisation started, press freedom excelled under him, don’t forget his peace efforts in Congo and Angola, there are MANY things Chiluba did well and very well at that. You would be suprised that if you unearth the amount of corruption that went on under Levy’s rule, you would wonder why Levy decided to start prosecute Chiluba, Kaunda murdered and tortured a lot of his opponents, he also stole money. I need not talk about RB its very clear how he is performing RP capital, Lapgreen etc. So don’t make it out as if Chiluba did anything worse than other Presidents do. May His Soul Rest In Peace!

  24. Amayama KK was shown on TV crying at chiluba’s funeral so unless it was someone acting it actually happened.

  25. How childish people can be even on serious matters like death is unimaginable! Thanks President Kaunda! You are a great leader and a great son of Africa. These fools cannot appreciate the good in people until they depart. It is when you will realise that in KK we had a leader.

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