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Dr Chiluba put to rest


Former First Lady Vera Tembo prays at Dr Chiluba’s tomb.

Second republican President Dr Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba was today put to rest at Embassy Park in Lusaka.

The burial started with a funeral programme at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka Monday morning.

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation carried live the proceedings of the funeral.

Zambians countrywide watched the funeral and burial live on screens mounted at in various places.

Speaking during the burial, President Banda said the death of second republican president Dr Frederick Chiluba has taken Zambian by surprise.

And President Banda appealed to all Zambians still holding ill will against Dr Chiluba to learn to forgive one another.

President Banda said he was one of the last people to see Dr Chiluba at his request before proceeding to mourn his maternal uncle Mr Mwase Banda in Chipata.

Mr Banda said when he met Dr Chiluba, their talk was about the country, after which Dr Chiluba wished president Banda a safe trip to Chipata.

President Banda said the death of Dr Chiluba has prematurely robbed Zambia another leader, because not too long ago, the country lost Dr Levy Mwanawasa.

President Banda said he found it difficult that Dr Chiluba has died because the parting of a friend is always a sad occasion.

Mr Banda said Zambians will always remember Dr Chiluba for the many good things he did among them the house empowerment programme.

Dr Chiluba from early life believed in seeking equality and justice.

And president Banda praised Dr Chiluba for laying Zambia’s foundation for today’s development.He said the development Zambia is recording today is as a result of Dr Chiluba’s economic reform and privatisation programmes.

Mr Banda said his government and that of Dr Mwanawasa have continue to build on the foundation laid by Dr Chiluba and the MMD.

President Banda also thanked first republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda for accepting defeat in the 1991 elections and said he is also praying that Zambia will continue having free and fair elections, in memory of Dr Chiluba.

He says since the 1991 multiparty elections, Zambia has held three free and fair elections, a legacy that Dr Chiluba has left.

Mr Banda has further eulogized Dr Chiluba for introducing Press Freedom Zambians enjoy today.

Mr Banda is also appealing to Zambians to pray for Regina Chiluba and children.

He says the family will now need the support of society as the person they leaned on is no more.

Mr Banda has commended both local and foreign mourners who turned out in numbers to witness the burial of Dr Chiluba.

At regional level, Mr Banda says Dr Chiluba worked hard to strengthen SADC and COMESA

Dr Chiluba has been put to rest at Embassy Park in Lusaka, where Dr Levy Mwanawasa is buried.


And former President of Tanzania Benjamin Mkapa saID he and Dr Chiluba worked hard to strengthen economic and bilateral relations.

Mr Mkapa said as a result, Zambia’s economic impact initiated by Dr Chiluba has not only been felt by Zambians, but SADC and the African Union.

Mr Mkapa said Dr Chiluba was not only at the centre of the labour movement in Zambia, but also a pioneer of the country’s democracy.

And Mr Mkapa commended President Rupiah Banda and his government for according Dr. Chiluba a dignified state funeral.

Mr Mkapa has also called on Zambian to remain united following the death of Dr Chiluba.

Church Service

Earlier in the day, President Rupiah Banda led thousands of people to the funeral church service of Second republican president Dr Frederick Chiluba at the cathedral of the holy cross.
First lady Thandiwe Banda, vice president George Kunda, his wife Ireen, Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila and cabinet ministers were also in attendance at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.
Other foreign dignitaries include Zimbabwean prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwean vice President Joyce Mujuru, and former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa and Katanga governor Moses Katumbi.
The body of Dr Chiluba arrived at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at 09:10 hours from Mulungushi International Conference centre where it lay in state for two days.
Dr Chiluba’s body was carried on the Howitzer 105 mounted on the gun cortege from Mulungushi International Conference through Great East road into Addis Ababa to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.
Officers from the defence forces lined up the street from Mulungushi to the cathedral and each saluted as the cortege carrying Dr Chiluba’s casket passed.


And hundreds of people in Chipata gathered at the College of Education Main Hall where they followed the live broadcast of the burial procession for Dr. Chiluba on ZNBC Television.
The Main Hall was filled to capacity by people from all walks of life.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Eularia Mwale was also part of the solemn gathering which keenly followed the procession on the large public screen.
Dr. Effron Lungu regional manager for Zambia Open University said the country will forever remember Dr. Chiluba because of the many achievements he scored in the political and social arena.
And a Chipata resident Hassan Ashok said the country must come out more united after the death of its second president.


In Kabwe hundreds of people from all walks of life have converged at the Civic Centre to watch second republican president Dr. Frederick Chiluba’s burial procession live on ZNBC Television.
The residents from the church, civil society organisations, political parties and ordinary citizens assembled to follow Dr. Chiluba’s funeral procession on a big screen.
Business in the central part of the town came to a stand still as most of the shops were closed.

President Rupiah Banda had declared today-Monday a public holiday, to allow Zambians witness the burial of Dr Chiluba.
Addressing the gathering Chaplain Sergeant Kelvin Nyirongo prayed that the nation remains peaceful as the country mourns one of its great sons.
Sergeant Nyirongo also asked God to unite all Zambians regardless of their political back ground in order to give Dr. Chiluba a funeral befitting his status.
And Zambia Police Chaplain Sergeant Charity Shula called on Christians not to relent in praying for Dr. Chiluba’s family and the nation during the period of national mourning.
Sergeant Shula says it is important for the country to maintain the spirit of oneness especially at the time when the country is under-going one of its worst moment.



  1. What does a man get inheriting the whole world but lose his soul???? go well son of God. You´ll meet your old friends like Ronald Penza, Arther Wina, Paul Tembo,Richard N´genda, Baldwin Nkumbula, Anderson Mazoka and Duncan Archie Matribouy. MYSRIP. God is Love.


  3. Chiluba remains the biggest thief Zambian has ever had……but anyway, i forgive him because he is no more but i will never forget how much he swindle my motherland. Rest in peace if you will find any.

    • I think you need to give credit to Chiluba. We are blogging today because of press freedom he brought. Think twice and wisely, in UNIP, would you be writting silly comments you are making. Let thank God for Chiluba. MYSRIP.

    • I think things would have changed in Zambia even without Chiluba. However, im grateful for what he brought to Zambia but i also know that he stole a lot of money from Zambia

  4. farewell FTJ,the champion of democracy in southern may have died but your legacy still leaves on.I remember listening to ur rally in1990 in kabwe’s kasanda square,u were an inspiration to the young generation. Although things didnt go well leta for the country,you had the ideas and the platform.We shall never foget you. we have to pick up the pieces move on. MYSRIP

  5. Despite what you think, Chiluba was a father and husband who will be missed like u will miss your own father, wife or husband. May his soul rest peace

  6. Fare thee well Dr Chiluba.Whatever may have taken place is in the past.Only God knows your fate in the hereafter as it is written we’ll be surprised who will and who won’t be in heaven.May your soul rest in peace.

  7. Its only God who knows and understand the mystrey of death. May God be with the Chiluba Family and unite all family members. May the soul of Dr FTJ Chiluba rest in peace.

  8. Rest in pieces, but we want to know when our money will come back and who will administrate the return of it?
    Nevers Kapenda was called a thief to his grave, so chimo chine kafikenipo ba Lazo. He was just annoying me by pretending that he was a born again (bigaco ministries)

  9. One of the greatest Presidents Zambia and Africa has ever produced. A campaign by LPM and the Post discredit him (as they still continue to do so even in death) unfortunately marred his good name. God the judge of man shall indeed judge those who have been throwing stones at FTJ like those who tried to stone a woman who they brought to Jesus when they forgot that they had sin too! FTJ ,you were a man and the writer has done a great work to highlight this!

  10. Farewell, great man. Like  like George W. Bush said at the end of his term, only time will judge if at all you were a great leader, or a plunderer like you were painted all the way to the end of your life. Kozo!

  11. Zambia should never allow a divisive President like LPM again who planted seeds of hate and ignorance as we see in immature and blinded people here. FTJ was a man of the people.

  12. Farewell Dr. FTJ Chiluba. You brought economic liberalization and capitalism, democracy and empowerment. You will forever be remembered for this. May Your Soul Rest in Peace.

  13. rubbish…..i hope this ftj tosses and turns for all those people he killed while in power, zccm employees who were retrenched, how many pa CB committed suicide or died from depression.all the foolishness of why many of us are in the diaspora, we fled a country that failed us. 1991 gave us fake hope, the hour has finally come, let them all die and i hope all the lives they destroyed are waiting to torture him on the other side. Vera has my sympathy, but other than that…. FKing Fred and good ridance!

  14. Love you Vera Tembo Chiluba. Even after the humiliation you stood by him to the very end. I would love to see you write a book about all this. Shame Regina Mwanza. 

  15. then ba RB and the rest of the fake MMD gon tell us he led election and free and fair crap rubbish, zambians dont be cheated, MMd was a good thing, Arthur wina should have been our president not kafupi, he hijacked the convention over night, the greatest tragedy that befell a nation. imagine the type of country we would have had without fred, all the money we lost from all the hardwork of our fathers, not a single ngwee to show for it. people are cold and hungry in june and we burry a midget for 1 million dollars, we are the laughing stock of the world.  

  16. I am just amaze of all my fellow Zambians that is saying Chiluba RIP; are you kidding me? This man has destroyed so many lives of ordinary Zambians that are still feeling the effects decades later; the carnage he left behind will be felt for generations… RIP, this man is going straight to Hell without pause; he is the type of person that has earned an express pass to sit at the right hand of the devil. Enjoy the fire… RB you next!

  17. 24 Rastaman im glad im not the only one. RB was unip, he was not ever presidential material, he was a damn member of the central committe and only because he hails from chipata, zambians why do YOU ALLOW UNEDUCATED PEOPLE to hijack your country. when RB dies his car wife that was born when he was too old to still be in politics will reap widow benefits for life. They steal why you watch and you say RIP. 

  18. don chi has left his visa cards behind.i wonder who is going to take over his coming to think of it, who is next, KK ,SATA OR BWEZANI?I place my money on RB after he loses the election

  19. Go well Mr President; you came, you plundered, you left. May you find peace with your maker. Funny how Vera looked genuinely heartbroken while Regina seemed to be be putting up an “act gone wrong”, reminded me of one Maureen Mwanawasa, the widow who went around consoling/ irritating/chasing mourners. Rest well FTJ rest well

  20. .
    Chiluba is dead and it time to move on. Yes, he had transgression, misdeed and at the same time changed the Landscape of Politics in Zambia. Today we have Freedom of Speech because he allowed the nation to debate freely without fear.

    I am among the people that wanted him to stand trial and answer questions. We cannot change what Chiluba did, but we can change how we take the country forward. If at all, there is money out there that chiluba stashed out, it’s my hope that it can be recovered back to the tax payers


  21. Lets all carry the day by making Zambia a better place by learning from the past and putting in strong measures that should not allow politician have so much power to have hands on everything.

    The bitterness & wickedness coming from some elements is very scary. Its time to move forward as the man is now gone.

    Nelson Mandela decided to forgive White South Africans who had committed atrocities, when most of the people in ANC (African National Congress) wanted to revenge. He did it for the best interest of the future generation, to stop deeper divisions and draining the nation from Capital Fight by investors. Today we have a Rainbow Nation that welcomes all people from the corners of the world.


  22. God loved King David, but this is the man that killed, grabbed peoples wives by force and married them. He was at times ruthless. However, he still went seeking God’s face and God used him handsomely

    In the bible, God turned murders like Moses to rescue the children of Israel.
    Moses was latter given the prophesy to write four books in the bible, which are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

    Among others that God used were Prostitutes, Thieves, and Liars to prophesise his prophesy.


  23. Its time to forgive and let go. We cannot move forward looking backwards. Otherwise we will all turn into a Pillar of Salt like Lott’s wife in the bible. The only things that we can carry forward are lessons from the “Times of Yore” and Yester-years.

    Very has conducted herself well. She mourned the father of her children and a man she shared a life with, the fact that he divorced her. She has shown forgiveness

    Its my hope that Regina does not become a Flamboyant & Drama Queen, moving forward. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  24. If he didn’t mess up, I would be in Zambia now. What this plonker has done is ludicrous. 

    Ine nomba family iswilefye ba mixed race bekabeka abeshikulu.

    Imbuto yalubana umulandu wakwa Lazo ulya. Hope Mwanawasa achili alekatoba amapi.

    Busy ukwiba kashetani kashitisha nama companies yonse. Nelyo utuma pockect twa mututoloshi kalefwala tuli full.

  25. So what was Sata’s’excuse this time around for not attending the funeral despite receiving an invitation?? How long does the old man intend to hide his grave illness from zambians? I remember how he literally hounded Mwanawasa to his grave with disrespectful accusations of ill health; its now your turn old man to face the music! every dog has its day; lesa wabonse, I hope we get more details of his poor health soon. 

  26. 30## Independent Observer
    Goods words and you have nailed it. I don’t normally agree with you but i always respect your comments, the fact that you support RB, you at times criticize MMD as well.

  27. Fred, after your first term I never liked you…at some point I even hated you, but when I saw your lifeless body, your children weeping, I realised that we are all indeed mortals, that all of us have to bow down to the force of nature at some point. Human beings have a purpose on this earth, all should realise their purpose and give their atmost to humanity. Rest in peace.

  28. Mr. Chiluba did not “bring” democracy, liberalization, press freedom, etc. He came to power in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall when one party states were falling like dominoes. Zambia was more or less bankrupt at the time and had no real choice but to liberalize (the IMF would have seen to this if KK, Chiluba, or whoever was president did not).

    Also no one can “bring” democracy or “give” it to Zambia. Democracy comes from the people and is not bestowed by any one person – all Zambians had (and have) a part in that. To cast Mr. Chiluba as a revolutionary is overstated, especially for someone who wanted to amend the constitution for another term.

    Yes, he was President at an historic moment and did many good things, only history will not forget he was also a thief

  29. Life goes on…and we will push Zambia forward. Zambia is on a threshold of big things, everything is promising and some Zambians are taking advantage of this to change their lives forever. This is the moment fellow country men and women, seize the opportunities that are so plentyful, I had an opportunity to either remain in Europe or to come back home after my school. My dreams have come to pass….no regreats what so ever, and big things are yet to happen! I realise now that all things began with one Titus Mpundu, who set a foundation for any Zambian who believed in them selves…he was just human!

  30. @ Rastaman………Easy on the herb! don’t smoke too much, it makes your mind not to see things in their right context. There are a lot of things I detest about Chiluba, but again when you sit and analyse, the man was bold enough to take some of the huge steps he took. He was a migdet who took steps of a giant! Rastaman, you are not God and neither are you one of God’s engels in heven… certainly do not know what God’s plans with Titus are. Most of us here are the worst culprits…nepotism, recism, corruption, emvy, bitterness, adulterers, outright thieves, murderers, liars…and so on and so forth. Let us not jugde others even in death.

  31. Even as we select who did wrong to whom am sure we cannot forget Mactribouy played a roll in Veras life…She ought to be aggrieved for she was married to him for 30 years and that was thrown through the window by a man who had no business being at plot 1….we might hate FTJ blame him for the problems we have now…but no one listened when KK warned us…Just as no one is listening even now as we are bing warned about some type of leadership that wants to rule..10 years from now we shall be on this blog poorer and arguing and insulting each other even though we have a choice at the ballot…

  32. #40 Champ – Why people say he brought democracy is because he allowed the the prevailing wind in the world at that time to blow, unlike KK who in 1989 divorced the IMF and I remember UNIP hoodlums like sata even carried a mock coffin of the IMF.A number of african dictators like Mugabe stood against the wind of change and results are there for all to see.The economic gains that zambia has attained in the last 10 years is because of the sacrifices(SAP) that the chiluba/MMD government made in the earlier 10 years (1991-2001).He may not have been an angel,but you cannot take away these facts from the life of FTJ.

  33. LATE President Frederick Chiluba called on Copperbelt residents to vote for President Banda in this year’s tripartite elections for continued development.
    Dr Chiluba said President Banda deserves a fresh five-year mandate so that he can continue developing all parts of the country.
    “President Banda has demonstrated good leadership in the short period he has been in office. This is why it is important for Zambians and the Copperbelt in particular to rally behind him. RB has a good pace in which all of us should follow,” he said.

    Dr Chiluba was campaigning during the funeral service of Zambia national soccer team player Willie Phiri at United Church of Zambia St Marks congregation in Chingola 07/06/2011.Returned to dust,

    Tue Jun 07 at 5:58 am”
    Ka shorty honestly Na Pa chililo ! I guess wina aza lila if MMd loses . This is desperation at its best. You should have been paying tribute to Willie MHSRIP !!”
    Dontcare says:
    Tue Jun 07 at 6:03 am
    FTJ ulibe nsoni iwe. How can you campaign pachililo. Your days are numbered mambala. You will surely go in to pay for your sins and stealing for Zambia. What did you do to help the late Willie? Nothing

    Reply Chissy says:
    Tue Jun 07 at 1:34 pm
    RB has worked had to ensure that I am acquitted. RB has demostrated good leadershing by embracing corupt people like myself. What are you telling us ba FTJ? Pa chililo kulosha te kukampene iyo!

  35. None of us are perfert, the only perfect being having lived on this earth is Jesus Christ. Let the man rest in peace, the money you are saying should be brought back are you sure you will even benefit a kobo of it, be real. It could have been your father and imagine people saying such things about him how would you feel. Learn to forgive and move on, for those saying bad things about a man who has departed you will reap what you are sowing and sadly there will be no state funeral for you.

  36. any way we are africans and we respect the dead. i wouldnt say anything bad about someone who has died even if i did not like them like FTJ. Its done, he is gone. to be missed esp by his immediate family who respected and adored him. he stood up for this nation when we needed someone to challenge the dreadful one party system. he put his life on the chopping board.but afterwards he did not play his cards right, its an open secret and al he did at least he was taken to court, he was embarrased from statehouse to court. that was enough punishment. so he deserves some credit and his name will be put the annals of the history of this great nation. RIP FTJ.

  37. Lets move forward now the man is no more and can not defend himself. Remember that FTJ was just a man like you and me. How many catholic priest have children? How many pastors have commited adultery? Pliz, All sin is equal so, chiluba`s sins are are not special but similar to those comited by by catholic priests and pentecoastal pasters and any other ordinary zambian. We are God to judge him.

  38. Coming to think of it is it not KK who brought democracy to Zambia by abolishing one party state and paving way for multiparty elections? what would have happened if KK refused and said we would have elections but he would stand against a frog. This is were Africa differs from the West we fail to call a Spade a spade. Chiluba was among those that negotiated with KK in fact its the catholic Church that played an instrumental role. If Chiluba was indeed a champion of democracy why did he bar KK and we witnessed unexplained deaths of Wezi Kaunda, Baldwin Nkumbula, Paul Tembo, Ronald Penza all who were at the time possible challengers to his rule. Chiluba like all of us did some good and bad things but unfortunately for him as human beings we always remember bad things.

  39. I have forgiven FTJ for the hurt he caused to me and many Zambians. Let him go and meet the All Mighty …. but I won’t forget how he fired essential workers (Doctors and Nurses) when they were demanding that they be given the right tools so that they can save lives and not just go to work and watch people die. These people were not even asking for increased salaries. He just fired them like than asking them to leave the hospital and deployed some paras when a number of innocent people were in critical condition. The only sin patients commited was to get sick at the wrong time and they died and i happened to know someone! May God forgive you sir!

  40. The only thing the Zambian people wanted from Chiluba was for him to say sorry for the damage and hurt he caused and also to return the resources he stole from the poor, but adamantly and arrogantly he refused and chose to go to his grave that way. The majority of people will forever be bitter. Let’s learn to say sorry and ask for forgiveness when we offend and the mighty God will also forgive us.

  41. Forgiveness is from God and the injured People. But only if the offender asks for it. I hope FTJ asked for forgiveness from God and from the injured People before resting. Otherwise, let justice prevail on that Great Judgement Day when every man shall stand to face his creator to answer the question as to whether they lived to satisify the purpose of their creation.

  42. Ba Vera may God bless you . you are truly a good women you have shown the whole Zambia that you are not bitter with Regina and the late Kafupi May God give you grace to look after your family

  43. Vera was really sidelined at the funeral of her late husband.
    Chiluba accomplished all that he did because of a wife who was called at that Time Vera Chiluba.

    Women are good advisers to their husbands but no one seemed to notice her. 33 years in marriage is no Joke. God will Reward you Vera.

  44. Chi Regina ndechitina. At least Chi Maureen. Chi Regina kuti naumbi aisa kupoka filya bapokele ba Mwanza kuli FTJ

  45. SATA used to say he will reinstate the charges to chiluba once he becomes president and condemned RB for Chiluba’s acquito. The question is will SATA successfully campaign in Luapula after stating that propaganda of reinstating charges against Chiluba?
    What a pitty for SATA!!!

  46. The circus of a people here are a clear indication of how a sinner man is. It will be interesting to see all these fuus with their venom before God one day. They can throw stones even on the dead. LPM children.

  47. Has Embassy park been gazetted as a body disposal site? That is a problem in Africa. You cannot be burying bodies everywhere! Is it official that all Presidents and former Presidents will be buried at Embassy park? What a pity? What is supposed to be a beautiful park for relaxation on a hot October day is being turned into a landfill site!!!!

  48. Enough said about FTJ. Bushe namoneka uka pyana chi Regina? Am interested, namyebelalimo. Nshilefywaya umuntu ukwangalilako… chipe chandi ici from today…

  49. Africans never stop amusing (no offence). So what if you say you have forgiven Kafupi? OK I have forgiven Osama for the thousands he killed! Planks! 

    Its between you and God, and, say sorry to the people you have wronged/offended. Kafupi never did tha.

    Got to laugh at comments like “you will not have a state funeral”. Its onlu in African where people still count abantu ukudiba pa nganda ya cililo or ku funeral. 

    Close friends and relatives should be more than enough. Africans go ku church ati banka nshikeko bwino. Plums

  50. What happened to Chiluba’s chik owner of Air Masters and the infamous fake Zesco power cuts at kabwa estate flats

  51. #52, it’s not the Catholic Church that brought KK & FTJ together. It was the late +Stephen Mumba of the Anglican Church at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Nowadays churches have been turned political parties and are getting better at the divide and rule sydrome. FTJ, RIP

  52. “But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud. ‘There is no peace,’ says my God, ‘for the wicked.’ ” Isaiah 57:20-21.

  53. Hei guys, I would like to know one thing;

    SATA used to say he will reinstate the charges to chiluba once he becomes president and condemned RB for Chiluba’s acquito. The question is will SATA successfully campaign in Luapula after stating that propaganda of reinstating charges against Chiluba?
    What a pitty for SATA!!!

  54. #73, I am not agitating, I am asking.
    and the question is very simple; its either you have an answer or not. My question is: will SATA successfully campaign in Luapula after stating the propaganda of reinstating charges against Chiluba?

  55. RB’s must be thanked for providing the best medical care to FTJ, restoring his dignity to die a FREE MAN, and bestowing on him a decent State Funeral. These are tenets that are cherished in civilized states. It is sad that Sata’s faked illness was planned to ensure his absence at the burial of the Man who nurtured him well on Zambian politics. The unforgiving nature that Sata has been hiding has been exposed by God during FTJ’s funeral. Sata is a strange human-being. However, messages packed in eulogies read by Dr. Machungwa, Trade Unionist Hikaumba, Regina Chiluba, Ben Mwila and Mwata-Kazembe’s spokesman (C. Mwansa) have driven a sealing nail to Sata’s coffin and death of PF in Luapula.

  56. @.15 Man. FTJ brought upon himself the problems he went thru. Had he allowed free elections within MMD he could probably been alive today. Have ever asked yourself why a man credited with the re introduction of democracy in Zambia could be so demonic as to pick a devil to succeed him? Myself I started mourning for FTJthe moment he imposed his tormentor on us. It is true that he the gods want to destroy they first make him mad. RIP FTJ

  57. Rise If Possible to explain a few things. What really happened?. Why were you alone at home and Regi in Ndl?. The post morterm the Kids were denied, were you really King?

  58. Now its time to share the loot from FTJ’ s estate amongst VERA,her children and REGINA. I bet some dough has been stashed away in a Swiss Bank account.

  59. The resignation letter written by Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo to MMD national secretary Richard Kachingwe. Masebo was suspended by the MMD two weeks ago.“I write to inform you that I have decided to resign from the MMD with effect from 30th June 2011.Since the death of president Mwanawasa in 2008, there have been evil schemes and fabrications, which have been printed in the government-controlled Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail including ZNBC and the Internet.

  60. All these schemes have been done with the full knowledge and direction of President Rupiah Banda. And all this is because I did not initially support his presidential bid as MMD presidential candidate during the MMD NEC meeting at which a decision was to be made.I instead supported Mr. Ng’andu Magande who was at the time Minister of Finance and National Planning.That was my democratic right which was influenced by the knowledge that Honorable Magande was at the time of president Mwanawasa’s death his preferred candidate.All I did therefore was to try and honour what I believed to have been Mwanawasa’s wish as told to me by the late president Mwanawasa.I must state here that once the party adopted Mr. Rupiah Banda as presidential candidate in 2008 I did not stop to support him.

  61. I campaigned for his election as president in Chongwe constituency with the full support of Her Royal Highness and almost all the traditional leaders, MMD party members and many of the people of Chongwe to see to it that he wins.You may wish to know that the party or Mr. Banda did not give me any financial or material support during his public rally in Chongwe. I personally organized and financed that rally to his satisfaction. I spent K40 million on transport and K10 million on other logistics just to ensure that he wins that election in Chongwe.After the election victory, there was the usual cheap talk that Masebo did not support Mr. Banda from the likes of Catherine Namugala and Mike Mulongoti.

  62. What disappointed me was what followed afterwards.There was a sustained abuse of the state machinery to try and show that Mr. Magande and myself may have abused our offices as ministers hence the Zambian Airways saga and the importation of the 150 hearses. The stories were meant to prove that the late president Mwanawasa was fighting corruption selectively.These stories from purportedly anonymous authors were posted on the internet just to be picked up by the state media in a very unprofessional manner. I have in the last three years kept quiet to all this with the hope that one day justice would prevail.

  63. We cannot continue with this kind of petty, cheap and evil schemes to run a country. Personally, I am sick and tired and I refuse to be part of the circus at my age. I hope and wish we can save the public from this circus and spend public resources and our time on productive things.I have been provoked so many times for the past three years. I have kept quiet not because I have nothing to say or I am weak or guilty.

  64. Above is part of Masebos resignation letter from our lovely MMD…she sounds so bitter! what can we do if we dont want u lady? give way for others, enough is enough..all the best in your search for new party..what can we say..Rest in  peace FTJ peace.

  65. The answer is simple for Masebo, she is not RB’s prefered candidate. And it is RB’s democratic right to have a diferrent prefered candidate from Masebo, Fullstop. That is the same democratic right she exercised when she prefered Magande; should RB be denied democratic rights?????

  66. Vera has shown Regina who is the real Mrs Chiluba… not iliswau yena.. sorry to say this… but that is exactly what she deserves and befits her…We will see how the’ wil’l will read if any…Chiluba had so many children… nga iwe Regina twala abana bobe kuli Mwanza!!!

  67. Iwe no. 9 if you want to know how peaceful FTJ is resting go ask him. You you where he is and you surely know how to get there.
    On the other note who is next? KK still fit, HH, still fit RB still fit…this is how far i can go.

  68. Where is poor disgraced Mr Mwanza? Regina is not a widow, she was commiting ubuchende. Ba Vera e ba widow. State house gone to mbwa.

  69. RB has bad mashamo when was a vice president levy died and now is a president chiluba if he continue even KK will die so save KK by removing RB.

  70. RB has bad mashamo when was a vice president levy died and now is a president chiluba if he continue even KK will die so save KK by removing RB. wait and see do you why they refuse to say what they were mp talking to chiluba being a heart patient what they talked about cause the death that why they not reviewing what they discussed.

  71. RB has bad mashamo when was a vice president levy died and now is a president chiluba if he continue even KK will die so save KK by removing RB. tell us what mps talked with chiluba before he died

  72. You could definitely see your expertise within the work you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

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